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Pascucci - Goleta
No longer in business
Opened: 2016-02 Closed: 2018-01

6920 Marketplace Dr, Goleta
Phone: (805) 770-7312

Reviews by the General Public

puzzeling, 4/2/2017
Reviewer: donald henderson from Santa Barbara
they have a successful location downtown but for some reason, they just cant get this place together. its more of a service thing, not a food issue. i have even seen the owner working but it has not helped. the biggest issue is, when you walk in, no one seems to take care of you and seat you. then you wait some more before a waiter arrives. i like their food so i will put up with it but i observe others who are not as tolerant.

Reviewer: Bee from Santa Barbara, CA
I was excited that Pascucci's was coming to Goleta. BUT...When we walked in it took almost 10 minutes for someone to greet us and it wasnt even busy. When we ordered ice tea, the cup was so small and skinny it literally was only a few sips and we had to ask 4-5 times for more. The dinner plates look sooooo small almost half the size of the restaurant down town. Its ambiance is cold! I loved the decor before when they were in Goleta. Not sure if i will go back. Prices are high and portions are small.They would do well if they were exactly like their downtown location.

Disappointed, 2/16/2016
Reviewer: Fay from Santa Barbara, CA
I was really looking forward to our new Pascucci; stopped in for a cocktail and nibble. So glad they brightened-up the place by taking the dark tint off the windows along Storke, interior is comfortable, but they need to install blinds off the patio area, the setting sun came in full-force. There was only one bar chair as they were special ordered and on their way, the bartender was very friendly and accommodating. Ordered the Antipasto Sampler; mozzarella and bruschetta were fine, but the phyllo triangles were not house-made and quite bland, we received two of the smallest stuffed peppers ever (tasty, but really small), and the size of the ginger-sesame shrimp were quite small, over-cooked, and over-sauced. I do hope they pull it together, and I do hope I can get my husband to give it one more shot.

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