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Casa Blanca Restaurante
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

509 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-5814

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Weekdays: Mon-Thu 11am-Midnight, Weekends: Fri 11:30am-2:45am, Sat 10am-2:45am
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Reviews by the General Public

Bonita, 10/15/2011
Reviewer: Bonita Hart from Bristow, Virginia
Loved 1/2 of a number16!!! So sad it is closed.

sad to see this great restaurant close..., 8/23/2011
Reviewer: rick holly from Claremont, CA
My wife and I came all the way to Santa Barbara last weekend, and we were looking forward to eating at Casa Blanca [NOT the new cantina at 303 State] because we ate there often during our courtship in 2002. We looked everywhere and couldn't find it! Well, that broke our hearts to find out it closed in 2006. Thanks to Mr Dickson here for finally solving this mystery. If any one knows of where they might have reopened {NO NOT THE ONE at 303 State St, ] please post it...anyways we got so depressed we ate at Longboards and drove home...its a shame the new cantina used their name...well, we'll always have Paris...Rick and Ingrid

Looking for the new Casa Blanca?, 8/15/2011
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
This page is for Casa Blanca Restaurante at 509 State St. that closed in 2006. If you are looking for Casa Blanca at 330 State St. that opened in 2011 go to the dining guide home page and search for "Casa Blanca"

Casa B for a good time, 3/13/2010
Reviewer: George Gallo from Middletown, NY
I loved that place. What I remember most was the good prices and lots of laughing. Of course the food was good, too. Lines were always out the door on weekends, but luckily I lived in town and went on non busy nights, when we could just hang. Great comfortable atmosphere. The service was often sketchy and that is what we were often laughing about; how much we were ignored.

Vaya con Dios, Casablanca!, 1/14/2010
Reviewer: Joel from Nashville/TN
I left Santa Barbara almost 30 years ago (what a chump). Since then I've eaten Mexican food in hundreds of Mexican restaurants in over 30 states and a dozen foreign countries (including Mexico). I've never found another place where the simple, homestyle Mexican food was half as good. I always looked forward to Caablanca's when I had the lucky chance to visit Santa Barbara.

Gone but not forgotten, 3/4/2008
Reviewer: Jeff Kennedy from Santa Barbara
My wife and I ate at Casa Blanca for over 30 years. It will be dearly missed. We were heartbroken when we learned it was closed. It was like losing a member of the family. I did some digging around and discovered that the owners were getting a divorce and this was the reason they closed this wonderful restaurante. We have literally searched the world for an eatery to match Casa Blanca for good, reasonably priced food. The Chile Rellanos are the best we have ever found. Everything they made was delicious. My personal favorite was the Beef Tostada. We will forever miss our wonderful waitress that watched as our girl grew up eating at Casa Blanca. We will never forget our lunches and dinners at Casa Blanca. We are incredibly sad it is gone.

Casablance Restaraunt, Please come back!, 11/20/2007
Reviewer: ron montoya from fullerton,/ca
Why did you close? We need you! No other restaraunt even comes close to what you had. You were the real thing. The authentic food! The mariachis! Please come back, we really miss you!!!

I will miss you, 4/8/2007
Reviewer: Brad Nicholson from Orland Fla.
I left Santa Barbara, 25 years ago but allways kept with me the taste of Casa Blanca. It was my go to place, for the BEST food around! I got to cme back about a year ago, and missed it by 3 weeks! iT WILL BE MISSED

A Great Old Place, 6/13/2006
Reviewer: Louise from Santa Barbara
Sorry to see that Casa Blanca has been closed.What a loss for Santa Barbara.A down to earth homey Mexican Restaurant.Nothing fancy.Best Chile Rellenos anywhere.If service was was because everything was homemade.Great place to read the Sunday paper...listen to the music and talk to folks. Sad it is gone...

does anybody know why casablanca closed???, 4/4/2006
Reviewer: joea from LA, CA
This was my goto place for mariachis during fiesta for many, many years - It will be missed

every ten years or so, 2/11/2006
Reviewer: ken mareld from Kent, WA
This was THE restaurant that introduced me to Chile Verde. That was in 1973. I have defined establishments serving Comida Mexicana by that standard ever since. I only get to Santa Barbara about once every ten years or so now but Casa Blanca is one of my stops. The food is great, the service is fair. Don't be in a hurry, relax, live to eat and you should have no complaints.

Where's My Guacamole Yo?!?, 10/24/2005
Reviewer: Where's My Guacamole? from santa barbara
I love the huevos rancheros here. The salsa is nice and spicy, which is difficult to find in most places. I really like the food, but my last experience wasn't so great. I had nachos without meat the other day, and when I received my plate, there was no guacamole, which I specifically asked for. I asked the cashier for some, and she said, "well, maybe the kitchen ran out or something." I asked a waiter if he could check for me and he never returned. When I was leaving, I saw him serving a table their food with a big 'ol dish of guacamole. So I said "What about us???", and he gave me the stinkeye. WTF, all I wanted was some guacamole man!! It looked pretty nasty anyway.

Great Place - Try it u will like it, 2/4/2005
Reviewer: GR81 from santa barbara, ca
Recently it went under new management but the same family runs it. More hands on approach. They have spent a lot of money remolding. Nothing was wrong with the place prior just that age was takn its toll on the building. I have eatn there for years and its really one of the best places to eat authentic Mexican food. Once you go and see it for yourself and you will keep coming back. I go around once a week. No complaints other than the who ever wrote the other comments must have been to committed to special cell with pad´n cause. Its been around for years (30 something) so the 2 freaks that wrote what you did ask yourself...y. Why has it been around for years if it was so bad as you stated. Maybe cause you just donít have good taste or judgment or both! Have a great time there and tell them the GR81 sent ya and ask for the GR81 discount!! Peace!

This place is great. Stop your whining and eat!, 11/30/2004
Reviewer: Jeff
I have been eating at the Casa Blanca for over 22 years now. While the ´ambiance´ and general charm (or lack thereof) has changed over the years, the food and service has been fairly consistent. In respect to the food, it has generally been quite good in spite of the occasional piece of "flickin" as we affectionately refer to the gristle that can appear in a chicken dish. Salsa is quite hot and may remind you of your visit for a day or so following. For those not accustomed to a very hot sauce, proceed with caution and use sparingly. Service is spotty at best. Even with being recognized upon entering the establishment as a long time regular, one must not expect prompt delivery of their food. However as the chips and salsa are excellent, this along with a cold Bohemia and some quality ´people watching´ will more than make up for your wait. The Casa Blanca is not fast food. It does not try to meet ´Santa Barbara standards´ in respect to attentive service or a touristís vision of what a Mexican restaurant should look or be like. Rather it is a refreshing departure from the norm and reminiscent of trips into Mexico where things are a little slower. If you need good Mexican food quickly (not fast food) then go to Rudyís as their food is always delicious as well.

gringos: be afraid, 4/24/2004
Reviewer: rjp from santa barbara
you whitebread gringos, keep on walking. everyone else, this place kicks butt. best salsa in town. it´s a dive, it´s dirty, you get dirty looks from customers and staff alike, but the food is awesome.

Nasty and slow!!!!, 3/31/2004

i´ve eaten here once and the service was terrible, the food was good, but it took forever to get it!!

Good Food, 1/16/2002
Reviewer: Rick from Santa Barbara, CA
Since relocating to SB, I have eaten here 3 times. Atmosphere is minimal, but location on State is good for strolling afterwards. The food is quite good, but service is inconsistent. Unless you can tolerate very hot salsa, ask for mild when the waiter/waitress drops off your menus.

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