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Luna Grill
3925 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 695-3925

Reviews by the General Public

Top notch Mediterranean , 1/30/2019
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Love this place. Atmosphere a little lacking but not bad. Nice selection of beers on tap and wine selection is fine. Usually we get our food to go. The sampler plater is a must. The falafels are better eaten hot and fresh in the restaurant. We eat here at least every2 weeks.

Huge portions of delicious food, great value, 3/14/2018
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara
Had a gyro with fries and hubby had the lamb plate with rice and side salad. So much food! And it was all delicious. The lamb was a little over-cooked to our liking, probably because it's a fast-casual restaurant and temps must be 165 degrees for safety? The meat was tender. Rice was fluffy and a large portion. The side salad was fresh. Gyro had a TON of meat, pita was soft. Even the fries were delicious! The portions were HUGE, an excellent value for the price. Next time I order the gyro lunch I'll get a side salad instead of fries so I can eat half and save the second half for my next day's lunch. Yum!

Im a Lunatic!!, 12/8/2017
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Great food. High quality free range meats. The gyros are huge!The lamb, basmati rice plate is awesome. Service can be hit or miss. They can get very busy with to go orders. I suggest you look at the menu on line before you go. The menu at the grill can be overwhelming.

I Like It Too!, 10/14/2017
Reviewer: Another Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been four or five times. The lamb kabob and the salmon are terrific, but my favorite is the chicken kabob (regular cut). The yogurt (tzadziki) is excellent. The grape leaves seem to be canned, could be better. I also like the plates! For fast-casual, this must be as good as it gets. My only complaint is that it's rather salty.

Really happy about Luna Grill!, 9/26/2017
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eagerly awaited the opening of Luna as it's close to my home and offers fare that isn't readily available nearby. Their menu has great variety and so far, both my visits resulted in a happy belly! The line seems to take longer than it should but hopefully that's just a matter if being new and getting things figured out. Once the order is in, the food comes out pretty quickly but not chipotle/subway fast, they seem to actually make your meal instead of serving factory feed.

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