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Marbella (formerly Bistro 1111)
1111 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 730-1111

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I had lunch here today after an absence of many years. It was such a pleasant experience! First, our server Derek couldn't have been more professional and friendly. I had the tortilla soup and lobster roll with a fabulous raspberry lemon drop cocktail. My husband had the asparagus soup and ahi salad. We both agree that every bite was outstanding! I highly recommend Bistro 1111

second good 1111 experience
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
We took visitors to Bistro 1111 for lunch and were again very pleased with both the food and the service. Presentation is impressive, and the ahi sandwich, burgers, and salads are quite good. Service both visits was excellent - attentive and professional without pushiness. View of the beach is a bonus. Not busy at all.

We'll always have San Francisco
Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Santa Barbara, CA
We were a bit put off that they had just fertilized the law outside, but that is hardly the kitchen’s fault. The white-bean tomato soup was tasty, in an aggressively fenneled way. I would have remembered it more fondly had it not soon reappeared just a few moments later as the sauce for the sea bass, only with a few olives thrown in to mellow the fennel. Perhaps the waiter could have warned us that we were double-dipping. But at least there was the cioppino. As you probably know, cioppino is a lovely seafood stew invented in the North Beach district of San Francisco. However, the Bistro has reinvented cioppino as a kind of linguini with a few tired mussels as garnish. It seems that we were mistaken about the lawn after all. The place is probably good for steaks and fries and a round of drinks.

don't think we will be back
Reviewer: Jess from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried the restaurant because of a Groupon promotion. Burger was Ok but nothing special and pretty small. Sea Bass was over cooked and the ragu wasn't well seasoned. Server was pleasant and attentive. Only 4-5 tables occupied on a Sunday night.

Good service and good food
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
We ate here for dinner 2/17. Waiter was friendly and prompt enough. We were not in a hurry so service speed was OK. Most of the food was good. The crab cakes were excellent, the goat cheese salad was good. Our entrees were salmon and sea bass. Salmon was tasty but the sea bass was overcooked and dry. We had the gelato for dessert, good but kind of icy, especially the chocolate which had large ice crystals. Overall the atmosphere was pleasant, not too crowded or noisy and the food and service were good enough for us to consider coming back.

Great food, HORRIBLE service
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend and I went in on a Friday night with 7pm reservations. We were seated at a table right away, but it took 20 minutes for someone to acknowledge that we were there. The server was obviously overwhelmed and there was NO teamwork atmosphere. I didn't see a Manager around during the 2 1/2 hours we were there. We asked for our main entree to be packaged to go, because we had to be somewhere by 9:30. We weren't in a hurry to begin with, it was just a frustrating experience because we were not able to enjoy our main course at the restaraunt because the service was so bad. Although we waited forever, the food was delicious.

Small portions and nice, but slow service
Reviewer: Julia B. from Santa Barbara, CA
my boyfriend and I dined here on Friday night (we had a 7pm reservation). We were seated promptly, but service was slow after that. We ended up being at the restaurant for 2 hours and we had no appetizer or dessert to warrant it. The portions were small, I finished my 3 scallops ($23) in a heartbeat and my boyfriend his 3 short ribs ($25) even faster. The cocktails were nice as was my glass of wine, but for $70 I should have left the restaurant not needing a snack. We were also given the wrong bill before leaving which only added to the delay. Our server was nice and I am sure slowdowns in the kitchen aren't his fault.

Local caught day boat scallops?????
Reviewer: Stephanie from Santa Barbara, CA
How in the heck can you list on your menu "local caught day boat scallops" when it is illegal for anyone to commercially catch scallops in all of California? What is your definition of 'local?' This term seems to be abused too much especially when dealing with seafood. Get to know your LOCAL fisherman, buy local, fresh, seasonal seafood from the boat or from the Saturday fisherman's market on the pier, and know where your seafood comes from before you advertise as "local." China and Mexico is not 'local' in my book, especially since you have a great supply of seafood available literally at your front door. Changing the language on your menu would be appreciated.

Great! Will Definitely Be Back!!!
Reviewer: Denise from Santa Barbara, CA
This was our first time visiting Bistro 1111 and will not be our last! We went for a Sunday breakfast after spending the night at the Hyatt (which Bistro 1111 is inside of). Enjoyed the breakfast buffet and the service was amazing. I'm in the hospitality industry so service means A LOT to me and they didn't disappoint! I was blown away by how attentive the wait staff was and wish I could have that same great service at every restaurant we go too! On a side note... the Hyatt hotel is very nice as well! Hope to stay there again soon.

Not sure I'll be returning to one of my faves
Reviewer: Jeff Blakesly from Santa Barbara, CA
This has been my go-to place for business lunches. There aren't many places with a nice view, good food and room to talk in SB. I arrived at noon today and waited 5 min at the entrance as no one seemed to be keeping an eye on the door (lunch rush?), but I could hear staff chatting back at the stations & bar. Finally someone seated us right by the door (we were the only ones there). Shortly thereafter, another party of two arrived---with every other table open, they seated them right next to us--so close we could pat them on the arm; which made conversation difficult. They must have been doing some cleaning, because all through our lunch, waiters were noisily stacking and carrying chairs in and out right past our table--could this not have waited until after lunch? Three manager types seemed to be present, but apparently none of them seemed concerned about how this might impact customers wanting to enjoy lunch.

The Worst! Thanksgiving 2010
Reviewer: Janice from Los Feliz, CA
Thanksgiving dinner- tastless food, Turkey was o.k., veggies were undercooked(almost raw), packaged mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing had no flavor and was baked like a quiche(strange), weak drinks(returned daughter's ice tea (brown colored water and my vodka & tonic was all tonic). My family and I should have left, but our reservation was at 7pm and our food was not even served until 8pm- too late to leave. Needless to say, poor service. Young waiter, kept apologizing. We were seated in the back by entrance to bathrooms and kitchen. Extremely noisy kitchen, we heard crashing loud accidents from the kitchen several times. There was no ambiance at all- very bright lighting, felt like I was at a "tacky" banquet hall. Suggestion, please have your chef taste the food before serving to the public. Have had good breakfast and lunch there, what happened? Will not return for Thanksgiving dinners.

Outstanding eggs benedict
Reviewer: daisy june from Oceanside, CA
Was really starving for a wonderful breakfast on 8/7/10 and this proved to be an excellent choice. Were warmly greeted and seated by Pedro and promptly offered water and beverages. Chose eggs benedict since I also make it at home and know when a great hollandaise is provided...and this one is really wonderful. Loved the crispy hashbrowns served with the meal. Priced reasonably and served with pride by the wait staff. Highly recommend Bistro 1111 for breakfast.

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