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Elephant Bar & Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2013-08

521 Firestone Rd, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-0779

Reviews by the General Public

Not as bad as the ratings, 12/22/2012
Reviewer: ESPER from Camarillo
It isn't anywhere near as bad as the reviews. I fly in and while it is busy I can always get a table outside. The staff is probably collage kids from UCSB but the food is good! Yes the service on occasion is lacking but it is clean and a great place to watch the airport from!! It is a place I will continue to frequent !

Terrible Host, 7/24/2012
Reviewer: Alan from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Elephant for business lunch on 7/23/2012. We were seated by a young male host at a ridiculously tight booth on the left side of the restaurant as you walk in. I literally couldn't put my foot down as I slid onto the seat. As I was struggling to get situated he figured he would just throw the menu on the table instead of trying to resolve the situation. I had to walk back out to the front and asked to be seated at another table, only to be told to wait while he was welcoming other customers just walking in. If one doesn't like to deal with people this is the wrong industry to be in. This kind of attitude really isn't doing anyone any good. The 0.5 star is for the decent table service. Will not go back even though I work in Goleta.

best large groups accommodations in town, 7/2/2012
Reviewer: melissa from Santa Barbara, CA
We had my father's 50th birthday in thier back party room. And everyone had the best time; there was over 60 guests and everyone was all smiles. The food was excellent; i was worried because we were limited to three entree only. But it was hot, tasty, quick and super organized. The general manger was there to greet us, introduced us to her staff taking care our group and even cut my father's birthday cake. Yes there are restrictions like the menu and linen charges which increase the price slightly but worth it. They provide glasses and service for a toast, plates, stands and a cake cutter. I've been to alot of events at other venues in the area and not one was as accommodating as this one. I actually enjoyed myself instead of playing host. THANKS E BAR

Ok food, slooooow service, noisy., 2/26/2012
Reviewer: Virginia Paxton from San Franscisco, CA
The food was decent, but the service was very slow. This is a noisy restaurant. Maybe they can improve their acoustics? I have hope! Will try again.....

Surprise Party of 27, 2/21/2012
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
This was really horrible. It was my first surprise party to do. I spoke with the event planner said everything I had requested would be met. Nothing was met. The Menu said 2 Lamshanks, we only got one menu had a typo. Also we had to chase down the waitresses around 5 times they only came in to get our orders and serve them and that was the only time I had seen them. Also our cake plates were dirty with food still stuck on them. Also the bill came out to be too much and they over chargered us and sat there for more then an hour to figure it out. They had over charged me for the room as well. I love Ebar food. But I will never again have a party there. I felt that because our group was younger then the party next to ours they had tended to them first and that was really wrong. I really DON'T recommend any kind of parties there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dissapointed, Unsatisfied and Poor food quality , 2/2/2012
Reviewer: Talissa from Santa Barbara, CA
I work very close to this restaurant and have been here to eat on numerous occasions. Yes, I have been dissapointed in the past, but the convenience of the location has lured me in for the last time. Today, a co-worker and myself had lunch here and were laughing at the presentation and quality of the food (what else could we do)? The "new" fried rice... was soggy and underwhelming. It was terrible. I would have replaced with a side of steamed rice, had our waitress actually come back to the table to check on us. We sat for the majority of our meal without drink refills... and since our lunch was terrible, we decided to give dessert a go. The red velvet cupcake sunday was HORRIFIC- Burnt... and so dry, you literally couldn't chew it. Not to mention it was half frozen. They literally "slapped" on a few dabs of frosting and about two tiny spoonfulls of ice cream. I ordered the berry cobbler and it was old and I was showing my co-worker spoonfulls of water that I was able to scoop up from the middle of this "dessert"? They really need to replace the chef and focus on the quality of the food they are sending out of the kitchen. Presentation AND taste are equally important. Our waitress was polite, but very unattentive. She spilled cream on the table next to us, knocked over water at another table and ignored us for the majority of our meal. I think this is the last time I will spend good money at this place.

grubby, food not good, 12/21/2011
Reviewer: gary smith from Norfolk, UK
Having had a good experience at the San Francisco restaurant a few years back we decided to visit the Santa Barbara branch this evening. Well this was a big mistake. After being given a table by the drafty glazed lean to we found the table to be very worn and tired, the menus were extremely grubby with remnants of food from previous customers greasy fingers. On the whole the place just felt dirty. when the food arrived I had to clean the cutlery with my napkin. I ordered the New York steak which was very fatty with plenty of gristle (yummy)!! On complaining we were given a free desert. Having made a special effort to visit this particular establishment and wasted vacation time and money I can say that we will never again set foot in one of these restaurants.

Bad, 8/8/2011
Reviewer: Paul Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
The service is the worst that I have experienced in quite some time. Our order was not taken correctly and had to be reordered by different wait staff. The waitress never checked back with us and we had to go retrieve our check. And, this was during a slow period at 2:30 on a Monday.

Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
The Food was good, but it was the host (who I suspect might have been the manager) who was a total jerk! he was not nice, rude, and the farthest thing from polite. Never smiled, answered the phone and told someone off infront of us. HE needs to find another job that does NOT INVOLVE CUSTOMERS AT ALL. this guy was anti-social. I complained. Other then that guy, everyone else was amazing!!

50/50 chance of disappointment, 1/27/2011
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Barbara, CA
I've gotten the mozzarella and lemon herb marinated chicken a few times previously. It can be tasty, but this time they burnt it badly. There's no way the cook didn't know that he or she burned it, but they foist it on the customer anyway. As if the customer won't notice. They do this kind of thing a lot. Intermittently, they can be pretty good, but you never know with this place. One thing is for sure, though. Their mixed drinks are carefully poured so as not to give too much alcohol away.

Five stars , 11/28/2010
Reviewer: Aaron from Goleta ,CA
The food was great!!!The service was great!!!I can't wait to go again.

The water is STILL bad, and..., 7/16/2010
Reviewer: ash from Santa Barbara, CA
I honestly love everything here except the water, and now that my work schedule has me staying up later, we've been getting Jack in the Box often. I don't know what it is, but their tap water is DELICIOUS. Like aquafina delicious. Like northern California tap water delicious. If Jack in the Box on Milpas can afford good water why can't Elephant Bar?

Great food and great service!, 3/24/2010
Reviewer: Jared from Santa Barbara, CA
i kinda liked the food but the hostess was so nice, she made my day. She was the most fun and nicest person it was amazing! If I were the manager at the elephant bar I would give the hostesses a big raise!!!!!

Better Than Expected, 3/16/2010
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
I hadn't been to the E bar in years, since it's essentially a chain and there are so many great places to eat in this town. Nonetheless my wife had spotted something she thought she'd like on their online menu (Macadamia crusted Mahi-Mahi). I grudgingly obliged and we showed up at about 6:30 on a Friday evening. Not surprisingly the place was packed but we still got a table in less than 10 min. I ended up keeping it simple and just went for a French Dip sandwich which was quite flavorful and had a decent portion. My wife liked the Mahi Mahi which came on a bed of brown rice with a veggie/fruit salsa. Her only complaint was that while she thought the fish was good she could tell it wasn't fresh caught but most likely frozen at some point (not surprising since it is a chain) still she said she'd probably order it again. Service was excellent, no complaints there and the prices were on par with what we pay at any number of similar places, local or chain. Overall I had a very good experience at the E Bar, I found it to substantially better than the usual chain restaurant. By the way when does the food ANYWHERE look as good as it does in the pictures!? T

Overrated....., 3/3/2010
Reviewer: Julius from stockton, CA
Slow Service-It was a Monday with very little customers but for some reason it was very slow service. 1 hour wait!! Food/menu-was typical. It tasted like a bunch of sisco inspired food. Shrimp was raw with black-char all over it. Everyone with me expected the food to atleast look like the picture. Overall, the food is below average. I've went there twice and the second time was worst. I'll never go back.

Fix the water!, 2/28/2010
Reviewer: Ashleigh Carracino from Santa Barbara, CA
Tastiest mixed drinks anywhere, a lot of exciting variety and presentation with the menu (even if not particularly delicious at times), kind of hit or miss service... but the ONE just BAD thing there is the tap water! Oh my god it is terrible! I used to be able to stomach the horrible tap water in Isla Vista and I just can NOT handle Elephant Bar's tap water! I'm not a water snob, I don't filter water at home or drink bottled water or anything, their water is just BAD.

What Happened to the food?, 1/18/2010
Reviewer: Alyssa from Santa Barbara, CA
The Elephant Bar was always my favorite place to eat because of their variety and generous portions. I've notice through the years that the food portions has been decreasing in size. I ordered the Kung Pao Chicken and the portions were so less than before. I had ended up eating again from my kids plate. I am staying away. Service was good.

Fun Live Music Wednesdays , 10/2/2009
Reviewer: Wayne Johnson from Goleta Cal
Fun Wed Live Music on the patio Good food & drinks too.

as good as applebees... so not that good, 8/8/2009
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered a caesar salad to start and it came out on a completely dirty plate, sent back. Main course was a shrimp and chicken dish which was obviously reheated bulk frozen SYSCO or JORDANOS items. The only thing I half-way enjoyed was our side of sweet potato fries which were cold after the first few bites. Save yourself the time and money, avoid the wait and the hype... go to the beachside if your looking for great food and service or better yet; downtown SB.

Menu change, 7/23/2009
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Well my two boys love coming here and I enjoyed it also...until they changed the menu. Some of my favorite things are gone. The awesome potato skins...gone.The country club changed. The new menu now consists of many more pan-asian dishes and a couple of new burgers. I tried the blue cheese burger and while good it wasn't great. The meat was extra crispy on the outside and bland on the inside. The blue cheese butter could have been stronger...Just nothing special about it. I dont think we will be going back any time soon. PLEASE bring back the potato skins!

Good Food, Great Service, 7/22/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The waitresses here really bend over backwards for you and took care of our party well and they were really nice too. The food was good, probably two steps above a Dennys and one step below a Palace Grill, kind of like Outback quality but I thought a little better. They have a really wide selection of foods to choose from also and the kids menu deal is great with ice cream at the end even. I really like the decor too, it makes you think you are staying at a resort far away or something, they must have redid everything(menu included)in the last ten years as I remember it not being this good before. The prices were not too overpricey either.

A family favorite, 6/30/2009
Reviewer: D from Santa Barbara, CA
My family has been going here for years! The place is always busy. They have good service and good food at an affordable price! Just don't drink the water, its from the tap....

Food isn't the greatest, but the service is excellent, 6/4/2009
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I came in a few days ago with some buddies of mine from the office. We were sat immediately at a booth and was waited on by Stark. That's what her name says on the receipt. She was very attentive, funny, and knew exactly what she was talking about. It was my first time and she showed me her favorite entrees and even told me to rethink a few of mine. It's refreshing to have a waitress be completely honest with me and still keep it light hearted and fun. We never had to ask for refills and she always had a smile on her face. I will certainly come back and ask for her specifically, not only because she's a cutie, but because she's actually a fantastic waitress.

e-bar happy hour!!, 5/20/2009
Reviewer: dee from Santa Barbara, CA
was there yesturday by far one of the best spots iv been to out there. drinks were very inexpensive and good. the food was great, i had the jambalaya.the drinks during happy hour are on special in the bar area and they are great! i would definetley come in again!! oh yeah happy hour is from 3-6 not from 4:30 -6

Great as usual, 4/12/2009
Reviewer: Tony Rosales from Santa Barbara, CA
Been going there for years.. It's consistant, wonderful food and great service.. I love the atmosphere.. Courtney was very thoughtful and respectful.. I will certainly go back..

Staff and food - gold star, 3/18/2009
Reviewer: Susan from Dublin, CA
In the three times (with differet friends), I can only say it was a totally great experience. The food and staff are wonderful. Right on target with everything - food great, the staff doing just enough (neither sufficating nor non-existant) explaining the different food and drinks.

Sarah must have had a bad day!, 2/7/2009
Reviewer: Faith from Santa Barbara, CA
Have dined at EBar many times. Like it for special occasions. The food is special not ordinary. Many different tastes accommodated.

Food is ok, service not so good, 1/20/2009
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I have yet to meet a nice, pleasant server, hostess at this place. The food is good, can't really complain about that, but the service is pretty crappy. I ate once with my husband and daughter outside, took about 15 minutes to get service outside. Then for Christmas we had a lunch with our office (about 15 people) and the server had Zero personality, which surprised me for a big group. You need to have a good server when it comes to lots of people. I will continue to eat at the Elephant Bar, and just deal with the non-personality that this place has.

Great, 1/18/2009
Reviewer: Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the Elephant Bar. Great deals and amazing food. I go every week and I still can't get enough. If anyone wants good food go to the EBAR!!

Elephant bar has surprised me again, 12/28/2008
Reviewer: Travis from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Elephant bar. I have gone there for years and every time I get an excellent server and the food is always out quickly. It is apparent that they take time and effort into each meal and the servers are always there if you need anything. I do enjoy the atmosphere, although it wouldn't hurt to change the music. Either way, this is an awesome restaurant and you should check it out. And the girls are cute too!

I LOVEEEE the Elephant Bar!!!, 12/21/2008
Reviewer: Susie from Santa Barbara, CA
My food was excellent and service exceptional. I sat in the bar area and the girls in bar where amazing, they were friendly and very helpful. The only thing I could complain about is that my drink was a little on the weak side.

second time, 12/4/2008
Reviewer: lucky from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there a second time to try and see if conditions would improve.. I have to say that I see the elephant bar trying to be family friendly but if this Is the case I would reccomend to them to lower the music first of all so clients don't leave with a headache but second so that I can hear the person I am dining with. It is this statement "the ebar Is trying to be family friendly" that really says it all "trying" of luck.

Ok food, hit and miss service, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Elephant bar mails out coupons regularly and after trying their food about 8-10 times over the last 4 years it's easy to see why. For some reaons my friends love this place; I, however, am less than crazy about it. I can only rationalize eating there when I have a coupon, I will say they sometimes have great deals. Their food is often presented beautifully but I've found it at times to be greasy or bland or both. Their drinks are cute and more for show than for drinking. I won't complain about the amount of alcohol, they try to be "family friendly" and getting people drunk would counteract that point. The staff rotates a lot, I had 1-2 great waiters and the rest seemed bored or cold or just wanted to get back to that waitress they were flirting with (or bartender in our waitresses case). I would skip this place!

simply ok, 12/1/2008
Reviewer: lucky from Santa Barbara, CA
I have to say I have been there enough times to write a good honest review, much like the other reviews I agree that the service is getting worse now that the resturant is slowly becoming more corperate. Although it wasn't that special to begin with. This alone could ruin a evening. The food is decent for being a American resturant, they also offer decent. Asian dishes that I guess I would compare to panda express....the drinks on the other hand are ok they mix them well but really watch how much alcohol they put in them . The wine selection is ok the house wines are decent and are priced a few dollars less then the bottle is worth In a regular grocery store but I guess they have to make their money somewhere...

Best place in Santa Barbara, 11/13/2008
Reviewer: Philip Payne from Lompoc, CA
This the best restaurant in Santa Barbara area. The menu is stable, but magnificent. Prices are modest. Service is good, but so good there is always a crowd, almost too much for promptness. But the chef/owner had cooked across the world, and his creations are marvelous and memorable. Because of popularity, place is a bit noisy. When in Santa Barbara, all of us in the family eat here! Philip Payne, Lompoc, California

Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat at this place a few times a year. I work near the restaraunt so it's convenient. This is definitely a hit or miss kind of place. Sometimes really over the top and sometimes way below par. If you first walk in and are seated in a less than desirable spot and can't flag a waiter...better to just get up and's a miss. If it's gonna be great, it'll be great from the start. It never starts bad and improves or vice versa. And it's always overpriced. But, knowing all that, give it a try.

My first and probably my last visit to this place..., 7/11/2008
Reviewer: EMANUEL from LOMPOC
Last night I went you with some friends that suggested going to this restaurant. I had never been there so it was new to me. Well to kick off our "lovely dinning experience" the host was kind of an ass. We had about 6 people and they sat us down in a little ass table that's good for 6 normal size people but there was hardly any room for us. We where sitting elbow to elbow, while there was a booth with plenty of space for all of us, but it wasn't clean. You would think they would clean that table and sit us there right? We had to ask them to clean it up so we sit in the booth. So the waiter came over after like 15 or so minutes and asked if we needed any drinks. A few of us got some drinks and water. We where ready to order the appetizers so instead of him writing it down (which would of looked a lot more professional to me at least) he was just standing there taking the few appetizer orders and having some quick answers to our questions like, "I got it!", "Ya!" or had some smart ass remark. I work in the service industry and I've worked for tips for the last 6 years and believe me if I would answer a simple question with yeah!, NO!, I got it!!! I would not make any money on tips at all! Which is what this guy got. At least 5 out of the 6 in our group work in the same place I do working for tips. I don't know if the server was acting like that way to us because we look to be around his age or a few years older...big mistake! People who work for tips usually tip very, very well cause we know how it is to serve people and get rewarded for it. So needless to say he screwed himself out of a very good tip! I went in there with high hopes cause my friend talks so highly of this place and came out very disappointed. The sad thing is that we came all the way down from Lompoc. What a waist of gas! The food wasn't all to bad but I would not go back unless they make some changes with guest service.

Everything is fine except......., 7/9/2008
Reviewer: Elisabeth Puetz from Santa Barbara
I was very disappointed when I came with my friends the other day and our favorite dish was off the menu. I used to come every week with 3 friends only for "Chicken Fire Pot". My niece from Germany even gave me a certificate for X-Mas. Because it is my favorite restaurant. Maybe you can put it on the menu again. Otherwise I have to go somewhere else. Chicken Fire pot is the best selection on your menu.

What a great place to dine..., 6/27/2008
Reviewer: Jamie from Ventura
I've eaten at the Elephant Bar in several locations & loved it every single time. The food is always good, fresh and priced fair. I think the atmosphere is pleasant & staff welcoming. I will continue to return!!

Looks Nice, Tastes Ok., 6/8/2008
Reviewer: Sean from Santa Barbara, CA
Service was good, considering the number of tables the waiters handle. As for the food, I left unsatisfied. The food is presented well and looks pretty, but does not taste as nice as it looks. Cheap food presented with flair.

Don't carry out..., 3/3/2008
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to this location several times... crowded during regular hours but usually worth the wait. Staff is mostly courteous, though I have had rude bartenders at their bar. Food is usually amazing; the menu looks complex but a lot of it is the same. One time I ordered food from here for carry out and when I got home it was lukewarm and did not seem to be of the same quality as what you get in the restaurant. Very pricey!

Kind of a Pass, 2/29/2008
Reviewer: John from Goleta
I thought the food was a pass (appetizers and then lunch) and paid $90.00 to leave still hungry. I believe their happy hour is half way decent, but I was bummed while htere.

Great waiter, good food., 2/24/2008
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
My friends and I went to lunch and everyone enjoyed their food and drinks. Our waiter(Ariel) was a hoot and very efficient. The potato skins were great and the burgers were good. I have been here before and the food and service can be inconsistant. But this was a great lunch.

it was great......, 2/10/2008
Reviewer: shameka dixon from northridge, ca
the service there was cool, but none the least the denzel henderson is the best worker. the food was alright but i love the setting of the resurant.

Not very nice!, 1/15/2008
Reviewer: Katie from Goleta, CA
Firstly, my partner and I were seated in the area with two children's parties going on. When we sat down we greeted by a very unpleasant smell. After ordering and seeing other people complain about the smell, we asked to move to a different table, which was more pleasant. The food was poor, very bland and the plates weren't clean. Overall it just seemed rather dirty, the food was poor, the service was ok, but they obviously don't do a good job of cleaning.

tulsa okla, 1/4/2008
Reviewer: SAM from TULSA
I've never had to pay such a high price for a Margarita, little alone one that tasted like lemonade. To the servers standpoint that left a message. People that go out to eat should get good service that's what were paying for. Iam sure if they knew a head of time they were going to get cold food or not be able to get a drink refill they probley would rather stay at home. And if the server cant keep up maybe they are the one's in the wrong bussiness.

Get the hors d'oeuvres and house wine, 11/29/2007
Reviewer: Sarah Blackmun from Goleta Ca
A good place Monday-Friday for the low-priced hors d'oeuvres menu and the house wine for $4.25 a glass. We sit outside or in the bar, where the service is fine. The chicken with cashews in lettuce leaves is especialy good, as are the coconut shrimp skewers and steamed spring rolls. Skip the regular menu! Mojitos are good too, and reasonably priced.

from a servers standpoint, 11/11/2007
Reviewer: Toots from santa barbara, ca
Why is it that most of you people complain? "there were empty tables" "our food took to long" "our service was poor"......if you have to flag your server down its probably because they're busy and just trying to give all of their tables the service that they deserve....if your drinks are taking too long the restaurant is busy....if theres empty tables while your waiting that means that the restaurant isnt staffed to cover those table or they could be reserved. For all you complainers....if you have nothing better to do that analyze your dining experince THEN STAY do realize nobodys forcing you to go out to eat....servers all around the world would be thrilled not to see you!

Poor Service..very average food, 10/20/2007
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara
I have been invited to 2 birthday dinners here in the last 6 weeks. As a party of 8 were stuck in a corner alcove with no lighting, I mean reading the menu was hard. Took more than 15 minutes for drinks to come(No bar drinks)Food came 30 minutes later and we had to ask for silverware as there was none on the table. My Macadamia nut fish tasted like frozen breaded fish.2 friends had Shrimp adventure and they enjoyed them.Wait staff did not return to table unless we flagged then down or went looking for them. This place used to give such great service and better than average food. It has gone way downhill. Wont return unless invited.

The Happy Hour is excellent!, 8/14/2007
Reviewer: Sarah Blackmun-Eskow from Goleta CA
Excellent hors d'oeuvres and drinks at half price. The Happy Hour menu includes a large portion of stir-fried chicken and cashews served in lettuce leaves; 6 big cocoanut shrimp in a great sauce; spring rolls; potato skins; and a few other things, all for $4.25 each. House wine, which is local and more than respectable, is also $4.25. We sit in the bar, which is much quieter and less crowded than the main dining room, or outside on the patio behind the bar. We have never had to wait for a table. Happy hour is 4:00-6:30 M-F.

Never again, 8/10/2007
Reviewer: Ben Amorelli from Goleta, CA
Sat at the bar for a few well prepared cocktails for my wife's birthday. There was a 20 min wait. "No problem", took a pager and went to the bar. Waited over an hour to be seated, until we realized there were 5 or 6 tables empty. Hostess apologized, "she was on break"? That was just the beginniing. The tri tip and shrimp were quite good. Ribs were inedible, even after trying extra bbq sauce. Most annoying atmosphere of buzzing, skreetching, and whistling from the fans above head... I could go on. Better food at Woodstock's pizza in Isla Vista. Crazy? Don't even think about it unless you really enjoy drinking and desert.

Music was too loud!, 6/7/2007
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
Okay so the food is good, the drinks are reasonably priced and the waiter was friendly and quick. But the whole atmosphere was taken down a bit by the blasting top-40 radio. Maybe you should try some african drumming, since your restaurant worked so hard on the theme?

Memorable Girls Night Out, 4/22/2007
Reviewer: A.A. from Tulsa, OK
This was to be one of my favorite restaurants. Two nights ago 3 friends and myself decided to have a girl's night out and we chose to go to Elephant Bar. We came at a very busy time, but were seated within just a few minutes and had excellent service the entire time. I had the chicken and mushroom fettacini and it was the best I had ever tasted! We all ordered a desert to share and the waitress split it between all of our checks without our even having to ask her! We are definitly coming back as often as our wallets can afford!

MICE for us too! YUCK!!, 2/20/2007
Reviewer: Karen from Sanata Barbara, CA
We have been going to Elephant Bar for years, on occasion. The food is ok, nothing really out of the ordinarty and portions on the salads fluctuate too much. Well, we won't be going back ever because we saw a mouse run right by our feet and go under a booth where people were sitting. We told the busser, who told a manager and the manager gave us a story about the grass outside and mice coming in, blah, blah, blah. I couldn't enjoy my meal with my feet up in the air and the manager offered to pay for our meal, but we did get a bill for the drinks and dessert! Oh come on, that was tacky! Mice do not belong in restaurants-a definite turnoff!

plenty of empty tables?!?, 12/8/2006
Reviewer: danielle from Overland Park, KS
you people are rediculous when you complain about there being "plenty of empty tables." have you ever considered that they might not have enough people to staff all of those tables?! hmmm?! its rediculous to complain about that. when you go to a restaurant, especially with a big party, expect to wait! and when you see empty tables, remember that there may not be enough servers! its not their fault. i love this restaurant. ive been to the one in my town, Kansas City, three times in 5 months and Ive been to one in California once. I loved it everytime and the service and food quality has been suprisingly consistant. the food is amazing and unique! the ambiance is great. the mood is relaxing but energetic at the same time! the decorations are so fun! i love this restaurant!

bad birthday experience, 12/4/2006
Reviewer: AB from Cupertino
I always like the Elephant Bar, choosing all my special dinners and occasions to be at the restaurant. But last time, I took my best friend out for her birthday. I told the host it was her birthday, and she told our server, who came right out and said it to my friend's face, so there went any surprise. Then, our server was "funny" meaning sarcastic and rude to us the entire night, and then not only did he not do ANYTHING for her birthday, he said to her "I would get some of my buddies to sing for your birthday, but they are all really bad." During this same night, I saw two other birthdays being sung too AND another girl getting a dessert with a candle on top. The issue is not a free dessert, which almost all restaurants do on your birthday, I would have paid for the dessert. It was the lack of care, effort, or any special recognition for her birthday, when others got it. I would have paid extra to have something done, which I expected, and have done for my other friends and seen lots of other people get sung to and birthday desserts, but I did not shell out $50 to be so upset and irritated when I left the restaurant. This is the last place I will come to eat dinner, let alone celebrate a birthday. I am very disappointed.

Our favorite!, 11/28/2006
Reviewer: Andy Weinberg from Goleta, CA
My wife and I eat there about once a week. We love it! My favorite meal is the Honey Mustard Chicken Salad. The service is better here than anywhere in the area. The atmosphere makes us feel younger than we are with the friendly, young servers. The price is right, too. There are a lot of us regulars and we like it that way.

Great Girl's Night Out, 10/30/2006
Reviewer: Jenny from Goleta
One of my friends turned 21 and we decided to take her out to eat at E-Bar. We had a party of 12 and the staff was very kind to us and didn't mind we had such a large party. The food came quickly and was delicious. None of the orders were messed up and everything was as we wanted it. The only thing was we bought a cake at Coldstone's and they forgot to bring it out but that may have been a communication error on our part. I highly recommend this restaurant.

Excellent Food and Service, 4/25/2006
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to this restaurant with a group for a birthday celebration on Sunday night and was all-around very pleased with it. The ambiance is very fun and family-friendly, the service is very attentive, and the food (I ordered the Thai Noodle with veggies and tofu) is excellent. To top this all off, the prices and portions were acceptable. The only so-so part of the meal was the Molten Chocolate cake which tasted like it was made from a mix, not the decadent home-made taste I hoped for.

Good place, 3/29/2006
Reviewer: Marc from Santa Barbara
I've lived in Santa Barbara since '99 and have eaten here countless times. Great food, selection, atmosphere, portions, service. I keep going back, and I've never been disappointed. Thanks, E-Bar!

Mice!, 3/18/2006
Reviewer: Rachel from Goleta, Ca
I have never really been impressed with the menu at E-Bar. The last time I went, there was a mouse running back and forth across the room! We informed the staff, who did nothing. No more E-bar for me.

Not worth it., 3/5/2006
Reviewer: Paul from Rancho Cucamonga
The previous time I went to Elephant Bar with my GF and her family and I had a great experience. I had the Pad Thai and it was fairly decent a little bland but the service was timely and the food came out pretty quickly. They sat our party down pretty quickly also. HOWEVER,I went in there earlier today and even though the place had plenty of open tables it still took a little while to get a table. The waiter was a little to "laxed" but was still pleasant to deal with. My gf ordered the tri-tip and bbq shrimp and it looked like they had stolen food from the dining commons and reheated it after being frozen for a week. I ordered a 1/2 rack for what seemed like a pretty decent price. It came out and disapointed is an understatement. It was extremely bland and the only flavor that I found was in the ranch sauce with my fries. It was also burnt to a crisp. But instead of sending it back, my gf wanted to just leave so we did. Not coming back again.

Great family restaurant, service inconsistent, 2/20/2006
Reviewer: Bri from Santa Barbara
This is a great family restaurant. Very kid friendly, great booths, wide variety of dishes and tasty mango margaritas, as well as the usual ones. Service is mainly good but we have had some not so good ones. They are not rude, just too busy sometimes I guess. You can't come here expecting first class service. They do a good job, period.

Never Again, 12/29/2005
Reviewer: Ashlie from Goleta, Ca
I have given this place too many chances, and I won't be again. I liked my margarita, it was tasty and strong. The food was bland, and cold, my burger was slimy. The service was slow, and almost rude and took forever. We were there for almost 3 hours! The atmosphere was noisy, yet the restaurant was empty and now I don't have to wonder why. It seemed that the staff was more interested in talking with eachother than being professional and taking care of the guests. I was embarassed to ask for anything. We finally sought out a manager to help us get our bill, but failed to find one. He did finally come to our table and offered to comp some of our bill, but even then it wasn't worth it. I'd come back to the bar, but the food and service I can live without.

Creme brulee, 12/19/2005
Reviewer: Cat from CA
I like the creme brulee. I think one couple thought it was a Rainforest Cafe with animals in it. I like the salads. The food is really good. There is no entertainment so just come here to eat. I heard they have good alcohol beverages.

Best Restaurant we have ever been, 12/13/2005
Reviewer: murat ozcan from istanbul turkey
First of all congratulations for the quality of this place.We're from TURKEY.Every summer my mother&I visit Santa Barbara.When ever we visit SB we're having lunch and dinner in Elephant Bar.We're travelling all over the world and we have never seen a place like this.CHARMİNG.THANK YOU MR DİCKSONS

easy killer, 11/4/2005
Reviewer: JJ tomsine from valenca CA
The e-bar has got to be the beats restaurant in scv. The service is great, all staff are very respectful and the food was excellent,

Must be a bad location, 8/29/2005
Reviewer: Candice from Fremont, CA
Wow, those are some tough reviews. There is an E-bar here where I live in Fremont, CA and I must say I absolutely love it. My husband and I go at least once a month, we always have prompt service, good food and never are overcharged. That's a shame that this other one offers such terrible service. It really is a nice place.

Best!, 8/9/2005
Reviewer: Ashley from Santa Barbara, CA
The best thing I liked about it was the food Soooooo delicious! I have no least favorite things about this place. Its also very family friendly. The service was great too.

Terrible Restaurant, 7/28/2005
Reviewer: Carl from San Gabriel, CA
Actually, I would put no stars on this chain. Went to celebrate an event one evening with 15 guests of mine at 9:00 p.m. The host said she couldn't seat us although there were plenty of empty tables. Then she added we'd have to wait 30 or more minutes and there would be no guarantee of being seated together. I've written my complaint to the restaurant manager and twice to the company itself. Still after two months, no reply! After reading all the other bad reviews, I'm glad we walked out and found a fantatic Italian Restaurant more than happy to get the business of 15 hungry adults!

Zero Stars, 7/14/2005

I could kick myself after reading these other reviews for even trying out this place. I picked my sister up at the airport recently and she had a craving for asian food, and I really wanted a salad so I thought out on your credit card bill, 7/10/2005

it took 30 minutes before any server even greeted us or started on drinks. when he did come, he was very friendly. the food was good but i got charged an extra 15 bucks on my credit card bill....

We Must Have Gotten Lucky, 3/23/2005
Reviewer: Cesar Torres from Los Angeles, CA
My wife and I stop in every year on our way to SLO. Of course once a year doesn´t qualify me as an expert, but I must say that the few times we have gone we have always gotten great food, friendly service and courteous staff. We usually get in there within an hour after opening. Perhaps that is why the food is fresh and the servers have not gotten tired yet. Overall we always have a great time. Your mileage may vary...

Whats the hype?, 3/9/2005
Reviewer: Rachelle from Goleta, Ca
We recently went to the Elephant Bar for a quick bite. A lot of people seemed to be waiting, and I was pleased when we were seated promptly. We waited so long until we were greated, that I had to convince my boyfriend not to leave. Then the server arrived and acted annoyed that he had to help us. He said very little other than "what do you want?" and what he did say sounded scripted. We sat among dirty dishes for what seemed like forever, and I swear that my food was a frozen dinner that they microwaved and served to me. It was so bland, and the cashew chicken was almost slimy! The only redeeming element of the evening was my margarita. Good service and quality food is the reasons to dine out, and Elephant Bar is one chain that has seemed to have forgotten this.

I´m not sure if we all went to the same restaurant!, 1/14/2005

This was my first time at the Elephant Bar and by reading the reviews, I was kind of skeptical but the service was AWESOME and the food was FABULOUS! (I had to share my Shrimp Adventure Platter cause there was so much!) Prices are very reasonable and since we went right before closing, we couldn´t blame them for being tired of singing the birthday song at least 45 times throughout the night. If anything, the atmosphere is super cool just to be in too.

mojito letdown, 7/26/2004

While the food has never been the best at the elephant bar, the drinks usually make up for it. That is, till the last time i went there with my lova and my brotha. we ordered the mojito´s and asked if they could have a little less sugar. when they came, it was nothing but soda water and lime. As a waiter myself, I was very courteous and even took the blame for them sucking, but the waitress was rude and abrupt. She is short, skinny, with brown hair down pulled up. She repeatedely called me hun, which my girlfriend obviously didnt like. We had to ask for water and my salad was bland

Affordable. Friendly service. Good Drinks., 2/18/2004
Reviewer: Joshua from Goleta, CA
I don´t know why all the complaints here...but the best deals are to be had on their pan-asian menus. I also really enjoy their lamb shanks (two for $12) and e-tea´s (their version of the long island iced tea). I also recommend reserving a booth instead of a table, it´s little more peaceful. I also strongly suggest their wok-fired sesame chicken or even their pad thai. All under $10 and come in generous portions. The TGIFriday´s and Chili comparisons I think only relate to their cheesy "happy birthday" renditions every 5 minutes.

WARNING: Overcharged My Card For The SECOND Time, 1/21/2004
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was very good, service was okay... but the second time the server has added a little extra for himself.

It was okay, 9/1/2003

The service was so-so, our waitress was fine, but the busboy who brought out the food was very hasty and disrespectul, he would just through the plates down, when we weren´t even done with our salads yet. I got a teriyaki chicken stir fry, and it was good, I sent it back to get heated up, but it was very tasty. My friend got the shrimp linguini, and thought it was very bland. The shortcake we ordered was nothing like the picture. It had runny whip cream, and rum in the sauce with the strawberries, which I don ´t remember them saying that there was alcohol in the sauce of the shortcake. Overall, I would go back if I got the same thing, but I wouldn´t want to gamble it on ordering anyting else, but the prices weren´t bad a t all. Our order came to 30$, so it was very reasonable. The atmosphere was busy.

Agree with the earlier reviews, 4/19/2002

I usually like eating at the slightly off beat places near the single engine section of airports (e.g. San Carlos airport, Half-moon bay airport). I had never heard of Elephant bar, so I didn´t realize it was a chain. Sat down for some lunch and watch the planes tool around, sounds good. Then as the other reviewers said, just another TGIF, Chili´s w/ a different decor. Too bad.

food okay, service okay, management sucks, 4/11/2002

ever since the management started raising their prices ever so slightly while decreasing their portion size, I´ve at my eye on the e-bar ... and the management has gotten decidedly stinger at each passing month, creating rules out of thin air to make some of the best deals invalid, adding more decoration while making the plates shallower and serving less food ... well pay attention e-bar because your patrons DO notice ... my advice, order the grill burger, and stay away from their larger meat dishes ... used to be pretty good eats, now just another hand in your pocket to get your money

Just another chain variation of TGIF / Chili´s, 1/27/2002

Went for lunch, food is mediocre, run of the mill, atmosphere is cheesy. It might be nice on a sunny day outside, watching the planes take off.

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