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Ca Dario

Magic Pita Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: 2013-11 Closed: 2014-04

5 W. Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 560-0809

Reviews by the General Public

Magic Pita, 1/11/2014
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: Small hole in the wall spot that took over the Stan's greek place. It is re-vamped and more comfortable and put together than the original place. Service: Ordered and served quickly. Food: I just ordered a Fatoush salad. It was tasty not as tasty as Stan's salad, I think it was too minced. Also cheap dinner olives from a can, not authentic greek olives. Pooh! Summary: This is a nice enjoyable atmosphere for a salad or pita. I would go back to try a pita or shwarma (roasted meat).

A wonderful change from the grimy dump it used to be!, 1/7/2014
Reviewer: Brent from Santa Barbara, CA
If you've never had a schwarma, then you're in for a treat - think "gyro" but with more flavor. Its a lebanese take on a meat sandwich and you can get it with beef/lamb or with chicken. The thing that makes a schwarma special is the pickled vegetables and savory sauce. The meat tastes as if it is freshly prepared in-house and the owner and staff are super friendly. Parking can be tough, and compared to other cities where you can get a good schwarma for around $5 this is expensive, but we all are used to paying the "santa barbara tax" (higher prices due to the high real estate costs). It is such a nice change from the old "Greek House Cafe" which was nothing more than a grimy dump selling greasy gyros made from frozen product!

Great new addition to downtown SB!, 12/24/2013
Reviewer: Derek from Santa Barbara, CA
This is some wonderful food served by a great, friendly staff. The owner of the place is usually around and treats everyone with a great deal of care. They're open late night on the weekends and it becomes a fun party atmosphere after the bars close. Great chicken wings and late night munchies. I highly recommend tying this place out. Great for vegetarians as well....

Good food, 12/18/2013
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
While the owner (I'm pretty sure) is Lebanese, it reminded me of the great food I had in Turkey. Very personable staff, tasty food and a nice atmosphere. I'll be back!

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