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No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2017-11

1 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-4466

  • Category: American, Seafood
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 7am-9pm, Fri-Sat 7am-9:30pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, but usually not needed
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Reviews by the General Public

Shrimp, 10/9/2016
Reviewer: Mikchael from Santa Barbara, CA
Best beer batter shrimp I have ever had. Great sides and plenty of food at a reasonable price.

Tim from Redlands Calif. , 3/31/2015
Reviewer: Tim from Redlands, CA
The interest part upon starting out, was ordering coffee, but noticed no spoon, only fork for a setting. Had to request spoon. My wife ordered an omelet, and had to order a knife to cut it with. I had the Ahi tuna salad, quite tasty. My wife had the Santa Barbara omelet, and enjoyed it, but thought the guacamole was quite bland, needing quite a bit of spice to help it out. The service was OK, but had to signal wait person for more coffee.

Pretty good for Locals! Good for Families. , 4/19/2013
Reviewer: Kristine from Santa Barbara, CA
Surprise! Eladio's is actually pretty good! We're longtime locals, and only started going here regularly Fall 2012, because they offered a 2 for 1 entree coupon in the Independent. We take our kids, and have a good meal. They have a kids menu with the usual fare (chicken tenders, burger, etc. that comes with the soda for about $7). The entrees we have tried several times over the last few months have been great. Sauteed fish with tomatoes and cappers, blackened ahi salad, pasta dishes, we've tried a lot and never disappointed. Is this buchon or Wine Cask? No, but the food is good and the prices decent. They have no coupons now, but a new Happy Hour in their new bar (kids apparently welcome). I had a fish taco (with fresh tasting fish) for $4.50, and a made to order crab cake, also $4.50. Both were great, and plenty of food. Husband had a tri-tip sandwich with fries ($14) also good. Happy Hour drinks a bit weak, but at low prices, it's tough to complain. The servers are great, and actually recognize us, chat, are kind to the kids, etc. It may be in a hotel, but the vibe from the staff is total S.B.

Motel food, 4/19/2013
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Hadn't beef here for years and was sorely disappointed. The restaurant is set up like a chain hotel dining room of the lower order and the ambience was terrible. I felt bad for the few tourists who were eating there. Menu is basic and the food tasted cheap. Fish and Chips - $16, over cooked fish (refried?) and undercooked chips, stale coleslaw. Fish tacos were dry and so was the salsa. I saw someone eating pizzas that looked soggy. This is heat-and-eat cooking and I would be surprised if many of the items on the menu were cooked from scratch. Salads were dire. Not for locals!

Poor quality food! , 8/5/2012
Reviewer: Evelyn from CA
Atmoshere was good as it overlooks the beach! Service was reasonably good! Food was disgusting! We had the thin crust pizza minestrone soup and beer battered fish and chips. Thin crust pizza should not be soggy and tasted like the crust out of a box mix and sauce out of a jar. Fish was not bad and soup was edible! Very disappointed needless to say and will definitely not recommend anyone to this restaurant. Didn't feel like the chef nor the owner took pride at what they serve their customers.

Horrible service, 7/22/2012
Reviewer: John from San Francisco, CA
Let me begin by saying that I usually never rate a restaurant but because of the service I received or should I say lack of I decided to write a quick review. I am currently at the restaurant awaiting my food. Let me say that the service is by far the worst I have ever had. I have gotten more attention from servers at Denny's. I waited half in hour for someone to ask what I was having to drink. Then when I asked what the special was the waiter looked at me as If I had insulted her and she could not remember the special. Well I hope the food is at least good. We shall wait and see. I will followup with the food if I ever get it, as for now the service is horrible.

Great choice, 6/9/2012
Reviewer: Diane from Tampa, FL
The halibut with lemon and caper sauce was excellent as was the risotto. The best meal I have had on our entire trip through CA.

good experience - back on our list, 4/21/2012
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
We reserved for 6 at noon on Saturday. Table was ready and waiting, just as requested. Everyone was very happy with the range of reasonably priced (given the location) options and ultimately the quality of the food which was good to very good. Service was attentive and prompt. They've definitely stepped it up a notch. Not just for tourists anymore.

locals should try, 1/29/2012
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
it is amazing that this place isn't more popular with locals. I think SB folks think it is a tourist place with high prices. I rarely give restaurants a 5 but five of us all gave this place a five star rating last night. The young lady server was wonderful.

Good quality food, excellent service and reasonably priced, 11/25/2011
Reviewer: Ted & Elaine from Vancouver BC Canada
We are visiting from Canada and had a lunch here on a visit two years ago. This time we walked into Eladio's on a Friday evening at 7.00pm and the restaurant was not busy (about 5 tables occupied). The customer numbers doubled by 7.30 pm. We were seated by the hostess and water arrived at the table instantly and a server within minutes. Our drink and food orders were taken when we were ready and these were delivered to the table after a reasonably short wait. During the course of the meal our table was checked several times and the check arrived promptly when we asked for it. The service was attentive, efficient and very pleasant. My meal was simple: clam chowder followed by ceasar salad & grilled chicken. Both were fine although the chowder needed something to liven it up. My wife had the shrimp & scampi and found the sauce very tasty although a little too spicy (hot) for her taste. The several accompanying vegetables were cooked perfectly. She gave her meal high marks. Given the prices charged at most Cabrillo restaurants, Eladio's is very reasonable. It is not fine dining (paper napkins, no tablecloths, low-end menu) but you get what you pay for and the ambiance and view are very pleasant. We'll go again.

Good Fish, 11/6/2011
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here twice and both time everyone liked their meals. I do think the server was strange and LOUD. The prices are reasonable and what a beautiful view of the dolphin fountain.

great, 8/14/2011
Reviewer: lucy from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here was so good my friend and daughter loved it they especially the chocolate chip panacakes the sevice was so good were coming back tommoro.The atmospherewas always calming.This was our frist time and it was great.

Reviewer: Anna from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here with my family for brunch and it was the worst service I have had in my life. It took the waitress 30 minutes to take our drink order and then another 30 for the drinks to be served. When they actually were served mine was incorrect and then once corrected it was made improperly. By the time I got the correct drink we had almost finished our entire meal.The service was very slow and the waitress was very rude. She scoffed each time we made a request and it was incredibly unprofessional. The food was very good (although it took nearly an hour to be served) but because the service was so terrible I will never be returning.

Big Changes Afoot, 3/17/2011
Reviewer: Susan from Santa Barbara, CA
According to our waiter, the menu downgraded from "fine dining" about three months ago. By my recommendation, we came with a group with specific dietary restrictions. The waiter knew very little about ingredients. Our group made very clear requests about sauces, spices, and sides and there were numerous mistakes. It was disappointing that the sunset specials and kid perks are gone. So too - wild caught fish. Here's the good news: if you are "in the know", you can park in the hotel parking lot.

terrible service , 2/12/2011
Reviewer: Mary Arceneaux from Santa Barbara, CA
Terrible service! We drove two hours for the waffles and they said "we've unplugged the waffle iron and can't make anymore because it's past breakfast hours." What has to service! ? STAY rating on the waffles because they refused to serve us..

A wonderful Thanksgiving meal, 12/5/2010
Reviewer: JoEllen from Hayward, CA
My family wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving at the beach. But where to have a good meal at a reasonable price? The answer: Eladio's! The special menu included non-meat options as well as a turkey plate. One person had the butternut squash ravioli and declared them delicious. Another, the salmon, ditto. Two of us went traditional with the turkey and it was perfect: real turkey, delicious stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes as well as asparagus done beautifully. Service was very nice, just the right amount of attention and non-hassle. Our first time here, this may just turn into a tradition.

very memorable experience, 10/17/2010
Reviewer: Astrid from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been coming to Eladio's for many months now. The employees are very personable and always remember a local face. The food is also excellent, especially their breakfast and sunset menu. Highly recommended.

i have a bone to pick #2, 8/28/2010
Reviewer: santa barbara local from Santa Barbara, CA
Im a local and eladios has improved alot. They have great happy hour and sunset menu. When i see comments like (i have a bone to pick) it just reminds me of how cheap people are. You can see that they liked the food. What they didn't like was that they didn't get desert or after dinner drinks for freeeeee.

I've got a bone to pick..., 8/17/2010
Reviewer: Bruce from Santa Barbara, CA
... I ordered the burger, which is Haris Ranch Beef. It was good until I got to the bone in the middle of it. Eventually, the waiter came by to ask how everything is and i pointed it out. He whisked my plate away and says he'll talk to the manager -- it still had some of my dinner left on it. Someone else returns, not the manger, not the waiter, and drops off the bill -- never says a word, or asks if we want dessert or coffee or after dinner drinks. I mention the bone and he says he saw the plate sitting and nothing more. The waiter, that took the plate away, returns with our bill and never mentions the bone. The manager never shows up. I guess, in the end, they are more interested in bilking the tourist than taking care of the locals.

Great Happy Hour!, 6/10/2010
Reviewer: Alexis from Santa Barbara, CA
It is nice to see Eladio's getting it right at last! I went there for the 'Sunset Menu' and the steak was excellent. The happy hour on wine is a very good deal. I have been to a lot of happy hours in town but $5 for a glass of Sanford Chardonnay is hard to beat. I had not been to Eladio's for a couple of years, but it seems like they have an identity at last and the people working there have an excellent attitude...

All pleased, 5/25/2010
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
I had my doubts but was pleasantly surprised. All five of us liked our food. My Marsala was very good and we all had a good time. Good service good food at a reasonable price.

What service?, 7/8/2009
Reviewer: Linda from Oxnard, CA
We had breakfast last year at Eladio's and enjoyed both the service and the food. But this year, once we were seated and given our menus and beverages, they never came back to take our order! We sat there for over 15 minutes waiting with our menus. It wasn't even a busy morning since there were several tables still open. When we asked to see the manager, Israel came over and my husband told him we were angry about the lack of service. We told him we'd been waiting for a long time and that two other tables that were seated after us had already been served. Israel's response was, "What do you want me to do?" Naturally, we left. We'll probably give them another chance when we return to Santa Barbara next year. But this story did have a good ending. We took a trolley uptown and went to the Shell Cafe on State Street, and they were perfect! The food, service, and ambience were sheer perfection. And our waitress, Fei, made the experience memorable. I wouldn't recommend Eladio's to anyone, but would highly recommend the Shell Cafe.

Stick to sambos ...even with an hour wait, 4/5/2009
Reviewer: Zima from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I usually go to sambos for brunch but we decided to venture out of our comfort zone and try eladios down the street. We were greeted by a flustered hostess who understandably was under a lot of stress but theres no need to constantly sigh and roll your eyes. You're in the service industry honey. Their patio is really nice - featuring a fountain a beach view and lots of sun. My boyfriend ordered a Belgian waffle with carmelized bananas and pecans but ended up with a dry childs menu waffle... When we explained this to the expedited he said the waiter entered it wrong and offered to fix it for us but we were in a hurry so we had to decline. When we got the bill we saw there was very little price difference between the totally delicious waffle ordered and the boring lame waffle we got so we told the waiter about the mistake and he blamed it on the kitchen and sort of shrugged it off. Basically eliados is a nice place but the service is definitely not on par with the price. Go to sambos the people are cooler and you get mini muffins (and what you actually order)

Service was as lousy as it can get..., 8/11/2008
Reviewer: Lynda C. Whitley from Santa Barbara, Ca
Location good, food OK, prices a tad high, service was the worst I've experienced. An 18% gratuity was automatically added to our bill and that is the only reason the server and staff got any gratuity at all from our party of 5! We had to repeatedly ask for coffee or a part of the meal and then wait. Clearly the kitchen and wait staff cannot handle even a moderate crowd. One wait person does not help any other wait person. If we asked one person for something s/he would not do it and only our server would respond. Neither can they handle multiple credit cards. Not only were the amounts billed incorrectly, after we had asked to split the bill into four equal parts, the manager told us their system couldn't void out the incorrect charges! We were incensed. Then they said they didn't take multiple credit cards. After waiting interminably for our meals and then getting into a time-consuming snafu over the charges, we were unanimous in declaring Eladio's service ruins an otherwise good location.

Ok Food, Worse Service, 7/6/2008
Reviewer: KN from olympia, Wa
This was probably the worse place i have been to in a long time. As a college student i had been saving to have dinner with my boyfriend and I so we chose Eladio's thinking it would be very good. Our order was wrong, the server didnt come back to ask us how our meal was after we recieved our meal, and after we ate he never came back to give us our bill. About 20 min. of waiting we walked up to the Hostess to have her get our waiter. After, we but the money on the table and the waiter still did not come... I was very disapointed and left. I do not recommend this place.

Lunch is good, 3/23/2008
Reviewer: Larry from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lunch here almost weekly as I work just down the street. Service is good the food is quite good and it's fun to watch the parade outside. The patio is quiet.

Rude Hostess!, 11/7/2007
Reviewer: susan from evergreen, Colorado
The hostess was rude, she was put out that we wanted to sit out on the patio. We saw her have the same response to other people. Slamming menu's down on tables, etc... The waitress took a while to come to take our drink order. After fifteen minutes she returned to say "you haven't gotten your drinks?" It took another ten minutes to actually get the drinks. The food was edible, but that is about it! Nothing special, VERY BLAND!! Once we got our food we didn't see our waitress for another fifteen minute, she never returned to see if everything was okay. No one came by to refill our water glasses, or see if we needed refills on our drinks. They have a gorgeous patio, BUT WE WILL NOT RETURN!!!

Please bring back the OLD Eladio's!!!, 9/15/2007
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara
In response to the review just below mine, I'm sorry to report that your breakfasts have now become just as much of a Denny's like experience. :( I used to go to Eladio's any chance that I had, taking family there for special occasions, treating friends from out of town, or just enjoying a nice meal with my boyfriend just for the heck of it. Unfortunately, today's was the worst dining experience I've ever had in my life. 1) Expecting the once phenomenal fresh squeezed OJ that we once happily paid $3 each for refill after refill, my boyfriend and I were handed 2 glasses of Minute Maid. Bummer. 2) Our "server" Alfredo managed to take our order and never been seen or heard from again, until we asked to speak to the manager. 3) My boyfriend's eggs Benedict was served on cold, never toasted, and extraordinarily dense English Muffins that were actually inedible. 4) My "potatoes" to accompany my once DELICIOUS Apple wood Smoked Bacon Scramble actually consisted of 4 small potato cubes w/ tons of onions that had been cooked for MAYBE 1 minute w/ a couple of bell peppers thrown in for color. 5) Our water & OJ glasses had been empty since before we got our food and we were never offered a refill 6) My English Muffins to accompany my meal were so tough, I could barely bite into them at one point. They were also so overly buttered that I literally RANG THEM OUT over my plate to find a pool of butter left sitting in the dish. 7) We waited for over 20 minutes after our plates were collected to finally go and ask the hostess for our check. 8) When we asked for the manager, we were told that "Alfredo is in the back right now and can't come out." ALFREDO?! Our disappearing server is the manager? Interesting. 9) Our check total was $27- for 2 inedible breakfasts mind you- but the dollar amount that my boyfriend's CC was run for was $47 and not our food... that was it. Again, we asked to speak to the manager and were told, "He's in the back. Let me see if I can get him". Soon after, the same woman came out with another CC transaction receipt for $13. When we said that we actually didn't think we should have to pay for anything at this point, she kindly announced to the entire room that she would pay for our entire meal herself, grabbed the receipts, tossed my boyfriend his credit card and stormed out. Almost immediately, we see Alfredo coming out to say that we won't have to pay for our meal and that "one of the cooks called in sick today, so we're short staffed." Having worked in a restaurant myself for 7 years, I understand that one person can throw things off at times, but the entire restaurant fell apart. I overheard every table around us complaining that they got the wrong food or something else was wrong with their meal. My once favorite restaurant in all of Santa Barbara is now an establishment that I will utterly refuse to ever enter again!

Go Breakfast but NOT dinner!!!, 8/30/2007
Reviewer: Lew Marklin from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok, I love taking dates here for the breakfast. It is a great place to get to know someone, with a nice fresh ocean view and the waterfall is nice. The breakfast food is also awesome BUT I DO NOT recomend the dinner experience. It is like dr jekyl and Mr Hyde.....great in the morning and Denny's by night. I took a first date there a week ago, thinking that it would be romantic. The lighting was way too bright and it acted like a bug light that attracted the weirdest crowd! A guy to our left in a red wife beater and shorts! Then the couple behind us argued and faught the whole time! I started looking around the room and It was like trailor family night! Yow! and the paper over the table kind of felt like the kids table at the family gathering. This is a shame for such a nice place. A hint to the management; if you put candles on the table, lower the lights enough for me to appreciate it. The lights were so high that we couldn't see out of our window, but rather stared at ourselves in the reflection!! The food was good though.

The meal was inedible!, 8/6/2007
Reviewer: Margaret from Scottsdale, AZ
We stopped by after a long walk on nearby State Street. It's a fabulous location, right at the corner of State Street and the pier...too bad they don't capitalize on their location with good food! We eat out a lot and are always friendly to our servers. We are not overly demanding and try to make their life as easy as possible. The waiter seemed to have trouble understanding English, and often looked like he was just staring through us as we ordered. My husband started with the "Better than New England Clam Chowder" and I started with a cup of chili. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally asked about our soup and chili, as we wanted them BEFORE our meal. Again, the waiter didn't say much, just nodded and returned a few minutes later with the soup and chili. My husband ate his soup, but said it was just so so - not even close to "Better than New England". The chili was way too spicey and I set it aside and decided to just eat the Santa Fe BBQ chicken salad I had ordered instead. A good restaurant will ask if everything was OK when they see a guest has not eaten, but this one just swept away the full cup of chili. The Santa Fe BBQ chicken salad finally arrives - delivered by a different server??. After two bites my mouth is absolutely on fire from the over-spiced BBQ sauce drizzled on the chicken. I'm not a light weight when it comes to spices, so when I say it was spicey, I mean someone poored an entire jar of chili spice in it! After downing an entire glass of water, I decide I won't be eating the salad either. My husband, who eats jalapenos straight out of the jar, tasted the salad and couldn't stand it either. He thought I was exaggerating until he tasted it. He ate 1/2 of his club sandwich - he didn't care for the honey-mustard dressing they had poured into the sandwich. We waited for a long time trying to locate our server for the check so we could leave. After flagging down the waiter who had brought the meals we explained the salad was inedible. A while later a check finally arrives with a $2.86 discount on the $10.95 salad - gee, thanks.

So dissapointed in the new Eladio's, 6/26/2007
Reviewer: Fab Mundo from Los Angeles, CA
My wife made reservations about 2 month's ago, hoping for the same great food, fine dinning, ambiance and service we had experienced in the last few years....please those of you intending to find this restaurant DON'T's a dive...we went on 6/23/07 and it had turned from a 5 star type restaurant into a greasy pit...they replaced the booth's that you view on this web page picture with chairs and tables, all the waiters are wearing polo shirts and have advertising on their backs...the menu was club sanwiches and burgers...I had a suit and tie and my wife wore an expensive evening dress, we walked out after 2 minutes. We had a much better experience at the Four Season's Biltmore in Montecito just a mile east of this dive. We will never return.

I left before eating..., 6/7/2007
Reviewer: Aubrey from Santa Barbara
I arrive to Eladio's with a friend to get a bite to eat down on the beach. We talk and laugh over how many tourist this town brings in. Looking over the menu, it holds your taste buds in delite with their salmon salad, crab cakes, and over the top burgers. After about 15 minutes a man comes out to give us water. Then, another 15 minutes goes by and a woman comes out to greet and order our food. I asked for a Veggi Burger with no mayo or ranch (dry) and she said no problem. another 20 minutes and my friend gets her food, but where is mine? She comes around the corner 25 minutes from when we had ordered and gives me a Veggies burger covered with ranch and Mayo!!!! I was getting a little heated, and said if she could send it back fro a new one. She suggested," how about I give you two peaces of bread and you can just put everything on a couple clean peaces?" Are you kidding me? Who ask's that? So she takes it back and 28 minutes later here she comes again after having to get up and look for her. I just simply asked for the check. Her reaction was why don't you want this? I in return said," It doesnt take this long to make a frozen veggie burger, you just put it in the microwave and put it on a couple peaces of toast" in reply she tells me.... " They arent frozen, they are aleady defrosted!!!" --- think about this people, wouldn't it take less time to cook a defrosted burger? This place is horrible with service, no water re-fills and they even made me pay. I am never going to this place again.

Great food, Not sure if there was any service., 6/4/2007
Reviewer: Zack from goleta
This was my 2nd time coming here, but first since the remodel. The atmosphere was great, wonderful fountain outside. The food was really good and the spinach dip was great. The service was not there. My friend and I came id durring the day, and it was dead there, there was more staff then guests. We waited around for about 5 min, then we just sat ourselves. The "Host" if thats what you want to call her, came by and said the would bring the menu's. waited 10 min for the menus, and had to get up and get them ourselves. Then waited another 10 just to get water, and had to go up to the bar to get that. It was one thing after another, and I will never tell anyone to go to this place if you care about service.

Consistently fantastic!, 4/16/2007
Reviewer: David Rizzotto from Rosedale
The coast from Morro Bay to Santa Barbara is a monthly destination for us with Harbor View Inn and Eladio's being the mainstay. We travel a lot but I must say, rarely does one find consistency in service, price and great taste. State street has many restaurants to choose from, most are worth a visit, but when we want to feel completely pampered, relaxed and "at home", Eladio's is the place. We would gladly pay more for what they have to offer!

Date night saved!!!, 2/26/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
With a little intrepidation we walked in. We were seated right away and were greeted by our server Sarah. She reccomended the artichoke appetiser. It was very good with a parmesean crust and balsamic viniger drizzled over it..Yum! For our entree my wife had the scampi and I had the filet mignon and portebello fettucini. My wifes scampi was very good. Not just regular scampi. This ws served in a small gratin with baby shrimp and large shrimp floating in a wonderfull wine/ garlic reduction. Very good!!! My fettucini had big pieces of filet mignon with portabellos in a sauce that I cant describe very well. Maybe a mixture of olive oil, cream and something. Anyways it was wonderfull. We finished the meal with a dulce de leche cheesecake..agian very good. overall we were able to truly enjoy our meal and we discovered a new restaurant. I dont know why we had never been there before. We have been here over 20 yrs and we just never thought about the place. Just goes to show ya...take a chance on something new and you might find a hidden gem.

Bad experience, 11/24/2006
Reviewer: Ann Thomas from Santa Barbara, Ca
We went to Eladio's for Thanksgiving and were terribly disappointed. The chef attempted to provide an upscale menu but the food came out less tasty than Carrows. The price was extremely high ($65 per person) but the quality was poor. I had expected to have a good meal after reading the highly rated reviews. A few in our party had turkey and a few chose the lamb. The lamb did not even remotely taste like lamb and the turkey was a slab of white meat. It was not appealing. The chef over did the use of goat's cheese. It was present in every course. The pumpkin pie was not edible. Overall, it was a very disappointing experience for the money. On the positive sided, the servers were nice and attentive.

Come for the People Watching, Stay for the Food, 11/3/2006
Reviewer: Sharon from Castro Valley, CA
Location, location, location - whether seated by a window in the main dining room or out in the fountain adorned courtyard, this restaurant oozes charm and romance. We loved being right across the street from the entrance to Stearn's Wharf - lots of action and views. We started with the White Bean Soup (YUM), I had the Lemon Capellini with clams and my husband the fish & chips - both great. Awesome Bloody Mary's too. The only hiccup was two of the white wine by the glass selections on the menu were out of stock, but we managed to recover nicely with a solid Pinot Grigio.

From 1 Eladio 2 Another ..............., 10/13/2006
Reviewer: Eladio O. Colon Jr. from Plainview, NY
Hi my name is Eladio O. Colon Jr. From Plainview, Long Island NY What can I say about Eladio's, well FANTASTICO!!! will do just fine, Thank You. I was visiting CA in 2001, a friend told me about my NAMESAKE back hme. Well I was visiting a Friend in Fresno. I told her that we could do anything, but frst we had 2 go 2 Santa Barbara 2 have dinner at Eladio's. Well 2 make a long story LONGER!! :) The night was UNFORGETABLE!!! They treated ME n my friends like we were ROYALTY!!! AT the end of the night, the Chef, Michael Shaheen n Sean M.Conway, came out n introduced themselves n gave me a Autographed copy of the Leatherbound Menu. The Maittre'd also signed it and David F. Everything about that night was Magical n the Fod n Wine was 2 DIE4!!! I highly recommend Eladio's 2 anyone looking 4 a Unique n Tasty experience, N this is from 1 Eladio 2 another!!! Manga!!!

Best French Toast Ever!, 10/10/2006
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara
I overheard some people talking about the wonderful french toast at Eladio's the other day and figured I just had to try it for myself. It did not disappoint; they put a creative spin on an old classic, dipping 2 huge slices of brioche and filling them with mascarpone cheese. Yes, it was expensive but it was a ton of food, so not a bad value. Also other reviews have mentioned it, but the presentation of the food was wonderful, they don't just slap it on a plate and had it to you with a "here you go hon", it was carefully laid out with a nice berry garnish and an orchid on the plate. I was the only one in there right after they opened so the service was great. My only complaint was that I was there about 10 minutes after they were supposed to have opened and the door was still locked, so I had to knock and wait a minute.

Wonderful Restaurant, Great Setting, 6/26/2006
Reviewer: R & C Brookman from Westlake Village, CA
We enjoyed our second visit to Eladio's. The fish and chips dish is probably the best that I have eaten. The presentation and service was outstanding.

EXCELLENT restaurant, 6/7/2006
Reviewer: L. Glenn from Des Moines, IA
My wife and I celebrated her birthday at Eladio's recently. The food was excellent. The service was the best! The atmosphere was perfect. An exceedingly enjoyable dining experience.

very good seafood, 4/24/2006
Reviewer: aki from Pasadena CA
My wife and I went for lunch on Monday. I had a pasta with clam and she had fish and chips. The clam is local and very fresh and tasty. I liked the dish very much. Her fish was probably sole, which was also very fresh and good. The way her fish is prepared was crispy and not greasey. The price was reasonable and the service was good. We would like to come back.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2005, 11/26/2005
Reviewer: J Jackson from Oxnard California
We thought since this Thanksgiving we would be alone we'd go out for dinner. We had wondered for awhile what it would be like to eat out (for once) on Thanksgiving. We don't plan to make it a habit. Eladio's served a decent Thanksgiving dinner. We took the basic route and ordered turkey with stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc. Let me just say this, the food was fine but not fantastic. And there was no "atmosphere" per se. If you're going to do a traditional holiday dinner like Thanksgiving then put some extra effort in making it memorable. Otherwise, close the shop for the day and open the day after when many people want a break from the traditional food. On Thanksgiving evening Eladio's felt like just any other place to eat on any other given night. The cost for 2 turkey dinners (with soup or salad and a desert) and 2 glasses of average white wine with tip was $168. I think some restaurants need to appreciate that there is more to good eating and a truly memorable dining experience than simply serving everything on an oversized plate and charging a lot for it.

Wedding Dinner, 8/24/2005
Reviewer: D'Lanie Churchville from Los Angeles, CA
We recently met a small group of friends for our simple wedding in SB. The evening closed with dinner on the patio at Eladio's. I can't compliment Eladio's enough for each staff member's personal attention to detail, friendly attitude, impeccable service, delicious food, beautiful atmosphere, and fabulous preparation with respect to our place settings and final presentation of true CULINARY ARTISTRY. Everyone on staff truly went the extra mile to take care of our group, from the initial planning to taking over and making everything perfect. Members of our group were so impressed, they went back for breakfast the following morning. I highly recommend Eladio's for a casual lunch to a momentuous occasion. Thank you, Eladio's, for being part of a beautiful day we will never forget! D'Lanie and Bill Churchville, Los Angeles CA

Late dinner, 7/12/2005

We were there late on a Monday so 2 stars may be harsh but if you don't intend to serve top notch food close the doors. Took a long time for a table to be cleaneed even if resto almost empty. Service was however exceellent and the wine choise by our waitress was simply great, the Qupe Syrah was excellent and reasonable price. Menu does not have enough depth for us.

Great food, poor service twice!, 6/5/2005

My husband and I have had dinner at Eladio´s once. The service and the food were excellent. BUT! We´ve been back for breakfast twice now and each time the service was awful. One of the dining rooms was only half full but we had to wait 20 minutes just to be acknowledged. My husband finally asked if we could have some service. The same thing happened the second time, so we just walked out.

Greatest Restaurant, 5/31/2005

Hello my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant and just loved it. As if the service itself was not great the food and presentation was wonderful! We were really impressed and will be making more visits. We have even considered drving to Santa Barbara from home in Orange County just for dinner at this facility. We loved it!!!

A Wonderfully Unique Restaurant, 5/12/2005
Reviewer: J from Isla Vista, CA
My mother came to visit me recently, and we went to dinner at Eladio´s. I was sure it would be a nice place, because of the beauty and location of the restaurant, but it far exceeded my expectations. Both the hostess and the waitress who helped us were kind and friendly, and they really went out of their way to make our dinner a wonderful one. Because of the unforgettably good service, I give Eladio´s five stars. Not only that, the food should be world-famous. I had a steak with a potato side dish that was incredible, but the dish I recommend most is the clam chowder. You haven´t had clam chowder until you´ve thried theirs.

Something special, 5/5/2005
Reviewer: Tom from Carpinteria, CA
I´m a local Carpinterian and Eladio´s is one of my favorites for breakfast. The food presentation makes one pause it is so wonderful. And it tastes as good as it looks. But I´m an outdoors fella so its the beautiful patio and fountain that has me smiling and ordering mimosas. I´ve seen some of the reviews mention disenchantment with the service but all that I can say is that it has always been terrific on the patio. Perhaps its an outside-thang! They´ve been so cheerful and accomodating that I´d give them 5-stars for service. I´ll be back.

Some of the worst service, 4/18/2005
Reviewer: K & J from Los Angeles, CA
We went here this past Sunday afternoon to have brunch and enjoy our first visit to Santa Barbara. After waiting for 20 minutes to be seated, we went to our table. We didn´t mind the wait for our table, but what we did mind was the extra 25 minutes of waiting at our table before our waitress even acknowledged us. Finally we asked another waiter who our server was suppose to be. What blew our minds is that she must have walked by 20 times while we just sat there! She did apologize, but we were very disappointed by then. A table of four sitting next to us walked out and other couples were getting really annoyed with their poor service as well and were starting to complain. It was honestly some of the worst service we have ever had. And the food was just okay for the price. We definitely wouldn´t go back.

Excellent surprise, 2/23/2005
Reviewer: Tony & Diane from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to Eladio for my girlfriend´s birthday because she had confused the name with Emilios which she had seen by driving by. I made reservations for Eladio which she realized was the wrong restaurant when we got there but decided to stay and try it. The food was great, everything was freshly prepared and tasty. We had the clam chowder as an appetizer which was the best I had ever had. I had the seafood cobb salad which was huge and delicious, my girlfriend had the seafood soup, Cioppini, whhich had every kind of seafood you can imagine. A bottle of Sanford Pinot Noir 2001 rounded out the meal. The creme brule was good and the tiramisu was freshly made but didn´t have enough chocolate for my girlfriend. Overall, a wonderful meal.

Two Very Nice Breakfasts at Eladio´s, 12/7/2004
Reviewer: Kim C from Clovis, CA
We stayed at the Harbor View Inn and had two breakfasts here. Each was very good and the views of the ocean are very pretty from the window. Right on the corner of a busy street, tho. The presentation of my salmon egg dish was beautiful and very good, tho the portions were a bit large for my liking. Also very good fresh squeezed OJ and attentive service.

Our Favorite, 10/25/2004
Reviewer: stuart&joanne from State street
This is our favorite high end restaurant in SB. My fiancee recommends it to all of her out of town clients who come to SB lokking for a home. The food is fabulous and the service is excellent. The owners and staff show that they care about their customers.

Unbelievable Food!, 10/6/2004

This place is incredible! We stumbled upon it for breakfast and were so thoroughly impressed with the presentation, I had to take a picture with the digital camera! Everything was sooo tasty all the way down to the coffee. As a matter of fact, we went back the next day for lunch and were just as pleased. Everything we ordered was just exceptional and we highly recommend it. Tomorrow we are headed to SB again for the day and are making it a point to stop in again for breakfast. Big thumbs up!

Great Service, 6/22/2004

Bad service - I don´t think so!! When I commented on how good the coffee was the waiter found out where it came from (locally) and called to see if the factory was open (it was), and how to get there and we were able to pick up some and take it with us back to the east coast. Now that´s going the extra mile - By the way lunch was terrific and certainly not expensive by east coast standards

Snotty and overpriced, 4/27/2004

Title says it all. If you are willing to pay more for less then this is the place for you...... and by less I mean less food, less customer service, less taste....etc. Avoid this place..... unless you just feel like wasting money.

excellent food, 3/8/2004

Food was excellent and service was great. Good wine list and great atmosphere. Servings were large, so appetizer was not necessary. Dessert was also excellent.

snobby servers, 2/3/2004

The servers acted like snobs and I could have had a better meal for my whole family for the price I paid for one person.

we like it, 11/14/2003

We like Eladios, especially when we can hit up the early bird because the prices are much better. The service is always good, the location is great, and the food is tasty.

Wonderful!, 7/21/2003
Reviewer: Joe Mauk from Fresno, CA
My wife and I dined at Eladios last Satruday night. It was wonderful. We each had rackof lamb for entre. The lamb was about the best I´ve ever had. The starch on the entre was a fabulous potato-bread pudding. The soup was a asparagus creme fraiche (hope that spelling is close) that was very good. Found a very nice "red" from William Harrison winery that was lovely. To sum it up, the atmosphere is great, the food is excellent.

great high-end cuisine, 10/5/2002
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
I ate here recently and "discovered" Eladios. Eladios is located at the ultimate Santa Barbara tourist seaside location: at the corner of State Street & Cabrillo Blvd, next to Stearns Wharf and the dolphin fountain. Fortunately, Eladios is not a touristy restaurant. Eladios is a high-end dining experience. It is a great place for a special date (bring some extra cash with you). You will get a tasty meal prepared by a master chef and experience truly first class service. Take the service I received as an example: I was enjoying an amazingly fancy dinner of wine & lamb when the head waiter came over and replaced our open basket of bread with a fine metal basket, with bread wrapped in layers of cloth to keep it warm. I then noticed him discretely informing the server the importance of this detail. I hadn't noticed this "mistake," but I did notice that the bread was indeed better when served the "right" way. Eladios is one of those places that even most locals don´t realize how good it is. They are so used to staying away from eating in this part of town. There are only a few excellent high-end places is town. Eladios is one of them.

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