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No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2017-04

436 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 957-4177

  • Category: Italian
  • Hours: Summer: Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm, Winter: Mon-Sun 11:30am-9:30pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Might want to check the definition of risotto., 3/19/2016
Reviewer: Barbara from Costa Mesa
Risotto is made with arborio rice, slow simmered with broth added slowly to build a creamy, saucy and flavorful dish. Not crunchy long grain rice in a watery, under seasoned liquid. 3 shrimp and over cooked tomatoes for 17.00. No thanks, pass on this place.

Poor public retalations at this venue, 4/10/2014
Reviewer: Rick from Santa Barbara, CA
Completely rejected acceptance of Travelzoo dining voucher for face value paid, which is required by Ca. law Hostess is in need of an education regarding her position of employment as self-proclaimed "minion" and a severe attitude adjustment. Contact with Travelzoo referenced several other instances involving trouble with acceptance of their vouchers at this pizza restaurant.

Bad food, mediocre service, 8/22/2013
Reviewer: Wayne from Santa Barbara, CA
Having just relocated our company to a nearby office building, we're eagerly testing out restaurant options in the area. I had a group of visiting customers that wanted Italian for lunch, so we tried Bucatini. Mistake. The food was poor and the service, while acceptable, was not great. Ordered a chicken panini sandwich, which was barely edible. The chicken was almost as tough and dry as the bread. When the bill came I noticed a 15% gratuity had already been added. Now I don't even remember the last time I didn't tip at least 15%, so this worked in our favor. But I can't help wonder if this explains the poor food quality? Server said the auto-gratuity is due to visiting European tourists not tipping. Maybe, but then again maybe European's don't feel as obligated to tip when the food is bad. To many other downtown restaurant options to risk taking customers here again. Recommending that our company strikes this place from our business lunch options.

regarding Bolognese, 3/2/2013
Reviewer: Luca from Milan (oliday in Santa Barbara)
Hi! I am Italian and let me explain: in Italy "spaghetti Bolognese" simply does not exist. We consider it something for tourists. What exists is "ragù alla Bolognese" which is just the dress for a general pasta dish; it is made by tomato and meat and it is cooked long and slowly (that is the secret). Cream, Besciamella and others in "ragù alla Bolognese" is simply outrageous! Bolognese is from "Bologna", a city in the north of Italy (so the name). So this dish does not have other area versions; in the whole country is cooked in the same way: tomato and beef meat (and onion, carrots, celery). Enjoy!

Exceptional Waiter + Excellent Food, 11/25/2012
Reviewer: Laurel from Santa Barbara, CA
We love Bucatini, we've been there many times, and our recent lunch was fantastic. Delicious food on the patio on a perfect weather day. And need to give a shout out to our waiter, Alberto: Best Service Ever at Bucatini!

OK isn't good enough , 6/17/2012
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
NO flavor Minestrone Soup for only $6.95. Pizza with essence of Prosciutto. I am not kidding 6 quarter sized pieces on an 8 slice pizza. Ceasar salad was good and some of the pasta was 3+. This place is popular so I might try again. I think you should give a place more than one try.

Anniversary Restaurant, 11/21/2011
Reviewer: Trevor from Santa Barbara, CA
Bucatini is the first place I took my girlfriend of three years for our first dinner together. We both fell in love with the food and service. Better yet, we fell in love with each other. Thank you Bucatini for a wonderful memory. We will be coming back on the Nov. 26th for our 4 year anniversary.

The best veal, 11/7/2011
Reviewer: ginny from Vicoria Canada
A first visit and we had the best of service - our waiter was from Brazil. The special of veal scallops "limon" was perfection with gourmet sauce and superbly presented vegetables. It was not a heavy meal and the house white wine quite delightful!

The worst dining experience along with the food!!, 11/6/2011
Reviewer: Lisa Dana from Santa Barbara, CA
We were cramped in an area that was to small for our party of 6. The waiter was not experienced in serving people. I ordered Lingini Ala Crustecia. It did not smell fresh. The pasta w/ red sauce was dry. My husband ordered Scampi w/ Risotto which was flavorless and the presntation looked like mush. There were servers all around our table chatting. The pizza chef was eating visibly from the kitchen. I would never go back!!

Correction, 10/28/2011
Reviewer: Sean from Santa Barbara, CA
Bolognese is a MEAT based sauce. Purists may or may not use tomato, but depending on what area of Italy your recipe comes from there may or may not be tomato. In the culinary world of Italian cuisine, I would find it extremely difficult to find a respectable Italian chef who does not put tomato in their bolognese. Most bolognese sauces use tomato. Most use milk, cream, or my favorite, bechamel. I don't know what Bucatini uses but I always order their lasagna and it is definitely a bolognese with cream or bechamel. I enjoyed my last meal at Bucatini they have good Italian food, creative dishes and friendly service.

Bolognese is not Marinara!, 10/27/2011
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
What happened to the chef/kitchen?? They used to have some of the best authentic Italian food around. Not lately. Most everything tastes like Ragu or some Mexican version of Italian. Bolognese is a cream based sauce, not red sauce with meat. Hopefully they can get back to true Italian recipes and preparation.

One of the Best on State St. , 7/18/2011
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
My go to restaurant whenever out of town friends/family visit. Outdoor vibes and ambiance on the covered patio at night is quintessential Santa Barbara. Perfect for a date night or group dining - I've done both several times. I may be biased as many of my friends have worked here - but it's always been a great experience. They serve one of my most favorite dishes in all of Santa Barbara - linguine di crostini - super fantastico! Huge crab claws, creamy/spicy tomato sauce and an array of seafood. Drinks are delicious. I could go on and on..definitely one of the best Italian joints on State St.

Bachlorette Party, 3/28/2011
Reviewer: Penny Samuelson from Covina, Ca
Bucatini was great. My first time and I will visit next time I'm in town. My food was delicious. I had the ravioli and it was the best I've had in a long time. Caprese salad was yummy too. The service was perfect. There were 10 of us and we had a late dinner. We were seated within 5 minutes of our reservation time. We sat on the patio it was cold but the heaters kept us very warm. Highly recommend the restaurant. The atmosphere was just what we wanted intimate and fun. Thanks!!

ok food, great service, 12/4/2009
Reviewer: Alanah Miles from Pacific Palisade, CA
Having lived in Santa Barbara for several years in early 2002, I use to go here regularly. I lovED their bolognese, puttanesca sauce with fish or pasta. Their mussels were fantastic too. The food WAS ABSOLUTELY delicious, and my pallet is fairly pampered. I've eaten here about 5 times a year for the last 2 years, and I've been disappointed every single time. I keep trying in every visit, in hopes that it would recover, but unfortunately I don't think it'll ever recover. I'm so sad that they lost their talent, but their servers Jose and another Hispanic man are attentive and very professional.

A letdown!, 11/6/2009
Reviewer: carolyn from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been looking forward to dinner at Bucatini for about a week. The food was OK but nothing like our prior visits. The salads were watery and the pastas and vegetables were overly salted and barely lukewarm. The place was not at all crowded, so that was not the problem. Such a letdown! I hope it was just an off night and that I don't have to cross this place off my list of favs.

Love ths place!, 8/16/2009
Reviewer: Lisa from Hoogvliet, Netherlands
We have been to this restaurant twice and on both occasions the food has been perfect. The clam chouder was delicious, the scalopine were so tender they melted on my tongue. Darn good Zinfandel as well btw. The other members of my family enjoyed their meals as well. Try the chocolate pizza for afters, it's strangely yummy and perfect to share.

Steve F. (one of the Three Amigos), 4/9/2009
Reviewer: Steve F from Santa Barbara, CA
This restaurant has a great location/atmosphere… The menu is a little overpriced however, the dish I had was excellent (Fusilli Tartufati). I eat with two other guys (three amigos) which are “qualified eater's” we eat at most of the restaurants in town (we plan to start reviewing all the restaurants in SB) and this one left a good first impression (I will be back).

my favorite , 2/21/2009
Reviewer: Jeffrey Marshall from Long Beach, CA
I'll make this short. Bucatini has my favorite lasagne and linguini in clam sauce. Because of Bucatini, I am disappointed everywhere I go for Italian food. So because of Bucatini, I have to drive 2 hours to and from Long Beach just to get a satisfying Italian meal. Thanks a lot, Bucatini.

Really good, 2/17/2009
Reviewer: Sonia from Santa Barbara, CA
It was really good Place and food.. the service is excellent and the chef....ummmmmmmmmmmm i believe his name was.......felipe

Overpriced but still delicious, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I love bucatini! I wish I could afford to go more often, I think they're a bit overpriced. If they dropped their prices down a few dollars I think the place would be overrun with customers. Their stiff presence and pricey menu were a turn off at first but the food and professional service was impeccable. The ravioli was delicious, served with crip, fried sage leaves. One of the best all around pasta dishes I've had in SB in the last 5 years. The layout is cute and the location ok. It can be a bit noisy but I suppose that's part of the experience of eating on state street.

Always a pleasure..., 5/21/2008
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara, CA
I frequently bring large parties here on Sat nights for my office. The staff is always accommodating, friendly, and fun! The outdoor, downtown atmosphere is fun and great for people-watching. The puttanesca is my fav! Thanks Bucatini!

It was very good, but nothing special, 2/9/2008
Reviewer: Wendy C from Ventura, CA
Overall, I thought it was a quality dining experience for a good price. The service was good, although not always prompt. The food was good, but it wasn't spectacular. We ordered Cozze alla Marinara (mussels in tomato and white wine sauce). The mussels were of very good quality and the sauce was great. It was an excellent dish. I had the Farfalle alla Contadina (bowtie pasta with chicken, mushrooms and sage in a tomato cream sauce). I thought the sauce was very good, but the chicken was slightly overcooked and chewy. We finished with a slice of chocolate cake in a berry sauce. The cake was dry and not very good. The sauce was too strong; the berry flavor overwhelmed the chocolate. It was a mediocre finish to a pretty good meal.

not as good as I thought, 10/5/2007
Reviewer: Aidana ra from Santa Barbara, CA
the food was overpriced and not that great as I expected after reading good reviews. Pasta was too salty. Bread is nothing in comparison with Pascucci's.I wouldn't recommend to go there.

Reviewer: Trixie from San Diego, CA
This is our second visit to Bucatini, we had a very good meal here 5 years ago and decided to eat here again. We arrived at 7:30pm the day after the 4th of July and were seated immediately on the patio. The patio heaters were on and it was very cozy. Our server arrived within seconds of our being seated to take our drink orders. Special note: the server actually listened to our order. My boyfriend always orders Stoli and tonic with LEMON. EVERY restaurant we go to automatically brings his drink with lime. He hates this! He was impressed that our server was attentive. I had the Ravioli al Burro & Salvia (Spinach and ricotta ravioli, topped with browned butter and sage served with marinara sauce. It is undoubtly the best ravioli I ever had. I was still thinking about how good it is the next day. It is not a large entree only 4 raviolis but it is plenty if you want to eat light. My boyfriend had Linguine ai Crostacei (Linguine with fresh clams, crab, lobster, shrimp and scallops in spicy garlic, tomato and wine sauce). He said it was outstanding. There was alot of food in this entree - definetly a meal. We will visit here again and highly recommend Bucatini's to others.

Worst spaghetti ever!!!, 7/8/2007
Reviewer: Henry from Goleta, CA
My girlfriend and I have been to restaurants up and down the coast from Hawaii to Washington and have never had such bad italian food. I ordered something easy to make...spaghetti and meatballs. After a few bites I could no longer eat any more of it, undercooked noodles in canned tomato sauce. My girlfriend ordered an elaborate Lasagna dish and as a person who loves all types of italian food, she had two bites and was done. Oh and sparkling lemonade...came in a can. Lovely. This place is typical of most Santa Barbara restaurants; over hyped, over priced, atmospheric tasteless food. Never again!!! You have been warned!

I will be back!, 11/17/2006
Reviewer: Eric from Goleta, CA
This is one of the best Italian restaurants in Santa Barbara. Its small, and the servers have always been very kind. Have always loved the food, and will be back for more as soon as I can.

Very good, 11/14/2006
Reviewer: Andrew from Genoa, Italy
This is a real italian restaurant

not worthed at all, 8/26/2006
Reviewer: Burte from Goleta
This place seems to have second best in the italian restaurant ratings here. I was surprised by this. First of all, we waited for our food to arrive more than half an hour. Usually in a situation like the waitress comes and apologizes or gives an explanation or offers a free drink or a dessert. These waitresses simply ignored my questioning looks. Secondly, the food didn't taste better than Pascucci. So why to pay twice more than Pascucci? By the way, I don't like Pascucci that much either. I had the specialty risotto, which was simply rice but not any other accent on it, I mean put couple parsley pieces at least on it, what is this, a dormitory meal? Anyways, it was disappointing, my meal didn't taste anything special. I still think the best risotto is served at teh Faculty Club, UCSB.

EXCELLENT, 7/9/2006
Reviewer: BORIS from LOMITA

Beautiful Wedding Dinner, 6/19/2006
Reviewer: Melanie Kuecker from Chicago, IL
My husband and I were a bit nervous planning our wedding in Santa Barbara all the way from Chicago, especially regarding the after wedding dinner. We couldn't have asked for a better setting than at Bucatini. From the service to the food we were delighted. They took extra special care of us and our 15 guests, sitting outdoors on their beautiful patio on State Street. This was our first time in Santa Barbara and Bucatini...and we highly recommend both! Thanks to Bucatini, our wedding night was perfect!

Way too long a wait but Way worth while, 5/17/2006
Reviewer: Austin and Tink from Santa Barbara, CA
We waited almost 45-50 minutes for our dinner, but I guess that's what you get when they make it right then, the food was absolutely delightful. We had the risotto and the ravioli -- both were awesome!

YES, 5/14/2006
Reviewer: Ricky from sb
YUM YUM YUM, go there

Wonderful entertaining service, and good food to boot!, 5/7/2006
Reviewer: Patricia from Folsom, CA
My friends and I stopped in to Bucatini for some wine and appetizers. We were presently suprised at how nice the servers were. The food was also very good. Definitely on my list of places to go when I visit.

Superb Food, Great Service, 4/30/2006
Reviewer: Casey from UCSB, CA
I went to Bucatini's about a month ago (March 2006). It was a gloomy day and in the early afternoon, so there were no other customers at the time. I found the service attentive and their covered patio very pleasant. My girlfriend ordered spaghetti, which was as good as you can expect spaghetti and meatballs to be. I ordered the raviolis, which were unbelievable. I recently went to Tuscany itself and I did not have such wonderful pasta. Excellent restaurant.

Solid Italian - First Visit, 2/16/2006
Reviewer: Walter Klein from Goleta, CA
The cocktails were excellent. The Bruschetta was bland as served but we were able to rescue it with the tools at hand (pepper and salt). There were whole garlic cloves mixed in so I tried shaving bits into the pomodoro and the cloves turned out to be extremely spicy. Ah well. My wife ordered "Linguine a la Vongole". The flavor was excellent, but it lacked the "brotto", in other words was missing a good garlic-wine infused broth. She had to request chili flakes and fresh parsley which are also traditional ingredients. I had "Bucatini Ama....something". My dish was perfect straight from the kitchen. This rustic pasta dish fulfilled all my cold weather needs. It had thick solid pasta noodles (which I can't remember the name of), shaved Italian bacon (also can't remember the name of) in a wonderfully spicy tomato sauce. It was a large portion and it will be excellent as a left-over... Regarding wait service, our waitress was excellent. Her recommendations were spot-on. I had the red-of-the-day wine and my wife requested a full bodied white and received an excellent chardonney. The waitress also understood my wife's criticism regarding the "brotto" and the linguine and turned out to have a good understanding of the Italian language which was an unexpected bonus. We didn't order dessert. My Sambuca was served with the usual 3 coffee beans... Very good, solid Italian food. We shall return!

Great food and great service!, 2/1/2006
Reviewer: Vic Rosetti from Covina, Ca,
My husband and I visited Bucatini's Restaurant on 1/28/06. We had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed the outdoor patio. The waiters were efficient and friendly. The bow-tie pasta was yummy and the meatball sandwich (with melted cheese) on a baguette bread was scrumptious! Also, the wine selection was varied and the Pinot Grigio house wine was wonderful. Prices were reasonable and the bread served with lunch was mouth watering! We were very impressed and would definetly return to this wonderful resutaruant. The chairs outside were a bit uncomfortable but all the terrific service and yummy food made up for it!

great atmosphere for a date, 12/31/2005
Reviewer: New to the Area from Goleta, CA
The food was great - the servers were very attentive and nice-- and the tiramisu was delicious. We were a little worried about eating dinner out on their patio in December but the gas heaters kept us very warm and we were just as comfortable as if we had sat indoors. Also, the pricing was quite reasonable - $15 to $20 for the main course We'll definitely be back to eat here again!

Everything an A+, 10/10/2005
Reviewer: Michelle from San Diego CA
I recently visited Bucatini while passing through Santa Barbara on my way to San Francisco, I enjoyed it so much I stopped in again on my way back. Everything from the hostess to the food to our server was perfect. Couldnt have asked for a better dining experience. The location is great, right on state street, and still so romantic. I will being recommending them for a while to come!

Very good, 9/26/2005
Reviewer: Vince Maguire from Montecito, CA
Wonderful -- the food, the service and the ambience. I've visited Bucatini's on and off for years, and it now seems better than ever.

what happened?, 6/3/2005

This used to be a great place. Something has changed for the worse. My lasagna was burned and the drinks were not great. Service was mediocre- waitress spilled water all over table left it there and did not offer to clean up. Too Bad!

Used to be Great #2, 4/19/2005
Reviewer: bonne femme from Goleta
I agree with "Used to be Great". Bucatini has been a favorite for years. Always loved the thin crust pizza and have had many super meals there. Two weeks ago ordered the pizza, Prosciutto y Funghi. Couldn´t believe it when it came out loaded with canned mushrooms and packaged sandwich ham. At $14.00? Forget it. We won´t be back. Crust still good and wine of day, still a good choice, but quality of food a real downer.

Used to be Great, 4/18/2005

I used to like going to Bucatini for lunch on a sunny day to sit out on the patio and enjoy an Italian lunch al fresco. But the last few times I have been there the quality and service does not seem up to par. The reason the ravioli taste similar to Ca´Dario is because Dario Furlati chef/owner of Ca´Dario created the menu years ago and after the separation of owners Bucatini still keeps and produces his recipies. Seems not quite fair for the owners of Bucatini and Tre Lune to still be making money off of Dario´s creations but I guess that is how the restaurant business is. I only go to Ca´Dario now for my Italian meals, the patio at Bucatini doesn´t make up for the lack of quality.

very good food..bread needs improvement, 4/17/2005
Reviewer: Lauren from goleta, ca
At first I was disappointed with the bread bc it was hard and not tasty but when my buttersage ravioli came out i completely forgot about the bread..the ravioli was delicious and very similar to that of the restaurant "Ca Dario". I also had delicious Tiramisu that was a good tiramisu i have had among the restaurants "arnoldis´, here and the french bakery on state street. it´s hard to come by good tiramisu..overall the actual food was good but a place is shaped by its bread and for more stars this place needs better bread.

Don´t miss!, 8/12/2004
Reviewer: Michelle B. from San Francisco
About two weeks ago, my friends and I drove down to Santa Barbara from San Francisco. Strolling down State street we came upon a very inviting patio restaurant. The restaurant was packed with people, but the hostess got us a great table. The waiter was friendly and knowledgle about the food and the Italian wine. The pizza with arugola is amazing, but the ravioli with butter and sage is beyond description. I´d make the drive just to have it again. From the time we were greeted until the time we left ( 2 hours later) we enjoyed ourselves completely.If your visiting Santa Barbara don´t miss Bucatini.

I love this place, 8/9/2004
Reviewer: John from LA
My wife and I live in LA. We drive up to Santa Barbara once and a month so I can eat the Fettuccin Bolognese at Bucatini. The service is always homely and happy, they have a great people watching patio and an excellent wine list. I recomend Bucatini to anyone

Great Food & Service, 6/17/2004

When I come to Santa Barbara I stay at Hotel Santa Barbara and they didn´t reccomend we go there but we went anyway and were pleasently suprised. The service was amazing and the food and wine is great as well. Also, great to sit outside, very cozy and romantic. IT´s a must every time we are in town.

A Must!!!, 5/31/2004

Great food, reasonable prices and friendly service!!!

Good but expensive, 3/31/2004

I like their food a lot, but it´s a bit too expensive and takes quite longer time to have luch there.

Love it!, 3/7/2004

I prefer Bucatini to their more expensive sister, C´a Dario. The food is really good, there is plenty to choose from, the prices are reasonable. Too bad the outside chairs are a little uncomfy.

Great Italian food!, 1/12/2004

I go here just to eat their appetizer steamed mussels. Their seafood pasta is great also. Authentic Italian pizzas are also a must. Great place to go anytime.

the place to be on a summer night!, 1/7/2004

I spent a week in santa barbara one summer and ate 3 nights at bucatini. it was nice to eat in the outdoor patio and watch people walk by. bucatini was packed and there was a line at the door each night we were there. the hostess was friendly and the servers were cheerful. the food is great and authentic. the rigatoni, ravioli, pizza marguerita, and arugula salad were just a few things we tried and loved. the crowd was young and refreshing. if only I can be there every summer.

Incredible Ravioli!!, 1/2/2004

The butter sage ravioli is the best on this planet. It is so incredible that we make special trips to have it every once in a while even though we live hours away!!! Service is good when there are few people there, but the food makes it totally worthwhile.

Terrible!, 11/18/2003

One of the worst services! Not recommended!

The best Italian in town !!!, 3/12/2003
Reviewer: Alfaro Recoba from Santa Barbara, CA USA
I went there four times, and i will still go there. Good food, service and location making this restaurant the best.

Da cheese is watching you, 7/8/2002
Reviewer: Tanja Loth from Switzerland
Hey guys i have been in 1997 in Santa Barbara and every night i have eaten in your restaurant and i love it. I´m from switzerland and i meet a lot of restaurants but the Bucatini is the best i have been!!!! I love your Tiramisu. Unfortunately i didn´t see Kevin Kostner. Please send me something of the Bucatini, as recall. Sorry about my english, i losed a lot. Thank´s in advanced. Tanja Loth In der Breiti 8 8185 Winkel ZH Switzerland :-D

Fantastic pasta, 4/23/2002

Turned up without a booking and was told we had a half hour wait, had a drink elsewhere and came back a little early to be seated straight away. The seafood pasta was fantastic, the service courteous and atmosphere very pleasant. Definitely return one day.

Great Italian Food on State Street, 3/23/2002

This is the perfect spot to have a nice late lunch/early dinner on the way to see a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl. The place is cozy and there is both outside and inside seating available. Come early or else face the consequences! Reserve a table before hand to be sure. The bow tie pasta is SUPERB and so is the rigattoni. The wine list is heavenly showcasing the local stuff like the Santa Barbara Winery Chardonay : crisp and smooth; a perfect complement to the pasta. Bucatini´s has a great selection of food; you may order from first course all the way through the desert, or, just do what I did: stick with the pasta. Next time I´m at State Street, I shall definitely hit Bucatini´s again. Check out their web site:

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