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Freeman's Flying Chicken
No longer in business
Opened: 2014-11 Closed: 2015-11

3400 Calle Real (Earl Warren), gate C
Phone: (805) 765-9200

Reviews by the General Public

Food Truck not worth the price or the time. , 11/12/2015
Reviewer: JandS from Santa Barbara, CA
Was excited to try the food truck after hearing from friends how good the food was. Not so much. It got there over an hour late. Once it got there we waited 15 minutes for them to set up and another 20 for the food. Once we go the food what a huge disappointment. Tri tip sandwich was cubes of dry tri tip on a soggy bun. The BBQ chicken sandwich was also extremely soggy and we ended up just eating the meat. No flavor to the tri tip. At 9+ a sandwich we expected more. I recommend grilling the bread to keep the sandwich from breaking down. Add a little butter and some garlic salt as well. Plain cold buns not cutting it.

Breakthrough, 5/25/2015
Reviewer: Quatre from Santa Barbara, CA
Not a dining destination -- there's a question of whether or not you can even find it? Cause it's buried on the North end of the Fairgrounds. Second entrance off Calle Real. I went looking for it, and succeeded. And they succeeded. Very succulent, perfectly finished bird! Take some home - think they may deliver too!

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