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Kimchi Korean Restaurant
3132 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-2889

Reviews by the General Public

Excellent and fun
Reviewer: A different Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with the other Eric, this is by far the best of several restaurants at this location. The place was busy, busy, busy, but the servers were right on top of it and having as much fun as everyone else. I didn't think the meats were fatty at all--except the pork ribs and pork belly, but that's to be expected. The boneless beef short ribs were the best! Additional vegetable items would be very welcome.

If you are hungry for meat...
Reviewer: GJ from Santa Barbara, CA
We did not know it was an all-you-can-eat restaurant. In order to cater to such a crowd, quality tends to suffer. This place was not that bad. However, instead of beef having its fat as "marble," for example, it had chunks of fat. As for sauce, they only offered some sweet dipping sauce, along with chili sauce and some oily, salty sauce. The food is OK (though very weak on vegetables) and the servers are nice and friendly. But this place is for hungry or young folks. I prefer quality...

definite improvement, good stuff!
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried the previous iterations of Korean food in this location and this, to me, is the best yet! It still has some room for improvement. The servers seemed well intentioned but spread too thin. The meats were rather fatty - I know this is sort of standard for many Korean BBQ joints but I prefer leaner meats. Also, maybe a couple more sauce choices would be nice. Overall I really enjoyed my meal and will be back as soon as I can convince some friends to join me - not really a place I want to go alone.

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