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Cody's Cafe
4898 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-5141

Reviews by the General Public

What Happened??
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
We have eaten dozens of meals here. Unfortunately, after months of trying to give them a break. We are done for now. The food has declined. There is shaved turkey in the Yater sandwich and the club. It was hand carved for over a decade. The fantastic Benedict is not consistent. We have found the sister restaurant to be better recently. Roles have been switched?

Soup was bad for this soul
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Barbara, CA
As a local I had occasion to eat at Cody's with a party of 4. I ordered a bowl of vegetable soup. In all my years of eating out I have never seen such slop. The soup had to be at least three days old. The vegetables were nothing but absolute mush devoid of color and flavor. Were it not for the fact that I was rather hungry I should have sent it back. Tell me, what is more easier to make than FRESH vegetable soup? There is no excuse for this. Someone on your staff is not doing their job.

I Understand Cody's Longevity for Good Reason
Reviewer: Ian from Santa Barbara, CA
Since moving to Santa Barbara last year, from just down the road, I have come to really enjoy Cody's Cafe. The service is excellent, and the staff seems genuinely glad to be there serving us. The drinks are generous and plentiful and those sourdough rolls are the cats pajamas. But, the Friend Chicken Salad takes the cake. I could eat that dish every day, three meals a day. If you go in expecting simply old-fashioned comfort food and service, I feel pretty confident you'll have a good time. Enjoy.

Stay away from the Pacific Pasta dish
Reviewer: Todd from Santa Barbara, CA
My son tried the Pacific Seafood Pasta with cream sauce. The sauce was mediocre at best. The clams and shrimps were bad. The scallops were ok. The mussels, however, were truly the worst thing he (and then I) have every eaten...and we both like mussels. I think they were spoiled. My salad had way too much dressing. Service was good. The warm bread at the start was yummy and a nice touch. In hindsight, I should have complained, but did not want to deal with it.

Reviewer: COLLEEN from Santa Barbara, CA
Sometime you have alittle wait,but it's worth it! Friendly waiters who are really attentive, just take your time when ordering and they will do everything right ! Food is great,enough variety on the menu and the prices are good. We have breakfast there every Saturday!

please invest in a second fryer
Reviewer: Jen Foster from Santa Barbara, CA
I want to like Cody's, really I do- but the last couple times we have gone, anything that has come out of the fryer is literally saturated in oil. It seems like when they are busy, it is working overtime- they are tossing things in the fryer when obviously the oil is not hot enough. My son's corn-dog was sitting in a big puddle of oil, yuck. My fries were inedible. Service is nice but please, please teach your cooks to properly use the fryer.

Best Chorizo-n-Eggs
Reviewer: Anna from Santa Barbara, CA
I was hesitant about ordering Chorizo-n-Eggs at Codys, but I felt like giving it a try. Usually when you order this type of dish, it arrives greasy and it is either gritty or tasteless. However, Cody's Chefs picked some mighty tasty chorizo and it was not greasy at all. I was quite pleased and the salsa that accompanied it was fresh, but a little on the sweet side for my taste. All in all it was a great breakfast accompanied with a large hot flour tortilla and hash browns.

All of the employees at CODY's are terrific folks!
Reviewer: K Taber from Santa Barbara, CA
I've had a couple 'dud' meals at Cody's in the past 10 years but I have never been served bad meat or cold raw-runny eggs or had some other gastronomic issue OR any service problem that made me stop and go find Sean the manager. Sure, I've sat at the counter on a Sunday morning @ 10:45, while the place was jam-packed with fine church-going folks & their families, waiting to be noticed and to have my order taken - the waitress is always real good about it. Food service is real fast and is always accurate - and typically served with a smile and a kind "enjoy" to go along with it.

Worst service ever
Reviewer: Leslie from Santa Barbara, CA
Hostess was the worst I have ever dealt with. 10-15 minute wait time turned into almost an hour . At which time we were told your table is being set up, only so it could be given to someone else. After having the manager called over we were immediately seated, much to our suprise there were 4 other booths open. Watched the hostess get into a verbal altercation with at least 2 customers over the wait time then joke with the other hostess about having lots of open tables . After one of these argumens she proceeded to "vent" and tell another hostess how she couldnt believe people and was shaking from anger. Food was poor quality, coffee was burnt, and the waitress was going out of her way to be just short of rude.

Going Downhill
Reviewer: mckenzie from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten at Cody's a number of times and by far had the worst experience there this morning. The only reason for 2 stars for service was the bus guy. He was very attentive and friendly. The waitresses really didn't even deserve 1 star and blamed the poor service on only 2 waitresses. The thing is there were only 2 other people when we got there, so it wasn't much of an excuse. My wife got the corned beef hash, I actually think the meat was rotten. Smelled funny and the initial taste was horrid and was spit out. My food came out cold. They did replace the hash very quickly when we said it was bad, so that was one good point. I don't think I will be going there again after our experience today.

Reviewer: Brenda Toledo from Santa Barbara, CA
Como me encanta este lugar! Chicos y chicas de Cody's todos hacen un excelente trabajo. Muchas gracias por todo su servicio fantastico.

I LOVE CODY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Sandra Cantu from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the atmosphere of this place. Love the fact that they bring warm bread and butter to the table and the service is always excellent. You guys, I had a great dinner, again. Keep up the good work and I'll see you Saturday morning for breakfast.

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