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Omni Catering

3825 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 946-0044

Reviews by the General Public

Won't be back, 6/8/2018
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered a burger that was tasteless and soaked in grease and paid a lot for a mediocre, small glass of red wine. Bartender was personable but that was not enough to bring me back.

Good service, tasty food, 4/17/2018
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara
I had a "turkey light" burger and subbed a Caesar salad instead of the steamed veggies. The burger was delicious, but the only condiment that comes on this sandwich is mustard and WOW they used a lot. Halfway through I actually took off the bottom bun (the one drenched with mustard) and finished. I let the server know, and next time I'll order it without. Husband had a burger with cheese and bacon and the server warned they cook to medium, but this was a bit more pink than I'd expect. He loved it. Fries were fresh and delicious. Good service, comfortable. I'd like to go back to try the tacos.

Needs Some Attention To Detail, 3/27/2018
Reviewer: Katy from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate at another Islands years ago and was not impressed, but had heard positive comments about this new restaurant. I was very disappointed. Ordered the regular burger, which was very large. However, it was thrown together and had a ton of mustard on the bun. So much that I had to scrape it off. The french fries probably would have been good, but they came out from the kitchen luke warm and quickly went cold. Overall, a very mediocre experience.

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