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Cajun Kitchen - Carpinteria
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-06

865 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-6010

Reviews by the General Public

Good service, really not the best food., 2/8/2014
Reviewer: Jennie from Santa Barbara, CA
This is hit or miss, but mostly...well, NOT hit. The service is great and some of the items on the menu are pretty good (the lemon chicken sausage is really, really good, a standout.) But, others are pitifully bad. The cornbread is rubbery and doesn't really resemble the texture of anything that should be ingested by human beings or animals. And this is the case every time. The coffee is pretty bad, tastes like instant Folgers type coffee. Sometimes the eggs can be rubbery and they don't seem to understand the concept of over easy or over medium. I can't imagine anyone thinking this is the best food in Carpinteria. To each their own, but if you've ever had eggs or made cornbread yourself, you won't disagree with my assessment.

Best food in carpenteria, 9/28/2013
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Very best food in town everyone working here was very polite ,friendly and Efficient. Recomended highly!!!

Good Food /Service, 6/11/2013
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food came out quick and was good. Only nit I have about the place is the noise level in the place when it is packed is deafening. We ate outside on their couple of tables as it was so loud. Everyone there was nice and friendly. Things will come out on the spicy side so ask if that an issue. Pretty busy and popular place at least on a Saturday morning. I hope for any locals that drop by that there might be less people(and quieter) on a weekday.

Reviewer: Maria from Carpinteria, CA
My husband and my absolute favorite place for breakfast now. The lunches, although only had them a few times were also VERY tasty. I would recommend this restaurant, and I do to everyone. (Recently moved here)

Great food!, 8/12/2012
Reviewer: Elydia from Amery, WI
Really great cajun food. Had cheese grits with andoulle sausage and shrimp. Benya so good. We will come back when we visit California again.

Great Breakfast Stop!, 10/20/2011
Reviewer: Bob Dolan from Thousand Oaks, CA
We stopped here for an 11:00am 'breakfast' that really worked;; My wife had two eggs with hash-browns and lemon-chicken sausage. She gives her meal 5-stars;; I had two eggs with grits, Louisiana hot sausage, and corn bread. I gave my meal 4-stars -- taking off a star for grits that were a little thin and needed salt. But, then, how many places are there in SoCal where you can get grits that rate 4 out of 5 stars?;; BTW: The corn bread was excellent;; We got a spontaneous smile from two people when we came in. Service rated 5-stars from start to finish. Only 'problem' with the service was turning down offers to freshen my coffee;; Cajun Kitchen has a rich New Orleans menu. I wish I had tried the Gumbo, but we were set on having breakfast;; We are going back to the Cajun Cafe. It's an easy-on/easy-off from the 101. BTW: You can get a beer [Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and others] with your meal -- this in contrast to reports from other sites that Cajun Kitchen does not serve alcohol -- not true;; We have this on our PCH-101 Way-point list.

Great food, terrible service, 4/25/2011
Reviewer: Rami from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the Cajun Pizza for breakfast and it was DELICIOUS! Unfortunately, even though the food was flavorful and big portioned, the service my fiancée and I received was terrible - we will never come back to this location. The waitress completely ignored us after we ordered our food. However, the cook was very fast and both our plates were on the table within 10 minutes, so we gave the waitress some slack on not refilling our coffee and waters on the spot. As time went by we both realized we were being ignored. We ordered coffee, water, and extra corn bread and we received ZERO refills and extra bread. I got up and asked another waiter to get us our refills and told him to cancel the bread after I explained how long we've been waiting. He apologized and returned with the corrected bill, refilled our waters, and told us he'd return with our coffee. So we waited a while longer... and waited some more... and waited. I think half a star is fair considering that I had to get up to ask for good customer service instead of expecting it. Cajun Kitchen does have amazing food, I just hope the food at the other locations are just as delicious as it was here.

Overrated... under delivered, 3/20/2011
Reviewer: Teresa from Atascadero, CA
We went to the Cajun Kitchen based on all the positive internet reviews. However, we were very under-whelmed. My home fries were served cold (clearly cooked the day prior as we were at the restaurant quite early and were one of the first three tables to be served). The western omelet that I ordered was also served with cold internal ingredients (peppers, tomato). The eggs were cooked, but apparently, they just stuff the middle with cold ingredients from the refrigerator. And sadly, although, my husband's hashbrowns looked nice and crispy on the outside, the inside was cold and uncooked. He did however rate the eggs benedict a 6 out of 10. Next time we'll eat at home.

great food, 1/12/2010
Reviewer: ana from Carpinteria, CA
i love their breakfast! great food and great service, very friendly.!!

Good service, meh food., 8/16/2009
Reviewer: Minnie from Santa Barbara, CA
I think this place suffers from a serious case of the blahs. The food started out just as good as the orignal when they opened years back in Carp. But nowadays, it's a long wait for pretty much standard fare that is either too salty or bland. The service is still great; everyone is super friendly and as attentive as they can be even during crowded times. But the overall feel is that something's gone downhill. The tables are always sticky and dirty and the place doesn't really smell like fresh food, if you know what I mean. It needs a good scrub and maybe a return to whatever formula they were using in the beginning that made it so great!

a regular customer, 11/30/2008
Reviewer: laura avila from Santa Barbara, CA
I like that the bus boy's are always keeping your drinks full because they are about 2-3 working at the same time. They seem more friendly than the waitresses.I go every sunday morning with my parents and friends.The food is quick witch I love. I really recommend the crazie sheerly with home potatoes my parents like to eat alot of meet but they were satisfied with the plate.

Good Breakfast, 6/8/2007
Reviewer: Dan from LA
Good early morning breakfast diner. I get the pancakes and they're pretty good. I hear the omelettes are good too. The New Orleans look is cool. I love the nice, older waitress. She reminds of my grandma. Breakfast with a smile!

As Cajun as you'll find around here, 6/7/2007
Reviewer: Cherry from Carp,CA
I love Cajun kitchen. Who knows if it's truly authentic but at least for what it is, it's good eats. My favorite meal being the Roz omelette. With a choice of a potato side dish and a bread side dish, one order can easily feed two people. And not expensive at all! I can walk out of there after breakfast and feel like I got a steal of a deal.

Slightly Spicy Cajun Breakfast, 5/22/2007
Reviewer: Jason from Carpinteria
The Cajun Kitchen in Carp is me and my wife's favorite place to eat for breakfast. The food, with it's cajun flair, gives the usual omelet the extra kick it needs to rise above the mundane. Our usual is the Roz. The price and quick, pleasant service are very important too. Their menu has a decent lunch section as well, but as I mentioned, we mainly hit this place up in the morning. On the weekends get there early or wait until later, cuz during the mid-morning hours you'll find a line.

always the best, 3/15/2007
Reviewer: tom byrne from new york, new york
this place is one of the most comfortable spots in town for brunch,breakfast and lunch---the food is excellent, and the service, thanks to people like Marie, is top notch----the sauces and specials are great--and marie laughed at all my jokes and even gave me a pair of glasses when she saw i couldn't read the menu--that's service--love ya marie....

Great Breakfast, Good Lunch, Service always Good., 10/30/2006
Reviewer: JS from Goleta
Always tasty food and good service. I dine here for lunch once a week or so and have never been let down. The food comes quickly and the service is always good, especially for repeat customers. The menu is the same as the other locations, but this one may be my favorite, as it’s not as crowded and the servers have more character. The breakfast is the winner, but lunch is still good. As long as they keep serving the cornbread I will be a repeat customer. Fast, friendly service and good food!

If you're in the mood for spicy..., 8/9/2006
Reviewer: Lauren N. from San Diego, CA
The cajun Kitchen rocked my world! I had their Cajun Combo which was File gumbo (chicken and spicy sausage)+ rice and beans. Everything was cooked well, and the spices were so hot! The cornbread is amazing, you should try it!!! Extra hot sauces and spices were on the table, so everything was there for you. Service was great, I just wish they were opened at night!! :)

Consistently good food., 5/27/2004

I can´t imagine what "Vince" said about this place being true. OK, maybe the service isn´t always great (especially if it´s busy) but the food is always tasty and I´ve never had a complaint about the portion size. With most breakfasts you get a choice of cornbread or a biscuit AND hash browns or home fries. And, unfortuanately, Lynn doesn´t work there anymore!



Yummy !!!!!, 11/22/2002
Reviewer: D. S. Phipps from Santa Clarita, Ca.
Through the years, we have had many great meals at the Cajun Kitchen. It offers a wide variety of tasty food, Cajun and MUCH more, all well prepared and served with a smile. It is a light filled, casual spot with fresh flowers on the tables and plenty of hot coffee in your cup or a Mimosa for those special times. It´s a place to linger, relax and enjoy the moment.

I´m a Regular, 5/29/2002
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here a couple times a month. File Gumbo, Blackened Chicken Sandwich, Pancake Sandwich. Those are my favorites. Don´t forget a slice of cornbread. And if you want great service, sit in Lynn´s section. She´s quite pleasant and always keeps your drink filled. I usually get out for $7-9 with tip. Easy walk to the beach after lunch. Right on the main drag in this sleepy town.

A real FIND!, 3/22/2002
Reviewer: Dustin & Kip from Santa Barbara, CA USA
What a treat...good food...friendly service with a smile...nice atmosphere...easy street parking and REASONABLE price$. It´s just far enough from Santa Barbara to feel like a little mini-vacation destination...and it´s sunny and cheerful with big windows to enjoy the garden next door. TWO THUMBS UP!

Aweful, 12/17/2001
Reviewer: Vince from Carpinteria
The food and service were terrible.....Small portions......and the food tasted like LeanCuisine

best on the street, 10/18/2001
Reviewer: jackie from palo alto, ca
This summer my daughter and I had breakfast at the Cajun Kitchen and before we even finished our food, we knew we were coming back and bringing everyone we know--it was a great experience on all counts: food, coffee,ambiance,friendly service and one heck of a good time. The only things missing were confetti and mardi-gras beads.

Red Beans and Rice!, 9/17/2001
Reviewer: Preston from Carpinteria, CA USA
As a native of New Orleans, I have eaten Red Bean and Rice many many times in my life. I think the Cajun Kitchen does a really good job preparing the dish. In fact, I´m on my way there now to get some!

Best Breakfast Anywhere, 6/25/2001
Reviewer: Shari from Carpinteria
I confess that I´m a regular. Every Saturday morning I´m here getting either the pancake sandwich or cajun scrambled.

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