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Fortune Garden
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2009-08

5915 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-8865

Reviews by the General Public

2nd visit the same, 5/20/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Seeing the three good reviews in a row made me try this place again but still not there. Trying other things on the menu including the paper chicken(this is not like a spring roll and was not very good) this place still does not do it for me so I'll leave it to others who may like it. Just too pricey for what you get and the serving sizes still were small to me. The server was still very nice though! I would recommend one of the other places on Calle Real, Sushi Teri for Japanese and Pick Up Stix for Chinese.

Kung Pao Chicken.. not so good, 5/7/2009
Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered delivery here for the first time. I liked that they have a large menu selection and I had a coupon for free cream cheese wontons, which were pretty good. My g/f got the spider roll. It was 9$ and a very weak roll. It was mostly rice and cucumber, barely any crab, and the avocado was brown. Ew! If you're a sushi lover, you probably shouldnt order it here. Anyways, on to my kung pao chicken.. I liked that it came with zucchini, carrots, and water chesnuts. That was a nice touch, but the chicken was disgusting. I couldnt eat one full bite of it. It was dark, like beef.. and it was soooo chewy, I could barely swallow it. Abosultely the worst quality chicken I have ever had in my life. I can't believe I paid money for it.. Maybe some of their other chicken dishes have white meat, but this was just a mess. The egg rolls were good though.

Excellent Service and Good Food, 12/13/2008
Reviewer: Richard from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been eating at Fortune Garden for over nine years and have always enjoyed the excellent service, large portions (I actually have to request smaller portions so I don't waste food) and wonderful quality. The staff has always been courteous and attentive. I will continue to go there whenever I desire Chinese Food.

Simply Delicious, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Bruce from Goleta, CA
I had the sushi, paper wrapped chicken and vegetable wonton soup. The philly roll and spider roll were just perfect, the paper-wrapped chicken has a very unique taste that I wish I could make out so I could try and make them at home, so good. The wonton soup was full of vegetables that tasted like they just came from the garden. Always had a full glass of tea. A very enjoyable evening. I will definitly eat here again.

Good Fortune!, 11/30/2008
Reviewer: Jim from Goleta, CA
I eat dinner at Fortune Garden more than once a month and have always had good experiences there. The staff all seem to be friendly and knowledgeable. I often have to take some of my order home for the next day's lunch because of the large serving size! I think they do well with both the quality and the quantity of their serving portions. I would recomend Fortune Garden to anyone who likes Chinese food!

Service good food not, 10/14/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I would suggest Pick up Stix down the street or China City Restaurant for a buffet or delivery. Food was not good and was very pricey, the portions were not big enough either. Food kind of tasted like soap or maybe that was the sweet and sour sauce. Edible just not enjoyable. Nice hostess, no language issues, but not sure this place is worth it even with coupons.

No Thanks!, 1/23/2008
Reviewer: erin from santa barbara, ca
No way! I have had better food from a microwave! Took over an hour for delivery, food was cold, and no duck sauce and hot mustard as requested. Never again!

Horrible Service and Food, 7/30/2007
Reviewer: Julie from Goleta, CA
So I've ordered from here before and it's always been so-so, but last night when we ordered it was horrible! I ordered Sweet & Sour Chicken that arrived soggy (because it took them 1 1/2 hours for delivery!), Combination fried rice - which we didnt get because the lady says I ordered Egg Fried Rice not Combination... I think I know what I ordered! We got the free chicken chow mein which was also cold... and then we ordered the Westlake Duck! On the menu the Westlake Duck is like 10.95 or something... when I called the restuarant complaining about my fried rice the lady (who cant even speak English!) tells me its an old menu and the duck is now almost $16 dollars!! Who has ever heard of a $5 price jump! It would be nice if she could have told me this before... anyways I guess their menu is false advertising but they still send it out to everyone in the Goleta area because they cannot afford new ones! So be warned that their prices went UP! Never gonna order from them again!

Good in a Pinch, 3/26/2007
Reviewer: Aimee from Goleta, CA
The food isn't anything special - just your typical greasy, fast-food Chinese - but it will suffice in a pinch, and it's cheap. I've always had excellent service and no problems with deliveries. If you're tired and want to order in, Fortune Garden is a good bet.

Whatever you do don't go here, 11/15/2006
Reviewer: Amber from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my first time eating here, and will be my last time, in fact the only reason why I went in was because I had a coupon that was printed on their menu. So I got there and ordered my food, including the four eggrolls that were supposed to be free because I had a coupon. At the end of the meal I handed the waitress my coupon and she said that it was only valid for takeout, when she had already seen that I had the coupon and that it said nowhere on the coupon that was true. Oh, a few other things went wrong too, there was lipstick on my tea cup, she poured us unsteeped tea, she wiped my plate off with my own napkin and put the napkin back on the plate before I sat down, and I dropped my fork and she handed it back wet. After all of this disguisting-ness I just asked her to box my food to-go. But what really made me mad was the fact that she would not take the "free" eggrolls off of the bill, even though she pointed at my coupon before I ordered them, and then told me that her menus were seven years old. Well I guess she better get those menus fixed and not hand them out within a five mile radius to everyone.

Service OK, wish the food was too!, 3/25/2006
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been here twice and both times I have regretted it. The first time I ordered the fried butterfly shrimp, they were coated with breadcrumbs chicken nugget style, and had absolutely no flavor. Time #2 I order the kung pao chicken, I thought kung pao meant spicy but the dish was incredibly bland. I won't be coming back

Just OK, 3/10/2006
Reviewer: D. from Goleta
I had eaten here years ago when they were in a different location and didn't think much of the food. I saw all the great reviews and decided to try it again. We had takeout with a big order for a family celebration. All thought the food was very plain. Nothing special. We had cashew chicken, lemon duck, pork lo mein (which had no noodles), eggplant in brown sauce, orange peel beef, and dry sauted string beans. Only the beans were good, tasty. The lo mein, cashew chicken, and eggplant were interchangable, they all tasted the same. The duck was very dry and the lemon sauce had little lemon flavor. The orange beef had little orange flavor. There are plenty of better places in Santa Barbara.

Great Chinese Cuisine, 12/27/2005
Reviewer: Greg & Jen Mishkin from Santa Barbara
We have been getting take out and delivery from Fortune Gardens for some time now. The egg foo yung is awesome... best in SB, and we have been to most of the respectable restaurants in town. The Mongolian beef and chicken is fantastic. We highly recommend you check them out.

Great to go, 12/25/2005
Reviewer: Ondine from Santa Barbara
We've picked up take away from Fortune Garden twice a month for a year now. Always fast, fresh and with very flavorful tofu dishes. We'll be coming back for more.

Fabulous, 12/12/2005
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara
I've only ordered take out but the delivery time was fast, the food was fabulous and fresh, and the prices were reasonable. One complaint, the fried rice is terrible.

Great!, 7/7/2005
Reviewer: Windsor Man from goleta, ca
This place is so great, i love their shrimp fried rice and noodle soup. I usually go in, but i order now a days and its still the great quality food they have been serving. Delivery guy is cool too. Thie hostess is nice too.

A great take out experience, 10/3/2004
Reviewer: Keggy from Goleta CA
I enjoy "the garden" weekly. Their War won ton soup is the best around. For a college student like myself their lunch menu is cheep yet its great food! Something rare in the Burger King Era. Take my word for it and enter the garden or do what i do and relax to some ESPN sunday night football and a steamy bowl of soup. Hey its no Campbells its just a little bit better...

Always An Enjoyable Experience, 6/1/2004
Reviewer: Jim from Goleta, Ca.
I started eating at Fortune Garden when I lived in an apartment around the corner. I have since moved, but I´m still a "regular" customer. There is no other place like this one for the combination of great food, friendly staff, peaceful surroundings and authentic Chinese atmosphere! The best thing to do is to go see for yourself!! I think you´ll like it - I did.

Great food, friendly service..., 4/23/2004
Reviewer: Lee from Santa Barbara, California
Fortune Gardens has been at the top of my list for a very long time. I usually order delivery, but have had many great experiences dining in. I first experienced F.G. when they were located farther out in Goleta. I followed them when they moved. They have killer WonTon soup, garlic shrimp, mouth-watering noodle dishes, and wonderful Kung Pao anything. Their prices are very reasonable. I read the other reviews (only two--and not very good). It leads me to believe that people just don´t report anything when everything is great. There are always the whiners who have to get in a word.

Bad Experience, 1/15/2004

Tried the place when it first opened as it is in our neighborhood and wanted something close to home. My meal had not 1, but 2 hairs in the food. They offered a discounted upon my return. I have not been back. The food was alright, but the extra few minutes driving is worth for better food elsewhere.

Food, 9/21/2002

Decent place, decent food, decent price

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