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2000 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-5437

Reviews by the General Public

Great food at a great price.
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
Great place to get a burger or fish & chips. My wife and I love this place. Geart fast service and they have a full bar.

Bacon Steerburger
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
I have the Bacon Steerburger with cheese and avocado, really rare, and it is tied for absolute best burger in Santa Barbara and number one for my commitment to healthy eating... :)

Nothing fancy, local neighborhood spot
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I've known about Derf's reputation as a bit of a local dive bar, so I was curious how it would stack up for a Sunday lunch (I probably would've gotten breakfast, but it was 2pm, and they don't serve breakfast that late). I ordered their version of a club sandwich, while my bf got a bacon cheeseburger. He commented that the burger was OK--not the best burger of all time, but met the normal requirements adequately. My club sandwich was tasty, and I did like their shoestring-style fries. The place wasn't too crowded when we went, but there were a few patrons dining outside, and the bar was pretty full. Our server was friendly and even though we seated ourselves out of her range of vision, it didn't take too long before she came to get our drink and food orders. Overall this was an adequate experience--it's definitely not fancy in any way, but if you want a decent cheap meal (or want to hang out and drink beer and watch a game) and live nearby, this place can fit that bill nicely. Given its convenient location and their surprisingly varied menu selections, I'll probably be back.

Lousy food, terrible service
Reviewer: Austin from Santa Barbara, CA
Been to Derf's 3 times. 1st time: It took forever to get waited on and the food was cold when it finally got to us. Waitress was preoccupied with friends at another table. 2nd time: It took forever to get seated, then to get waited on. We left before ordering. 3rd (and last): We were supposed to meet 8 other friends there for a pre-party beer and appetizer. 4 of us were asked to wait in the bar until the rest of our party arrived. The person behind the bar ignored us when we asked for drinks. When the rest of our party arrived, we decided that The Brewhouse was a better meeting place. I wish I had something good to say about Derf's. We hear about it being a good local's hangout, but haven't experienced that and probably won't go back.

Reviewer: michael from Santa Barbara, CA
I recently moved close to derfs last time I was there was 1995 recently Ive been frequenting and everytime the food has been good even my ex from out of town loved it there are times I go in twice a day!!!!!!

Derf's is spelled F-A-I-L
Reviewer: Ross from Santa Barbara, CA
I took my friends from out of town here today for breakfast/brunch before we went out wine tasting. There were 8 of us at the table. I ordered the "best in town" eggs benedict w/ hash browns. Eggs benedict was diner quality, hash browns were mashed potatoes browned on both sides and a half inch thick. My friend across from me ordered the same with home fries and his eggs were nearly hard boiled. Another friend didn't get his food until 15 minutes after the rest of the table was served and it included an ingredient that was not listed on the menu. Vegan friend wants a BLT sandwich w/ sprouts sub avocado for bacon? 1 slice of avocado for each half of bread. He had to ask for more. Waitresses are always up beat and friendly but the place is also perpetually understaffed. When I order hash browns and receive mashed potatoes that look like they went directly from the freezer to a skillet, 2 things stand out as being patently obvious. The cooks do not know what they are doing and nobody cares. I lived near by Derf's for 2 years and was a regular there because the wait staff is made up of friendly, young women who are great for conversation and it is a fun place to enjoy football on Sundays. They are probably the least professional in town but generally they provide good service with a welcoming attitude. However, the owners of the restaurant clearly have little or no interest in pleasing customers food wise, since they are rarely there and the husband in the operation typically stands at the end of the bar and drinks beer when he is, which explains a lot about our dining experience. Claiming the "best in town" of anything is lofty for them to put on their menu to say the least, considering the quality of cooking that happens in this place. If you want to order a couple of drinks and fill up your stomach Derf's is fine but do not expect to get served food you wouldn't have been better off preparing yourself. All in all if you want to have a few drinks with friends and have a good time Derf's is not a bad hangout. As far as food, service, ambiance, feeling like a valued customer, etc. there is much to be desired.

Love my locals spot...
Reviewer: Kandice from Santa Barbara, CA
We love your deck at happy hour!!! Always nice servers, can be slow but friendly and funny win us over. Stiff drinks and your wings get us every time. And seriously your dinner salad is huge - and with sprouts, I never see sprouts in restaurants anymore. Thanks Derf's for being our neighbor! Janis Joplin you are Meh - crazy as your name!

Reviewer: Janis Joplain from Santa Barbara, CA
Very Meh. Burger was complete shit. The fries tasted worse than Ralphs brand I make in the oven. It's close to home, and I can take my dog there and sit on the patio. That's about the only good things regarding Derfs.

My Old Hang Out
Reviewer: ldhorricks from Prague, Czech Republic
First I have to say I haven't been there in 28 it possible Dean still owns it? Cant say how many Steer Burgers and Derf's Sandwiches I consumed with pitchers of draft. Back in the day Derf's had the best waitress lineup in town...not the most efficient but tons of fun...all great girls...fell in love with a couple of them....Jules Jules Jules. My favorite place to watch Monday Night Football was sitting at the bar at Derf's...dean always had a pool going on. Nice to see some places hang in there.

Diner type food with a happy hour
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This seems to be a place local De La Vina people go for happy hour. The bartender/waittress for the whole place was nice(seems like she would be overworked though!). The food was nothing of a "best in town" quality, more like diner food. Burger and fries were nothing special. They do have a variety of stuff on the menu. Happy hour most people sit at the bar and watch sports.

Pretty good
Reviewer: Kimberly from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is a little hidden and besides the plastic chairs to sit on, the food was delicious and the service was friendly

Rave - this is the spot!
Reviewer: Cali B. from Santa Barbara, CA
By far the best burger and fries in town. OK it is a little slow at times but our server rocked, the place was packed, but she made sure our drinks were always full! Kinda feel like I am at home but don't have to cook or clean :). Great spot for watching games. To the living larger lady who tried to get your meal free after eating every morsel but one chunk of bread - thanks for whining so loud we all suffered your pathetic attempt to get a free meal. Muncher. If you don't like, I mean love, Fred's then you are just miserable soul!

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