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Lure Fish House
3815 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: 805-618-1816

Reviews by the General Public

Great once, not good next tome
Reviewer: Terry from Summerland, Ca
Had the seared ahi about a month ago, excellent. Had the ahi again March 4th. Overlooked, dry and very disappointing. Love this restaurant and the very good happy hour. Hope this was a one off.

Still way too loud, awful wait time, no reservations!
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
First time back to this SB location after my Feb review, we've been to the Camarillo spot a few times. Last night my husband and I decided to go to Lure SB to celebrate our anniversary. STILL no reservations. Families being told 2 hour wait. Table for two would be 30 minute wait, but open bar seating and we found a small table with uncomfortable oversize chairs. Server greeted us and told us about the happy hour specials - but it was 6:15 and happy hour ends at 6... After we each hollered, "WHAT?" at each other three times we decided to leave. No way to have a civilized conversation, forget romantic. We went to Barbareno instead and had a wonderful time. PLEASE offer reservations and add acoustic tiles and white noise generators!

Pretty good but really really noisy! Be prepared to shout.
Reviewer: prj from Santa Barbara, CA
Have been here twice. Once for happy hour and second time for dinner. Both times there was a long wait for a table so we sat at the bar. The bar is fun. Good service. Food was pretty good. Not outstanding but overall good. Good crabcakes, shrimp, halibut and sanddabs. I didn't notice too much salt nor were they mushy like a previous review said. The main drawback is the noise. The echo. Literally we were shouting at the bar tender and each other. Something has got to change.

Salt Monkeys
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
We have given LureSB a shot three times and all times has been very disappointing foodwise. Beautiful restaurant, great vibe (although really loud), fantastic service but the food was very disappointing. The crab cakes had really no presence of crab and were salty and mushy. Chargrilled oysters were broiled/burnt way too much salt and garlic. Sand dabs were salty and mushy. Side of spinach was too salty. Salt monkeys in the kitchen I'd have to say...and I like salt! It would also be nice if they offered some interesting sauces to accompany the fish entrees, besides tartar sauce and melted butter. Really want to like this place.

Excellent Seafood
Reviewer: William from Santa Barbara, CA
Seafood at the Lure is outstanding. We try to eat here or in Ventura whenever we get a chance. Oysters are great, I wish they had fried oysters though. You have a choice of two sides with a meal but some sides are sort of lame. Service so far has been fair at the SB Lure but that is probably because it is relatively new. Hopefully it will improve with time.

Long wait, excellent service, OK food
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
It's a new restaurant, hardly open a month, so I understand it's got "hype" here in SB and that means it's packed. No reservations unless you're in a big group. So my husband and I waited over an hour for a table for two, for his birthday. Once the hype is over, they should really consider taking reservations. When dinner can be $40/plate, it's a nice enough establishment, and should take reservations. We've been to the Camarillo location a few times and have enjoyed the service, drinks, and the food. This SB location has service and drinks and is really close on food but not to the same high quality last night. I had sand dabs which were fantastic, with a "parmesan potato cake" that was overpowered by the addition of red pepper strips, and a "chopped salad" served in a red cabbage "bowl" that proceeded to fall apart all over the plate of sand dabs. Husband had the dinner scallop dish, which is really a very large salad of arugula, corn, red pepper strips, and a very strong flavored lime dressing, with 5 sad scallops scattered around the edge. Should be billed as a salad and not a scallop main dish. Bloodorangecello cocktail was good. Asked for a Chardonnay after the wine list had been taken, server recommended a Qupe or Roger Strong with no hesitation - that's great memory. Came back a few times to check on us too. The open restaurant gets VERY loud. But everyone being loud last night seemed to be having a wonderful time, so we couldn't be grumpy about the noise, we actually laughed about it more than a few times. Laughing is great. Will definitely be back once the patio is open to get some happy hour.

Need a noise rating
Reviewer: Ms B from Goleta, CA
Heard from various sources that the food was really good. Went to eat there twice but were driven away both times at the door by the noise and went in search of somewhere where we could actually hear each other without shouting.

Reviewer: Ann from Santa Barbara, CA
It always amazes me when a restaurant thinks their convenience is more important then my time. An hour to an hour and a half wait, are you kidding me, and they expect you to sit and wait. Food is good and reasonably priced but not worth wasting your time to eat it. Plus the little girl waitress in the bar is about as friendly as a rock after you tip her nicely and the hostesses are less then friendly. Now, if they were beachside I could understand the arrogance, but you are in a mall for goodness sake.

Pros and Cons
Reviewer: cj from goleta
Pros: Great design and layout Eager and nice staff Lots of menu choices Food was fabulous (one of the best seared Ahi dishes I've ever had) Cons: Noisy! So loud is will definitely affect whether or not we return. We literally had to text each other across the table. Took forever to get cocktails served No refill on water Didn't clean or clear table until right before we left No burgers on the children's menu (this will also affect our choice for returning). Loud! Did I mention how loud it is?! We are delighted that Lure has opened in SB. Overall, the food was outstanding, but the noise level made the experience almost painful. Bringing the level down and adding a burger isn't much to ask....we'd love to become regulars.

So far I am impressed!
Reviewer: eric from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the best thing to happen to the Mall in a while. Good riddance Ruth's Chris and Marmalade. Lure has a reasonably priced menu with good food. I had a cocktail (actually 2) for the unheard of price of $7! It wasn't the strongest drink but it was acceptably strong and otherwise well made. The Chowder was good with lots of clams and not too many potatoes. My fish/shrimp and chips were pretty good. Only 2 shrimp and 2 pieces of fish though, I think 4 or 5 shrimp would have been a better choice. The locally sourced grilled asparagus was nice. Service was taxed but pleasant. The night I visited the men's room was broken and they advised me the mall has a bathroom I could use - kinda inconvenient but I assume that's fixed by now. Looking forward to trying more of their dishes!

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