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Kashima Japanese Restaurant
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

5744 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-8724

Reviews by the General Public

Kashima is no more!, 3/27/2006
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
Wanted to get a Japanese meal close to work, but learned this restaurant's been out of business for a few months now. The food was tasty...

Three plus!, 8/25/2005
Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Goleta
Kashima is very small, understated eatery most suitable for lunch, rather than fancy dating and sampling exotic urchins. The strength of Kashima is in it's simple authentic lunch items (like udon and donburi) prepared to the real Japanese pallet. They make the only decent pork cutlet (katsudonburi) in town -- not overly sweet as it is elsewhere in town. The sizzling squid or tofu plates are also very good. There's nothing wrong with the sushi, but why bother? -- they can't compete with Edomasa or Arigato in that way. In fact, if you want sushi, try the homey chirashi-zushi. This is sushi as it's eaten at home.

good food but small portions, 7/14/2004
Reviewer: bea from goleta ca usa
I agree with the other reviews - which had prompted me to visit the restaurant - inasmuch as the restaurant offers good food. Initially I was exited to have found a quality, casual Japanese place. However, after being served, I was disappointed with the relatively small portions - I actually left the restaurant feeling still slightly hungry. I am not generally a big eater, but I the fairly meager portions did not match the price (for example, number of sushi rolls served, and size of appetizer). Considering that the restaurant is located in downtown Goleta and is very casual, the prices seem to be "santa-barbara-better-dining."

don´t let facade fool you, 1/9/2004

if you look past the low profile location and atmosphere, this is the best sushi bar in santa barbara county... from the sushi chef, the prompt service, the quality of the fish, and the satisfaction of definitely getting your money´s worth, i wouldn´t venture any farther. i definitely stop by whenever i get a sushi craving.

Wonderful family restaurant, 8/14/2003

This used to be my favorite restaurant in all of SB. I used to go every day for lunch so much that they started giving me free soup. After a couple years, the management changed slightly and the food wasn´t as good. I stopped going because I didn´t want it to ever be bad in my mind. It will always have a place in my heart.

Goleta Treasure, 8/13/2003

This place is low-key but the food is excellent. Warm and friendly staff. Menu with lots of variety. Fried squid is great. The rolls (Snake, Dynamite, and Scallops) are family favourites. Sashimi is always fresh and tasty. Not fancy but if you want great food it is worth a visit.

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