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No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2008-07

625 Chapala St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 568-1876

Reviews by the General Public

Closed!, 7/29/2008
Reviewer: Jenn from New York, NY
I called Chad's today to make a reservation because I have heard so many great reviews from past diners, and I was disppointed to hear that they are officialy closed!!

Reviewer: Nancy from SB, CA
A group of friends and I came here for dinner for a bridal shower. We made reservations and sure enough our table was awaiting. The food was delicious, but the waiter was real ditzy. He messed up a few of our orders. I asked for a side of avocado and 20min. plus, it never came and I had to ask more than once. He wasn't very good at getting us refills either. I would love to come here again, but I am just a little hesitant because of the service.

One of my favorite spots!, 3/14/2008
Reviewer: Michelle H. from Santa Barbara, Ca
I have been dining and enjoying Chad's for sometime now. I absolutely adore the Martini menu and the food is always delicious. I especially love the Ahi Tuna and the Halibut. The Steaks are always flavorfull and tender. The specials they offer are interesting and creative. The food always tastes very fresh. The Key Lime Pie martini is well crafted and special. I have to say I find the last few negative reviews surprising. I have been to Chad's numerous times over the last few months and it has always been wonderful. The staff is fun, friendly and knowledgeable. The bar scene is always enjoyable and I have never had a bad meal. It is a very popular spot, and service times are longer during busy hours but I always find the product worth the wait. I love Chad's, infact I am inspired to head over to happy hour this weekend! The Calamari sounds just divine right now. I recommend checking them out or giving them another try.

Dissapointing dinner!!, 3/14/2008
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara
I have been going to Chad's for a long time and I go often and I am usually very happy with their food, drinks and their service....BUT my last visit was very disappointing! Between myself and my friend our bill came to aslmost $100!!! This was for one entree, one salad and a couple glasses of wine! All because of mix-ups with what we ordered and what the waitress "decided" to serve us w/o us knowing how much she was going to charge us. We left upset and not to mention I was still hungry.... :(

Disappointment, 3/2/2008
Reviewer: Steve from Simi Valley
My wife, my children and I decided to drive from Simi Valley to eat at Chad's last Saturday evening. We had eaten there several years ago and remember the dinner and experience as quite good. This meal however was a different story. On the positive side, the appetizers, wine and the meal they made for our young children were very good. BUT, my steak was cooked wrong (I ordered medium rare and it was cooked medium well), was tough and was dry. My wife's fish tasted like it was recently partially thawed and was certainly not served as presented on the menu. Our meals were certainly NOT WORTH the price and I doubt we will visit Chad's again (though we come to Santa Barbara often). Sorry Chad's, your service was pretty good but the food, well .........

When Is Happy Hour??, 2/19/2008
Reviewer: Jen from Riverside, CA
My husband and I went on a weekend getaway to Santa Barbara this past weekend and after doing much research, I decided we needed to stop at Chad's during Happy Hour to try a martini since I read this is the place to get one. So, we went around 6 on a Friday evening (Happy Hour is 4:30-6:30 right?) and decided to get a drink at the bar. First of all, there are literally only 4 or 5 seats at the bar so we had to stand to the side and wait to order and we felt like we were in everyone's way. Then, when the bartender finally noticed us I ordered my much looked forward to lemon drop. It was no where near great and I was charged about $10 for it. FALSE ADVERTISING!! I guess you have to know the secret to get the happy hour prices.

Valentine's Day Disappointment, 2/15/2008
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and I, both college students, set out for a nice romantic Valentine's Day dinner at one of our favorite and most frequented restaurants, Chad's. When we arrived we were pleasantly greeted and escorted to the red and white Valentine's tent. We were then instructed to grab a couple glasses of champagne. Awesome! They gave us our choice of two tables (although there were plenty of empty ones), one wedged in between two couples, and one with far more room- the choice was obvious. Little did we know we were sitting right by the heater that seemed to be blasting in heat straight from the sun, from which I ended up sweating through the entire dinner. We were pleasantly greeted by our waitress who was incredibly nice, and then by her assistant who brought us hard rolls but made up for it with his more than pleasant demeanor. After ordering from the menu of about six choices and no prices (odd), our waitress informed us our appetizer would be right out...Huh? We didn't order an appetizer. Maybe another nice gesture? Anyway, after seeing that the appetizer was entirely seafood, which neither of us eat, we graciously declined. Our soup and salad then arrived. The soup had the potential to be amazing if weren't for the fact that it was luke warm, and the salad was all lettuce, a couple small pieces of goat cheese, and barely any dressing. Finally, the main courses! Decent, nothing special. After asking for to go boxes, our waitress informed us that our dessert would be right out...again, huh? We didn't order dessert, and it was a this point that we realized that the champagne and appetizers were not kind gestures, but part of a menu with a set price that had no prices listed anywhere. When we got the check we were shocked to say the least! Had we known we were paying a quarter month's rent for champagne we didn't need and already had prior to coming, some decent food, an appetizer we declined w/o any other options, and a dessert we didn't want, we never would have come (and I would have gotten the steak)! We were never informed this was how it was going to be, and we feel completely mislead by what seems to be a dishonest attempt at making some extra money. I do not have one bad thing to say about the service, which was meticulous, but we are now very turned off to this restaurant after being duped.

Best steak I've ever had!, 2/11/2008
Reviewer: Lindsay Gould from Santa Barbara
This was the second time that I've ever been to Chad's and it was amazing again! I had a Key Lime Pie Martini that was to die for, great flavor combination and I ended up having 3! My aunt and I shared the Cajun Calamari and then I ordered a chicken tortilla soup; it wasnt like any kind I've had before, but it was still pretty good. Then my steak came and oh my god! It was literally the best steak I've ever had! I tried to eat it slowly because I wanted to savor every last bite! There was an amazing red wine reduction sauce on it that made it even better. We shared a creme brule and although there was a computer problem of some kind and our 2nd round of drinks took awhile, the servers were very attentive and polite! A little pricey, but definitly worth it. Even made a reservation for Valentine's Day afterwards.

Great atmosphere and food, disapointing bar, 2/8/2008
Reviewer: Shelley from Santa Barbara
I've been to Chads many times. The food and atmosphere are excellent, especially when the band comes Friday nights, and the table service is great. Unfortunately, an incident at the bar occured in which I asked for a glass of pinot and was given (and billed) for the most expensive one without asking what type of wine I wanted. (I assumed it was the house pinot.) I was very disapointed by this service and not pleased that I was charged 15 dollars when I was expecting to pay around 8. Besides that, great spot.

Simply Fabulous, 1/16/2008
Reviewer: Tony from San Francisco, CA
Unfortunately I don’t live in Santa Barbara anymore, San Francisco was calling. However, my family still lives here and I visit a couple of times a year. When I do make it back my family knows where we are going for dinner the first night I’m back, CHADS! Simply put I love this place. I love the vibe, the drinks, the food. One of the highlights of a trip back to SB (minus the weather of course) is getting to spend an evening eating here. My two personal favorites: The Ketel Phire, which after drinking a few demands a cab ride. Also the Baseball which has always been perfectly prepared. Also worth noting is that service while not always totally on its game the staff is always sincere, helpful, and very chill. Chad if you read this review, keep up the great work. You always get an A+ from us!

Usually a good place... ??, 1/9/2008
Reviewer: Diana from Santa Barbara, CA
We came to Chad's for an out of town friend's birthday dinner. There was 7 of us total. When everyone arrived the waiter took 20 minutes to ask us for our drinks, then when we ordered it took another 30 for them to come out... our waiter stating they were "looking for olives". We then ordered dinner.. our server brought out 4 hot meals first and said "our salads were coming". It was 25 minutes before the salads came out and our friends meals were already cold before we could all eat together. When the salads finally came mine was swimming in dressing, and a friends had none.. Luckily the very very kind manager on duty thoroughly apologized and compensated our food... from then the staff was wonderful and made my friend's birthday a treat.. I've always been a fan of Chad's happy hour so this dinner experience was a definite change..

Boring!!, 12/10/2007
Reviewer: Katie Cleary from santa barbara, ca
We've been to Chad's twice in the last year and both times, the food was of average quality - even the chicken tchoupitoulas was dry and bland!! (We ordered sampler platters of both the appetizers AND entrees). You get the feeling that they're bored. And when you look around, it's reflected in the decor as well. Chad's needs a new menu, a new look and a new attitude, IMO. They have a decent location - maybe their Happy Hour makes up for their food sales. The general consensus among our friends is that their food/decor is trapped in the early '90s - even down to the muzak they blast outside on the patio!! I will never go back to Chad's unless they make some BIG changes.

Chad's writes: Katie, Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We are in the process of doing a big remodel within the next few month. We are always trying, but next time if you come in, send me an email and let me prepare you something different and innovating. Chad Stevens
excellent!, 11/15/2007
Reviewer: Tatiana from Goleta
My boyfriend and I went to Chad's tonight for his birthday, and it was the first time either of us had ever been there, and I have to say everything was excellent! We got the calamari as an appetizer which was great, I had the halibut and my boyfriend had the rib eye, both were really tasty. For dessert they brought out the bananas foster, which they poured flaming rum over - that was really cool, and it was on the house, most places don't do that anymore....Anyway, I will definitely be back sometime soon. The food and atmosphere is really nice.

Excellent Responses, 11/7/2007
Reviewer: Joe Skorpen from Malibu, CA
My family and I travel to Santa Barbara regularly. We have never eaten at Chad's, but based on the reviews on this page, we plan to change that in the very near future. The fact that Chad takes the time to personally review and respond to each post is something that should be respected by his patrons and copied by his competitors. No matter what the review, Chad is respectful and professional. By using the more negative reviews as he does to identify issues that he can use to improve both menu and service, he shows that he cares about his patrons and the success of his business. We can't wait to give Chad's a try.

great choice for a special dinner, 11/1/2007
Reviewer: Andy Saldana from Huntington Beach, CA
Me and my girlfriend had an amazing anniversary dinner here. A friend of mine who used to live in town recommended it but we basically went in blind. The place was cool and we got seated next to fireplace which was nice and romantic. The muffins and flaming butter was a great surprise to start. The drinks were good and strong. I had the bacon wrapped gorgonzola stuffed fillet mignon and it was really good. My girlfriend made an even better choice though, she had a pork-tenderloin that was marinated in a mint/apple cider marinade then grilled and served with a pomegranate reduction. Fortunately for me she shared. When we said we didn't have room to order a dessert our awesome waiter brought us cookies anyway. The service was very good and the overall experience was great.

Reviewer: Mindy from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here for Happy Hour on Saturday. The food was amazing and the bartender, Jonathan, was attentive and made great drinks. The Blackened Ahi Sashimi is fabulous and I highly recommend it to others. Thanks for hosting us!

Amazing again, 10/11/2007
Reviewer: Matt M from Santa Barbara
My Girlfriend and I went to dinner last Thursday for her birthday. We had made reservations and were sat at a perfect little table on a quiet night. The service was on point as usual and Chad was there to toast to everyone's health. For dinner we both ordered the Halibut which was so tender and just made your mouth water for another bite. The mashed potatoes they come with are just perfect. For her birthday dessert they brought out a flaming banana's foster which was the icing on the cake for my evening. Thank You Chad for making my dinner so memorable!

Chad's writes: Matt, Thank you for the comments, we are always trying to be the best we can. I am glad that we made such a wonderful evening for you and your date. Chad
Absent Minded Service, 9/29/2007
Reviewer: Kyle from Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara native, strangely enough my first time dining at Chad's. The atomosphere was nice yet a little Meat Market like on the patio. Our experience was marred by our server unfortunately. In first greeting us, we had brought our own bottle of wine which was obviously offensive to him as he stated "you do realize we charge you to open that right?" Yes, of course I understand that, and if you had $300 bottles of Grand Cru red Burgundy on your wine list I would order one was my retort...but they don't and I can understand that, so I brought my own, happy to pay whatever corkage fee may apply. He then brought a very tasty selection of muffins with butter which was a great surprise as a bread offering. He took our order, an artichoke appetizer,entrees of Salmon for me, Halibut for my girlfriend. After 20 mins without any food, our waiter approached and awkwardly looked at us as if "oh, damn I messed up". He never addressed it, and 10 mins later our entrees came. The food was okay, tomato rice kinda ruined the flavor of my Salmon. The biggest problem was that we never got our App, and the waiter continued to be airheaded about it. I know we live in a relaxed community where servers as "professionals" just don't come along; however, I have one piece of advice then: check your "memory ego's" at the door and WRITE THE ORDER DOWN so you don't forget what I, your guest, ordered. Remembering orders of guests is not a talent, it's a servers arrogant way of expressing "knowledge" and "job skill"...all it creates for me, the guest who is PAYING!, is anxiety that you're going to get something wrong, as in this case. Maybe we'll try apps in the bar next time.

Chad's writes: Kyle, Thank you for your comment. I am very sorry about your experiance. Can you please let me know where you were seated, the day you ate, or your servers name so that I can talk to him. We use these reviews to better ourselves and the staff. If we make mistakes we do your best to corect them. Please contact me so I can make sure this does not happen again. Chad Stevens 805-450-0057
Good times, 9/27/2007
Reviewer: John from Goleta
Hmmm, this is a tough one. Tell the truth and get nothing or lie about my meal and service and get a free meal. I think I will go with the truth. I have eaten at Chad's many times and the food/drinks have always been good. Many years ago I had my first ever Ahi dish there and it has never been as good (anywhere else) since. My wife and I were there last week and both our meals were fantastic. We sat outside and enjoyed the weather while people watching. One interesting note is that the women to men ratio seems to usually be around six to one. Fantastic. After passing this tidbit of information along to my male friends, they have all gone and eaten as well.

Chad's writes: John, Thank you for the nice comment. It is our goal to provided the best food and service possable. Next time your in, let me buy you a drink or appetizer. I just wish that the people with bad comments would let us know that night if something was wrong so we can correct it right then. I hope to meet you soon. Chad Stevens
So great- Looking forward to going back.., 9/25/2007
Reviewer: G from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here a couple of times, each time I had something different, and every single dinner has been absolutely perfect. I love to come here when there is live music going on, and the bar is such a nice cozy and intimate atmosphere to have a drink. I've had the steak, which was perfection, and the chicken brie pasta, also amazing, but very rich, and then the Chicken Tchoupitoulas is what I ordered my last visit there. It was great! We shared some appetizers at the table- mixed grill skewers- which were really the best thing I've tasted- We all agreed we would order a large portion of those for our meal if we could have! Basically, the food there is great, the wait staff is incredibly friendly, and I love the relaxed, yet elegant atmosphere there. This is the kind of place I look forward to going back to for any occasion, knowing whatever I order is going to be perfect. Thank you to Chad and everyone who works hard to make this restaurant as good as it is. I will definitely be back!!!

Not worth the money, 9/13/2007
Reviewer: Shaun from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Chads with a couple friends. The service not as great as I expected. Our waiter took forever to get our drinks and when he did, he got them wrong. To make matters worse, it took him forever again to get us the right drinks. The food was not good. I would have rather eatin a steak a chili's then the one I ate here. I had the baseball steak. I was unable to taste the steak because it was drenched in sauce. What I did taste was alot of fat running throughout my cut. On several occasions, I had to actually spit out bites of steak because there was so much tough fat. My friends were not impressed with their meals either. To wrap things up, I would not go to Chads again as the resturant's pricing does not match the quality. If you are in the mood for a steak dinner, dont go to Chads.

Chad's writes: Shaun, I am terribly sorry to hear that your experience was not up to your expectations, both in food, and service. I wish that I had known about your experience while you were still dining, so that I could come over personally and bring you something that was more to your liking, and further ensure that your service improved to our standards. This, of course, was not your responsibility, but the server's, and I am grieved to find out that one of our guests left unhappy without me being personally notified. Please contact me at 805-450-0057, or at, so that I can provide you with a gift certificate to come and try us again. I'd love another opportunity to give you a great dining experience. Thank You, Chad Stevens, Owner
"World's Smallest Kabobs" or "Size Matters", 9/10/2007
Reviewer: Sally from santa barbara
Yes on both accounts. I have had appetizers before here at Chads' completely unimpressed, so decided to just have a drink. A friend joined us and ordered the kabobs. Shortly after the sprightly waitress placed a plate of small squares of veggies and meat on skinny skewers formed as a tee-pee: I think to boost the appearance. It didn't work: at that moment I had a flash back of the movie, "Willie Wonka" when the character 'Mike TV' gets shrunk to the size of a thimble. Well, actually, if he were around the kabobs would make a nice meal for the wee fellow. I enjoy Chad's atmosphere, and meeting others (new and old friends) but drinks are all I will have. I say it again: size matters.

Chad's writes: Sally, First I want to say I am sorry about the skewers you had at the restaurant the other day. Starting this week will make sure that they are bigger, like you I do believe size matters. We like to pour big drinks and give good portions. Your comment is noted. I also would like to send you a script to come in again to give us a review on our adjust skewers. Thank you for letting us know where we could improve the customer’s experience. Please contact me at or call me at 805-450-0057 so I can send you the certificate. Thank you, Chad Stevens Owner
When did Chad's start hiring topless waiters?, 8/27/2007
Reviewer: Erin from San Francisco, CA
We recently spent the weekend in SB to celebrate my sister's upcoming wedding and, after a long absence, I was looking to returning to Chad's for a special dinner. While living in SB for 10 years I frequented Chad's many times and it was always a fun, but upscale place. The night we visited there were five bachelorette parties having dinner and the place was incredibly loud. Twice a waiter went by with no shirt on, a tray of shots in hand. We had a fun evening and the food and service were great, but I guess I just wasn't expecting the atmosphere to be so rowdy and juvenille. The ironic thing is that we were also a bachelorette party and I specifically told my sister (who can get "overly animated") that she needed to save the crazy stuff for after dinner since "Chad's wasn't that kind of place." I'm not writing to make a complaint, just express my surprise at the change. I'm glad that I wasn't there for a romantic dinner with my husband as unfortunately Chad's no longer seems suited for that type of dining experiance.

Chad's writes: Erin, Thank you for the great comments. I understand that it was a crazy evening the night you joined us. We had seven different Bacheloret parties that night and it did get out of hand. Most of the time it is fun but not crazy. Thank you for your comments. Chad Stevens
I lost the flip!!!, 8/21/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
Well we lost the flip of the coin but that was OK because we had the gift certificate that I won on Chads was very nice. The appetizer sampler was excellent, I could eat the oyster rockefellers by the dozens! I felt my steak was a little over seasoned. I ordered the Jack Daniels ribeye, but what came was more like a blackened ribeye. Our server, a very tall gentleman, could have at least smiled once during our time their. He was efficient but not the friendliest of waiters. We finished our meal with the soufle and boy that was just as good as I had remembered. Next time I think I'll try the sampler platter.

Chad's writes: Dan, Thanks for the great comments. Just so you know we have been having fun teasing the server about his smiling. Lets put it this way, we are all laughing now and he has a smile on much more. Next time your in please try to stop by and say hi. Chad Stevens
There is a new Chef in town and he needs to leave, 8/9/2007
Reviewer: Mimi from Santa Barbara Ca
We're locals and we have been going to Chad's for many years. Tonight my daughter and I decided to go and have "our usual". We have not been there for maybe a year as she has been away at school. The artichoke---nasty. We eat out all the time and no question the place to go for a great artichoke was Chads. Tonight must have been the bottom of the bag because the artichoke was OLD. It was dry and pithy. We love the way they are charred on the grill, but nothing could save this old maid. The skewers----nasty. What happened. Skewers at Chads used to be VERY TASTY. Now they are "a lot more money" and they don't taste good at all! The shrimp, which are $8.00 a piece if you order two, are pretty tiny--maybe 1 and a half inches long. The chicken tasted like pressed meat and was cut in little squares and skewered with far too many vegetables. My daughter said the beef tasted like hamburger? We stared at the plate when it arrived??? New chef, what is he thinking? The brie burger----it was O.K. The lettuce and tomato looked like they had been sitting somewhere for far too long. My daughter asked if they forgot the cheese. The diet coke was fine. The muffins were good, especially the banana nut. The service was fine. The boys that waited on us were fine, it is just that the food took f o r e v e r. That is not the boy's fault. I don't know what the delay was, there was no one else in the restaurant, just people in the bar. We think you should paint out that dark mauvy color on the walls. The navy is O.K. on the lower part. We decided that a ocre/gold would be uplifting in there. Obviously, we had far too much down time at the table waiting for our food. Never ever have we had a bad meal there. I've been for starters and drinks, and I've been for full on dinners. New chef in town?

Chad's writes: Mimi, I am so sorry about your experience that evening. I am working with the kitchen to improve and review the dishes you had that evening. We always try to provide the best food and experience possible, but at time we fall short. I would like to invite you back in to have dinner again, and let us know if we have made it better. Let me know where I can send you a certificate to join us again. You can contact me at or call me at 805-450-0057. Thank you for helping us know our mistakes so we can improve the restaurant. Chad Stevens
We Love Chads, 8/4/2007
Reviewer: Paula from Orange, CA
My husband and I love Chad's. Whenever we get up to Santa Barbara from Orange Co we make sure we have dinner at Chads. We always order the Sampler Platter. The last time we were there was April 2005. These reviews scare me. I am planning a trip alone in September and even though I am not comfortable eating in restaurants alone, I was going to make the exception and have dinner at Chads. But, after the bad reviews I don't know if I will. Maybe things have changed in the past few years.

Chad's writes: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Chad Stevens
Disappointed with Chad’s , 8/3/2007
Reviewer: Terry M. from Santa Barbara
I visited Chad’s quite a bit last year with co-workers and I was always pleased with both food and service. Just recently, I took my girlfriend there and I hyped up the place as I thought it would be great. Although the service was as good as I remembered, the food was extremely disappointing. My girlfriend got the Cobb Salad which turned out to be super spicy and thus she could not eat it. She attempted to drench it in ranch in order to make it edible but it just turned out to be a disaster. I feel that the waiter or menu should have noted the spice factor in the salad. My “Baseball” steak was also disappointing. I don’t know if it was just a bad cut, but my steak had way too much fat running throughout the steak (definitely not typical for a sirloin and not the quality I expected for a $28 plate). All in all, the service was great but our experience was ruined by disappointing food.

Chad's writes: Terry, Sorry about the Cobb salad. We will look into adjusting the dish and let people know how spices it is. Thank you for your comments. Chad Stevens
what i like best, 7/16/2007
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara
You know what I like best about this place (besides the food and atmosphere)? It's that Chad actually replies to these reviews. I've written both good and bad reviews on places and have never heard anything back... it's nice to see that a restaurant really listens to it's customers. I've been to Chads a few times (both for dinner and also drinks). The food has always been excellent and the wait staff has been very good as well. The only negative is that it can take a while to get a drink while sitting in the bar area at times. The bartenders are very nice, but busy... not sure if they could fit a third in there during busy times... it's kind of a small area.

Chad's writes: Jim, Thank you for the great comments. Jim we are going to be building a new bar so that we can get the drinks our faster. We are always tring to improve here at Chads. Let me know the next time you are in so that I can say "Hi". Chad Stevens
birthday dinner- off night?, 7/6/2007
Reviewer: sarah from Santa barbara
I have lived in Santa Barbara for quite a while and have visited Chads a number of times. In fact, when I first moved here it quickly became my favorite place for a good meal. This being so, I wanted to have my birthday dinner on June the 8th here knowing it would be first rate. Unfortunantly, things just didn't panout that way. My boyfriend ordered the surf and turf but the lobster was overcooked and super dry, as was the steak. He is a big eater and I was shocked and dissapointed when he let me taste his uneaten meal. Everyone else in my party recieved their food, except for me. I waited a good 20- 25 minutes before I recieved my chicken tchoupitoulas. Everyone was was almost finished when I finally got mine! The chicken was so dry I thought I would cry. The experience was not at all how I know Chads to be. It was very dissapointing especially being that it was my birthday dinner. On the bright side, the waitress was very sweet with our large group. I hope that next time things will be different.

Chad's writes: Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about your dinning experiance. I would like to have you come back in and give us another try. I am willing to send you a $100.00 script to give us another chance. Please contact me so I can take care of our mistake. Chad Stevens Owner
Unfortunately a Disappointing Experience, 6/21/2007
Reviewer: Brad from Tucson, AZ
Being an alumni of UCSB, I was looking forward to a positive dining experience in the downtown area, since in my school days at SB, the only thing I did in the downtown area was party. Additionally, I was on a tight budget as a student and never could afford to eat at real restaurants. Anyway, my wife and I were on vacation in Santa Barbara from Tucson, and I heard that Chad's was a great place from a few different people. We figured we'd give it a try one night - I believe it was Wednesday, June 6th. We showed up around 7 or so and there was a brief wait, although I spotted several open tables available in the dining area. We had a drink in the bar area, and after about 10 or 15 minutes, were seated. There was a lengthy wait for a server, who finally came to our table after we'd been sitting there for around 20 minutes. She said something like "Sorry, I'm very tired." I don't want to sound insensitive, but I don't like to hear excuses. Anyway, we ordered the Calamari appetizer to start, which tasted like it had been previously frozen. The breading was not so good, and the calamari was very rubbery. I commented on this to the waitress, and her response was "Well that's how it is served." Being that I was on vacation, I chose not to pursue this further, as I was trying to have a good time. After over 30 minutes, our entrees arrived - I had the blackened filet, which was OK, but not great. The filet was over cooked - medium or even medium well, although I requested it as medium rare. I was also a little chewey, not melt in your mouth like a filet should be. My wife thought the halibut was OK, but it was brought out a little cold, like it had been sitting around while my steak was being finished. We wanted to order another drink, but our waitress was nowhere to be seen for about 20 minutes. We were going to order dessert, but were afraid our waitress would disappear and never bring it out. All in all, I was not impressed with Chad's and doubt I'll return on my next trip to Santa Barbara.

Chad's writes: Brad, I am very sorry about your dinning experience. Thank you for providing a detailed account while you were at Chads. I am going to talk to your server about the evening you dinned with us. Please accept my apologies and the next time your in town I would like to offer you a $100.00 credit. We try to do the best we can, but as you pointed out we don’t. If you have any question you can contact me at 805-450-0057 or email at Chad Stevens Owner
Wow, 6/15/2007
Reviewer: Daniel from Santa Barbara
I have been in santa barbara only for a short time, I am a big foodie, and have enjoyed many of the restaurants here. I also love the restaurant. I just want to say that out of all the reviews on here, I like these the best. I think its great how the onwer takes the time to read, and respond to all the reviews. Hopefully I get to try chads soon.

Chad's writes: Daniel, Thank you for your kind commetns. We are always trying to be better. Chad Stevens
Can we get 6 Stars for Service?, 6/7/2007
Reviewer: Garrett from Santa Barbara, CA
Chad's easily has the best service in Santa Barbara. If you want a hospitable, fun atmosphere its a must visit. The Owner's always checking up to see how the patrons are doing, and the staff is exceptional.

Chad's writes: Garrett, Thank you for your wonderful comments. Chad Stevens
Come for Happy Hour, Stay for Dinner!, 6/6/2007
Reviewer: Brittany from Santa Barbara, CA
amazing drinks, great food too. atmosphere is classy but casual. the staff is always very accomodating. they have the best martinis in town, and a great happy hour too. one of my favorite places in Santa Barbara, for sure.

Prom Dinner continued, 6/5/2007
Reviewer: Addie from Santa Barbara
Chad was kind enough to send us a gift card to compensate for the spilled drink. That was more than enough. Outside of the spilled drink the service was exceptional and the waiters were very knowledgeable about the menu. Thanks Chad.

Prom Dinner. . ., 5/28/2007
Reviewer: Addie from Santa Barbara
Very nice atmosphere. Great food. When we were served our meal our waiter spilled a whole glass of soda on me and a friends prom dresses. Nothing was done and he didnt comp anything. not even the soda. . .

Chad's writes: Addie, I am so sorry about the drink spilled on you. Thank you for brining this to my attention. I would be more than happy to mail out a certificate for my staff's error. I hope that your prom went well. Let me know where I can mail you the certificate. Chad Stevens 805-450-0057 cell phone
sadly dissapointed :(, 5/26/2007
Reviewer: Deniz Senkan from Los Angeles soon to be Santa Barbara,CA
It was my boyfriend and my one year anniversary, and since we were planning on moving to S.B we decided to go up there from Los Angeles to make it a special night. He had previously lived there for a year so he told me about Chad's, it sounded perfect. Upon getting there things were great, we got seated immediately and ordered drinks. The mojito's...are INCREDIBLE. After we got our drinks we waited a good 20-25 min to get our order taken, but not because the waitress dissapeared, but because she was too busy mingling with half the restaurant. It surely made us feel rather insignificant, especially since when she came to take our order she seemed pretty much absent-minded and seemed to want to go back to mingle rather than take our order. It wasn't even a weekend, which is why she probably felt the need to lag. My boyfriend assured me the food was going to be excellent, and the service in Santa Barbara is usually pretty bad. I beleived him, but I was wrong. We had ordered the Chad's Sampler Platter, and when it came out I was suprised. It looked delicious. Sadly, I was wrong. My halibut was cold, and seemed to be rather undercooked, it still had a clearness to it. The filet, was fine, slightly over medium-rare, but nonetheless good, and the chicken was dry and flavorless. I had specifically asked for the sauces [there was 2 i think] on the side, but instead, the platter came out SMOTHERED in what seemed to be only once sauce. I could only taste sauce and the actual food seemed to be...well...overpowered. We barely finished and expected dessert to be was...i is chocolate souffle bad? It sure was good, and their Jack Daniel's sauce is to die for!!! All in all, the mojito's...which we ended up having a few each for dinner instead of the food, were FANTASTIC, and the souffle, yummy! I WANT to go back, but I'm really really really afraid too. I just never spent sooooo much time waiting on a waiter! I've been a waitress before and usually I'm enthusiastic and try to make a customer enjoy their time, but...perhaps this was the wrong place. But, we will see. I'm going to be an official resident in Santa Barbara June 1st, I want to give it another chance, but from the previous reviews I've seen i'm worried. It's such a beautiful place too, if only the waitress had listened.

Chad's writes: Deniz, I first want to thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed experience. We had a manager meeting today and we decided we need to change our platter and we will be reading your review to all the staff this week during our staff meeting. Even though it may seem odd that I would be happy to get such a review, but with your review you make us better. Please let me know where I can send you a certificate to give us another try. If you have any other comments or would like to contact me directly please do. Chad Stevens 805-450-0057
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!, 5/25/2007
Reviewer: Jessica Gardner from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is five stars all the way around. My boyfriend and I come here anytime the flies aren't in our wallets. Yes, it's expensive, but the atmosphere, and the food (oh, the food!) is just amazing! The flip thing sounds cool, I've never tried it, but what's better than free food?

Chad's writes: Jessica, Thank you for the kind words. We are always striving to be the best, but never satisfied. I am also glad you enjoyed our Monday Flip night, congratulations on winning. If you were ever in I would enjoy coming over and saying hello. Chad Stevens
This is How it's Done, 5/9/2007
Reviewer: Antony from San Jose, CA
To finance my UCSB education, I worked as a cook, bartender, and bouncer. I spent a lot of time downtown and Chad's is on my short list of places that always deliver superior food and service. Chad the owner is often on the premises and from this website you can tell that he takes an avid interest in how his restaurant is doing. Santa Barbara is a tourist town, so many restaurants in the area don't care about your repeat business- someone new is coming next weekend. Chad's does not operate that way at all. Their atmosphere and cuisine are unique in Santa Barbara, and the service is warm and friendly. Definitely worth it.

Chad's writes: Antony, Next time you are in make sure you ask for me, I would love to shake your hand. Thank you for all the kind words, we are always trying to be better. Chad Stevens
OVERRATED, 4/24/2007
Reviewer: Naneki from Santa Barbara
I come here for drinks because my friends like it, but coming for dinner is a whole different story. I went there a couple months ago and I wasn't very impressed. My tomato soup was cold and not even very good. Drinks are always good. Service was 'interesting'... The server would not appear for long periods of time, but when she would come to the table, her obseqiousness (sorry but that's the perfect word for it) was nauseating. I don't understand the hype. The male servers there are pretentious, especially the bartender who doesn't even acknowledge my presence even though I go there often and have said hi to him many times over.

Chad's writes: Naneki, I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts about our restaurant. I also want to say sorry about the soup being cold and my staff's attitude. Your comments will be brought up at the next server meeting. I would like to mail your a certificate for taking the time to write your comment. With your help you make us a better restaurant. Please let me know where you would like me to mail the certificate. Chad Stevens 805-450-0057
used to be my favorite restaurant , 4/21/2007
Reviewer: Kat from Santa Barbara, CA
I have enjoyed Chad's food since I moved to Santa Barbara four years ago and I used to tell all my visiting friends they had to go to Chad's for dinner. However, I tried making a reservation for my graduation dinner a month ago and haven't heard from them since. I have called three times giving the person who answered the phone my name and number and each time I have had the response of "she will call you back when she is available". I dont know who "she" is, but I still haven't got a call back. I'm thoroughly dissapointed, I will not be going back.

Chad's writes: Kat, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I will talk to our party coordinator. The reason that we have had an issue with Graduation weekend has been my entire fault. We are in the process of building a new building in back and do not know how this will effect that weekend. I told the party coordinator not to take reservations for that weekend. We now are taking reservation for that weekend, I have a better understanding about the new upcoming building project. I am sorry about your experience with our service at Chads. It is our goal to provide great food with great service. I would like to offer you a certificate for your troubles. Please email me or call me so I can send you the certificate. or 805-450-0057 Chad Stevens, Owner
would go for the muffins...., 4/5/2007
Reviewer: youni from Santa Barbara, CA
i personally like their Baseball steak. and their ambiance! and the service is awesome, as well as their muffins~! the have great drinks and a great happy hour on their patio. especially with this perfect SB weather, you can't go wrong on a monday night at Chad's.

Chad's writes: Youni, Thank you for the great notes. We are working hard to make it even better. Chad Stevens
The BEST Happy Hour in town!, 4/3/2007
Reviewer: Megan Barber from Santa Barbara, CA
My friends and I go to Chads EVERY week atleast once or twice. They have the best happy hour in town with specials on both food and drinks. Try the char-a-choke, a cosmo, or maybe a huge glass of wine. Whatever it is you will be happy. The muffins are also to die for. If you want to stay for dinner, their steaks are delicious and service is spectacular. If you are in the bar for happy hour, ask for Kate. She is great and provides the BEST service. Overall, Chads is one of my favorite places in town.

Chad's writes: Megan, We now have live music Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6:30 until 9:00 come and check us out.
Amazing Valentine Dinner, 2/15/2007
Reviewer: Ixchel from Santa Barbara
This was my first visit to Chad’s and wow was it a great experience. I live in Santa Barbara and it is so refreshing to dine at a restaurant that not only serves up amazing food but where the service is also excellent. As we drove up to the complimentary valet parking we could see the romantic atmosphere well underway. The restaurant was covered in bunches of red, white and pink balloons and red roses and tulips decorated the tables. In a city notorious for poor service I was not yet won over, many restaurants have good food and atmosphere until you actually meet your server, more often than not incompetence prevails. I feel entitled to make this judgment as both my boyfriend and I are ex-servers who know a thing or two about providing great service. Chad’s however was as great at this as they were in providing a wonderful menu and lovely atmosphere. As we confirmed our reservations for the 7:30 seating we were given a beautiful Valentine themed card to remember the occasion. We wandered over to the champagne reception where none other than Chad himself was serving up cold bubbly champagne, he did a wonderful job of greeting us and made an effort to make small talk on what was a very busy night. It seemed as if every staff member had a smile on their face and made us feel very comfortable. Following the champagne a host found us (we didn’t even have to ask) and escorted us to the “Valentine tent” a beautiful planned area obviously to serve the overflowing guest which was filled with flowers, balloons, and beautifully laid tables. Not to mention offered much needed protection from the slightly chilly evening, although torch heaters were also available for additional warmth. The pre planned 3 course menu still allowed for a variety of entrée options including a nice vegetarian selection which included risotto and vegetables. Following the crab salad with jumbo shrimp appetizer (which was served in a martini glass) we were brought our entrees. My boyfriend had the caramelized halibut on a bed of gorgonzola mashed potatoes and snow peas. I had the lobster tail also on a bed of mashed potatoes served with vegetables. Both entrees were absolutely wonderful, the lobster was plump, sweet and cooked to perfection, the mashed potatoes were great and flavorful and the halibut…ohhh the delicious halibut, not only cooked perfectly but the caramelized onion sauce (keep in mind I hate onions) was some of the best food I have ever had. Much to my surprise Chad himself made sure the champagne kept flowing. Our waitress was attentive but not too intrusive and we truly felt like welcomed guests. The dinner was followed by a lovely chocolate dessert and a nice raspberry flavored (or at least it seemed raspberry flavored) liqueur. We never felt rushed and our every need was met with a smile. On our way out the host even stopped us to hand me my Valentine rose with was the perfect touch to a great evening. If you are looking for great food, great atmosphere, and more importantly (at least to me) great service, Chad’s should be at the top of your list. Although it’s early if you are looking to make next years Valentines Day a hit you can’t go wrong with Chad’s. Thanks Chad for a memorable evening.

Chad's writes: Thank you for the great comments and the very detailed note. Chad Stevens
Valentines Day Dinney, 2/14/2007
Reviewer: Eric S. from Goleta, CA
My 2nd time to Chad's and I loved it. The meals are extremely well tasting and the atmosphere is inviting. Chad's food tastes amazing as you would expect from a fine restaurant, and the portion size is just perfect. (you will leave full) The meal was perfect from beginning to end, and the only problem I had was the server forgetting to bring the desert wine. (Which she brought right away as soon as I asked about it) The menu was a set menu on Valentines Day, but the choices still had something for everyone. When we got there Chad himself was serving champagne, we told him how are day went and he took time to talk to us and suggest a place we could go hiking at. He was extremely nice and charismatic. This is defiantly one of the best restaurants in Santa Barbara. They also serve the best martinis,(although I didnt have one tonight). Im moving to San Diego next month, but Chad's is one of the things that will get me to drive up to Santa Barbara. The food alone would be worth it, but with the added awesome staff who makes you feel at home, and the AMAZING owner who runs this place and actually cares about his customers. There is no way I couldnt go back, and no way I would not recommend this restaurant to everyone I know. Till next time, thanks once again for and ending to a perfect day Chad.

Well worth a try., 2/5/2007
Reviewer: Dennis Santschi from Camarillo,Ca. 93012
Our daughted, who attends UCSB,wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday some place special. We love to dine, and are usualy critical of restaurants who promise much and deliver little. Chads did not dissapoint our party.From the moment we steped upto the greeting podium, till we left, we were approached by no fewer than seven different employees inquiring as to our needs and how they could be of service. Every one we came in contact with, displayed caring and enthusiam. The quality of ingredients were great, the service impressive, and we will return. There are a multitude of sauces and spices that were a smidge over the top, and that is the sole consideration we experienced. That said, dinner at Chads was for us, most enjoyable. Thanks for a wonderful dining experience. Dennis Santschi Camarillo,Ca.

Food Mediocre.... Service Great., 1/19/2007
Reviewer: Michael from Los Angeles, CA
My guest and I ordered the Thai Shrimp Scampi to start, then the Prociutto wrapped Filet Mignon stuffed with Brie and Seared Scallops with Rissotto and Snow Snap Peas (both specials) for our entrees. For dessert, we shared a Chocolate Souffle. First and foremost, I work in the restaurant industry. As stated to my collegues of my experience at Chads; "It makes an attempt to be a restaurant of great caliber but errs on its overly huge portions and strategically (not artisically) painted plate(s)." The Thai Shrimp and Polenta was a fusion of both memorable and seasonless flavors. Memorable by the Thai Salsa tasting alot more of Mae-Ploy or even La Choy and the Chive Polenta being a bit off on seasoning (a no-no especially if S&P aren't available tableside). For the filet mignon... cooked perfectly medium, but needed something sharper than brie, maybe chevre or gorgonzola to titilate the tongue from the very savory prociutto. It did seem like brie was made special due it being served on other entrees like the Chicken Brie Pasta and the Brie Burger. I was intrigued by my seared-scallops entree finding that they seemed to have been dredged in flour or cornstarch to create the illusion of being seared by the browning of the crust and not the scallop itself. The accompanying citrus risotto seemed as if it were held and not cooked to order making it mushy. The garnish of snowsnap peas were placed strategically around the mound of overly done rissotto and sauce resembling the rays of the sun with scallops in-between not making it the center of attention but something more like the numbers on a clock (scallops). Finally, after great conversation due to the fact that we ordered the Chocolate Souffle (20 minutes and recommended to be ordered in advance) after our meal, it arrived puffy and drizzled with confectioner's sugar then plunged with a spoon twice creating an X in the middle by our server, Superman (that was the name of our server listed on our receipt). Superman then poured the chocolate fondant into the crosshatch doubling our pleasure of even more chocolate. My guest and I both dug into our dessert. Again, nostalgia. What is that taste.. that memorable flavor when we were kids? Could it have been Hershey's? Lets dive in again with our spoons... oh my... could it be... Hershey's? All in all, I wish I ordered the Filet Mignon as well, but would of asked to have them drizzle some pancetta crisps or even drippings versus having the brie. The surf could been seared correctly as well as having the risotto done on the fly verses held. Dessert good, but not memorable. I will seek refuge at Chad's again, but maybe on a different evening the mis-en-place is done same day. Superman was great as well as the busser that was dressed in a chef's coat making you wonder if he was a chef (or even a line cook) or even took part in the cooking process.

Chad's writes: Michael, First let me say thank you for your review. It is not what I want to hear, but it is how you felt. We at Chads buy the freshest and best products that we can and prepare them in the most flavorful way. What I can say is I am sorry that our food did not live up to your expectations. I will double check our with our kitchen staff and recipies to make sure that everything is being done correctly. I would like to offer you a certificate for $100.00 to give us another chance. You can contact me by phone or email at or call me at 805-450-0057. With your review, you help us to be a better restaurant. Chad Stevens
What happened to the Alpine Chicken?, 12/12/2006
Reviewer: Jonathan from Goleta, CA
I neeeeed the Alpine Chicken!

Chad's writes: Jonathan, Let me know when you are coming in again and I will see if we could run that dish as a special again. Thank you for your comment. Chad Stevens 805-450-0057
cold evening, 12/4/2006
Reviewer: dana cooper from orange, ca
While visiting Santa Barbara with my sisters for my 50th birthday celebration on Saturday December 2, Chad's was recommended as a wonderful restaurant. We had a 9:00 reservation inside. When we got there about 7:45 for a pre-dinner cocktail we were told that we could sit on the patio shortly, so we agreed to sit outside because a table would be available at 8. We were seated at about 8:40. Unfortunately, where we were sitting outside had no space heater anywhere nearby and the cold wind of the evening with the metal chairs all but ruined our experience. Your staff initially tried to accommodate us with lap blankets (though not enough for the entire party) and as a result rather than savoring our meals, we rushed through our meal in order to leave. We realize that Chad's has no control over the weather, but the staff's had a "that's too bad" attitude did nothing to remedy the problem. Once the staff realized we had an issue, we rarely saw them, there was never an offer of an alternative. In hindsight I feel that we should have been offered another table or compensated for part of the meal. And though the food was delicious (albeit cold) Chad's is not a restaurant I will return to.

Chad's writes: Dana, First let me say how sorry we are about your experience at Chads the other night. Second thank you for informing us of the areas we need to work on. With your comments we will be a better restaurant. We are going to buy cushions for all our outdoor chairs and order more blankets for those cold nights. If you are in town again I would like to offer you and your guest a $100.00 credit to Chads. If you would like I could mail this to you. If you feel that there is more we can do feel free to contact me anytime. My email is or call me on my cell at 805-450-0057. Thank you once again for helping us to improve the restaurant. Chad Stevens
Chad's is the Best, 11/4/2006
Reviewer: Sharon from Castro Valley, CA
We've eaten at many restaurants in our week stay here in SB, so we thought we'd do a simple Happy Hour Bar & Appetizer night. Hearing Chad's had a great bar scene, we arrived at about 5pm on Friday night. Joey immediately greeted us and took our drink order. He managed to find me some blue cheese olives for my delish martini, and we loved the muffin/151 rum butter lighting ceremony. The oysters are the largest we've ever had at any restaurant ever, and we eat them a lot. As the bar scene picked up and the fun service continued, we asked Joey if it would be remotely possible to get a table for dinner since we didn't have reservations. Not only did he get us a table, but it was outside on the darling patio just three tables away from one of the best restaurant guitar players we've ever enjoyed. From there Daryn took over our service and was just as incredible and nice as Joey - in fact, the whole staff was great, always filling our water glass or checking on us to make sure we were ok - we felt like royalty. The food was awesome too. But the chocolate souffle was to die for. We ended up not leaving til about 10pm, but no one rushed us out and the great service continued til the end. Well done, Chad - we'll be back again our next time in SB!

Chad's writes: Sharon, Thank You, Thank You, Thank you. Next time your in let me know so I can stop by and say "Hi".
Wonderful experience, 10/3/2006
Reviewer: Jaclyn Loveless from Bakersfield, CA
My now fiance and I got engaged at Chad's in July. He had worked with the staff via phone and email and the evening was very special. The staff were wonderful and really helped my soon to be hubby. Even Chad helped him out. Not to mention the food was great!! I can't wait to go back. In fact, we are planning our rehearsel dinner at Chad's for next summer. I'm sorry to have missed this place in all the times I had visited SB.

Chad's writes: Congadualtions on your engagment, We look forward to your next visit. Chad
Can't Go Wrong!, 10/2/2006
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
In my opinion, Chad's should be one of your regular dining destinations. The food is good, the service staff friendly. Tonight we had an enjoyable evening that I would have gladly paid the tab -- Lamb shank was excellent, chicken was tasty, and the meatloaf was darn good -- but, the manager "flipped" for it and ended up paying for our food! Thanks Chad's!!

Chad's writes: Thank Rob. Hope to see you in again soon.
Great service - ok food, 9/27/2006
Reviewer: Aaron from Omaha, NE
My wife and I were visiting from out of town and were told by several people that Chad's was the place to go. We enjoyed our experience a great deal. The service was excellent. My wife ordered the fish and chips which was very good. I ordered the pork chops which might have been ok if they weren't undercooked. Despite this, I will go back again next time we are in Santa Barbara.

Chad's writes: Aaron, Thank you for the information about the food. I will talk to the chef to make sure that everything is properly cooked. If you are in town again let me get you a couple of drinks. Chad Stevens
Fun Friday, Fantastic Food!, 8/23/2006
Reviewer: Cameron from Montecito, Ca
Ijust logged on to write about the fantastic time, my fiance and I had at Chad's on Friday night! I'm sorry to that other reviewer who didn't have the awesome time we did, because it seems that we were in a different restaurant! It was our first time at Chad's, reccommended to us by our friends. We arrived at 8, and our table was not ready. No problem, we had drinks in the popular bar. They have a great wine selelction, I enjoyed a local Syrah, and my Fiance loved her funky Martini. We were sat outside on a side patio about 20 minutes later. It was cute and quant. Our server was excellent (although, I'm sorry I forgot his name) He explaioned the entired menu, and mentioned that he loved the baseball Steak. I was sold. My Fiance had the camelized Halibut, mmmm! It was perfectly cooked and the sauce was sweet and perfect for the fish. I loved my steak, but it was so huge, I took some home. I had it butterflied on the reccommendaiton of the Chef, and it was perfectly cooked, medium. We also had some fantastic Osyters on the half shell, and enjoyed a bottle of Stags Leap Cabermet ( My Fiance picked it, she always looks for it on lists, we were impressed). We also finished with the Creme Brulee, it was delisious although, we barely had room left for it. Service was great, our waters glasses were well taken care of, and we felt very well taken care of. Overall we loved it, and we will be back. Thanks Chad's, it was a great night!

Can’t feel comfortable recommending, sorry Chad and Michelle, 8/20/2006
Reviewer: Dustin from Santa barbara
I work as a concierge here in Santa Barbara and from the time I started working I have heard nothing but good things about Chad’s. When guests were looking for a great bar or great American cuisine the first thing that comes to mind is Chad’s. So I make the reservation and 98% of the time I never get a chance to here what they thought of the restaurant. I decided to take my girlfriend for a dinner at Chad’s for her 20th birthday. With high expectations I anticipated the dinner and told the person that we are coming for a birthday. I guess they don’t do the birthday desert because they did nothing special. Small disappointment but no big deal. The experience before that which made the recommendations come to a end. We ate there on a Friday night and when we arrived for dinner the table wasn’t ready because they had people who were still eating. When we did get a table it was near impossible to get someone to take our order. When they did come to take our order they were rushing us both and if we to ask something about a dish they would become very rude. Now I am not one that of those snotty people who expect everything to be perfect but this was pretty bad. I COMPLETLEY understand that restaurants are going to be busy on a Friday but when instead of being apologetic they were just rude and it killed the fun birthday vibes. When we did get our meal My Jack Daniels rib eye was completely cold and it was obvious that it had been sitting for a good while, my girlfriends’ corn fires were hot and ready but her halibut was even colder than mine. We asked a passing waiter if he could heat them and he told us that he would get somebody but I guess he forgot. When we got another waiter it took him about 20 min. just to get it back out to us. Fish was re cooked but my steak was just put on the grill again and was really over cooked and tough. Dessert was another disappointment because the crème brulee was burnt and tasted like a black marshmallow. I really hate complaining but I think people should know if they must go, go on a Monday and not a Friday because they will be disappointed with there experience. After this experience I would only recommend them for there bar. I’m sorry but I just would not fell comfortable doing so.

Chad's writes: Dustin, I cant say sorry enough for your experiance at Chads. Thank you for letting us know about the areas we need to work on. We will review all the issues with the staff and the kitchen to make sure this does not happen again. Dustin if you could be so kind to give us another chance I would be more than happy to offer you and your friends a $200.00 certificate to dine at Chads again. It is our goal to do our best and sometimes we fall short, and in this case we just screwed up! So I hope to see you again. Please feel free to contact me anytime at either or call me at 805-450-0057. Chad Stevens
Romantic Anniversary, 8/11/2006
Reviewer: Dorene from Palmdale, CA
My husband and I honeymooned in Santa Barbara and decided to have a second honeymoon for our 25th. We decided to eat here and had a wonderful time. The food was fantastic, as was the service, we had a great waiter named Josh, thank you for making our night even more special.

I just eat there 30 min ago, 7/29/2006
Reviewer: DB from IV
I am an African American man, and the food was terrific. Lots of flavor. I ordered the shirmp scampi with something pa something, and the shirmp were good and the asian sauce, but the stufff in the middle was bland. The Keg or kettle martini was bomb, I am still buzzed. The lobster and steak was delicious. My girlfriend ordered the jambalaya is was very spicy and hot, very good. Fellas: Lots of single ladies there, man o man. The rumors are true, the place was 80% female. If your a single man, beautiful women to enjoy even the waitresses. Go now!!! the service was on point, took a little time to get food, but I had a good convo with the women of my life. The enviorment is perfect for a date or to pick up women. Go Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very happy, 7/28/2006
Reviewer: Eric from Goleta
I just went there for the first time. I was sorta scared from the bad reviews I read but was verry happy after the meal. Our server was so awsome, and the food was just as good. The martini I had was perfect, and the atmosphere was very inviting. I will go again =D

The Best Place I have Eaten So Far........, 6/19/2006
Reviewer: brian from akron, ohio
my wife and I are here on our honeymoon and at another restaraunt they told us we had to go to chad's When we got there, it was pretty early and the crowd was not in full force.. Very nice place clean and we sat outside to enjoy the great weather . As we look over the menu more than one item sounded good and we did not know what to get. So we order the Chad's Platter.. I must say this was a little expensive, but there was so much food... There was to Steaks, Two Halibuit Steaks and there was also Two breast of chicken plus a pound of mashed potatoes and a ton of rice. The food was excellent. We also had a local bottle of wine and the jack daniels souffle dessert. We had all of this food for a resonable price and could not eat all the food. Everything was very good and I would recomend this place to anyone. This place is so good, I really think this is a cool place to eat dinner..

Fantastic evening!, 5/22/2006
Reviewer: Jenifer Molstad from Arlington, WA
We were the party of 10, 1 man, 9 women, from Seattle this past saturday night and we had a fantastic time...we had a bit of a shaky start, it took a while for the waitress to come greet us, but the attention that we received from not only her, but other friendly and courteous staff too, definitely made up for the time we had to wait. The drinks were incredible, the appetizers delicious, and the meals, oh, how do I desribe the Escarole?! My first time trying this amazing fish, and the mushroom risotto, I can't decide which of the two I liked most. Your jambalaya was a hit, as was the halibut. We loved the atmosphere, especially the tent you put up because of the rain. We were apologized to so many times for having to be in there, we loved it outside!! Thanks to all for such a fantastic evening, great food, great staff, and great atmosphere. We only wish we lived in Santa Barbara so that we could become regulars!

Great Experience, 5/22/2006
Reviewer: Nicole from Torrance, CA
We spent this past Mother's Day weekend in SB and had heard some good things about Chad's. We made reservations...brought our own wine, got a great table next to a fireplace and experienced a great dinner with my mom, brother and sister-in-law! Very attentive waiters, cool bar area and the best steak in town! Would highly recommend dining here especially for a special occasion!!!

Second Visit And Still Amazed!!, 5/10/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Goleta
My wife and I stopped by Chads on May 8th for Dinner time and felt that we really had a fantastic experience. The highlight of the evening was meeting Chad himself . We didnt win the coin toss but he gave us a complimentary dessert for spending over 85 dollars for two people in one sitting. But one thing i would love to comment on is the service. My father always had a saying from the restaurant business that anytime a customer eats at a restaurant and the executive chef comes out to deliver your food then the restaurant is top notch. We had the pleasure of meeting the chef and he even brought out a drink recommendation for my meal. The same adage could be stated for the fact that anytime you see the fire dept or police officers at a restaurant...then the place has to be that great!! So I just want to say thank you again to Chad and I will be back with about 15 people for my birthday party in July 2006!!!!!!!!!!

"We're out of that...", 4/25/2006
Reviewer: John Jo from Newport Beach, CA
I've been to Chad's before and had an awesome experience. Since I moved away, I wanted to bring up my girlfriend and 10 of our friends to show them around Santa Barbara. I picked Chad's as our dinner reservation because I enjoyed it so much the time before. I made reservations well in advance indicating that the event was for my girlfriend's birthday. The hostess politely indicated that they would make a special note of that and make sure she gets recognized. How nice! Our table was ready for us when we got there but that seemed to be the only thing that was prepared for us. After sitting with our menus for 30 minutes (yes, I checked my watch) and no service, I was starting to get upset. As I made my way to the front (to complain), the waitress showed up so I returned to my seat. We ordered our drinks and food right away. We were promised muffins / bread as we waited for our drinks to come. After 15 minutes, we hailed down a bus boy to refill our water (still no drinks). When we asked about our muffins, the bus boy told us "oh, we ran out of that." What? It's a Saturday night at 8PM and you're out of bread? I'm not sure if the waitress read our minds but somehow the restaurant miraculously came around with bread. I have never been more ecstatic to get bread. After another 10 minutes, we finally got our first (and only) round of drinks. A buddy of mine was asking about getting a second drink (mojito) but the waitress told him that he probably wouldn't get it because the bar was so slammed. We eventually got our food and we were not disappointed. Everyone agreed that the food was excellent but no one could believe how pooor the service was. Towards the end, I, as well as two others in my group, reminded the waitress that we were there for my girlfriend's birthday. When the bill was delivered, we had to pull the waitress aside again and remind her again that this was for a birthday event. We did receive a complimentary dessert which was nice but it seemed that it took so much extra effort (all night) to get it, it really killed the moment. One round of drinks and dinner ended up taking us from 8pm until 10:45 pm. This was one of the very few times I didn't want to pay the gratuity on the bill. We did, but I must say I really regret paying for service that was just not there. Great food. Poor service. My point: If your restaurant is swamped on a Saturday night, stop taking reservations. Clearly that night (4/22), there were too many large parties and your staff could not keep up. Result: a lot of disappointed customers.

Chad's writes: John, First let me thank you for taking the time out to write such a detailed letter. I am truly sorry that your girlfriends party did not work out the way we and you expect from Chads. The staff and I can't say enough how sorry we are. We will be having a meeting this Saturday to go over your web posting, to try and make sure this type of incident doesnt happen again. My staff and I would like to offer you and your girlfriend a $100.00 certificate to come again and give us another chance. We feel it is important to get the good and bad reviews because it helps us to be a better restaurant. Please feel free to contact me at 805-450-0057 or email me at and let me know where I can send the certificate. Once again we are sorry about your exeriance and we will do everything in our power to try not let this happen again. Chad Stevens Owner
So much fun!, 4/12/2006
Reviewer: Jenni from Santa Barbara, CA
We went during their anniversary week special for $14 Filets and $12 Chix Tchoupitoulas (both to die for!). Even though we had to wait for an hour to get a table and were sat within centemeters of another couple, we still had a blast! The waiters were very busy but still took the time to be friendly and generous (offering to buy my Martini if I did not like his suggestion). Our appetizers and main course was phenomenal! We had the souffle for dessert (however the waiter forgot to offer it to us early so we had to wait 20 minutes). It was very good except for the sauce wich was a bit too strong (of liquor). Thank you Chads, we will be back!

I'm coming back, 3/17/2006
Reviewer: Bonny Uribe-Raya from Santa Barbara
The service was great! The food wow! I had the lobster & honestly the best I've ever had tender and juicy. Although this was as special occcasion & not often affordable we will be coming back hopefully for my birthday in April. I'd been here maybe two other times for special occasions earlier in the day with my family & kids. This last time in September was evening the atmosphere inside was nice and friendly.

Wonderful!, 3/6/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Always looking for an excuse to have a good time, I came here on March 4, 2006 for the 10th anniversay of the launch of this restaurant guide. I brought my parents and sister. Free valet parking was a nice way to start off our evening. We had a GREAT dinner. Chad's gave us a terrific table right by the bay window. Collin was our server and gave us perfect service. He was friendly and helpful and his great service added to a great evening. The large wine glasses give you a much bigger serving than I've seen elsewhere. We started off with a basket of muffins and the appetizer sampler platter, which has a little bit of everything you'd like, including artichokes, chicken strips, sashimi, grilled shrimp, oysters & more. Mom was raving about the grilled artichokes. She wants to learn how they cook them like that. My dad & I ordered the carmelized halibut with mashpotatos. Mom and my sister had the ribeye steaks. For dessert we all shared the baked chocolate souffle (ordered early because it takes a half hour to cook). Everyone thought the food was great. All & all a great night out was had by all, as I knew we would at Chad's.

Chads is Outstanding !!, 3/3/2006
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara/Orange County
My boyfriend and I went to Chad's for our 3rd anniversary. We heard so many amazing reviews and decided to try it out. Our dinner was beyond perfect! The atmosphere was so romantic and lovely. The food was better than I have ever had in SB. Our waiter was pleasant and gave us free coffee and desert (our bill was large) We made a Valentines Day reservation as we left. That again was an unforgettable experience. We will continue to rave about this wonderful restaurant. The drinks, apetizers, and main course were perfection.

one of my favorite stops while visiting, 1/27/2006
Reviewer: Jim Shento from Pittsburgh, Pa.
On my many visits to Santa Barbara (3-4 times a year )from Pittsburgh ( go Steelers ) my friends always make sure we do a Friday happy hour at Chad's. I really enjoy the Atmosphere. I have not had dinner but enjoy the appetizers and drinks. I look forward to being there again this spring, summer and fall.

Wonderful night!!, 1/15/2006
Reviewer: Sabrina from Santa Barbara
This was our first time to Chad's and we will be back. It was wonderful! We made reservations about an hour and a half before just in case there was a long wait since it was a Saturday night. We were seated quickly and received great service. The food was amazing. We definitely recommend this restaurant.

Outstanding!, 1/9/2006
Reviewer: Ian from San Diego, CA
My girlfriend and I had the best meal at Chad's. We showed up without reservations, but they had no problem seating us. The martini's are top notch and the service was excellent. I would say this was the best dining experience I have had. We tried the calamari for appetizer, and it was outstanding. We ordered the Chicken Bree Pasta and the Midori Mahi Mahi. I was shocked. The meal was so flavorful, my mouth just watered with every bite. With the fast service, excellent wait staff and outstanding food I gave Chad's 5 stars!! I will definately go there again on my next visit to Santa Barbara.

A wonderful night, 1/4/2006
Reviewer: Glen Grant from Glendora, Ca
Great 19th Anniversary dinner. Food might have been one of the best 10 meals I've ever had. We had a trainee for our waiter and he did well. We all start at some point. The sampler entree platter was a trio of ecstacy. The souflle was so rich I thought I was Bill Gates. Thank you for a GREAT night.

GREAT!!! , 12/26/2005
Reviewer: Suzanne Mitchell from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lived for almost a year in beautiful Santa Barbara, diving past the pretty pink house on Chapala street daily, always noting how busy it was, yet never stopping there. When my family came into town over the holidays, it seemed like an excellent oppertunity to stop by and check it out. I AM SO HAPPY WE DID! We arrived at apparently a very busy hour, yet were promptly greeted by a darling, professional hostess. She was friendly and acted quickly to accomodate our needs, eventhough the house seemed packed. We were seated in a small side patio-- where eventhough we were outside, we still were warm and felt included as though we were actually eating inside the house. Our server was amazing. He was friendly, personable, and knowledgable about the menu, including the many martinis and wines. We really enjoying his many recomendations, including the "char-a-choke" and the "Baseball." Most importantly, nevery employee seemed to make a point to stop and make sure everything was going fine. All the members of the staff seemed quick to jump at any of our needs, EVENTHOUGH THEY WERENT OUR SERVER!! GREAT PLACE, GREAT DRINKS, GREAT FOOD, GREAT SERVICE, GREAT FUN! THANK YOU!

Excellent rehearsal dinner!, 12/6/2005
Reviewer: Katie from Sunnyvale, CA
I have enjoyed Chad's for years for drinks out and special meals, and I've consistently found the food and service to be terrific. In April 2005, my now-husband and I held our rehersal dinner there, and it was by all accounts outstanding! For our large (20+) group, we reserved the outside section (towards the ocean) that offered a tent and heaters if needed. They printed a personalized menu and treated us royally, especially impressing our out-of-town guests. The food was excellent (or so I hear, I was so excited I didn't eat a thing!) wine selection ample and service was prompt but not intrusive. While the restauraunt was, as always, noisy, the staff offered to turn down the music for our few speeches and we all enjoyed ourselves thouroughly. Most suprising was the low (superlow for Santa Barbara!) cost of the whole evening. It was great to share the best of SB with my new in-laws. Thanks Chad!

Excellent, Slightly Different...Will Be Going Back!!, 12/1/2005
Reviewer: Robert Jackson from Goleta, CA
After a recent dining experience at Roy on Carrillo that cost me 75.00 dollars in food and service that was so lousy I had hoped that a first time trip to Chads would restore my faith in dining out again. THANK YOU CHADS FOR MAKING ME A BELIEVER ONCE AGAIN...AMEN & HAJELLUAH!! Please dont believe any of the bad reviews on this site regarding Chads. Yes I understand that restaurants have good and bad days, but my wife and I certainly had such a great dining experience on November 30, 2005. We arrived and were greeted by the hostess..we didnt have a reservation and we still got in despite the full house. She sat us on the back patio in the corner with a street view. The heat lamps were a nice touch. I Was surprised that no matter where anyone sat, the customer service was still at an all time high. Our server Josh did one hell of a job and he obviously knows how to sell because his recommendations were right on key. I loved the martini with the monkey decorations. Ceasar salad was simple but the croutons is what makes it tasty. I ordered the baseball cut steak entree and im not a big fan of top sirloin but yet I still ate the whole thing. My wife ordered the grilled salmon and she noted that it was fantastic except for the olives. After dinner we ordered bananas foster dessert per the recommendation and I liked it. The presentation is awesome but we felt it had a little too much rum. Palace Grill could learn a thing or two from Chads on how to make a stellar Bananas Foster! Thats all I have to write...We will be going back on Monday Night for the coin flip hoping to get a free meal. I guess we will see what happens? Maybe I will get a chance to talk to Chad one on one.

Not what we expected....., 11/4/2005
Reviewer: Erin from Goleta, CA
Well to start, I must say that when I made the reservation, I was treated very kindly by the girl handling the details. She asked if my reservation was for a special occassion (yes, it was) and I was assured that because of the special circumstances for the reservation, we would receive the "best seat in the house" and that she would be sure to tell Chad the reason for our visit (our friend's brother used to work there and had since passed away...we KNEW Chad would know the story). Anyway, I must say that NOTHING met up to our expectations. We didn't expect the world, but thought at least that the staff would have informed Chad of the reason we made the special arrangements for our friend. And as for the best seat in the house? Not even close to it. Instead, we asked to be reseated because we were stuffed in the back of the restaurant, hidden behind a fireplace with no view. As for the food, we CAN say that the french fries were very unique (corn bread battered?) and delicious, but the lobster special was rubbery and overcooked. It's not worth returning for the fries, and I can't say that as a local I would be stopping by or recommending Chad's anytime soon. Sorry, Chad.

Chad's writes: Dear Erin, I am sorry that your dinning expectations was not up to par with your experience. We try to do our best all the time and sometimes it does not work out that way. I had great respect for your friend, and mine, that you refer to in the email. We at Chads take great pride in what we do, but also understand that some times it doesn't always work out how we want it to. I would be more than happy to mail you a free dinner certificate to Chads the next time you are in town. Feel free to contact me anytime on either my cell phone or by email. Chad Stevens 805-450-0057
Outstanding!!!!!!!!, 11/1/2005
Reviewer: jennifer from Santa Ana, Ca
My boyfriend and I went to Santa Barbara for his birthday. Coming from Orange County i had to do my research via the internet. I am so glad that I chose the right place for us to celebrate. The drinks as well as the dinner and entertaiment were top notch. I called ahead for reservations and they had a special birthday letter and dessert for him. The band was great and just the over all atmosphere was perfect. We can't wait to go back ...

Not so nice night at Chad's, 9/7/2005
Reviewer: Phillip from Santa Barbara, CA
Since I have been living in Santa Barbara, whenever guests come up from L.A. we go to Chad's. Last week, September 1, we took some friends who were celebrating a birthday. Everything including the birthday surprise provided by Chad's was great, everything, except the service. After a few moments of sitting, we were greeted by who we thought would be our server, but after the initial greeting, he never came back. Twenty minutes later, we asked the hostess to please bring over our server, instead she came and took a drink order. In between her socializing with other guests, and another twenty minutes later she took our food and apetizer order. The hostess never wrote down the order, instead she tried to remeber it, shortly after, our order of oysters was brought out, but they were rockefeller, we had ordered half shell. The individual who brought them out, walked away from our table as we explained these were the wrong oysters. We motioned for the hostess turned server, who then with irritation took the oysters away. Dinner came out and was excellent as well as our dessert. The finale for the night came when the hostess lost our credit card slip and then accussed us of taking it. Sitting at our table, we could see the little slip of paper lying on the ground by the computer terminal. Had my martini not been so great, I would have been a lot more upset with the not- so- bright girl. Unfortunately, our experience was not pleasurable. In college, I was a server at an upscale restaurant in Palos Verdes, I am very aware of great service, and last Tuesday was very far from it. I don't think we will brings guests to Chad's anymore.

Great Atmosphere, slow service, 8/29/2005
Reviewer: Heather from San Diego, CA
Went for an anniversary dinner, the atmosphere was great, the food was wonderful, HUGE martinis, (get the Rock Star), but the service was very slow. The waiter (I forget his name) was very nice, and did everything we asked, but at a snail's pace. We think he was out back smoking something. Go with lots of time on your hands.

Perfect romantic evening, 8/19/2005
Reviewer: Rodolfo Ceballos from Orange, CA
After over an hour searching this site trying to find a nice resturaunt to take my wife (with MANY food allergies), I decided on Chads. I was leary because some reviewers are harsh and I was not sure if there was any truth to that. I dont know what resturaut they went to, but the Chads on Chapala was perfect in every way possible down to the water server who was quicker than I could possibly drink it!!. First they seated us fourty five minnutes before our reservation when it was busy!, our waiter was very good and gave great suggeastions. We started with the corn fries, and they were excellent. Our meals were great and when my wifes meal had a food she couldnt eat, they offered to bring her something else even though it wasnt their fault. The atmosphere was beautiful and everything was perfect for a romantic evening with my wife. I think those other reviewers should get a grip and go to burger king instead because they're simply not capable of enjoying a resturaunt of chads calliber. All of the staff was courtious and freindly, and I cant stress how good the food is. It was well worth the price. We will return to Chads EVERY time we return to Santa Barbara. This I can guarentee.

Single, over 30????, 8/12/2005
Reviewer: Shaun from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is pretty good! The Sirloin burger is tasty. however.... THIS IS A OVER 30 PICKUP FARM!!! There are more man-hungry 30+ cute chicks here than you can shake a corn fry at, and they are all at the bar looking for their next husband, or at least an enjoyable evening.

Service let down, 8/2/2005
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently returned to Santa Barbara for the summer and one of things I had to do was have dinner at your restaurant. For weeks I have been waxing eloquent about Chad’s food and atmosphere to a friend of mine, who happens to be a choco-holic so of course we had to have the Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Soufflé’. The damper on the experience came with the lackluster service our waiter Cullen gave us. Between getting our orders and getting the check, he must’ve checked on us may be once. And I’m pretty sure he forgot to log the soufflé order because he had no clue about it. I had to remind him and we had to wait even longer to get it. All of the times I’ve been to Chad’s I know it has to be ordered at the beginning. Our entrees also took an inordinately long time to arrive. We were accorded better service from the fellow who got our muffins and brought the water. I am still a huge fan of the food. And I am hoping that the service was only an anomaly this time.

Reviewer: DR. A from CALIFORNIA
I took my daughter Danen along with her sister Kendra and our family party of 6 to Chads last night June 11, 2005. It was a special night in that it was her graduation night for UCSB. Chads past reviews have been with mixed results: the food is usually quite good, the service is not. We arrived and were seated promptly at a quiet outdoor table. The waiter, Cullen, was helpfully polite and appropriately deferential. We had a round of drinks and placed our orders which ranged from soup to entree. The drinks were fun. We all shared the special house drinks, passing them around for sampling. Really nicely done with monkey and swordfish attached to the glass. The food came a bit later. This was my sole criticism being they need to speed up their turn around time from food ordering to fool delivery. The entree´s ranged from Ahi tuna and salmon to the house Halibut special. (A special note- don´t be afraid to order the appetizer sampler plate in leui of an entree - it was excellent). All dishes were superb in taste. We could not think of one criticism. And we are all picky. The service was also excellent, from the waiter to the bus boy to the water server. The wine chosen also was good and the wine list is nicely priced. We received constant attention and were never parched. In all this was a memorable meal with timely attention. And that is the one factor that in the past was lacking- good service. On this night it was perfect. We will be back.

Dear Chad, 5/21/2005
Reviewer: Kyle Kovac from goleta
Dear Chad, I thought I would let you in on some information reguarding my last dining experience at your restaurant. I took a party of four on saturday may 24th. Our drink orders were not taken for a good half hour and once our waiter opend his mouth we realized he must of had an IQ below 50. With desert and the bill it was well over two and a half hours. The service was absolutely terrible. Our apetizers were brought to the wrong table and so were our entres. Once the entres were brought to the correct table the waiter put all of the food in the wrong spots. When he brought dessert he had to ask if we ordered it. I really dont know what the hell is gong on over there but your service was absolutely unnacceptable. The parties surronding us felt the same way. I enjoyed the food, but will find it hard to return given the fact I was treated less than efficiently.

Chad's writes: Kyle & other customers, First let me apologize for your recent dinning experience at Chads. It has always our goal to provided the best service and food possible. I want to thank you for bring this to your attention. We print up all comments for our staff to better understand how our guest feel, good and bad. Not that there is any good excuse, but I am in the process of training a new staff and removing the people with IQ´s below 50. In all seriousness we here at Chads, staff and owner, are striving to have great food and wonderful service. We understand that if we faultier in these areas we will be just another restaurant statistic. I would like to offer you a dinner certificate for helping us to be a better restaurant. If you have any questions you can contact me on my cell phone or email me. Chad Stevens Owner 805-450-0057
overall great experience, 5/10/2005

Cool Crowd, good food and nice atmosphere! Brought a party of 8 for a birthday party and really enjoyed the whole experience. It was a bit crowded due to small availability of space but the food was very good. With drinks and food it was about $50 per person with tip! Very much worth the trip. I would recommend this restaurant! The only draw back is that the waiters can tend to be a bit on the arrogant side for whatever reason, so they could work on their social skills a bit.

A true review of Chad´s, 4/6/2005
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara
I work in another restaurant in SB and we had our Christmas party here. I thought it was fabulous (as I had never eaten here before, I was very impressed). The wine was fabulous, the steak was tender and the service was great (and being a waitress I know what to expect). I feel bad that some others did not have such a great experience but they should go again, I´m sure their minds will change. We´re going for our anniversary. oh, and I love the hanging monkeys in the martini glasses, nice touch.

Six Stars, 3/9/2005

We recently in Chad´s for dinner with a large group of people. I loved it! I enjoyed this decadent salmon with strawberry sauce, and my husband´s baseball steak was outstanding. Tender and flavorfull. I also loved their Sweet Tart martini! Our waiter was knowledgeble and attentive. He must be used to selling a lot of their Martini´s because he was right there both times that I was finished and needed another! We all enjoyed the evening very much, and were all discussing when we would return.

good service and drinks - otherwise over-rated, 3/3/2005

I ate here about a year ago and ordered the halibut and it was so dry that I did not have more than 3 bites. I went back recently and we ordered the baseball (steak), the meatloaf and tried the halibut again. The steak was tasteless and over cooked. The halibut once again was dry and the sauce that it was topped with was way too sweet. The meatloaf was the best thing we had and that was not even all that great. The service was great as was the wine selection. I will only go back for drinks and appetizers.

Terry and Mary Jo, Summerland, 2/12/05 , 2/13/2005
Reviewer: Terry Dodge from Summerland, Ca
We have not visited Chad´s before. We read the reviews in this guide, and went with an open mind. We were very impressed with the service. We were greeted and seated after having a drink in the bar. Our server, Lizzy, was attentive and informative. Our food, the sampler platter, arrived hot and in good timing after the salad. The desert arrived hot and very good. We had no problem with service or the atmosphere(we were seated outside). The only flaw in the evening was the Halibut, we thought it was dry. We will return to Chad´s.

Not so great, 2/9/2005
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa barbara, CA
I came here for my birthday dinner. The atmosphere was great and the food okay, however the service was horrible. Some of the food came out cold; we ordered 2 of the same pasta dish and one came out cold while the other hot, this was after waiting what seemed like forever. On top of that we were charged 25% tip for our group of 9... maybe we got THE bad waiter........

Chad's writes: For the recent reviews I want to let everyone know that we are going to work with our staff training to figure out why our service was not up to par. I also want to thank everyone for taking the time to write a note to let us know about your experience, the good and the bad. Once again I want offer those of you who have been disappointed with your Chad´s experience please contact me at or call the restaurant at 568-1876 so we may compensate you. I hope that you take us up on this offer. Thank you once again for taking the time to write about Chad´s. Chad Stevens Owner
Snotty Staff, 2/1/2005
Reviewer: Valentina Wiebe from woodland hills ca
My huband and I were in santa barbara on a Monday night in November. We had no reservation but arrived at Chads @ 5pm when the doors opened. The restaurant was empty. The Hostess- who was looking at a blank reservation sheet-told us and another couple that she woulsd have to check w/ "the head hostess" to see if there was an open table for us. They both returned and offered us a tiny table on the cold patio.They were both very snotty. They ruined my birthday dinner that I had been looking forward to all day. We´ll never return.

Chad's writes: I would like to thank all the people who have dined at Chad´s on Chapala and written reviews. It is always nice to recieve praise, but I value the negative as well. With your reviews I can learn about Chad´s strengths and weaknesses and work to improve our flaws. For those of you who have been disappointed with your Chad´s experience please contact me at or call the restaurant at 568-1876 so we may compensate you. I hope that you take us up on this offer. Thank you once again for taking the time to write about Chad´s.
Quality has gone downhill, 12/18/2004
Reviewer: Jill from Santa Barbara
We have dined at Chad´s numerous times over the years with mixed results. Last nites dinner will most likely be the last time we go there based on the quality of the food. The service was just OK, however the food was real bland and arrived literraly 10 seconds after we finished our salad (talk about feeling rushed even when the restaurant was half full). We ordered the sampler which included fish, steak, and chicken. Each was overcooked and the presentation was lousy. The waiter plopped the big plate of food in the middle of the table. We had to ask for plates and silverware. So, instead of getting a nice dining experience we felt like we got buffet style food. In still applaud Chad´s for trying to create a top notch dining experience, however with the food at Holdren´s has raised the bar. Chad´s will need to step it up in order to keep pace.

Can´t make up my mind, 11/11/2004
Reviewer: James from CA, USA
First time I ate here it was for valentines day and it was absolutely perfect. The food was great and the waiter was diligent and friendly with just the right amount of attention. The second time I met a large number of friends for a lot of cocktails and a bite to eat. The cocktails and food were good and the service was wonderful. There was even a great idea of a coin toss; If you called it then everybody at your table could get their dinner for free. We lost but it was nice to be in for the win. The third time however was marred by bad service the food was ok. We were there for our anniversary dinner and got a poor table with a far too cocky waiter, if I remembered his name I would repeat it. A point of contention was when my wife bit into a shard of plastic from our calamari. We complained but the waiter insisted that this was in fact a "bone" and it happens all the time. He said that if we ask the manager he would tell us the exact same thing. I have been eating calamari for a long time and I have never found a bone and I´m pretty sure they are completely without bone. Feeling a bit silly we grudgingly accepted his explaination. When it was time to pay we asked for change and our waiter was visibly surprised that we would have the cheek to give him anything less than the $20 that would remain. I am not too sure if I will return to dine. Perhaps if I return on the night they do the coin toss the odds will be more favourable?

Best Steak Ever, 10/14/2004

I have traveled a lot (1K on United 4 years running) and eaten at all of the great, big city steak houses. The blackened orange and cinnamon steak I had at Chad´s was by far the best steak I have ever had. I would have given the place a 5 star rating, however, the waiter dumped a bottle of red wine on my lap and didn´t even offer to replace it with a free one (although I asked for one and got it).

Fluctuating Restaurant, 9/8/2004

I have been to Chads a handful of times & I never really know what to expect. Sometimes, the food is good and the service is excellent. Then sometimes its just the opposite. The last time I went the server forgot the appetizer,and my food was atrocious & horrible. I ordered a coconut crusted mahi mahi which sounded really tasty, but is was nasty. I have never in my life sent something back but something was really wrong with it. I ordered again, and that dish was also not good. They made it up by giving us a free dessert and not charging for drinks. But it still put a damper on the evening. They do have good cocktails however. This place fluctuates.

Chad's writes: I would like to thank all the people who have dined at Chad´s on Chapala and written reviews. It is always nice to recieve praise, but I value the negative as well. With your reviews I can learn about Chad´s strengths and weaknesses and work to improve our flaws. For those of you who have been disappointed with your Chad´s experience please contact me at or call the restaurant at 568-1876 so we may compensate you. I hope that you take us up on this offer. Thank you once again for taking the time to write about Chad´s.
Never Dissapointed!, 8/28/2004

I have eaten at Chad´s more times than I can count. I have always had an incredible time. The food is amazing. I especially like the baseball steak and the oysters appetizers. I love the martinis and I think the staff is atttentive and fun (not to mention handsome)! They often have live music which is such a great change from your usual diniing environment. I recommend Chad´s often as well, they also have a great happy hour. Try them, you won´t be dissapointed!

Don´t believe the hype!!, 6/29/2004
Reviewer: Andrew Q from SB
I gave Chads a second chance, big mistake!! As as a chef for the last 15 years, I understand everyone has a bad night. After my first experience a couple years ago with friends visiting from out of town, I thought that had to be the case with all the great reviews Chads seems to receive. The first visit included our waiter running off the deck and sped off before we received our first drink. Replacement waiter came with no explanation for the first waiter´s hasty exit. We then waited for our salads for a 1/2 hr. During our wait a homeless man came up and helped himself to bread at the waitstation across from us. This was all actually ammusing until our salads did arrive. Obviously kept under the heat lamp, they looked as though the dressing was applied a week earlier. We sent those back and then the waiter never came back. After awhile I was to embarrassed to sit there any longer. I looked for our server in back, but had no luck. After I waited by the bar for another 5-10 min. a manager appeared. I told him we were leaving and the reasons why. But he insisted I stay, our entrees had just been finished, I refused. After a brief argument, I left with out an apoligy or an explanation from the manager.Like I said everyone has a bad night,so I gave it another chance recently, this time better service, besides the waiter calling me dude all night. I made it to the entree this time but it came out cold, and then brought back, but I think the cook pushed the wrong buttons, it was still cold. I´m just confused how such a well hyped restaurant, could have such bad food and service.I can´t believe I spent this much time writing this review, I just don´t understand the hype for this restaurant.

highly OVER rated, 6/21/2004
Reviewer: Kathy Fowler from Fountain Valley, CA
My daughter and I took my husband to Santa Barbara for Father´s Day and wanted to have a very special dinner.After reading the many great reviews on Chad´s, I felt safe going there for dinner.Service was terrible.We had a switch of server´s three times (before we even ordered).After appetizers,we sat in front of our dirty dishes for a long,long time. Dinner was so-so.Not even close to the first class dining experience I had anticipated. Big let down.Next time, I will leave any restaurant with substandard service before letting the bad food make it worse.

The Best Restaurant Ever!!, 4/15/2004
Reviewer: Julie from Nor Cal
I am from a samll town and when I went to visit Santa Barbara, evryone said Chad´s was the place. I went there and the first thing I noticed was the cute waiters! The one we had took such good care of us and was very professional about everything. the food was great. every time I go there to visit, I always go to Chad´s and the experiences only improve. the drinks are top choice, and the service was excellent!!

Great food, lousy service, 4/14/2004
Reviewer: Eryn from santa barbara
My boyfriend and I had dinner at Chad´s last Friday night. We split the lobster tail, which was to die for. The mashed potatoes were fabulous, as was the Ceasar and the chocolate souffle (out of this world). We go to Chad´s often for Happy Hour and dinner and always love the food. Our service on this occasion was BAD however. We had several different waiters, none of whom were communicating with each other. Someone who appeared to be a cook brought out our lobster with rice (although we had requested the potatoes), prior to us receiving our salads. We informed him of the mistake, and our salads were brougt out. Then when our lobster was brought out for a second time, it had rice with it again! The food and ambiance it excellent, but the service really needs improvement.

Don´t go for the food., 4/13/2004

This place is great for a martini, but not for the food. I have been here twice and both meals have been aweful. I was told to try the baseball steak by the waiter. What a mistake! It tasted like it had soaked in a gallon of butter. My wife had the halibut and she said it was average at best. The martinis were great though.

So much fun, 4/11/2004

I recently went to Chad´s with a few girlfriends and i can´t wait to go back! The hostess greeted us right away and was very sweet, we hardly had to wait at all. Our server was excellent, he knew what he was talking about and seemed very happy to be serving us. (on a side note, he was also adorable we all agreed) The food was wonderful, well worth the cost and everyone loved the muffins and flaming butter, it was a nice change from the usual dinner rolls. Overall it was a wonderful addition to our girl´s night out and we plan to be back soon!

Excellent food, bad service, 3/20/2004

My friends and I had wonderful dinner at Chad´s. The atmosphere was great and the hostess was very kind. We have made a reservation in advance, so no waiting - only about 3 minutes for them to set our table. The food was excellent although my friend complained his lamb shank was a little too dry. Everything was great except for our server. I think we only came to our table about four times - when he took our orders, came to check if the food was ok, when he gave us the check and came back with the charge. The thing that bothered was that he was very attentive to other customers but us. If the server had paid a little more attention to us like he did to other customers... I would´ve been much more happier with the experience at Chad´s.

Perfect Choice, 2/18/2004
Reviewer: Patrick from Newport Beach, CA
Chad´s saved my Valentine´s Day! What a great restaurant. To start, the host and hostess were freindly, quick service and very polite. The menu was excellent. Their Shrimp cocktail was good, the rolls and flaming butter a nice start, the lobster bisk was smooth and filling, followed by a great Filet with delightful potatoes and mixed vegetables. For desert, the cake was rich and moist. After all that I still think that the one thing that impressed me most was their attentive, personable service. We had actually made reservations at Rock´s, waited 45 minutes with terrible service, left and then arrived at Chad´s. I would like to thank our great waitress, Jessica Laine and the rest of the staff. They truly made a difference in my trip to Santa Barbara.

Brilliant, 12/1/2003
Reviewer: Louise from Chicago, IL
I have to say that my experience at Chad´s was incredible! I am from Chicago and have traveled extensively to major cities world-wide. There have been few places that could match my experience at Chad´s. The atmosphere was fun, the waitstaff was way above par and the food - simply scrumptuous! I had a tuna special with mashed sweet potatoes (if someone could PLEASE tell me what else was in my dish, I´d appreciate it!). I was floored to see the Bonny Doone Framboise on the dessert wine list - a favorite of mine! My only disappointment was the dessert. I had the brownie concoction and it was a little dry and tasteless. I was hoping for a kick of chocolate to go with the Framboise. We happened to go on a Monday and were pleasantly surprised with the Flip It Monday theme. Very cute idea and lots of fun, even though I should´ve picked tails! It´s a great place - GO!

wonderfully wonderful, 10/27/2003

I have dined at Chad´s 4 times now and have not yet been dissapointed. It offers wonderful food and service. The Old Victorian adds a very home like atmosphere with an elegant twist. A favorite of many Santa Barbarans. Highly recommend this dining establishement to all locals and tourists. You will not be dissapointed and you will yearn to go back again.

Absolutely fabulous, 10/17/2003

I went on Chad´s famous coin flip mondays with a friend/date. The staff was incredibly helpful, the wine choices matched lovely with the meal and time of year, and the food was exceptionally delicious. The Baseball steak was great and the brandy peppercorn sauce was by far the best I´ve ever had! And trust me... I´ve been all over the country and eaten at a lot of famous steak houses, and Chad´s is right up there if it doesn´t surpass most!

Chads is great, 10/15/2003
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa barbara
This is the Internet Essentials class at UCSB Extension and we are just testing this out. Chad you rule!!!!

This place needs work, 7/24/2003
Reviewer: Doug Feliciano from Santa Barbara, CA USA
I have been there for dinner 3 times and 2 of the 3 was terrible. The amount they charge should include proper service and food. Instead I was stuck in the back and forgotten about. When the waiter finally came he was talking to me like I was in a lineup surfing. The guy had no class and no clue what he was doing. After waiting for the check for 1/2 an hour I had to proceed to find him in the kitchen. If they charged half as much I would go all the time but for what you get it is a rip off. Learn how to hire proper staff and I would try 1 last time. Happy hour is good but the dining experience needs work!!!

Chad's writes: Dear Doug, I am so sorry to hear that your experience was awful. It is my goal to make sure that everyone leave the restaurant feeling that they had good service and a meal that represented that value. I would like to send you out a certificate and a letter of apology for our disgraceful performance. I try to do the best I can, offering quality food and drinks at a fair price. I guess I disappointed you and your guests. I am going to inform our whole staff about you email and try to take corrective action so that this hopefully will not happen again. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 805-895-1193 or my email Chad Stevens Owner of Chad's
I like Chad´s but not with my Dad, 7/15/2003
Reviewer: Santa Barbarian
I reallly enjoyed the food and wine at Chads, and I will definitely go again. I went on my birthday and they had prepared a computer printout birthday factsheet for me, which I thought was cute. Plus a gaggle of good looking gay waiters sang for me, so nice!! The service was great. The only problem was that happy hour was going on until 8 or so and they were pumping out the crappiest loudest disco music I have ever heard in a resturant, it bothered my poor old dad. But by the end of the meal we were all drunk and jolly and both my Dad and my sister were flirting it up with the cute waiters, tee-hee. Plus my brother got hit on in the men´s room! Fun!

Best in Santa Barbara, 7/12/2003

We recieved the most amazing service at Chad´s. We never went without anything. From the moment that we arrived, our experience was perfect. The food was awesome as were the drinks. We are new regulars.

Good food, bad service, 4/26/2003

We had the sampler dinner, a little taste of everything. It was great! However, the atmopshere was terrible. The table next to us was filled with waitresses from Chads who were not working. They were really loud not to mention drunk. The owner seemed to enjoy thier presence as he sporatically joined them and kept sending them more free drinks. The more drinks, the louder they got. It totally ruined the atmophsere. It was a bummer to see the owner and fellow waiters condone this type of behavior.

Great food, but loud!, 12/11/2002
Reviewer: Pete Noble from Monterey Ca
The Bire Pasta is to die for, however, very noisy, pricey and service is very poor. Really over crowd by evening drinking crews, felt a little age discrimination! If your not cool looking or young!

Has the potential to be the best restaurant in town, 9/21/2002
Reviewer: Ahren from Goleta, CA
Our waitress criticized our choice in wine and then began to reveal her life story including her Driving under the Influence Arrest she recieved the night before. She included the tip in our Bill even though we were in a party of four. She then proceeded to hover over our table while we were having after dinner conversation, in order to persuade us to leave so she could get off work earlier. This place has the potential to be the best restaurant in town, if they had more selective hireing practices.

Wonderful atmosphere! Favorite among locals!, 6/17/2002

Chad´s is an excellent restaurant located in a cute victorian house. Fabulous, fun atmosphere and friendly staff. It does get pretty crowded on weekends but worth the wait. Love the unusual corn fries and wonderful martini drinks. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is the poor selection of vegetarian entrees. Hope Chad will in the future add more options.

service slow, 3/26/2002

The atmosphere was great. the food was excellent. I had a vegatarian dish. the service was to slow 55min till our dinner arrived. They said it was due to my husband´s order, which was a steak.

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