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La Salsa
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

1131 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-1001

Reviews by the General Public

best mango salsa, 3/19/2006
Reviewer: aia from Goleta
Very good for a fast food restaurant. The mango salsa is divine.... love it.

Mango Salsa addict, 6/19/2005
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I come to the Five Points Shopping Center La Salsa periodically when I need a quick, informal meal. One day a friend of mine told me to try the Los Cabos Shrimp Burrito, and I have been a fan ever since. I order it every time. I really like their mango salsa. I like to have mango salsa with *every* bite of burrito. Getting stacks of little salsa cups was kind of a pain so now I ask for a styrofoam cup and fill it to the top with delicious mango salsa. I sometimes get weird looks from other customers when I eat with a burrito in one hand and a salsa mug in the other.

Acceptable and fresh, 7/28/2004
Reviewer: Bernard from Santa Barbara
2 Stars is by no means bad for this kind of take-out. If there were a 0 rating, I´d give this a 1 star. Other ratings of 5 stars? C´mon. This is a simple takeout joint with no atmosphere, a line cook, no chef, hardly any technique. Just fresh ingredients, but even the tomatoes are generic. If people are going to let their enthusiasm run away from them, every place will end up getting 5 stars (from those who like it) and 1 star (from those who dislike it) and these reviews will be worthless. A little context is in order, and La Salsa is better than Taco Bell and the like.

Damn good burrito every time, 11/4/2002

This restaurant does a great job. The place is clean, the food is fast and hot, and there is a wide array of salsas. I personally recommend the Los Cabos Shrimp burrito; I have been ordering it ever since it was introduced. The habenero salsa is one of the best tasting, albeit not too hot, salsas. You aren´t going to go wrong eating at this restaurant.

Really Latin Food, 2/16/2002
Reviewer: Sylvio from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Food was outstandig. The service very polite, in a really Latin atmosphere.

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