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Jane - Goleta
6920 Marketplace Dr, Goleta
Phone: (805) 770-5388

Reviews by the General Public

Portion size , 8/7/2018
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Salmon is always cooked perfect and about the right size for the $26. The portion of scallop potatoes is ridiculous. 5 little slices of a very small potato. Veg was two sm bok choy. The mango relish on the fish was sour.

Very pleased, 4/13/2018
Reviewer: Dick from Santa Barbara, CA
We initially went out of curiousity. Great food and service. Shortly afterward we ate there again. Great food, great service. Looking forward to next time

Didn't stay to eat, 2/15/2018
Reviewer: Mrs. B from Goleta
We arrived for a birthday dinner right after opening time so didn't think we'd need a reservation. Hardly anyone was there and we asked for a table for two by a wall (as opposed to one out in the middle of the room with no privacy). All but one of the tables against the wall in that particular room had Reserved signs on them. A couple was at the one occupied table, this in an otherwise empty room that could hold about 30. We spotted a table for four against a wall nearby and asked for that. No, said the hostess, you have to choose a table for two. We pointed out the restaurant was pretty much empty, it was early, it was a special occasion and we weren't going to hang about. It didn't matter, we couldn't sit at a table for four because, said the hostess, we don't have many tables for four and we're fully booked this evening. I noted - again - that there wasn't a Reserved sign on the table for four, but it didn't matter. It would have really helped a whole lot if the hostess had been at all apologetic under the circumstances (after all, we're standing in the middle of a deserted room being told we can't sit at any of the empty tables for four) but she was brash and clearly uninterested in finding a solution and it was that attitude that made me decide I didn't want to stay and eat there anyway. We went across the road to Ca'Dario, where we were told we could sit wherever we wanted because it was early although they were expecting it to fill up later. Nice wine, good food, good service - a restaurant that makes you feel welcome!

Used to better experience, constructive service feedback, 1/18/2018
Reviewer: Annie from Santa Barbara, CA
I usually LOVE this place. I come here a lot for work lunches and a quality dinner. Today, however I had an experience that I think the restaurant should know wasn't as pleasant as what I am used to. Everyone makes mistakes, they happen and I don't fault anyone for it, but what usually helps overcome a mistake is an excellent customer service experience. I was disappointed today, Jane. I ordered the trout salad and started eating it. I noticed that one piece of spinach had a big piece of mud/dirt on it. No biggie - spinach/salad come from dirt, it's not a huge deal. I put it aside on the bread plate, and examined the other pieces of spinach around it. Not seeing any immediate sign of dirt, I kept eating...until I saw more. I decided to tell the waitress, and she was really nice about it. I had eaten about a fourth of the fish on the salad, and a bit of avocado, and a few bites of salad. Because of the situation, I just let them know I didn't need a whole new salad, just some butter lettuce, dressing and avo would do. They insisted on making me a whole new one, but said they'd comp it, naturally. I convinced them the simple salad with butter lettuce and avo would do, and they delivered it to me. We finished our meal, it was pleasant and dirt-free. But then I got the bill and they hadn't comped me - they charged me $17 for a partially eaten dirty salad, and a replacement that didn't have nearly the size or ingredients on the menu (yes, based on what I had asked for). It was late in the lunch service, and I didn't want to make a scene. So I tipped them and left. But this isn't sitting very well with me, thought I would share the feedback as I was quite disappointed - for someone who eats here so frequently and has raved about it to friends and colleagues. I'm bummed and expected more.

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