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The Honor Bar
1255 Coast Village Rd, Montecito

Reviews by the General Public

Famous Crispy Sandwich Gone Bad!
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here 4 times... 3 of those about two months after they first opened... The latest, several weeks ago. I have always ordered their 'Dingbats' Crispy Chicken Sandwich which is big enough for two people. This last time, it tasted completely different and went from fantastic to really bad. Flavors had changed so that the one great sandwich of this place now sucked. Other aspects - - sitting inside is loud and not a relaxing atmosphere at all. Service has been good all times.

Needs improvement
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
Sorry for the bad report card but after eating here twice I've decided it's just not a good value for the price. The burger is basically served one way and it's too sweet. It needs some savory, maybe some good cheddar, bacon, black pepper, something to overpower the sweetness of the coleslaw. The chicken sandwich was about the same. They have a wonderful presentation and the cocktails are tasty (though at $14 I never have more than one) I really enjoyed the thai beef salad but it's $20... There are too many fancy burger places in town to justify spending $19 for a burger and fries at HB. Hopefully they will step up their game a bit.

Fun new addition to Montecito!
Reviewer: Gerald from Summerland, CA
Typical opening pains, typical first responder giving a bad review. Scrub it Peggy. This place has potential like every single non franchise that opens. give it some time. We enjoyed our wine, the staff and our little appetizers after a stroll along the beach near Butterfly to Hammonds. It was a nice ending to cap of the evening. It was lively and fun with an interesting layout. I for one am looking forward to what's to come!!!

No Thanks!
Reviewer: Peggy from Santa Barbara, CA
Well...we were anxious for the place to open after the loss of our beloved Cafe del Sol. We were seated at a low area of the bar, OK...the noise level is deafening, we could not talk to each other, the menu is very limited, we had to search for something to order; we ordered 2 of the macho salads, one w/o chicken. No fish dishes Not sure this menu will work here, it needs to be tweaked unless you want fries, burgers or sandwichs. The wine menu is also very limited, the marg. was just OK "a house speciality" but the ice cubes were too big. The staff works in doubles for training purposes I assume. On thing was a bit much the entire time they keep asking if we were "enjoying our food" "are you enjoying your drinks" "Are you finished enjoying your meal". They also put fries in front of us as soon as we sat down...ok it you eat fried food, they need to ask if you want them, ours sat for the hour, we wondered if they would be rewarmed and given to the next patrons. I guess this place works in LA. We live a block away and walk to dinner a lot, but we will most likly never return. Bring back Cafe del Sol.

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