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Baja Fresh - Upper State
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-12

3851 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-9966

Reviews by the General Public

Not so good, 11/29/2011
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
The fact that whoever "made" this burrito simply scooped salsa, carnitas and a scant amount of guacamole all in a row is just plain lazy. So bad and so soggy, no flavor and for $7 so wrong for me to waste my money. Baja Fresh is the Subway of Mexican food. Adios, Baja Fresh.

Ok food/service, 1/5/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Tortilla Soup was great, Chicken Burrito was cold. I miss their old menu(Dos Manos etc). First time to this one, used to going to the Goleta one which has much better seating. I have to recommend La Salsa across the street over this place.

Tasty and Fresh!, 1/1/2009
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. The prices and food are excellent and service always with a smile. The food is really tasty and the salsas and free extras are really good too. I keep getting a really pretty Mexican girl in there to take my order. She is so nice and respectful. The other guy always remembers me too and has a big smile always. I feel guilty talking about all of the Mexicans after I go here because they are so nice. I have to agree with the other reviewer. CHECK YOUR FOOD if you do takeout. I have had a few mix - ups!

!Que Sabrosa!, 12/26/2007
Reviewer: Lisa Keller from Santa Barbara, CA
This little gem at the Von's end of La Cumbre Plaza never fails to please. The line moves fast, the restaurant and open kitchen are shining clean, and the food is best quality. I try to go weekly for the fish tacos, which I think are the best in town. This is excellent value, as the prices are low and the food is great.

Xlnt fresh food at the speed of and $ of bland fast food!, 10/14/2007
Reviewer: Dennis from Santa Barbara, CA
I love, LOVE this place. Try a burrito ultimo enchilado style, with red sauce and melty cheese all over the burrito and chips. It's full of seasoned white meat chicken, bell peppers, onions, etc. and big enough to split. Or, for a light meal for one, the grilled mahi mahi taco is ridiculously delicious, cheap and healthy. If you want an authentic Mexican burrito---a fat tortilla's worth of stewed meat and nothing else---go to Lito's on Haley; that's delicious in a different way. But if you want health-conscious California Fresh-Mex served by friendly people, reliably good and served fast for there or to go, this is your place. This is one of several chains trying this theme, and by far the best; I hope they are successful.

Don't forget to check your order!, 7/23/2007
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
I placed an order to go for two Burrito Ultimos w/ steak, enchilado style. When we got home, we realized that a quarter of a way into the burrito that they put chicken, not steak. Turned out that BOTH burritos came with chicken. In the first quarter of the burrito, they were lacking meat! We reviewed the receipt once again--sure enough, it said steak! I called BF about the error. The woman on the line did not understand my situation after explaining it THREE times! She finally passed it on to a manager, and I ended up going back to BF to exchange the burritos. I typically don't make it a big deal, but if you pay more for steak, you expect to see steak in the burritos! Upon picking up the new burritos, I asked management if I still need to cut into the burritos to make sure there was steak. He reassured me that steak is in the burritos. They don't provide an indicator or sticker, so that's something we would like to have done. Even then, it's easy for someone to get flustered if the restaurant is busy and multiple orders are coming their way. The funny thing about this situation--when we ordered, the restaurant was not busy. How or why they made the error boggles my mind. All in all, it took a smudge over an hour to resolve the situation from the time of discovery to when I got home. My wife and I didn't have the appetite for the burritos, so that ended up being our dinner.

This food is terrible, 1/30/2006
Reviewer: Jenn from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything at this "restaurant" tastes the same to me, WAY too many onions and weird spices. I aways feel like I can taste the food still all day after eating it-yuck. I recently tried it again after seeing the commercial for carnitas. Don't bother, they are terrible!

shaping up!, 8/18/2005
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
If it's one thing I can count on, it's the salad. The Chipotle Glazed Charbroiled Chicken salad is delicious--may be on the tangy side thx to the vinaigerette dressing. This location has improved greatly, so I'm glad to see there is some improvement!

Quality Varies by Location (SB store is much better), 2/3/2005
Reviewer: Mike G. from Goleta, CA
Weird but true. I get the same item (a Mexicano burrito) at the Goleta and Santa Barbara stores and the quality is much different. The quality of the food at the Goleta store tends to be be at least 2 stars less than the SB store. Don´t know why, but thems are just the facts...

Really good food, 10/13/2004
Reviewer: Ivan Garnica from Lee Vining, CA USA
I liked the service there the only thing is I didn´t go to the one in Santa Barbara I went to the one in Ridgecrest CA I loved the food. It wasn´t the canned stuff it was all real like real traditional Mexican food. Keep up the good job.

Mexican Healthy Fast Food , 8/27/2004

It´s a little pricey for a taco stand with some dishes upwards of $8.00 but the food is always good. The line goes right in front of the tables so that´s a problem since people hovering over you while you eat is not pleasant. All in all I like the chain, they give you tasty, healthy food and an okay price. It´s not outstanding put in a pinch it is reliable.

Used to enjoy, 8/5/2004
Reviewer: Eric
I remember when the first Baja Fresh opened in Newberry Park, a long long time ago and the food was fantastic and reasonably priced. It was never a replacement for an authentic Mexican sit down restaurant, but it was miles above say a Taco Smell. Ever since the Wendy´s Corporation purchased Baja Fresh it has gone to hell. Higher prices, much smaller portions, and they now serve Pepsi instead of Coke. Take away my Coke will you! Hymph! I rate this a three because the food is still tasty, just not the same experience as the original deal. I wish I would have thought of it though because I´m sure the guy is loaded.

Excellent vegan burrito, 5/27/2004
Reviewer: Laurie from Santa Barbara
I can call Baja Fresh ahead, order my grilled veggie burrito with no sour cream and no cheese, and it´s ready when I arrive 10 minutes later. This place is always clean when I go there, the people at the counter are ususlly very helpful and very friendly , with the occasional disinterested snotty person. I count on Baja Fresh when I´m between meetings and don´t have a lot of time to explain what vegan means.

great place for quick bite, 4/6/2004

I eat here once in a while. The service is a bit longer than most mexican establishment but by no means slow- if for fast food, it´s fresh and quite tasty

Short, but sweet...., 9/19/2003

I arrived to find another typical fast food Mexican style restaurant. However, a friend had given me a little advice: Order their most expensive bottle of champagne. Needless to say I didn´t see Champagne under the "Beverages" portion of the menu. After I ordered my Chicken Baja Burrito with Pinto beans, I asked the little Senorita for a bottle of their finest Champagne. Well, honk my hooter! The next thing I knew I was in the supply closet with a ball gag in my mouth, a shetland pony and dancing midgets. 5 stars!!!

Slow, expensive, not worth it, 8/13/2003
Reviewer: Ken Sullivan from Santa Barbara, CA
For the time and money it took to get my food I expected something a lot better. I´ve tried a few things: nachos, fish tacos, and a burrito. All were bland and small. They are very conveniently located for me, but I´ve stopped going. When is Rubio´s going to open up a store up here?

Reviewer: Jeff from Santa Barbara, CA
Fresh food, salsa bar, reasonably priced. Semi-fast food, a happy medium between a full mexican restaurant and Taco Bell. Probably fresher & healthier food than either one, too.

This Local Loves The Fish Tacos!, 5/10/2003

I have always been pleased with the quality of the food here and find the prices a little above average for a take out style restauran but still worth every penny. Today I ordered the Mahi-Mahi taco and enjoyed every bite of it. The atmosphere is very fun and inviting--also great place to meet people, which is not always a usual thing at restaurants. Check it out mi amigo!

Expensive, 6/27/2002

Because it was recommended by a friend, I went and tried a combo or whatever they called it. It was supposed to be a dinner (and it cost as much as one) but ended up being a couple tacos and about a half cup of sides. I didn´t see any of the fat Americans that the reviewer below refers to, but I imagine they would need a lot of money to get fat on Baja Fresh dinners.

great food ugly americans, 6/13/2002

i like your restarant but the americans there are realy ugly and fat

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