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Dutch Garden Restaurant
4203 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 967-4911

  • Category: German
  • Hours: Wed-Sat 11am-8pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Best roasted duck breast in the world, 8/29/2018
Reviewer: Gary from Laguna Beach, CA
I discovered the Dutch Garden Restaurant in 1970 as a great place to hang out with fellow grad students. When I returned to SB in the late 80s I discovered that the dinner salad is fantastic and that the roasted duck breast (accompanied by potato pancakes and al dente veggies) is a gastronomical masterpiece. Traveling to Paris on business over a 3 yr period, I searched local restaurants for a better duck and nothing came close. The service is excellent. On Friday evening I was served by 2 staff who were very knowledgeable about the cuisine and the wonderful beers. Really enjoyed the Monks Cafe Grand Cru sour. Thanks Ken.

Get the special, 5/24/2018
Reviewer: Fay from GOLETA
Yes, service in the restaurant can be a little slow, But I always try to sit at the bar and watch Ken work his magic. The nightly special is the way to go; the soups are always amazing and the mains are always something superb.

One Server for entire restaurant?, 9/10/2017
Reviewer: Pierre from Santa Barbara, CA
Just had some wonderful food at the Dutch Garden. My complaint; consistently only one server is on duty, even on weekend nights. The restaurant was jammed the other night and the server had to cover the outside patio, bar patrons ordering food and of course covering the main restaurant. She was mostly apologizing to every table for delays. She was sweating while serving platters of food. We felt terrible that she had to bust her A#% as she was left to fend for herself. We left her a 25% tip as she was such a very pleasant person and felt sorry for her dilemma. This has been a common occurrence for the past 5 years or so. Methinks that the owners must be on a very tight budget and dont wish to pay for another minimum wage server. They obviously don't plow any profits back into improving the restaurant. Great food - Scrooge of an owner.

Exactly Don!, 8/15/2017
Reviewer: Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
So tired of Santa Barbara dog owners and their sense of entitlement.

Not dog friendly, 8/12/2017
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
And rightly so. Entitled dog owners tend to feel that their dog is the most wonderful thing in the world and everyone else should feel the same. Not so. Leave your dog at home next time.

Warning: Not Dog Friendly, 8/9/2017
Reviewer: Bruce Straits from Santa Barbara, CA
Four of us and our puppy were kicked out of their outdoor patio as dogs are not allowed. p.s., we had to rate food and service in order to publish this warning.

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