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IHOP - State St
1701 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 898-1886

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Katia from Santa Barbara, CA
We were there today morning to have Bk and I ordered an omelet the chicken fajita omelette and I have a feeling I ate a piece of bone. The eggs were dry like they had that made already and it was overheated. The eggs sandwich my son I. Law got was dry also. I felt bad for the waiter who had to remove one thing already so I said nothing abt my omelette. Very disappointed thought because I like IHOP in Vegas, and I thought this was going to be a good restaurant also.

Terrible service
Reviewer: BJ from Santa Barbara, CA
There on Thursday, May 5,2016, ordered a hamburger and fries. Simple, right? Had to tell THREE different, Spoke almost noooo English),servers just a HB! NOOOO blue cheese. A HB!!! Came THREE times with NO tomato, no sliced pickles AND still had blue cheese. The more Spanish speaking the worse the service!!! been going there 20 years!!! last 4of5 times terrible service!!!!

Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
French toast or cinnomon french toast with 2 eggs,2 turkey bacon, hashbrowns are my favorites! The coffee,pancakes,& waffles are also good. Chris the manager and his staff are all very friendly

Great variety of choices
Reviewer: chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
Much to choose from, always good and a fair price. Service also good and friendly. I usually good there once a week and have had no problems/

Stop complaining
Reviewer: Tony from Santa Barbara, CA
Value for money and people on minimum wage trying to please and managing a fast food business. What do you expect guys. Great atmosphere and great value thanks.

Crack The Culinary Gastronomy Code!
Reviewer: Beņamin from Santa Barbara, CA
The first thing to do if you want a truly international experience is to order orange juice. After you do that they will leave you alone for you to better consider the menu options. They won't constantly harangue you about ordering. This allows the juice to acidify your pee, de-acidifying your blood in the process. Order cramberry juice if you want to intensify the effect. The menu has wonderful pictures of everything, you can really experience the cosmopolitan and multicultural aspect. The staff all have first names with many different variations for corresponding nationalities. Francisco, who is amused when I try to speak Espanyol, for example: he could be Franco, Pancho, Paco, Frank, Frankie, Francis, Cisco or Cuco. This could be confusing but his real name is Celso, and i am eternally grateful he even remembered to keep the croutons off my salad for Passover!

Great service
Reviewer: Anna from Montecito
So Monday I ate at Ihop on state street it was around 11;25am I had my eggs and my pancakes like always I notice that the my server was to busy to help, I want it more coffe and cream then this nice busboy i guess his named was "miguel" he come at to me and ask me if everything was good, I said no I need more coffe and cream he brought me more coffe and cream with a huge smile on his face and he ask me if I need it anything else, I finish my breakfast he took my plate and keep asking me if I need a desert or more coffe I said no, my server didn't ask me or treat me like him. It was great eating at Ihop, they should have more people like the busbiy with a great smile and great service.

Reviewer: Ryan Jones from Santa Barbara, CA
Good food, open late, super nice mexican helping me! A+

Reviewer: Marleen from Santa Barbara, CA
Amazing customer service!! Great food. Fast service. Even the manager was cleaning & serving tables. We always like Ihop but this one exceeded my expectation.

Ok food, Poor Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Agreeing with the other reviews its a generic place to go for breakfast or other meals. Issues I had were a non existent waitress(our drinks were never refilled). The middle pancake in a stack had what looked like teeth marks in them(from the cook?). The food came out at different times in our party. They have a nice kids make your pancake deal though including kids color menus so a good place to take your family but that's about it...

Just what you'd expect.
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
Had breakfast here. The food was good and as generic looking as the pictures on the menu. You want average, here it is. I can cook this same food for less and that's what I'll think about doing next time. Yeah...I'm cheap but I tip good as the service was friendly.

Bad service!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara
I went there for a quick breakfast and it was awful!!!!!! I took an hour just for the waiters to take our order and then another to get or food!!!!!! I thought the service was terrible!!!!!!

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