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120 Santa Barbara St, Santa Barbara

Reviews by the General Public

Extremely tasty food, get-it-at-the-window service, 11/21/2017
Reviewer: Leonard from Santa Barbara
I've eaten here several times and been extremely pleased with the taste combinations every time. I most recently had a lama Burger, which was huge, high quality meat, and had a stuffed chili, bacon and other goodies. Another reviewer dissed this burger, but I loved it. The model is "pick it up when your buzzer rings". If you want fine dining, look elsewhere, but for my money, the creativity that goes into the food here makes it a bargain, even though it's more than you'd pay at the Habit.

Terrible Service Ok Food
Reviewer: Faith from Santa Barbara
Went to the Nook on a Sunday evening with a group of friends. We thought we were in luck because there wasn't a line when we got there. About 20 minutes after we ordered, buzzers started going off. I noticed there were a few in my group that had ordered after me who got their food, but when I went up there, I saw my ticket and the guy at the ticket window waived me away. It wasn't until it had been almost 40 minutes and a person who had arrived late and ordered 15 minutes after me received his food that I again went to the window to check in. At this time, when I stated how long it had been, his response was "what are you in a hurry" and "we're working on it". No apology or explanation of why it had been 40 minutes. Needless to say, I was a it flabbergasted by the complete lack of service and attitude for what was obviously a mistake on their end. I waited another 5 minutes with the intention of canceling my order and asking for a refund when I finally received my standard order of chicken tacos. The tacos were fine. Nothing great. Nothing bad. Definitely not worth the hassle or 40 minute wait.

Fabulous birthday lunch at the Nook
Reviewer: Laurie from Santa Barbara, CA
First time diners. We had lunch at the Nook for hubby's birthday 9/8, a Thursday. Luckily it was not very busy and we sat on Lama Dog's patio with our dog and tasty beers. We both ordered from the specials menu - he had a short rib burger with sweet potato fries, everything perfect, and I had the duck confit hash with duck breast and fried duck egg atop the hash. All I can say is wow - beautiful presentation, something you'd pay more that twice for at a fine dining restaurant. I didn't give 5 stars only because the duck skin could have been a little crispier and the fat rendered a bit more. We had table service - ordered at the window and got a space-age gizmo with our number on it. The very friendly server brought out our food and she was lovely. Perhaps we got lucky with service as it was during the week, after labor day, but overall we were very happy with our experience and look forward to returning for more.

alright but debatable as to the value for the price
Reviewer: RC from Santa Barbara, CA
been here before, so have come to expect a higher-priced meal that is usually heavy on condiments (try the steak sando, it's decent) but this time we ordered a "lama burger" which was stacked with all the resident items of a hipster combo: bacon, stuffed pepper, carmelized onions... sounded tasty at least. after one attempt at a bite all the juices soaked through, and the rather flimsy bun immediately disintegrated. some might like this challenge, but it's not for me. the individual ingredients were fine, but an overthought and poorly-executed burger. opted for the $1 upgrade to sweet potato fries, which were absolutely charred - blackened to inedible. not sure it was worth paying almost $20 bucks after tip, even though as someone below remarked, there is technically no service. more of these higher end places in town need to realize the food needs to be worth the markup, not just to pay your rent in the funk zone.

Good food, low service rating because they have no service
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Don't take my low rating as anything negative: their business model is to order and pay at their counter and then pick your food up yourself, so there is "no" service at this place. The Nook is food inside the new Waterline business, and actually sort of inside Lama Dog brewery/bar. Went with a group of 6 and ordered food to be shared. Crab cakes were full of crab and very fresh. Duck foie gras burger was tasty. Lobster mac n cheese was decadent with tons of cheese and yummy lobster. Reg and garlic truffle fries were good, but you can't really mess those up. Since our group was consuming a bit of beer (ok, more than a bit!) having a pretzel constantly around was a huge hit. Only thing is they need to coat the entire pretzel with salt. Overall the food was fresh, flavorful and delightful. And that's NOT the beer talking!

Liked the vibe of the place
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
I really liked how the nook and the bar are combined. Very cool setting. We, a group of six, ordered different food off the menu. The menu selection all sounded great. But, in general the food was bland and under seasoned. The presentation of the lobster/shrimp meatballs was bad. The meatballs were way to fishy tasting, no flavor of the lobster or shrimp. The bread was soaked in sauce, just not right. My meat sandwich lacked flavor. The chef is on the right track in developing a great and fun menu. Just focus more on the total flavoring of the dishes

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