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Chili's Grill & Bar
6950 Camino Real Marketplace, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-8585

Reviews by the General Public

everything is always wonderful
Reviewer: amy from Santa Barbara, CA
the manager Oscar is also 5 star!!!!!!!!!!! even more so he cares he is always working............ other managers need to pick up on his ways of working.

Typical good food but...
Reviewer: Steve Nelson from Walnut Creek, CA
Late Sunday lunch and place was busy and a bit chaotic. Hostess was doubling as table-cleaner which was appreciated, but manager seemed disinterested. Table in bar; waitress was clearly busy but cheerful. Chicken sandwich tasty, tacos good, entree salads well made.

Shame on the Chef!!
Reviewer: Tyson from Santa Barbara, CA
We just left Chili's had a great time great server and they had a tip a cop fundraiser going on with some Alpha resource center participants helping out. That being said I was most disappointed with the way my order was treated by the Chef. I ordered their new signature "Philly Cheese Steak Sliders" Rare without red or green bell peppers. Well sure enough the order came out with Peppers in it. I pointed it out to our server who promptly took it back. I commented to my wife "now it will come back over done". Well it was worse. The order came out with a soggy Hamburger Helper goulash with watery cheese and tiny square onion pieces. I did not eat it and my server was visibly upset. We paid our bill and had a good time, good beer, good service and good company. The Chef on the other hand should be ashamed of his or herself. Moral of the story is, don't piss off the chef at Chili's!!.

Why does Fletch get so personal with a reviewer
Reviewer: JelMeister from Santa Barbara, CA
Fletch against Jesse, Fletch against Arron, Fletch against JelMeister,Fletch says (I work in the biz and I know). Rule #1 says use Constructive Criticism

Reviewer: fletch from Santa Barbara, CA
You got what you wanted, why the complaining?The waitress did something she wasn't suppossed to do.Jesse says"Thank you".

No corn tortillas?
Reviewer: Jesse King from Santa Barbara, CA
Any good gluten free guru understands the necessity of the choice between flour and corn tortillas. For a restaurant, a national chain nonetheless, to boast a menu with 3 different types of fajitas one would expect the choice between flour and corn. Apparently not. "Sorry, we just have flour" the server said. Considering I'd eaten corn tortillas with my meal the previous week while enjoying happy hour in the bar, I was surprised to hear the server's response. She began a lengthy explanation about how the corn tortillas were only for making chips, and not for serving, and how she "wasn't supposed to serve them." After explaining my allergy to gluten I'd thought she'd say "Oh I understand let me ask the cooks and see what I can do." What seemed like five awkward minutes later she left the table agreeing to bring the corn tortillas. She did, and they were just as I'd had them the first time - not great, but edible. If a customer asks for something, especially if it's due to a food allergy, one would hope the server would be accommodating and/or helpful. I'm seriously disappointed in the terrible customer service - it's not hard to ask the cooks for something on the side, or for corn tortillas if they have them. Laziness? Apathy? I don't know but I do know I won't be back, and if someone drags me I'll make sure to bring my own tortillas.

Not worth a second visit.
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here for the first time. This place has an odd concept. Just glorified bar food with little else to offer. Boring atmosphere, boring food, bored servers. I tipped 20 percent because I felt sorry for them.

No Respect for the Customer
Reviewer: Shane from Goleta, CA
I accidentally left my $40 hat in a booth. I called them within 5 minutes of leaving the restaurant, they refused to to look for it, they did not ask me where I left it, didn't ask for my name & number were they to find the hat later, and just told me to call the next day. I stopped by the following day and they had not found the hat, and was treated with no respect. Their lack of common courtesy and respect is disappointing, as is the food.

Getting Better
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with the previous two reviews, Chili's had a terrible staff and almost no focus on customer service. However, I was there about a week ago and I was happy to see that things had really improved. The manager stopped by every table asking for opinions and if diners had any suggestions. The servers were great! They actually knew the menu and didn't try to be cute to hide their ignorance like my several previous visits. Hopefully this trend sticks!

Going Downhill quickly!
Reviewer: Damon Eckert from Summerland, CA
I was severely disappointed with my dining experience. We were greeted friendly and sat down promptly, but I questioned why there were 3 hostesses all standing around. There was only 1 cook in the kitchen and no servers and still 3 hostesses standing around. I think 1 hostess would be enough. At one point I noticed the cook himself was bringing food out. I also witnessed incorrect orders come out twice. I saw a few other unhappy customers as well. I agree with another poster, management needs to pay closer attention and have better training. I ordered the Cajun chicken sandwich and my girlfriend ordered the ranch chicken quesadilla. After ordering, it took almost half an hour to get our food! My girlfriend's quesadilla was ok. My sandwhich was another story. The top bun was hard as a rock. The bottom bun was completely soggy. The chicken was burnt to a crisp and tasted like charcoal.

Needs efficient servers immediately!!
Reviewer: Carla Lopez from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a regular there, and I bring them customers as well, ALL the time. Basically I pretty much know the way it works there and I am a waitress as well at a local american restaurant and bar. Lately the servers have been lacking and it upsets me because, since I am a waitress too, I like to leave generous tips: 20-25%. On one incident I got waited on by a young girl, everything was going great, her intro the drinks came up fast and at the same time we were there, there were about 4 more tables too. She kept her same procedure: Hi! My name is...drinks, may I take your order?...etc. for every table. As soon as she delivered our food she disappeared and never came around OUR or anyone else's table to continue with her serving JOB, which is to come back and ask us how everything was, may I get you a refill? To NONE of the tables, as a server I OBSERVE everything, we finished up, drank our last drop of drink, and did NOT even offer a SECOND refill or dessert! She did put the check down and said, here you go, no rush and started to turn away (again she did this to every table!) And I stopped her on her second WALTZING by, and I said "we would ACTUALLY like to order dessert! IS that GOING to be ok with you??", firmly. She looked at me like saying, Oh CRAP! Oops!, and put on an oops smile. I was very disappointed with the service & definitely the others were so too. Unbelievable, how they can ALWAYS seem to get away with their slack!! AND OBVIOUSLY NO MANAGER ON DUTY! ATTENTION MANAGEMENT: I would reccomend you watching your servers and their lack of efficiency to realize you've got some work to do and either train them thoroughly or have me come in...I'll TRAIN THEM! No prob!! Gees!! She seriously did not deserve TIPS!!! By the way, their white chocolate molten cake is great! & their top shelf blended Mango margarita!

Good food, good place for special occasions also
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food here always seems to be good from my experience. There are some issues with cold food on the plate they need to work out and they need to make sure the ribs are better coated in sauce so some tweaking still needs to go on but you can always ask them to change things and they do. The service is really good even on packed days. They do the birthday song thing too so a fun place to go. On the pricier side on some things so best saved for a birthday etc. if cash strapped.

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