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Sunshine Cafe
3514 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 898-9121

Reviews by the General Public

Used to be better (as Max's), 7/22/2018
Reviewer: PatriciaAndGlenn from Santa Barbara, CA
We used to look forward to the weekend to dine at the old Max's. When Max's closed, we eagerly awaited the re-opening because we had heard that much of the food was going to be the same. We have been back 3 times now, twice shortly after reopening, and, after those experiences, again last weekend, to let the new owners get on their feet. First the good: the interior upgrades are nice. Overall the interior has a nicer ambience. The wait staff are very polite, friendly and attentive. Now the not-so-good: our favorites are no longer on the menu: the souffle style omelettes, the Smoked Salmon Scramble. The potatoes aren't as crispy and don't have as interesting a flavor as before. We had a guest who loved the Brulee French Toast, and the replacement French Toast was different but not as tasty; the Orange Pecan Pancakes which were unique and very tasty, are also gone. Weíre not saying itís a bad place. Itís probably comparable to many of the other breakfast options available. However itís no longer a special place and we have better choices closer to home.

hash house, 6/15/2018
Reviewer: don henderson from Santa Barbara
freshly painted with pictures on wall , new chairs and tables, but something missing from a homey decor respect. the portions were generous, compared to the old maxes. Had scrambled eggs with turkey sausage mixed. the hash browns were extra crisp and the biscuit was large but the gravy did not have much flavor. the onions, mixed in with the eggs, were in big chunks and not cooked very well. my wife had a turkey wrap but the turkey quality was not very good. the presentation was lacking, everything was slopped on the plate. even the parsley sprig was yellow and wilted.not a culinary experience

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