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12 W. De La Guerra St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-6448

Reviews by the General Public

Much better now...
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been there several times in November/December. We've had great surface, full pizza coverage and very yummy pizzas. You can wait and take it to your table or they can bring it to you. Its cooked in a very hot oven, so its not a long wait either way. I've never had an issue with the pizza not arriving steaming hot to the table. Enjoy. We plan on going back many times; with all of the possible ingredients there are so many mix-n-matches to try.

Great pizza at a reasonable price.
Reviewer: Russ from Santa Barbara, CA
Great thin, crispy crust with flavorful sauce and toppings. All for a reasonable price. It's perfect! I just wish there was one nearer the Mesa so I could shop there more often.

not a great first impression
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
The first thing I noticed was the dough was already pressed out, not flattened by the pizza maker. They spread the sauce and sprinkled a bit of cheese - I had to ask for more cheese. Not extra cheese, mind you, I just wanted enough that it actually covered the center parts of the dough. Next was pepperoni. 6 slices. Had to ask for more. They added more but it was still pretty sparse, lots of bites without topping. What was not made clear to me via signage or an employee informing me, was that you can add as many toppings as you like for the same price. That would have been nice to know ahead of time. It didn't occur to me I needed to study their menu before ordering. Pizza has been pretty standard for about 2.6 million years so if they are doing it differently, let people know! The pie was smaller than Persona and the crust was thinner. Pizza Rev is cheaper but I'd rather pay a few dollars more and be happy. I will give Rev another try now that I know I can keep asking for toppings without paying $1.50 each time. Hopefully that will fill the holes from my first experience here.

Figuring It Out
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been there 3 times now, love the pizza and the concept. Service looks like they're still working on figuring out what works. Sometimes they bring you your food, other times it sits up there waiting for you to pick it up. Also had some less than great service, like the time the cashier admonished my wife for not telling her she had vegan cheese on her pizza. It was written on the order form, why is it our job to point it out?

Choose Persona instead..
Reviewer: Jen from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the idea of making your own pizza, but for the money I prefer Persona. The quality of ingredients seem to be better there than here. Some may prefer the dough here which comes out thin and crispy, but I like mine a little chewy. Overall not bad...but not great.

Reviewer: Becca from Santa Barbara, CA
I was so disappointed tonight with my first and last experience at Pizza Rev. My pizza tasted decent, but it took over 20 minutes for us to even get our order taken, with only 4 people in front of us. Our pizzas all came out at different times. My mom's pizza was so burnt it had to be remade. There were many employees working (at least 5 or 6) and one guy seemed to be doing almost everything. I will not be returning.

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