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Harbor Restaurant
210 Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-3311

Reviews by the General Public

Lunch at Barbour
Reviewer: Malih Parstabar from SantaBarbara ca
I like the view quick service,food is sort of medium,what I was surprised yesterday is,an incident happened that waiter dropped the tray of drink and one of my guest clothes got wet with beer,the manager instead of coming and apologizing,took the waiter to back room(I believe reminding her a better way to serve)my expectation as a customer was he should come to my table and the least apologize to my guest who was in wet shirt and pant.

Slow service
Reviewer: Kara from Houston, TX
I was in town for the weekend, and was sight seeing. Stopped here to eat lunch because they had some great views and it looked like a nice restaurant. My table had a great view of the harbor, but the service was not good. The server was very slow to come by my table and take my order, the food seemed to take a while to be served considering how few people were in the restaurant. I ordered the fish tacos, and they were ok, not worth the price charged. When I had finished eating, I placed my napkin and silverware on the plate and pushed it away to indicate I was finished. After some time of waiting, a different server finally came by to ask if I was finished. Would not recommend this place if you are not a regular customer.

Great Dining Experience
Reviewer: Kathleen from Palmdale, CA
The Harbor Restaurant is our place to go for a fabulous meal, great service and an amazing view. We've dined there at least a dozen times and it is always excellent. Recently we invited our Canadian guests and they were delighted with the ambiance, food quality and service - each giving the Harbor a 5 star rating. We live 75 miles from the restaurant and gladly make the trip because it is so good plus the "Macadamia Nut Mud Slide" dessert is an event in itself.

Reviewer: Glen from Scottsdale, AZ
We saw the view and decided to eat at the restaurant. View was great until a rude table next to ours complained that the sun was in their eyes. They were obviously a "good" customer because the restaurant closed our shade to accomodate them. So much for the view. The food is poor to awful. We started witrh oysters, which came with cocktail sauce. My wife requested mignonette sauce (wine vingegar & sallots) and they brought out melted butter the first time. Second time was pure vinegar and chunks of ginger. We then gave up. My salmon was cold, the mashed potatoes were dry. The portion was large, but "quantity does not make up for quality." My wife ordered the lobster roll (reminded her of Maine where she grew up) - dry with too many onions - too much bun. Wine was very expensive - $11/glass. I hope in the future Harbor let's their food quality match their great location.

loved my salmon wellington
Reviewer: madeline from maryland
we came for dinner and then for lunch because we liked it so favourite placeto eat on a trip that included san francisco, yosemete and moro beach best asparagus i have ever been served

Clueless Service - Get rid of manager
Reviewer: Bob from Santa Barbara, CA
Decided to take a drive to Santa Barbara for a mini-honeymoon. Walked down the boardwalk, and decided to dine here. Right off the bat, the hostess was completely clueless to what was going on. A party of 8 had been waiting for half an hour AFTER reservations were made. Two other parties walked in behind us, and no one greeting them, however, because of incompetancy, proceeded to seat one of the couples first. I mentioned repeatedly to the manager that we were waiting first, and he completely ignored us without even a comment. His manners were non-existent, and their focus on customer service was not even a consideration with them. It was absolutely horrible. Food was average and overpriced.

Delicious food, beautiful view, excellent service
Reviewer: Mariah from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I brought our good friends who were visiting from out of town to the Harbor recently and enjoyed an excellent dinner. The view of the Harbor was breathtaking from our table in the dining room and our server was friendly, energetic and attentive. We enjoyed oysters and absolutely delicious lobster mac and cheese to start. I had the lobster which was a great size for the price and my husband had a crab louie (which I ended up stealing some of!). Regardless of some of the other negative reviews, we all had a great experience at the Harbor and are looking forward to returning as soon as we can!

MISERABLE Experience !!
Reviewer: SantaBarbaraSusie from Santa Barbara, CA
As a Santa Barbara Native, I'm hoping that my review will help visitors make an informed decision as to whether or not choose to dine at The Harbor Restaurant on Stearns Wharf. I've had multiple opportunities to dine there in my last 52 years. Although the view is gorgeous & tempting, the prices & service do not justify the visit. The food is FAR OVERPRICED & the service is MEDIOCRE- at best! The menu, although it may appear differently due to the size of folder, is limited. Small portions of the shell fish are accompanied by an excess of garnish. The server has no idea of how the food is prepared. One of our guest is a vegetarian- there was nothing on the menu. We ordered off menu and paid $26 for some pasta with veggies. Outrageous. The clam chowder was ok, but over salted. Finally, the server neglected to inquire if we needed our parking validated. We paid $10 for that. It was just insult to injury. I recommend you read reviews and spend a little extra time and look for a small bistro-type restaurant. You can always take a walk on the pier after dinner!

Poor management slow service
Reviewer: William from Santa Barbara, CA
Hoping to hear from upper management but so far nothing. Coordinated a wedding reception with music and dancing in advance. Got the approval of restaurant mgt. I hired the music and two days before event was told no dancing. Now there would be no first dance as husband & wife. The day of the event we were turned away from setting up our private room as previously authorized by Mgt. Because of last minute change with no music the entertainment kept the entire fee of $875.00. Dinner menu was not complete as confirmed earlier. Service was very slow and food average at best. I paid for dinner and missed out on precious memories. Management or miss management cost me dearly.

good food good service very nice place
Reviewer: jose S. from santa catarina -Brasil
march 28, we had dinner

Still the best restaurant after 25 years
Reviewer: Michael from Cypress, Calif.
The watching the harbor from our table was very enjoyable, the food was excellent (my wife said it was just as good as it was 25 years ago). The service was over the top. Her cocktail was made the way she liked it. The staff made our 25th anniversary dinner one to rember.

change upon payment of bill
Reviewer: Arlene & thom from Chatsworth, Ca
My husband and I had lunch at this very nice restuarant, upon getting our bill (we paid in cash) gave $40.00 and did not get the coin change back. Strange that they think they are entitled to it. I did mention something to the receptionist on our way out and I was told to talk to the manager but I didn't have time, so I am writing this. Beware !!! Arlene & Thom

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