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Kyle's Kitchen - Goleta
5723 Calle Real, Goleta

Reviews by the General Public

Silvergreens finally comes to Goleta
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Yay, Silvergreens comes to Goleta, same owner/food for the most part with more kids options. Everything is great here, great family vibe to the place, indoor and outdoor seating takes local discount card. Kids are making it a point to come here. Great about their donation side of things. Highly Recommended. People very nice here. In store selfies/pix up to a monitor if you want to be displayed.

Be advised: Kitchen closes early
Reviewer: Mike from Goleta, CA
I'll start with the caveats before moving onto the good stuff. The one issue I've discovered is that the kitchen closes at different hours than the open hours. As happened when I last went there, one minute we were offered a friendly greeting "Hi, welcome to Kyle's Kitchen", we grabbed two menus to make a selection, a minute later during their open hours, as we were standing at the register and making our selections, message came from the kitchen that they were closed. I looked at my phone, it was 8:55, puzzled I said "Yeah, but aren't you guys open till 9?," showing the time to the employee. I was told, "yeah, sorry kitchen is closed." I guess we would have been welcome to order beverages or cookies, but the reason we went there was for a meal. I say all this just as a heads up. If you've got a mini-van full of starving kids and you're trying to grab some quick food after a long day of school and sports, I'd be cautious about going there much after 8:45 PM. It might be a wasted trip as it was for us. 8:30 PM, you're probably good. But again, much after 8:45 it's a roll of the dice whether you can order food or not. That said, if you get there during the "kitchen open" hours, the food is pretty good, with a perfectly curated draft beer selection. Many of the other commenters mention the patty size on the burgers. They are a bit petit, but you can always add an extra patty for a buck fifty. And as been pointed out, they are substantially bigger patties than In-and-Out burgers. Part of the issue with why the burger patties may seem small is that they are served on fresh buns that are a bit bigger than say a bun at in-and-out. The milkshakes are delicious and my favorite was the Mint Chocolate Chip. I think the value is pretty decent and fair as well. The menu has something for about everyone. In summary, don't go close to closing, because the kitchen can close early. But if you are there by around 8:30 PM, you're in good shape and you'll have a decent meal.

Great food and mission
Reviewer: Abby from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a fantastic grilled chicken burger, moist and full of flavor. Love the décor and dual mission, good food and support of local non-profits.

no kidding, whats with those patty's?
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Who ever decided to serve those patty's made a huge mistake. Here's a little tip from someone who owned a restaurant in town for nine years. hand form a patty that ways about a third of a pound that's about 85% lean and charge a dollar more. good luck, I hope its not too late.

Great concept, some really good food
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the idea behind Kyle's Kitchen (and Kyle!) I really like the way the burgers are dressed but I have to agree (though with less intensity) that the burger patties should be bigger and not quite so well done. My chicken sandwich was great, the burgers are great too aside from needing more meat. I'll def be back to try some of the salads and other sandwiches.

Where IS the beef?
Reviewer: Charlotte Klein from Goleta
Yes, I agree the patties are super tiny. The bun is lovely but the bun to meat ratio is off. I don't like the clunky leaves of iceberg lettuce, flavorless, greasy cheddar, cold fries and watered down Ranch. A menu board should be where the big screen displaying pictures of happy diners. ??? Weird

Where's the beef?
Reviewer: Brent from Santa Barbara, CA
Home of the Big Bun. Ordered a double cheese burger and the patties were so small I had to laugh. The mighty bun dwarfed the tiny meat patties. No way will I ever go back. The fries weren't hot, and it took about 15 minutes to get the food. This place is a joke unless you enjoy a big bun, small patty.

Food is good, service needs some adjustment
Reviewer: Travis from Goleta, CA
We ordered the Cowboy salad & Quinoa salad togo on Tuesday after 8pm. Food: We were both happy with the taste, but there were a couple issues. Quinoa salad had barely any quinoa on it; left you wanting more. Cowboy salad needed the lettuce & tomatoes cut up a lil more, they were about 3x too large. Service: 1) took 25min to get the togo (multiple other customers got theirs before us, but ordered well after). 2) We were given the wrong togo bag 3 times before getting it right. 3) They forgot to give me dressing for my salad and I didn't notice till I was home :(

Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We had hamburgers. Mine had blue cheese. The meat was not overcooked and tastey. The ingredients were fresh and the carmelized onions were delicious. The buns are homemade and lovely. The regular fries are twice fried and sprinkled with herbs and spices. Not salty at all. This is a wonderful find and a place with heart. Go there!

Pretty good but could use a few changes...
Reviewer: AJ from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I dined at Kyle's for the first time on Sunday night. We both got the mountain climber burger made with their veggie patties. Excellent brioche bun, fresh veggies and good tasting veg. patty however, they need to work on the texture. It is basically a slightly formed pile of mushy quinoa. I would suggest adding some oats to absorb a little moisture/help keep form/give a good bite and grilling longer to get some color on the outside. The other thing I would change is the ranch dressing. So many restaurants make this mistake; using an oily, vinegar-y ranch.... As a comparison, I think as far as classic ranch goes, I would suggest the owner tries Valentino's or Pizza Mizza's, both are excellent! I think overall they have a good concept, value and friendly service! But please, reconsider 'tweaking' the veggie patty and ranch recipe! Best of luck to you!

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