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Handlebar Coffee - De la Vina
2720 De la Vina St, Santa Barbara

Reviews by the General Public

beautiful location- hipster central, 12/5/2017
Reviewer: Christine from Los Olivos, CA
Stopped here after a sea glassing afternoon at East Beach. Parking was tough- but we got it their lot after a short wait. Beautiful inside- though not sure about the long wall with no seating- as popular as this place is, they need more seating already. The line was long- we only had coffees and a cookie, both were delicious! I felt like I was inside a SUNSET MAGAZINE promo- so hipster it hurt. We were the odd folks out having coffee, everyone else was drinking beer and enjoying a meal! Kudos to Handlebar- your fans are thrilled.

Great coffee, appalling service, 11/28/2017
Reviewer: Elle from Santa Barbara, CA
Beautiful premises, handy location for those of us in San Roque, but honestly, how does it take them 15 minutes to make an Americano, especially when there are only a couple of people in front of you in line. I have been a few times right after they open early in the morning and it's taken quarter of an hour every time to make the coffee. And twice I had to ask them to remake it because by the time the young woman behind the counter had put hot water into an (already warmed) mug, measured out the espresso, tamped it down, frowned, tipped it out and done it again, the water in the mug had already gone cold and they gave me a horrible, lukewarm drink. Every other time I pass Handlebar and think of going in, the line is truly ridiculous - nearly out the door - and I'm certain the slow execution of drinks is the reason. I know it's not an assembly line Starbucks/McDonald's type of operation, but this is definitely the worst service of any coffee place I've been to, practically anywhere in the world. A great pity. If they hired better staff and got their operation a little more streamlined it would be a favourite.

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