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2710 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-0210

Reviews by the General Public

The worst service I have ever had,especially the blonde host
Reviewer: Calvin from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never been to a Japanese restaurant where most the staff where the rudeness eliminated their skin. However, they were very polite to their friends. The food was poor, but due to the service it was extremely poor! I have to ask, how does one keep his job when he is a sushi chef but does not know how the miso soup is made because in his words "I don't know, chef makes it"! Now to the rude Japanese host with blonde hair who made us feel we were inconveniencing him by eating in "His Restaurant " my positive suggestion is to get a new host!

Jack... seriously?
Reviewer: Gabe from Santa Barbara, CA
Edomasa is great. The food is great, the service is great, and the sushi chefs are great. I have seen them roll my sushi with their bare hands and I loved watching it!! If you want to see people rolling sushi rolls with gloves on... then go to the grocery store. I have been to many fine japanese restaurants... and not once have I ever seen those masters wear gloves. Clearly, you are out of your element and over the line!

Hands on food ?
Reviewer: Jack from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Sushi but I hate it when they don't use gloves when handling the sushi and the rice balls . It disguists me to know that the food i ordered has been held in someone else's hands .

Delicious Sushi
Reviewer: Brecken from Santa Barbara, CA
My favorite sushi place in town. Love sitting at the counter, always get my sushi quickly and it's delicious. My favorite rolls are the baltimore roll and the buffalo volcano roll. My boyfriend's favorites are de la vina roll and the santa barbara roll. We mostly come for the sushi so I can't comment of their other dinner foods. Love that it's late night but sometimes I wish I could order lunch from here darn it!

Good Experience!
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to come here several years ago and was surprised to see so many negative comments considering that it was decent sushi years ago. All recent comments considered, we decided to take the plunge and see for ourselves just how bad Edomasa has supposedly gotton over the years. Service was great and the food was very good. This place has always had an "iffy" atmosphere... if I was the owner I would definitely spruce it up, but overall it was a good experience and I wouldn't even hesitate to come back. I have dined at some of the better sushi joints all over the country and I would hardly say that this place deserves some of the earlier harsher comments... unless they were having a really bad night. I would say the food is above average.

What happened?
Reviewer: Yvee from Santa Barbara, CA
Was really excited to eat here because I heard so many wonderful things. I was let down. The service was horrible! I ordered my food and waited for a half an hour. When I asked where it was they had forgot to make my food. I had to leave and I am never going back.

No good, sorry
Reviewer: Omer from Santa Barbara, CA
After several unsuccessful experiences at Edomasa, I wanted to give them a last chance yesterday. I avoided to write a review before since it was going to be negative. But this time, I had it. I have been going to Edomasa since their 1st day, I was even a special guest at the opening night, early 90ies. I have known chef Fujita-san since he arrived to Santa Barbara. He still doesn't smile, and does not even recognize me, never says hello, that's another story. This attitude is considered very rude in Japan (I lived in Japan for 6 years). Last night, we arrived around 7, sat at the counter. Another angry looking, non smiling, non Japanese man handed us the restaurant menu. Hard cover menu at the sushi bar? A sticky note on the cover explained that they had to raise the prices because of the fish market in Japan. So the fish is coming from Japan? The angry looking man (not the owner, he was on the left side of the counter) took our orders and proceeded with cutting ultra thin, almost transparent slices of fish. After a few order, I had to tell him that I want to eat decent sushi, even if I have to pay more, please have them cut properly, I just don't want to eat sticky rice. He didn't react in any way. The fish taste was below average, some even looked dry and pale, too much shari (rice), no neta at all (presentation). Basic sushi like Hamachi and Magura are tasteless. Salmon and Japanese Mackerel were pale and dry. The rolls I had were not good, I didn't try all of them. The "Edomasa" roll was not good, with some sweet sauce and strange color. No greeting from anyone, no individual plates or board, the sushi or rolls were served in a service plate put in the middle of us, we were expected to eat from the same dish. When I asked about a service plate, they forgot to bring it, had to ask three times. Then a busboy wanted to take them away, when I said we were eating in them and I want to keep them, he insisted that he had to take them. The only positive person was the Japanese woman who served us beer, and took our money. After paying more than $50 per person, I left unsatisfied. Next time I will have to drive to Taiko, in Irvine, about 2.5 hours of drive and 1.5 hour to wait in line to eat decent sushi. Believe me it is worth the drive. I do not recommend Edomasa even to beginners, go buy ready made sushi at the supermarket, it is cheaper and more tasty, and you don't have to deal with angry looking man.

Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Despite living in SB for 15 years and driving past Edomasa every day on my way home, I had never eaten here before tonight. I got the Curry Katsu Rice bowl, which was delicious! Panko breaded pork cutlet with rice and a very yummy deep colored mild curry with fresh veggies. Would definitely eat here again!

Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
Had my first dinner tonight at Edomasa and had a really good meal for not a ton of money. We sat at the bar and had a mix of nigiri and specialty rolls. Everything was made right away, tasted really really good, and everyone we interacted with was very nice. Not sure what else you could ask for.

Food-Midrate; Service was great for me!
Reviewer: M.E.L. from Santa Barbara, CA
You don't go here for an amazing life-changing experience. You go here to get basic rolls, beer and to satisfy late-night sushi cravings. I've had some horrible rolls (was too curious and tried to explore-mushy unappetizing), and have had some fishy suspicions regarding the spicy tuna roll(old?)... Never again. Stick to the basics- basic rolls, cooked things & nigiri. That said, I enjoy their ikura (salmon roe/caviar) appetizer (on grated radish which is really yummy) and FRESH yummy uni by the traybox -18$- the BEST deal you'll ever get for true Santa Barbara uni. Owner (strict with a perpetual frown) does not smile but he handles the money end, I'd have to say traditional angry Japanese man. My Server - older short-haired Japanese woman was very attentive and very sweet- motherly too. VERY good service from her. She actually impressed me so much, after reading so many negative reviews, that I felt compelled to write.

great service!!!
Reviewer: richelle from Santa Barbara, CA
last visit there was a nite ago,food was delicious as usual,still falling for the tempura icecream,very good service,our waiter is really friendly and helpful,very kind and knows everything about our questions,and patient to expalin the menu,the big warm smile on his face was definitely making the dessert even sweeter:)we love it there!

worst japanese resurant ever
Reviewer: leo from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was horrible, and while I and my six friends joke about there will be no worse about this restaurant, their service proved us wrong. Because we had more than party of six, according to their manager, we were mandatory to pay 15% tip. so instead of be grateful about that, they take advantage of that may or may not rightful law. Their servers were acting them recently lost a relative, everybody was long face and mean. When we ask them question about food or drink they will simply ignore you. and worst part was, their manager is aware of that and refuse to do anything about it. And I always though Japanese owners' are tough to their employees, i guess this one is not a true Japanese

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