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Omni Catering

No longer in business
Opened: 2015-07 Closed: 2016-11

18 E. Cota St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 324-4420

Reviews by the General Public

needs some improvement but pretty decent, 12/2/2015
Reviewer: eric from Santa Barbara, CA
Not too different from Pan (the place that used to reside in the same space) but with a different menu and tiny tables. I ordered 3 items - "lump" crab cakes, Stuffed pepper and the hot wings. I used quotes around the lump crab cakes because lump has a meaning in the culinary world. It means the crab has not been broken down, there are actual lumps of crab. These were breading cakes that may or may not have had any actual crab. I'm a stickler for good crab cakes and these were really disappointing - minced stuff, deep fried and nicely placed on a plate with a side sauce and generous salad. The shrimp-stuffed pepper was tasty but could have used some rice to balance out the overly saucy consistency. The Wings were a bit too sweet for my taste but had a good spice level. I was surprised there were only 4 of them. I also ordered a drink ($12 for bourbon, St. Germaine and some bitters) Really couldn't taste the St Germaine. I'm glad it wasn't syrupy sweet but there should have been enough to actually taste it. I'd try Globe again but hope they read these reviews and consider my constructive criticism, particularly on the crab cakes - at least take the word lump off the menu if you're not going to change the recipe.

Very mellow and comfy eclectic interior with quite good food, 11/30/2015
Reviewer: Hugh from Goleta/Ca
Joe's was just mobbed last Friday so a friend in our party recommended the Globe only foot steps away.. What a wonderful and relaxed interior; upholstered chairs and couches, lights not too bright.. The tables are a bit small and low. the plates are nearly a full meal. The soups especially hearty. My Moroccan Chicken tasted homemade, everyone was quite happy with the food. Drinks were okay, had some kick at least, good wine list. This is just such a great spot to ditch the State St crowds and enjoy yourself. It's almost another world and I will be back.

A Very Enjoyable Evening, 8/27/2015
Reviewer: Sharon Annie from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I tried Globe on Sunday evening and enjoyed everything about this new restaurant. The decor is attractive, eclectic and comfortable, although some of the low tables might not be the best for a full dinner...we had one of the higher, round tables and it was fine. The small plate selection is wide-ranging and at a maximum of $10 per plate, very affordable. We tried five different plates plus dessert and everything was tasty. The staff is welcoming and efficient. We'll be back!

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