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Gina's Pizza
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-01

7038 Marktplace Dr, Goleta
Phone: (805) 571-6300

Reviews by the General Public

Good Pizza Nice People, 9/4/2014
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Had not tried it in awhile and the pizza was really good, fresh, lots of toppings, a buttery crust. House Salad was also really good. Servers very nice also. It appears they have stepped their game and worth a another try if you thought so so before like me.

Where's the sauce?, 7/16/2014
Reviewer: Detroit local from Santa Barbara, CA
This pizza could have been good had they put some sauce on, plenty of cheese but short on the toppings!

Pizza lover, 6/18/2012
Reviewer: Fay from Santa Barbara, CA
They have the best pizza and good price I try god father and chicken pesto yummy

Good pizza...needs a good scrub though, 6/4/2012
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
We had a really good pizza last night. Nice crust, great sauce, lots of gooey cheese, fresh veggies, all around very good pizza! The trick is not to get it delivered, we've had many problems in the past with receiving the wrong pizza, soggy pizza and untimely delivery. Eating in, we were very pleased with our food but the place needs a good scrub! It was a slow dinner service but there were 6 employees standing around while inside and out desperately needed to be bussed, overflowing trash, tables were not bussed, and our "clean" table was sticky and rickety, moved to another table with the same problem. I think it was the owner eating behind the counter. So this place is that messy with employees standing around WITH the owner being present???

Greatest lunch special known to mankind!!!, 4/19/2012
Reviewer: Lenoard from Santa Barbara, CA
Sandwiches are super tasty and big enough to be split for two. The lunch special threw in a soda, a nice-sized side salad and cut two dollars off the price of the sandwich. Came out to 6.50$ after tax and fed two of us. If you're super hungry their pasta dishes have a really cheap lunch special as well. I have gone back several times.

Who's the boss?, 3/6/2012
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Apparently I am as that's how the man behind the counter was addressing me. Hey boss...what will it be boss?...Howz everything boss. Now for the food. It was the blandest pizza and salad that I've ever had. No flavor at all. One star for the dressing, that did have some flavor. I'm the boss here but I won't be back for the food.

Good food, nice people, orders often get mixed up., 2/26/2012
Reviewer: Virginia Paxton from San Francisco, Ca.
The food is good, the people working behind the counter are friendly and helpful. My ONLY disappointment is that they frequently mix up the order (wrong sauce, missing items). We will continue to order from them, just hope their attention-to-detail improves! : )

Unsanitary, 1/26/2012
Reviewer: Gerianne Ramirez from Santa Barbara, CA
I was so disappointed when I went to Gina's the other day. The cashier was eating behind the counter and had her dirty purse sitting where they place food. The musician they had, played great, but he had his dirty equipment laying on the tables where people eat. I wonder if the new owners are buying less quality ingredients for the pizzas because I noticed the difference (did not taste as great). Sorry to say, but I will not be back. It is too bad, because I use to like it. If you do not care to post this, please pass this on to the owner.

I got the wrong order, they handled it well. , 5/28/2011
Reviewer: Paula from Goleta
I've been going to this place for a couple of years. I recently discovered that they have online ordering so I ordered my usual with 3 special toppings (feta, sun-dried tomatoes and basil). When I got my order I found only a cheese pizza without my 3 special toppings (that I paid extra for). When I called, the worker let me speak to the owner who told me that the online ordering service always gets it wrong, and to just call next time. He then delivered my pizza personally. It was a busy night and he sounded a little frazzled but they've ALWAYS treated me well.

The food is good, the place is dirty, 7/31/2010
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is great and the staff are nice. I was enjoying my tasty lunch moment and I got distracted by those filty, crusty, food stained walls and art. Seriously...clear out the tables and chairs and give this place a good scrub. It needs it, trust me.

Slow service, bad pizza, 7/16/2010
Reviewer: Beverly Wilkins from Santa Barbara, CA
I was here before a movie matinee and was literally the only person in there. Took 15 minutes to get a slice of pizza. The crust is dry, and the marinara and cheese are just plain bad. The pizza is something I would expect in a high school cafeteria. But once I finally got my pizza, at least it was served with a smile.

Rude Phone Sevice, 6/25/2010
Reviewer: nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to Gina’s Pizza for years with my husband. We drive from Carpinteria to Goleta just to eat pizza. I recently called and asked the person who answered the phone if I could speak to a certain someone.. The person that answered said not to worry about it and hung up on me. I was calling neither for telemarketing reason nor sales reasons. However I called back to tell the person who answered the phone that I will not be coming back ever again. And I will spread the word of how unkind you treated a customer. Truth be told I was trying to order food for 400 people. Lost my business… Ps don’t call around 9am you may reach to rude person. Sounds to me he was the owner!

Enjoyed the lunch....thanks!, 5/14/2010
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was very good and the service was friendly. I had the pastrami. It wasn't the leanest but it was prepared right (steamed), nice portion and the roll was good. The little side salad on the plate with the pickle was a nice addition. The price is right too for what you get.

i love their pizza !!! best in town and beyound, 2/23/2010
Reviewer: kourosh from Santa Barbara, CA
i loved their pizza. i went there first just about a year ego and since then i have been there about 20 times and i live about 30 minutes away, but their food is worth the drive. i also like their sandwiches and they remind me of the best deli sandwiches you get in new york, just gina's is better for less money. the owners are two very helpful and friendly brothers. i think Matt and Casey. in any case, they deserve the title of best pizza in town!!!

Not bad at all!, 2/5/2010
Reviewer: Peter. M from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I have been at the movie theater next-door hundreds of times, after reading the nice review about this place at news press,last night before the movies we had dinner there. My pastrami sandwich was great and my wife's pizza looked real attractive, even the beer was good!!

Amazing Veggie Pizza!, 7/7/2009
Reviewer: Tamara Alexander from Yorba Linda, CA
I'm from Orange County, and on my way up to San Luis Obispo I stopped here for lunch. Now every time I visit SLO, Gina's is my lunch stop. I am actually planning a day trip with my friends just so they can eat the wonderful veggie pizza. It's so amazing I'm willing to drive three hours to get it!

Love the Hawaiian Pizza!, 6/30/2009
Reviewer: D from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Gina's pizza! Its full of flavor!

Good for the money!, 3/12/2009
Reviewer: Trey from Santa Barbara, CA
Being a Newport Beach transplant I find it comforting that Gina's is in Santa Barbara. They have terrific food and have very reasonable prices. Though this location is not owned by the Costa familiy, they do use slightly different ingredients and recipes, it does come very close. Overall I love this place!

Barbacoa Pizza!, 2/4/2009
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
Soo delicious. My boyfriend and I are eating leftovers at this moment. Gina's has amazing pizza. My boyfriend only likes pizza with crust that stands on its own and isnt floppy. HE LOVES THIS PIZZA! We drive from Isla Vista just to get it!

disappointing recommendation, 12/15/2008
Reviewer: Shawn Wirts from Goleta, CA
Gina's was recommended to me by a friend from school, and I don't quite understand why. Another reviewer mentioned that the affection for this place might be because of the cheap beer, and my wife and I agree with that reasoning. The pizza crust was unimpressive, and the cheese seemed kinda plastic - like it was cheaply made pizza that you would find in an elementary school cafeteria or something. Anyway, if you happen to be at the theater and want a beer with your pizza, maybe it would be worth your time. I would not recommend it otherwise. (My wife says it was "really bad pizza," and I should rate it one star, whereas I was leaning towards two stars.)

Good Food, 9/30/2008
Reviewer: Nik from Santa Barbara, CA
First off They don't use frozen pizza dough. They make it right there so that comment about the frozen pizza dough is not true. Secondly the comment about the pizza having Cheese on it is also false. The SLICE'S have sauce on them and when a person orders a slice they add the cheese and toppings to it. Everything is made to order. Yes it may take a little bit of time to get a pizza. 20 mins tops. So if your Hungry get a salad while you wait. This place has been around a few years. The people there really know their stuff. I personally highly recommend the Garlic Cheese bread.

Good food, 7/2/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I think the key is that it takes awhile to cook a pizza, they don't microwave it. Best to call it in if you need it quicker. Food is good, we regularly cater from them at work. They have nice choices. They could possibly have pizzas out that you could buy by the slice right there to alleviate waits. Go get a Blenders Shake after ordering and come back for it would be my suggestion.

It's the cheese....., 2/18/2008
Reviewer: Gabe from Santa Barbara
We had the pepperoni and olive combo and it took over 20 minutes to get our food. When our pizza did come, it had so much mozzarella on it that it basically all fell off the slice when you picked it up. Hey, I love cheese as much as the next guy, but this was just over the top.

Go elsewhere for Pizza, 2/10/2008
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara
Sure it's NY style pizza which is a nice change from your regular delivery-type, but there are MUCH better places to go. I noticed they had a rack of already made cheese pizzas to which they simply add your topping and throw it in the oven, god knows how long that pizza has been sitting there. Plus they use WAY WAY too much cheese, perhaps to cover the taste of stale pizza dough. Give these guys a pass, you'd be happier with something from Dominos....

Awesome!, 12/23/2007
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Carp, CA
I've been eating at Gina's for a couple years now and have never been disappointed...and being from the east coast I'm VERY picky about my pizza. I love their calzones! They're the best!

worst pizza ever!, 12/14/2007
Reviewer: tony from Goleta
dude! I cannot believe the 5 star ratings for food and service! I ate here before a movie twice now (I went back to give them the benefit of the doubt). The pizza was basically inedible, frozen crust, cardboard. Sorry, but true! The wait for my slice was around 20 min too! just awful! These reviewers must have had too many pitchers before their food came. wow!

PIZZA AND PASTA, 12/10/2007
Reviewer: David from goleta, ca
Food is absolutely delicious. Staff is friendly. Great happy hour prices. Good family environment. Because of these reasons I regularly eat here once every two weeks or so.

Good salads, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Bertha from Santa Barbara,CA
I used to go to Gina's frequently when I worked in the area. The pizza is good, but I would often get the rasta pasta salad. It is inexpensive and fills you up! The dressings are tasty too! I have also had the minestrone soup which was tasty.

Pizza......SOOOO Goooood, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Matt from S.B.
The pizza here has to be the best slice in S.B. The salads are amazing and are huge. Great place for a very good and inexpensive meal.

love the food, 10/27/2006
Reviewer: sofia goena from santa barbara ca, 93110
i love the food because it is my favortie place to eat dinner at thanks again. love from sofia carlota goena

great salad, 10/3/2006
Reviewer: Clara van Meeuwen from Goleta, CA
Had a super chicken salad for lunch, it was enough for 2 meals,everything nice and fresh. Service was fast, Dave is a great guy, friendly service. It was my first time eating there, we usually get home delivery on the pizza, which is great.Clara

Agonizingly Slow, 8/27/2006
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
This place is so slow it's unbelievable. Don't go here before catching a movie next door because it will take too much time. Not only will it take a long time, but they never bring all your party's food out at even close to the same time. The last few times I went with a party of three, it ended up being 20 mins for one entree, then 10 more for the next, then 5 more for the next. So annoying. Just bring it all at once, people! However, that being said, almost everything that I or my friends have ever had here has been good.

my absolute favorite, 3/22/2006
Reviewer: sarvalish! from goleta
I LOOVE GINA's. It is THE BEST pizza in Santa Barbara, by far. My fave is the pesto pizza ---- but pretty much everything I've tried there is outstanding. If the prices were just a tad lower, or if I had coupons every once in a while, I'm sure my friends & I would be there every week!

How could you!, 2/16/2006
Reviewer: Mark from Goleta
How could anyone write anything bad about this restaurant! Best beer prices in town (on good beer too, not the cheapy stuff) and the food is awesome! The owners are really nice people, and they have good wine too!! I go all the time.

We go out of our way for Gina's Pizza & Beer, 1/21/2006
Reviewer: Carolyn from Shell Beach, CA
We lived in Huntington Beach for close to 30 years and frequented Gina's in Corona del Mar - the VERY BEST of all Gina's. We recently moved to the Central Coast and we were thrilled beyond belief to find Gina's in Goleta. When returning home from a trip to Orange County, we go out of our way to stay on the 101 (instead of 154) just so we can stop and get a Gina's Pizza and Beer. We get the biggest size pizza available just so we can take the leftovers home to enjoy for a few days more. WE MISS CDM ...although the service in Goleta is okay, the best service ever is CDM. Please, please bring Gina's to San Luis Obispo.

Disappointed, 12/21/2005
Reviewer: Casey from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lived in Orange County, CA my whole life and I just recently moved up here. I remember going to gina's at Newport Beach and Laguna after school or a good surf session. I was very excited to find something familiar that reminds me of home but it just wasn't the same. It took 40 minutes before I had to go ask on my order and pick up my own food. The pasta salad I ordered was stale or not cooked really well. My experience at this Gina's pizza was not very good at all. The people there are friendly but 40 minutes for waiting on a to go order was very disappointing. I should have gone to the other restaurants next door. I know gina's has some good food (chicken wings rock)and it is only fair to express my unfortunate experience.

By Far the Best Pizza In Town! Love the Beer Specials!, 12/3/2005
Reviewer: Aimee from Goleta, CA
Gina's has become one of my regulars as of late. I'm from the East Coast and thought I would NEVER find good pizza in California...who knew it was tucked away in this shopping center? The pizza is probably some of the best I've ever had. We particularly like the House Special (peppers, onions, sausage, and pepperoni) and the Godfather (pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and meatballs). I don't know what the other reviewer was thinking, but the prices are incredibly reasonable. My fiance and I usually pay about $13 for an elaborate "small" pizza and usually don't finish it - we always have a few slices for lunch the next day. The pitcher specials (I think it's $4 for a pitcher Sunday through Wednesday with a food order) are the best I've seen, as they only serve GOOD beer (no Bud or Coors). From what I can tell, the variety of wines looked pretty decent too, which is surprising considering that this is a paper-plate, plastic-cup kind of place. You must give it a try!

I go all the time!, 11/19/2005
Reviewer: Sam from Goleta
All the food is amazing. It is not the cheapest pizza place, but it's worth it. I recommed the calzones, spinach ziti, and all the pizza.

It's Tasty, 8/5/2005
Reviewer: David L from Santa Barbara
This place is ually pretty packed and the food does take a bit for it to come, but it's usuallyh pretty good. Granted they had their faults with some cold lasagna once, but the other times i tried it it was great. The pizza is also phenominal. I mean, it's really hot when you get it, and the flavorings and cheese are great. Only real complaint i have is ordering the garlic bread ... THEY DO NOT GIVE ENOUGH DIPPING SAUCE.

Great experience!!!, 3/19/2005
Reviewer: Sue and Bill from Santa Barbara
My husband and I have been coming to Gina´s for the past 2 years, and wont eat pizza any other place. They continue to impress us each time. Great meatballs and Rasta salads. Excellent Pizza. Great place!

Good for a bit, 1/9/2005
Reviewer: Steven R. Dinsdale from Isla Vista, CA
We have been going to Gina´s every Wed. for awhile now and I have begun to notice - while their beer is great, their food is not up to par. Combined we have had almost everything on the menu and what actually tastes above the bar will leave you feeling heavy for a day and a half. Good from a far but far from good.


Did I mention the great price on beer? Maybe my mouth was too full of the awesome selection of pizzas. Or was that a calzone? Either way, you cant go wrong. If you are looking for a fun place to watch a game and have a few beers, or take the family out for some tasty pizza, Gina´s is for you.

hot manager, 9/4/2004
Reviewer: kristi from Santa Barbara, CA USA
I liked the pizza because it was not greasy, and the slices were good size. And that guy behind the counter was really hot.

Best Service In Town, 8/13/2004
Reviewer: Doug from Santa Barbara
Great Service! Great Food! Cheap Beer (the good beer not just the dishwater beer)! Lot´s of TVs, Can´t wait for football season to start. The owner is a great guy who is everybody´s best friend.

Cheapest beer in town, 5/10/2004

Title says it all. Come for the $3 pitchers of beer, stay for a good pizza, and stay longer for more $3 pitchers!

good salad, average pizza, 4/28/2004
Reviewer: mike from Isla Vista, CA USA
The only thing I order there is the rasta salad. It is one of my favorite meals in all of Goleta. The pizza lacks taste. The service is great. Beware of increasing prices; prices were good, but now it´s almost not worth it. rasta salad so goods!

Very Good , 3/3/2004
Reviewer: Christopher
I love the food and the beer. I love you guys!!!

Best pizza in Santa Barbara, 2/27/2004
Reviewer: Paul from Goleta
I real loved the food. It was some of the best food that I have had in the area. The people there are also always so happy and nice. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Great Service, 7/1/2003

Gina´s food is Great, but even better are the friendly people working there. I am always greated with a smile, and they go out of their way to make everything better. The Rastafari Salad, and the Chicken Alfredo Pizza are a mean combination.

Best pizza in town, 3/26/2003

We are locals and don´t always eat here because we are going to the movies. The pizza is excellent. I´m normally not a pizza dough fan, but it is so good here. Also, we love the antipasto salad. Actually, anything is good here and Gina´s is blessed with a great Goleta location next to the best movie theaters in Santa Barbara.

For frugal dinner and a movie, 7/26/2002

Conveniently located, cheap, and tasty.

Our new favorite, 5/3/2002

We are locals. We´ve had all the pizza in Santa Barbara. This place has really good pizza (not greasy) and salads. We like to go here before or after a movie.

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