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Chilango's Mexican Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2010-04

503 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 897-1160

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-2:30am
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

So Long Chilango's, 4/21/2010
Reviewer: Robert S from Santa Barbara, CA
Sometimes good - Sometimes bad May you be replaced with a more reliable, non bum friendly, higher end offering :)

consistently dissapointing..., 2/3/2010
Reviewer: prue from Santa Barbara, CA
oh chilangos i so want to love you...i've tried and tried...i keep coming back to you even though you've let me down time after time after time...every once in awhile they make a stellar burrito, so good that the next day you're craving one so bad that you go back and ORDER THE EXACT SAME THING, but it's completely different. they mess up our order pretty much every time we do takeout. it's gotten to be sort of's always a surprise when we get home and open up our bag of food. either they have added some ingredient that we didn't order or forget the ones we did. mind you the food almost always TASTES good, it's just not what we expected. i don't know why we keep returning...but we do after the bad memories fade and we decide to risk it yet again...last night they decided my burrito should be smothered with mole and cheese--surprise!!! maybe they could make their menu a big spinning wheel and offer mystery meals, then there would be nothing for them to mess up!

Tasteless Food, 3/31/2009
Reviewer: Claire from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to go to Chilango's for late night food when I was a young bar hopper. I just revisted the other day and was not impressed. Both the carne asada and shredded chicken burritos lacked flavor. The salsa was weak, no more salsa bar...I was disappointed. Also we order Sangria and it tasted horrible and was watered down.

Unfortunately Changes..., 1/12/2009
Reviewer: Steven from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I only just started going to Chilango's, and we loved the tofu burrito, chicken tostada salad, and Mexican paella. So much better than many of the Mexican restaurants you find around town. The remodeled decor was nice (if a little chilly), and the service was warm and friendly. However, on our first visit after their holiday hiatus, everything has changed. Now there is no table service, no free chips and salsa, and worst, both the burrito and tostada were served cold and poorly assembled. We asked if they had changed owners, and they said no. Sad.

Great El Gwapo Burrito!!, 10/1/2008
Reviewer: Sunny from Cophenhagen, Denmark
I love their El Gwapo burrito. Yum yum. Chilango's rocks!!!!

new interior, new menu - all good!, 8/13/2008
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
Very quietly, Chilango's has gone all nice and fancier on me and I am liking it. I'd been there maybe once or twice before under the old setting and was a little underwhelmed with it. But NOW, proper table dining, wait service, quality beer on tap and such nice food. Tapas items are good on their own, or make a tasty appetizer. Bacon wrapped dates...HELLO! And then I had a seared tuna dish made with good sashimi grade tuna, generously portioned, maybe could have use another squeeze of lime, and topped with delicious sauteed chile peppers, cost about $15. The axiote chicken burrito served wet with mole sauce looked great on a fellow diner's plate. The chicken mole enchiladas were rich and creamy. Sit near the door on the Tuesday evening and watch the farmers marketing crowd surge around. John Dickson: please when you have time, take new photos of the place and menu for the Restaurant Guide. The name is still Chilango's, but it's like a whole new place.

A Great Place, 1/28/2008
Reviewer: Carmen from Goleta, CA
I'm a vegetarian and this place has wonderful options-- you must try the soy taquitos. Their prices are a little higher than other places, but it's worth it. Oh, and the bathroom is a little icky (but nothing shocking for a fast-food place in my opinion), and in my experience the service has been top-notch.

Great Restaurant Name... Great Disappointment, 12/30/2006
I would like to say that we tasted the food, however we never got that far due to the poor service and cleanliness of the restuarant. It is a shame, great location great potential. My husband is from Mexico City, the name "chilango" is a slang word for a person born in Mexico City. We were so disappointed in the service and cleanliness we ended up walking out and canceling our order. My husband even through away his beer. The bathroom had no toilet paper,no paper towels or disposable seat covers and dirty. The service was horrible we had 2 beers and canceled our order due to the service. Good food must accompany good service! I will never go there again.. you are better off going to Chipotle. As a Mexican I am embarrassed that a Mexican owner would provide such poor service to his customer. He needs to screen his employees a little better on customer service skills.

Great for Veggies, 12/14/2006
Reviewer: Brandon from Santa Barbara
I'm completely addicted to their tempeh vegan burrito. It's pretty absurd how many I eat in a week. Always quality, great hot sauce, very friendly staff. This place is nice. Plus, all my friends love their shrimp burritos, etc. Great spot for vegetarians/vegans on State St.

Rip Off, 8/9/2006
Reviewer: bryan from santa barbara
I've been going to Chilangos for the last year or so. It's always been pretty good. I used to always get this huge veggie tostada bowl. I just went in today and noticed they took down the huge menu from the wall, and took off almost all of the vegetarian options.. and raised every item about 1.00$ I thought. "whatever, i'll just get the taco combo( which includes two chicken tacos, rice, and beans.)" I just finsished the "meal". The tacos were very small, with only shredded chicken, cilantro, and onions. The porion of rice and beans was extremely small. And so extremely bland. It seems chilangos has really gone downhill. i feel like i got ripped off. i can't believe I paid 7.50$!! You shouldn't pay over 4.00$ for that. I'm never going there again. Chipotle is a lot better. So is El mariachi right down the street.

it's okay, 8/5/2005
Reviewer: David L from Santa Barbara
nothing special, i tend to think the food is a bit cold since it's all preprepped just sittin there for a few hours but whatever, there portions are huge and if your with a group of friends in need for a quick mexi food fix on state i say why not ... more authentic than la salsa ...

Not Bad but Not the Best, 5/9/2005
Reviewer: angela from Santa Barbara, CA
Its okay, resonably priced, and open late. But I have to also say, it tends to be on the greasy side, and their salsa leaves a lot to be desired. In a pinch I woudn´t say No to eating there, but I definitely wouldn´t go out of my way either - especially when there are so many fantastic places to go - Super Cucos, Los Arroyos, Rose Cafe, Lido´s, and Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch just to name a few...

How I yearn...., 4/27/2005

I moved to Michigan. Every year at least I manage to get back to Santa Barbara for a Chimichunga. Oh.... I visit my, you know, family and stuff too. BUT CHILANGOS is why I come back!

Very good and somewhat different, 8/27/2004
Reviewer: DO from SB
I´ve been to Chilango´s twice and both times I have not been disappointed. The burritos are tasty. The citrus burrito has a unique yet good flavor. It may not be for people who like their food bland, but it´s a good walk in, counter-type restaurant for a decent price. I recommend it highly.

superb burritos, 3/26/2004

i order burritos from chilango´s so frequently that i thought it was time to ante up and write a review. if i think seriously about where i spend my dining dollars throughout the year i would have to admit that in terms of frequency - not in terms of actual amounts - chilango´s comes out somewhere near the top. it is remarkably consistent: i order the same thing every time and it is virtually same every time (but it is not at all like fast food and totally pre-packaged, pre-assembled, etc.). if they ever leave, i am going to have to reorder completely my ´just leaving work late and have only a bit of time to eat before the movie´ lifestyle (also, ´i am too tired to cook, too afraid of cold deli case food, and too hungry to do anything but crave my usual burrito´).

The best burritos on the planet (I´m not kidding), 5/30/2002
Reviewer: John from Ventura, CA
I´m a local. I eat here at least three times a week. You want spicy? Order the Yucateco, I dare you! Talk to Gustavo or Tina and tell ´em John sent you. You can´t miss at Chilango´s.

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