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Sachi Ramen
721 Chapala St, Santa Barbara

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Ben Yokashiki from Santa Barbara, CA
Ramen is okay and my few notes: 1. Pork belly is gray color and not roasted for rich flavor. 2. Broth is better on second visit from opening day, not yet good traditional. 3. Service has improve. On opening day clearly there was no training. Staff didnt know table numbers and were confused. Food was going to wrong tables and they had no knowledge whatsoever about the menu, at all. Two server couldn't answer any questions and menu has no descriptions. Descriptions will help customer understand what dishes includes. Please revise. 4. Skewers are very small portion. 5. Opening day write up in Independent, the owner is proud of selling out of menu on opening day, say it was "great!". This is bad. I was there and it wasn't "great" to be told they are out of something over and over to the point I need to order something I don't want. 6. Owner did research in the valley says the article. They should have go to Japantown Los Angeles such as Daikokuya and other ramen houses and research more. Jidaiya , Yamadaya, and Daikokuya perhaps one of most famous ramen house in all of California, closed recently to go to Japan and study ramen. Do more research and make this 5 star restaurant. Don't half open and "wing-it", whole open and "do-it". Thank you, Ben Yokashiki

Better Call Salt
Reviewer: GJ from Santa Barbara, CA
Like everyone else, we were so excited about a ramen restaurant in SB. What a disappointment! The ramen was too salty to tell the real flavor. We ordered miso ramen and tonkotsu ramen and oddly we could not tell which was which. We have not tried other items on the menu so we cannot judge the quality of the restaurant as a whole. But ramen was definitely a disappointment.

Sachi delivers as promised.
Reviewer: Yuri from Santa Ynez, Ca
Attractive, clean, light interior. Robata bar gives an opportunity to sample food without overcommitting. Flavors were mild, but pleasing. Overall very nice place to have reasonably priced Asian food.

No flavor
Reviewer: SBFoodieK from Santa Barbara, CA
We were so excited to try the new ramen place in town. Unfortunately, we left very disappointed. There wasn't much flavor or complexity to the ramen dishes we ordered. Their chairs are also super slippery on their floor. We kept sliding around. They need to solve that issue too. We love ramen and hope to see this place improve their recipes.

The ramen made me sad :'(
Reviewer: NLieu from Santa Barbara, CA
I really wanted to love this place. Unfortunately, it was very mediocre. We tried the tonkatsu ramen, the miso ramen, and a teriyaki chicken bowl. Tonkatsu is supposed to be a rich pork broth and their version was indistinguishable from the miso, with weak flavor. I've had better flavor from a pre-packaged Japanese mix. The noodles were good, the pork belly in the ramen was fatty and unappetizing. The teriyaki chicken was cold in the middle because it must have been cooked ahead of time and reheated. The veggies that came w the teriyaki were raw. My understanding is that the restaurant has the same owners as Saigon Vietnamese. When I found that out, it made sense that the rice bowl was prepared like Vietnamese bun (raw veggies, broken rice/not Japanese rice, etc) and that the miso soup tasted like beef broth for Pho. Ramen is an art, it is not a fad. My sincere hope is that the owners will find and hire an expert ramen chef and step up their game. Santa Barbara needs good ramen. Our server was pleasant, professional and efficient.

Very mediocre in a town begging for something better
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
There are a lot of places you can get ramen in this town (Itsuki, Ahi, Yume, heck even at non-Japanese restaurants like Outpost, Les Merchands, and Black Sheep). Since these places don't specialze in the noodle dish, their results hover around the average/mediocre experience. Ramen takes a lot of time and care the produce and I don't expect a typical restaurant to put much effort into it. When Sachi was announced, I thought were were in for a treat. It has "Ramen" in the title for god sake. However, after dining there, I came to the conclusion that 2 other parties had reached, which is it's very average ramen. The noodles are great - nice and chewy. But, I can't give them much credit for this since they likely purchase them from Sun Noodle. Can't go wrong with that. The problem is the broth and the accompaniments. I thought the broth had lack of depth. It's the difference between chicken broth from a can and chicken broth that you make yourself, simmering away veggies and a caracas for hours. You can taste the difference, right? That's what it felt like with Sachi's tonkotsu broth; like they cut corners. The chashu was equally disappointing. Pretty bland tasting with a thick layer of gelatinous skin/fat. The soft cooked egg was almost on point but slightly overcooked. Luckily for them, in this town, I suspect not many people have had good ramen so they might make it. But, I am hoping for more.

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