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Altamirano's - Milpas
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2013-11

422 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 882-1390

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 8am-9pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Excellent Breakfast, 8/15/2013
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Two of us stopped for breakfast. While looking at the menu I heard the slap of handmade tortillas. Yep, they serve handmade tortillas. Great chef, great food.

Awesome chile verde burrito, 3/31/2013
Reviewer: Kelley from Santa Barbara, CA
First time in. Ordered the chile verde burrito upon reccomendation from the server and loved it! The woman who served me was kind and on top of things. No wait at 8 on Saturday night. Got my food to go. No free chips but the price, the food, and the service were all great. Atmosphere is quaint.

new foods with the same good style, 10/11/2012
Reviewer: Molly from Santa Barbara, CA
it was the first time with my family. it was really packed, and I can tell why the food and service was good. they give you live service. not like some other restaurant like los agaves where you have to stand in a line and order your food there. Altamiranos is a great restaurant, the building and the atmosphere lets off a home filling, and the food was DELICIOUS. I recommended it.

Disappointed, 9/25/2012
Reviewer: Rich from Santa Barbara, CA
We had been going to this place for the Chile Relleno's but on the night we went, they said they ran out of Chile Rellenos. We had a two for one coupon so we decided to try something else. The chicken mole was pre-cooked leg and thigh that was microwaved and mediocre mole sauce poured over it. Service was mediocre. In the end the restaurant refused to accept coupons stating they had "new management" but no notification anywhere including on coupon issuers website. Shady business practices- we will not ever return here until there is a new , new management change!

Great Enchiladas! , 7/12/2012
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I had never been here before and decided to stop because it was the only Mexican Restaurant on Milpas with parking available out front. I admit I am a huge fan of El Bajio so I was skeptical of Altamirano's. I went on a Wednesday afternoon, so it wasn't crowded, just two other diners. I ordered the Enchiladas Verdes with Shrimp. They were delicious! To my surprise and delight, I also got a free bag of chips with my meal. I would recommend Altamirano's.

What happened?, 4/1/2012
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
This place was one of the better places serving Mexican food on Milpas so we headed over. There was a time when this was a family affair with Mother, Father, Son and Daughter working the kitchen and the floor. It seems that they are no longer involved and as a result this place has gone down hill. We were the only diners in the place on a Friday night at 8pm. Granted there were four other tables full of dirty plates that didn't get cleared off. The food was mediocre and no where near what I remembered. The chicken was all dark meat and the rellenos were tasteless. The beans were an odd texture and I had to get up to request more water / service. The gal behind the counter was too busy on her phone to bother with us. Hey, Beto...are you ever going to show up and get this place in order again? If not, say good bye to your Milpas Street address because the competition is going to swallow it up.

Always Satisfies, 12/5/2011
Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
Altamirano's is super! The portions are large and very flavorful. There are no fancy sauces or extremely artistic dishes, but that doesn't matter. When you desire the yummy Mexican flavors of tomatoes, chilies, cheese, well-seasoned meat, and homemade tortillas - this is the place to go. The tacos alhambre are muy, muy delcioso. Recently I have tried the soup with shrimp - it is amazing! It comes with fresh lime, cilantro, and onions to add in. The service is always pleasant. I gave it 4.5 stars only because there is always only 1 waitperson, so the service can sometime be a little slow. The interior is very casual, and, though dated, it still lends some charm. I will continue to return many times.

Great food, 11/30/2011
Reviewer: Rochelle from Santa Barbara, CA
The food at this place is awesome. It is soooo good and great service.

seafood treat, 11/28/2011
Reviewer: Chris C from Santa Barbara, CA
On a warmish day, Altamirano's seafood cocktail hits the spot. A big chalice-style beer glass filled with spicy tomato juice, chunks of avo, tomato, and onion, and completed with a half-dozen fresh oysters and large shrimp. It's cool but not iced. Served with crackers as well as their chips and salsa. More filling than you'd expect. Never had anything that wasn't tasty at Altamirano's, and they usually have half-shells available. Service is always friendly, though sometimes a little overwhelmed.

First timers..., 10/3/2011
Reviewer: Paul from Lompoc, CA
Had a late lunch on an all-day hang out in SB. Not familiar with the place prior to this but will recommend to folks from here on out. Food was very good! Service might have been better but was okay for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Not as good as it use to be!, 8/12/2011
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
My family and I recently dined at this restaurant and it did not par up to previous experiences! The service was slow, the chips were dry, dark and tasted burnt; the food was not cooked thoroughly; the mole was not what I remember; the food arrived cold; the quesadilla had very little cheese (not enough to hold it together); and when our food was being prepared we kept hearing the microwave go on and off as if our food was all re-heated in the microwave! There was five of us and our food arrived at different times to the point that once I was finished with my meal, the last plate was being put on the table :(. Perhaps because it was late in the evening, the cook was tired and lagging, but next time the food should be served fresh, warmed, and in a consistent and timely manner.

Good Food/Service, 4/25/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Decor could be a little better but food was good. They actually have an entire overflow area in the back that is surprising. Owner(she is the mural on the wall) is from Altamirano, Mexico hence the name. Server was really nice. Salsa good. Apparently they make homemade mole which I'll have to try next time. One more good Milpas mexican restaurant.

Great Mexican Food!, 3/17/2010
Reviewer: J. Martinez from Eastvale, CA
Pulling into the few parking spaces available, we were a bit skeptical. The building is dated and not much to look at but once we were seated and received our food, we were believers. The food was great all around, the service a bit slow but certainly worth the wait. We were served some of the best chile colorado and chile verde we have ever tasted. Will certainly be back. This eatery is a must stop when in SB for really great mexican food.

It was only okay, 7/19/2009
Reviewer: jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Because of the reviews I looked forward to our visit as we were looking for fish, simply prepared. Had the whole fish and the fish tacos. Both were okay. Chips and salsa were only okay. Nothing special. Nothing to go back for. Nice service.

best place ever, 6/6/2009
Reviewer: Laura Jaimes from las vegas nv
this place is the best place to eat my grandmother owns this resturant n i love it she knows all my favorites....... everything!!!!! especially the chicken quesadillas that you gotta try tell her laura told me these are her favorite n i want to try them n sae'll get a smile on her face because they're the best!!!!! the chips and salsa are the best so when ever your hungry or just want some GREAT food eat here!!!!! cuz if my grandmas making it you know its worth trying!!!!

Steve F. (one of the Three Amigos), 4/10/2009
Reviewer: Steve F from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant is great… The menu is diverse and probably has the best Mole in town. They have homemade corn tortillas and big portions. I have eaten there several times and think this is one of the best sit-down Mexican restaurants in SB (I will continue to order food from there).

AMAZING! Good Mexican Restaurant! , 4/2/2009
Reviewer: Alaina from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is AMAZING! I love this restaurant! Sometimes the service can be slow but over all its great! The location isnt great but that never stops me from getting good food.

mmmm pozole, 1/10/2009
Reviewer: violet from Santa Barbara, CA
I like this place it has alot of good stuff but if your looking for something to pick you up after a night out or just wanna get warmed up have there chicken good ..defenitly recomend it .......

~*~Simply the best Mexican food, 11/23/2008
Reviewer: Carla from Santa Barbara, CA
Our family eats here one or two times a week, we love it! Chips and salsa are great and the enchiladas are a favorite with our whole family. I love that it is a family run business too. Keep up the great work!!!

Muy Sabroso y El Ultimo Mole, Mole, Mole!!!, 11/2/2008
Reviewer: Jim Binns from San Pedro, CA
In the movie "Frida", one scene warned that a wife whom could not fix a savory plate of Mole for Diego Rivera, was in a doomed relationship. I fancy myself as a 'Mole' aficionado and Altamirano's Mole is amongst the best I have ever enjoyed. Mouthful of flavor with a solid backdrop of ancho chili seasoning and warm enough to embody fully flavored dark brown sauce with the surprising twist of raisin sweetness, that makes this Mole unique and memorable. If a traditional plate of Mole Poblano is your starting point, this Altamirano version, should resonate as a brilliantly unique variation. Diego Rivera would have been very pleased and I plan to continue this Altamirano relationship for many years to come. Dining room is a cafe style, clean and features an open presentation kitchen.

Nice experience, 9/5/2008
Reviewer: Peter from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We visited this restaurant today and were not disappointed. My wife had the chile coronado based on a review here and was very pleased. I had the chile relleno and tamale plate which was very good, and I also had an outstanding fish taco. We both had agua de jamaica which we just discovered and enjoy very much.

Best Chile Colorado in Town!, 7/26/2008
Reviewer: Phil from Santa Barbara, CA
This is one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara. The homemade chips and salsa are outstanding, as are the homemade tortillas. The service can be a little hit or miss, depending on the time of day and level of staff. Last night our server was awesome, on top of everything, friendly, polite, and very knowledgeable, but I have definitely received service on the low end of the spectrum. My favorite dish to order is the Chile Colorado. It's out of this world. The pork is so tender and the sauce is very flavorful with a nice kick. I've been there many times where they were out of this item, so you know it must be good. I usually call ahead to make sure they have it before making the trip. Their margaritas could use a little help, they just aren't that strong, and I agree with others that it is a little pricier than some hole-in-the-wall tacquerias, but I'm definitely willing to pay that little extra for a great meal. Try it for lunch or dinner, and I'd recommend going a little bit after hours so to speak, just to miss the crowds, because the place can get packed. Enjoy!

Try the Taco Altamirano, 3/8/2008
Reviewer: Matt Arnold from Santa Barbara/CA
Perhaps the best single mexican entre in the entire town. Just make sure that they have home made torts when you order. The salsa quemada is great.

Mondays on Milpas..., 1/14/2008
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara
This is the second time this has happened and hopefully the last. When going to Milpas to dine on Mondays, have a back up plan in case the first falls short. I went to my usual little taqueria: La Gloria Taqueria, nothing fancy just a great plate of food for 2.91 (yes you read that right: taco, beans and rice and very good tomatillo salsa.) Stood in line, and when handed my debit/credit card the girl said, 'No card today.' pointed to the machine, 'broke.'. Damn. No bank in sight on Milpas (another drawback.) Go to Your Place. Closed. El Bajio (?) the man smiled behind the closed door and pointed to the sign "Cerrado." Double Damn. Altramiranos. Hmmm. My growling stomach took over and I walked in. People sitting down. First bad sign: no bulletin-style menu board on wall, look at the proper folded menu. Pricey. Come on, all i want is a soft taco, plate of humble beans with their also humble companion: Spanish rice. I order: two soft tacos (one chicken/ one adobado) rice and beans. $8.00. I take two small containers of salsa: one green and the other almost orange. For $8.00 it should be amazing: but barely passed: beans not flavourful enough, rice nothing special, both salsas too hot and tacos okay.

yum..find the gems on the menu, 1/12/2008
Reviewer: Steve from sb
Great tostadas,hard shell tacos are perfect meaty crunch, chips are always wonderfully fresh....and the salsas pure and authentic. Chicken flauntas are big and deep fried usually in pretty clean aromatically they are not a turnoff like other places...and the chicken is moist TASTY breast meat and LOTS of it. Wish the owners would do the house wines a little less expensively in a caraf or half caraf instead of just the 3.50 for a bit smaller glass. It's pretty tasty chardonnay for just house though...but on the fruity side which we like..and it goes extremely well with the food suprisingly...vs beer...try it(and we like beer) Good job...they deserve the credit...If you go here your first time don't do it on a weekend breakfast(unless you go early...because it/s over-busy and sometimes not the perfection of all the other times...try it for a lunch at 11:30 or dinner.-We were suprised that another restaurant we went to that had almost all acolades...turned out to be lousy...but not here...these positive reviews we think...are warranted.

real good, 9/11/2007
Reviewer: wayne from Dallas Texas
We go there everytime we come to Santa Barbara. just a little tip from a Mexican food specialist..... order A-La-Carte... Thats the way to order in every Mexican place... All Mexican places can keep the 5 dollar beans and rice...

Better than Super Rica's , 8/4/2007
Reviewer: Eva from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is delicious, generous, authentic and unpretentious. I've been deemed a foodie and at the moment, this is one of the better places in town if you are looking for more authentic Mex food. If you are looking to get away from the deconstructed Mexican food that is more Mex-American style and looking for more authentic Mexican, check it out. Try it, you may love it or just like it, but I know I prefer this place over Super Rica's Taqueria. If you go for the first time, there are two dining areas, a small front section and a large back room.

marking of a good mexican restaurant, 5/23/2007
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
One can always obtain a preview of mexican food by seeing how fresh the chips are and how good the house salsa is, at Altamiranos from the moment you walk in, you know that it's going to be good. Everything from the smell to the taste of the salsa and freshness of the chips tells you this. My suggestion for anyone who's had the typical mexican food is something a bit different, the beef alambre, i think that's how it's spelled, it is a great tasting meal that really uses the onions and beef and bacon in a way i've never tasted. Of course the burritos are great, the nachos are great, basically everything is great, except for the service. Everytime it's been a little bit iffy, the latest time I went the waitress had a very hard time understanding our orders and didn't make it obvious when she did understand it. It's all wonderful, except service, and really if the food's good, that doesn't matter, and they take a discount card.

Good service, crappy food, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Andrea from Santa Barbara, CA
As a San Diego native, I love my Mexican food. I saw a commercial for Altamirano's on Univision and thought I would try it. I was disappointed - flat, tasteless food, and it's expensive for the quality. Chicken taquitos served with Rice a Roni as "Mexican rice"? A burrito stuffed with lettuce? I won't go back.

Jonah, 12/4/2006
Reviewer: Jonah from Sanat Barbara
great place to go and eat for lunch and dinner. everything I've ever ordered was delicious and inexpensive. service is good but might be a bit more enthusiastic. I've been going here for 3-4 years and will go there as long as it's open.

Not too great, 6/2/2006
Reviewer: Marilyn from San Jose
Not sure what everyone is raving about because I had a different experience. I came to Altamirano with my boyfriend and was disappointed. I ordered the chicken flautas and it was almost inedible. The chicken inside was cooked until it was hardened (either that, or very old) and the shells of the flautas were also either very overcooked or very stale. The portion size was too small and I could not even finish it because it was either overcooked or stale. My boyfriend had a burrito and was did not leave as disappointed or hungry as me, so perhaps just avoid the flautas at this restaurant.

food or service, 5/28/2006
Reviewer: janet from santa barbara CA
this is an awswome restaurant but i have to say the price isnt as great as the food, like i think you should put more food on an plate if u r going to make someone pay 12.00

Really like this place, 3/10/2006
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara
I actually think it's not that easy to find a quality Mexican restaurant in SB, even though there seem to be a million of them. I sure like this one. It reminds me of Tiny's, which I went to as a kid and was right across the street (where Julians is now). Delicious food and very sweet people.

sorry I wont talk about SB's best kept secret spot!, 3/9/2006
Reviewer: Jimmy J from Santa Barbara, Ca
The family run restaurant rocks and thats all I will say.....Don't go and increase my wait.....stay away.....I don't want higher prices and long waits out the door. SB LoKe, Jimmy J

$1.25 more for a soft shell?, 2/24/2006
Reviewer: patricia from santa barbara
I liked the food-though the beans were boring. Also, I wanted a soft instead of hard shell and they told me it would be 1.25 more. fugeddaboudit!

Great!, 4/29/2005
Reviewer: mike from santa barbara
Real Mexican food! For those of you looking for an inexpensive great tasting dish here it is!

Great Food, 8/14/2004

If you haven´t already, try the posole. It is the best that I have had in all of Santa Barbara county. Unfortunately, it is only served on the weekends, so go early because it is not uncommon that it runs out early.

Must try it, 10/16/2003
Reviewer: Kim from CA
I thought that the food was great!!! You must try the Taco Altamirano, it was my favorite meal. This was my first time here and i loved it, and i will certantly go back.

Carne Asada is worth a try, 5/8/2003

I have been here several times for business meetings (someone else´s choice) and have not been terribly impressed with my meals outside of the Carne Asada which I found delicious and authentic tasting.

excellent, 2/25/2002
Reviewer: Kari from boston
The food was spicy and delicious.

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