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The Outpost at The Goodland Hotel
5650 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-1288

Reviews by the General Public

Poor customer service and behavior
Reviewer: Rina from Santa Barbara, CA
A table had been reserved in the bar. This is something that they don't even do. It was reserved for 7:00. The party wasn't there by 7:20. After voicing this to the manager of the bar/restaurant, and the bartenders, I was told 'There's nothing I can do. It's the chef's fiancÚ' and 'You have to sleep with the chef to get a reserved table in the bar.' After my complaint, the manager went to the group - they were in the restaurant - and they speedily came to claim the table. Every restaurant I've ever been to in the world has a 15 minute forfeiture period for reservations. This bar at the Goodland isn't even supposed to accept reservations, yet they make an exception for the chef's fiancÚ? Unfortunately for the Goodland, they've lost my business, people I know, and any and all customers or vendors that I deal with on a daily basis. No apology from management and no effort to remedy the situation. Just a response of, 'There's nothing I can do.' Not good business practice by any means. Truly abhorrent.

Excellent dinner and atmosphere
Reviewer: Jamie from Santa Barbara, CA
Dined happily here for the fourth time and decided it was high time to give this place the praise it deserves. The ambiance is spectacular! The restaurant has a menu that serves virtually any taste or diet, consists of all fresh ingredients, and is reasonably priced. Did I mention, the food is fantastic? And the service is team-style, which offers guests the best experience. We were treated like royalty by the staff, especially the Manager, Jacob Dean. Kudos to the Kimpton for bringing this treasure to Goleta!! Looking forward to many more great times spent at the Outpost.

$$$, but great food and glad to have them in the "Goodland"
Reviewer: Don from Buellton, CA
Brought two friends here because I heard about the great remodel they have gone to the old Holiday Inn, and they were in the Axxess Guide. They sure did make the place very classy. Love the entry and the look of the Outpost. It took a few minutes to get us seated even though there were not many customers yet. However, we marveled at how great the place looked. Best of what we had: the Happy Hour Kalbi Bites, so tender and goes so well with the arugula. Shrimp Louie: delicious with the capers, frisee, and asparagus. My friends loved the Brisket Bao Buns and the Carnitas Sliders. I thought they could be a little more moist. If you love olives, the Marinated Olives were good. The complimentary Hominy was nice, but not mind-blowing. Outstanding was the service. Our waiter was very personable and was able to describe every dish we ordered. He made us feel very welcome. Will be back, especially for happy hour even though I don't drink!

Excellent for a casual date night
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not usually a hotel restaurant/bar kind of person, but my date and I popped in here a couple weeks ago on a whim. We sat at the restaurant's airy bar, facing out onto the pool area, and had a drink and a whole bunch of appetizers. The drinks were pretty good and the appetizers blew us away! Seriously, the pork bao-buns are just amazing. The bartenders were chatty and took good care of us, and we had a good time people-watching as the sun went down on the pool. This may be one of those "hidden gem" restaurants. I know we'll be back!

VERY pedestrian
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Brunch with my wife, and adult son & daughter-in-law. At best it was ho-hum. Interior design was new but still not what I expect of Kimpton. I expected something INTERESTING from Kimpton. Are you SURE it's not HI?

Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
I must say the place is lovely. I cannot believe it's the old Goleta H.I. We sat at the bar for aps. and drinks. After spending $12 on a glass of ice w/ 4 sips of mediocre Margarita, House Chard.$15 for a really crappy pour at that! Really? Obviously not for locals. Passed on the overpriced and uninteresting aps. Bummer !! I'm sure when business dries up in the off season, they will make a desperate effort to lure the locals with specials. Gee.. Thanks.

Great dining in Goleta!
Reviewer: Jelinda from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband & I gave the Outpost a try Saturday night and were impressed with the food, service and the ambiance. Our entrees were both excellent - Corvina (a white fish) for me and Butterfish for my husband. Our salads - grilled caesar and kale salad only okay, not stellar. The fried hominy brought in lieu of bread was a nice thought, but unfortunately tasteless. We found the servers attentive and accommodating, the menu creative, and a nice cocktail & wine list. Kimpton did an impressive makeover of the former Holiday Inn location and we will definitely be back to give it another try!

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