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The Black Sheep
26 E. Ortega St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-1113

Reviews by the General Public

Incredible service and delicious food, 7/26/2018
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Oh hey! Look at my previous review (below this one)! I'm still loving The Black Sheep. If I could afford it, I'd eat there every night. The food at the Black Sheep is always tasty, fresh, and creative. The reason I'm specifically leaving such a good review today is for the service we received Tues night (7/24). We sat at 6:00 pm for dinner and had a show at the Lobero at 7:30. We did NOT mention this to our waiter, and I acknowledge that mistake on my part. When our second round of plates were coming out very slowly, we spoke to the waiter about our deadline. The owner came over just a couple of minutes later to apologize (not needed!) and to let us know they were expediting for us. We took our last bites at 7:20 and left - they even expedited the check for us. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and made the show comfortably. This was completely our fault for not giving the deadline up front, but the staff went above for us and we are thankful. The owner even gave us coupons to come back! Completely unnecessary but you can be sure we'll be back again. My favorite dish this visit was the veal sweetbreads done in a teriyaki sauce. Nom nom nom.

Creative, tasty food and very good personal service
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate here for the second time since it opened, this past Wed (day before Thanksgiving). Party of 4. Since we'd been before (see prev review) we understood the small plates. We only repeated the beet salad and ramen. Beet salad was a better beet portion this time, but the blue cheese is too much. Literally, too much in quantity and flavor, and we all love blue cheese. Ramen broth this time was excellent, so it was an excellent dish. Also got pickled vegetables (very good), mushroom/beef short rib risotto (good), steak (good), carrots roasted with duck fat (very good), sea bass with menu change to only veggies on the side, no carbs (complaint of not enough veggies). The waiter was very knowledgeable about the food and service was almost excellent. The only hiccup was a long wait at the end to pay.

Fun, unique menu at very good prices
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
I went back to The Black Sheep after several months. I really enjoyed the feel of the place and the food. Everyone who works there is very nice, and the menu is very good value for money. And yes, the two ramen soups are very good.

Not bad necessarily, I was just expecting more
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not used to eating at "small plates" types of places to take that into reference. How to order a complete dinner off the menu was confusing and we had to ask, how many of each to order? While nothing was bad, there were a few things that I didn't care for and a couple of big misses. I will note the wine offering was great. We got: Beef carpaccio a la Pho: A definite miss. I love Pho and I love carpaccio. This dish was neither of each, and trying way too hard - too over seasoned and much too salty to enjoy. And I love salty beef. Beet salad: Meh. A couple of slices of roasted beets, a couple of slivers of pear, a couple of chunks of dry blue cheese that didn't fit. Sweetbreads: Meh. The sauce was warm and creamy and the shiitake mushrooms were the star of this dish, sweetbreads were forgettable. Ramen: The noodles and pork were cooked perfectly and were very enjoyable. However, like the Pho carpaccio, the broth was too over seasoned and was far too smoky. Mushroom risotto: Had corn in it? This was a miss. The sauce was too runny, not a creamy risotto at all. We also ordered the duck confit, but it never came. When we asked the waitress, apparently when we were confused about how much food to order, she got confused that we actually also wanted this dish. Maybe the menu needs to be rethought? She served us a dessert to make up for it, the creampuff was another "meh" vote. The atmosphere is a bit sterile as well. Small tables, hard chairs, all packed in. I was sandwiched between a wall and the table. I went. I tried it. I don't think I'll go back.

Finally, Ramen.
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten at The Black Sheep just one time. I ordered the Pork Belly Ramen and it was fantastic. I was worried, I've had ramen all over and I'm pretty darn picky about my ramen. This was legit. The mouth feel of the noodles was perfect. The broth was so richly flavored, and delicious I ordered more. This was fantastic and I'm so excited to go back for more and I promise I will try and order other things to go with my ramen so I can try the rest of the menu! The only note I would say about the atmosphere is it felt like a work in progress. I imagine once they get going an investment in some cozy booths that line some of the walls would add to the feeling of intimacy and comfort in the great space they have. Also, they could easily fit more people in that way too! It turned out our server was one of the owners and he gave us excellent service. Thank you!

Everything was great!
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
A group of 8 of us went here for the first time a few days ago and asked the chef to bring us out whatever he wanted, we just told him our price point! so fun to do that, each plate was a surprise and they just kept getting better. Stand outs included: pork belly ramen, roasted carrots in duck fat, beef cheeks, wagu carpaccio, scallop crudo, bone marrow and lavender panna cotta! Casual, fun atmosphere with great service!

Creative, well executed food.
Reviewer: Shannyn from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried almost every item on the menu and each one was in more flavorful than the last. It's rare that you find a place where you can order anything on the menu and not find one flaw. I will be back again and again, great service, wine list and exceptional food. My new favorite spot.

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