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High Sierra Grill & Bar
No longer in business
Opened: 2015-12 Closed: 2019-08

521 Firestone Rd, Goleta
Phone: (805) 845-7030

Reviews by the General Public

Three times, this will be the last, 11/11/2018
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
Dinner before the comedy show. Is this High Sierra or Flightline? Atmosphere is bad--glaring lights, rocks, moose, trees and tons of airplanes hanging from the ceiling. But everything still says High Sierra. The food is bland. BBQ chicken salad is mostly iceberg lettuce with a little corn and beans. The dressing had no flavor. Pulled pork sandwich was soggy due to the wet coleslaw on top of the pork. No flavor. Service was slow but friendly. The place was not busy. It's too bad because the location is good.

Great Breakfast, 8/28/2018
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
8/28/2018, Great steak and eggs for breakfast. Service was spot on. This place has been much better since they hired a new cook.

Meh, 4/11/2018
Reviewer: El Guapo from Santa Barbara, CA
Just got back from company lunch, a mediocre experience here would have been nice. Cold fries, flavorless pulled pork sandwich, got one drink which was refilled at the end of our visit. The staff was very friendly and semi-attentive, no bad attitudes or anything, just didn't see them that often. Not my first time, here, probably my last. Plenty of other places to get lunch in this town. Bummer because I have fond memories of that location from the E-Bar days in college.

Never Again, 8/29/2016
Reviewer: Fay from Santa Barbara, CA
Inconsistent was how I used to describe the food at High Sierra. Have given this place more chances and credit than it deserves, but last Saturday was so terrible that, as much as my husband and I like Mario, we will never return. Oysters should have never been served; tiny and very malodorous, nacho's were o.k., but the service was shameful. It's a wonder why the place had hardly any patrons on a Saturday night; everyone has given-up on this establishment, and rightfully so.

Not every place deserves a second chance!, 5/19/2016
Reviewer: Dean from Santa Barbara, CA
First time there was a wed. evening in Feb., three of us, the place was nowhere near busy, maybe 15 people in the whole place, a lot of wait staff just standing around and it still took us over 25 min. to get our food. A chili bread bowl, potato skins, and a salad. All our food was cold! And generic tasting.I ordered the bread pudding for desert, 15 minutes later it came out warm around the edges and ice cold in the middle!Like they microwaved it to heat it up, We chalked it up to them being newly opened and decided to wait a while before trying again. Second time was Fri. afternoon in May, two of us, place was still not busy, I had the Turkey with mashed potatoes and my friend had the tri tip sliders, again generic tasting like cafeteria food back in high school! Sliders were cold and not a lot of meat, meat was rubbery like it was cooked a day or two earlier.Drink service was ok, I think they have way too many different things on the menu. They need to thin the menu and concentrate on making a few items good, not try and make everything under the sun!

GREAT replacement for the E-Bar, 4/15/2016
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
Have been twice w/ friends in the past month. They have a small but nice selection of craft beers; they also have a full bar and large wine list; food is tasty and very well prepared--and comes out reasonably quickly; wait staff attentive and competent; management also very attentive. Patio nicely set up w/ both tables and lounge areas (couches, easy chairs, and low tables). Nice ambiance with the airport right there. Very reasonably priced on all scores. Don't miss the EBar, at all, w/ this place here.

Nice people, more bar food, 4/11/2016
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food was more barlike when I tried it last year, way too salty, maybe they have improved. Nice people, probably a good afterwork bar get together place, nice back room for functions.

Tri tip with smoke ring!, 2/28/2016
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Took my family here. The inside is very nice. They upgraded the patio with a cabana and couches. Large banquet room. The menu is large, so we stuck to basics. The potato skins were very good. My sons tuna melt was good, similar to O.T.A. My wife had a chicken sandwich and the chicken was moist. My tri tip sandwich was good. I liked the smoke rings around the slices. We will be going back to try other items and breakfast.

Could be because they are new!!, 2/15/2016
Reviewer: Curtis from Santa Barbara, CA
Our 1st time at "High Sierra Grill & Bar" for breakfast the menu had a very good selection but it took over 15 minutes for them to take our order and it didn't seam that busy also food took quite some time to arrive and the omelets were not fluffy but overcooked. I will give them another chance after a few months to see if they can get there act together.

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