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Frog Bar & Grill at Glen Annie
301 Glen Annie Rd, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-0664

Reviews by the General Public

Hours of operation
Reviewer: The Frog Bar and Grill from Santa Barbara, CA
The Frog Bar and Grill is open for lunch, special occasions and private events. We no longer serve dinner and our weekly restaurant hours are Monday through Friday 11:30 till 2pm. Hope to see you soon. 1/3/15

Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
My family & I have gone to the Frog Grill for the past several Thanksgiving lunches/dinners. (Nobody wants to cook/host. Hey, I would but our place is too small.) It's one of the few non-Asian restaurants open on TG Day, and they put on a nice buffet which includes traditional turkey & trimmings and other non-traditional choices as well. Quality-wise, it's a good-to-very-good buffet. The service is great and it's a nice atmosphere, inside and out. We like it; we'll keep going back.

Fabulous lunch!!
Reviewer: Paige from Santa Barbara, CA
For my first time at the Frog Bar and Grill I am happy to say I was very pleased. Not only was the food stellar, the service was impeccable. We were greeted by a very friendly girl named Natalie who was able to answer every question we had about the menu as well as make the perfect Lemon Drop. Our food server was Kristina and her fun friendly domineer made our experience very delightful. I suffer from food allergies and Kristina was so kind to accommodate my needs with a true sign of compassion and understanding. I was curious to know how Natalie made the perfect Lemon Drop so I asked her for the recipe and she graciously wrote it down for me. I will definitely be visiting soon and on a regular basis. Whoever the Food and Beverage Manager of these nice young ladies is sure doing a damn good job!! Keep up the good work Frogs!

Really good food, so so service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Really good food here. Great view of the golf course, ocean and sometimes islands. At least for lunch the waitresses did not seem very pleasant and were more of the school types working there while going to school from what I would gather, pushy to clear the tables and did not know who ordered what. I think you can get the same food(same kitchen) in the Patio cafe next door if you don't want to deal with waitresses.

Top Class Dining Experience
Reviewer: Reuben Bautista from San Diego, CA
Where do i begin? The ambiance of the restaurant is just incredible. You'll feel like you're at home... if you lived on the ninth hole that is. Where else can you be catered to by world class service and a very unique exquisite cuisine? I had the honor of meeting the Chef (Cesar)whom i found, after chatting with him, to be one of the finest chefs in Santa Barbara. Cody who tends bar there also made us some delicious margaritas which complemented the amazing fish tacos we ordered. If you are ever in Santa Barbara make sure to come here and hopefully you'll feel the same way I do about this place.

Excellent food and service
Reviewer: Martin from Goleta, CA
I have eaten here more than a hundred times and it is always good and keeps getting better. You need to try it for yourselves. Don't be swayed by these negative reviews. The reviewer that didn't like the halibut tacos must be very hard to please indeed. The batter that Caesar uses is dark because of the ingredients and not because it is overcooked. I can't wait until they start up the Thursday night dinners again.

Halibut is good...but Lobster may be better!
Reviewer: Bryan from Goleta, CA
I was at the Frog Grill, and they just started a new menu. I have seen some very serious changes lately, mostly wioth the attitude of service. But all that good stuff put away, the 'fish' tacos are now LOBSTER - which at first made me nervous, but the manager assured me that they would be even better. And he was right. I had written this place off, but it is a spot now, and we went to the wine dinner they had too - it has come full circle!

Reviewer: Ash from Santa Barbara, CA
I went with some friends to Frog's for lunch and I was really disappointed. I ordered the Ancho Chili Halibut Fish Tacos. The menu describes the halibut as seared with sweet ancho chili flour...this is code for pieces of halibut that are covered in bread and then deep fried till they are dark brown, dry and covered in a grease film....YUCK. I was really disappointed :( I think the halibut shouldn't be fried because it isn't very really ruins the fish.

Best kept Sunday morning secret
Reviewer: Eric from Montecito
I have only eaten at Frog B&G for their Sunday morning brunch but it keeps me coming back. They have a nice selection of items including fresh fruit, salad, pasta and an omelette bar. The salsa is among the best around and makes a nice addition to a bacon, cheese, bell pepper and onion omelette. The deserts (cheese cake) are kind of boring and look like they came from a box but I am honestly always too full to bother with them anyways.

We Can Only Hope to Be What You Want...
Reviewer: Brent Bushong II, F&B Director from Glen Annie Golf Club
I hope that you that have been here before will take the time to read this. As a Golf Club, it is our responsibility to cater to a demanding (and rightfully so) audience. Whether we have done this in the past or not is certainly open to interpretation, but I would like to personally assure you that, with my Chef, Caesar and General Manager, Rich, we are about to embark on the newest chapter in the history of the Glen Annie Golf Club - and I would challenge you all for your input on how to be better. I would certainly welcome your ideas, but even more, I would welcome your solutions - how do we go about fixing the problems that some of you out there in critic land have had? I will hope to lose none of you as patrons, and in fact have you come back with friends - so help me figure out the way. You can email me at, or contact me directly at the course (our number is listed on the website). We will also be offering more special events and even weddings with our new permits and licenses, entertaining calls for these immediately. Have we let you down in the past? Give us the opportunity to make it up to you - starting very soon. Our very competent staff looks very much forward to hosting you again, or for the first time, in the very near future.

Reviewer: Sarah from Goleta
This place is a wannabe Bacara and it is overpriced and rude. On Mothers Day Brunch we randomly decided to go and they said we couldnt go without reservations but then they let us sit in the bar area which we thought was fine UNTIl other people came without reservations and they told them to wait 10 minutes and they'd give them a seat outside because people had been cancelling all morning. We sat in the bar area looking like fools and the management and waiters blatantly took advantage of us. On top of that, each meal was 35 dollars which was not worth it considering the poor service and akward seating. If they hadn't let other people eat without reservations I wouldnt have cared but what they did was just rude. The food was weird too and not much of a selection for that price. Go here only if you want overpriced, bland food and rude, pompous service.

Halibut Tacos are delicious (but messy)
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
This is our favorite spot for business lunches. Just enough variety and popular food. Tasty too. Love the setting and it is off the beaten path so it is rarely too busy.

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