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202 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 880-3380

Reviews by the General Public

Don't come hungry , 1/27/2018
Reviewer: jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Good food, small items, adds up quickly to become a $100 meal with wine that leaves you wanting more. All you have to do is spend another $100 on more small plates and you might actually leave feeling you had a real dinner, instead of grazing on shared snacks. So with expectations one wil definitely l snack well, but not dine well, $100 will get you in the door for a few samples. (Avoid the worthless $3.50 pintxos) We could have constructed a full meal for about $65 each (no wine), but it would have been just one plate of food - all very tasty, no question there, but this tapas-small shared plate format that simply did not work for us for the price for dinner. If you want a single plate $65 dinner for one - I would recommend the patates bravas, the sliced pork and the shaved brussell sprout salad. Do not plan on sharing - or you will need to double the price. Is this a sustainable dining option in town? Place was fairly busy, nice buzz, attractive hardscape that did not however invite lingering. Wish them well because the tastes were very nice. Staff overhead seems high for the rather simple food preparation operation.

Great Experience, 10/23/2017
Reviewer: Zach from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Loquita a handful of times and find it to be incredibly consistent, creative and fun. Their staff remember me by name and always guide me towards new menu items or interesting new wines and cocktails. The food is unique, flavorful and beautifully presented. Highly recommend trying Loquita if you haven't.

Quality, not quantity.
Reviewer: Gary Yencich from Santa Barbara, CA
They must be doing something right because after a slow start early on a Friday evening, by the time we left around 8'ish it was packed. The service was good. The food was excellent! Everything was delicious and expertly seasoned. Like most tapas it works out to be a little pricey but if you're about quality rather than quantity I think you'll be pleased.

Beautful waste of Space
Reviewer: Jess from Santa Barbara, CA
I dined here on monday night with a few friends, and left feeling like I should have just spent my $$ on a nice bag of groceries. The little $2 bites that you can order are crazy expensive for what you get, and not amazing. If I am paying $2 for one bite it needs to rock my world! We also got the mushroom and onion plate. It was just that- mushroom and onions. After trying 2 kinds of Paella I don't feel the need to ever have it again. The vegetable was ok but needed salt, and seafood was just alright. Kinda crunchy rice with various seafood wasn't the description, but that's what we got. When 4 people shell out $200 for a night out and walk away feeling jipped, it's time to look elsewhere for a stunning meal. The $5 olives were tasty, and the decor is very chic and fun. The staff was harried but kind, and couldn't speak to how things tasted, since they hadn't tried everything. This is a must! The staff needs to know how it all tastes. This is what I expect when I dine out at a hip place that takes itself very seriously. P.S.We asked for bread twice and got none.

Reviewer: Leonard from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Loquita..spur of the moment...Sunday around 6pm, for a quick bite. Was crowded but h˘stess was able to find us 2 seats. Beautiful new interior. Service was staff still finding its way some. Food...we shared. 1. Started with tiny bite of what they call Pintxos...2 small with anchovy ($2.00) and other with tomato ($2.00)...very tasty. 2. We shared the beef carpaccio ($13.00) and the chicken ($23.00). Soooo delicious. Yes, it's on the expensive side. However, so many restaurants in SB are pricy but the my opinion...doesn't match the food. Atleast far...the food matches the price. If they keep the quality through the weeks, months and years...hopefully....right now, it's the best food quality in SB.

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