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Sama Sama Kitchen
1208 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-4566

Reviews by the General Public

Giving Up On Sama, 7/10/2018
Reviewer: RC from Santa Barbara, CA
Poor reservation planning: a group of us actually had a reservation at 5:45 and at 7:15 were told the table would be occupied at 7:30 and we needed to leave. Oh, but "no rush of course." This time crunch was of course not communicated when the reservation was made. Also, is it too much to ask the bartender to actually stir the cocktail made, rather than slop it together with all the vodka on top? If I wanted to sip ONLY vodka, I could pay the same amount for a couple of shot bottles and some scratchers at Presidio Market and get some fresh air while doing it.

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