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Longboards Grill
210 Stearns Wharf, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-3311

Reviews by the General Public

Our daughter's wedding Dec 12, 1999
Reviewer: Mimi Marte from Santa Barbara, CA
I had not been able to get an answer from the Biltmore and visited this restaurant, they rearranged and gave us the Harbor Room, presented a custom menu with choices. It was the same night as the Christmas Boat Parade, we had the best view complete with fireworks! It was the most memorable evening, they were superb and the food was excellent! what touched us the most was how they went out of their way to make our Daughter & Son in Love's wedding reception memorable! fantastic and wonderful!

Best deal in town!
Reviewer: Katherine Cottrell from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I visited Longboards for dinner this week and our adorable server (I can't quite remember her name) informed us about the Maine lobster special they currently are offering. As lobster lovers, we couldn't possibly turn down such a great deal! I ordered the full lobster and my husband ordered the half lobster half sirloin meal, and both were delicious! It was quite possibly the most flavorful lobster I've ever enjoyed and, for just under $20, it was definitely the best deal on lobster I've ever seen at a restaurant. Our server was absolutely adorable and took great care of us. I really wish I could remember her name! Needless to say, we will be returning soon to take advantage of this deal before it ends!

Not for Locals
Reviewer: Kae from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to Longboards for the "lobster/sirloin" special on a weekday evening. Worst food ever. The lobster had 1 1/2 bites from the tail--the rest of the lobster was pure garbage. The sirloin was just fair, and overdone. Asked for medium, got well done. The "fish & chips" meal was burnt beyond recognition and yet greasy--unable to be eaten. We shared the sirloin instead. We had eaten downstairs at the Harbor recently (owned by the same people/same kitchen) and thought the meal would be similarly good. Harbor wasn't open for an early dinner. Obviously people don't go to Longboards for the food--perhaps the drinks are the draw? We'd have been better off throwing $50 down on the peanut-shell-strewn floor and saving ourselves the grief of really terribly bad food. Service was pretty non-existent as well. Lots of workers, but no one doing much interaction with their customers at any of the tables. The next table over said to their server, "Oh, we thought you were never coming back." Looks like management needs to do some tuning-up or at least a walk-through once in a while to get on track.

opps lost our order
Reviewer: mike from concord, CA
?????? food was okay (shrimo tacos), but service was less than stellar. placed our order after the people on one side and just beore the people on the other. both served before us, and when we asked our waitresswhat about our peat businessorder she got a confused look like what wasshe supposed to know about it. she went and checkec, andwhen she came back ( 5 minutes) said our order was lost andwould try to expedite. 15 minutes latter ut it came with out a comment. don't think they care about repeat business as not even a sorry from them. 0

An all around awesome afternoon
Reviewer: Karen from Ventura, CA
My boyfriend and a couple of our friends made a day trip to SB last weekend and decided to head to the wharf as we had never been there before. We decided to dine at Longboards because of the outside seating and wide range of items on the menu. We had an adorable waitress who was probably the most attentive and friendly server I've ever encountered while dining out. The drink menu was huge and full of variety. I settled on the Bloody Mary which was delicious and had a big shrimp cocktail on the rim! My boyfriend and his friends each ordered a mean tai which were quite potent but still tasted great! We tried out a bunch of different things on the menu but my favorites by far were the seafood tower (a variety of super fresh seafood on ice) and the lobster tacos (simply amazing). The ocean view and sunny weather just topped everything off! We cannot wait to make our way back to Longboards the next chance we get!!

Really Enjoyed It
Reviewer: Diane from Santa Barbara, CA
I really liked it; the service, the view, the food. It was very pleasant and my husband and I are going again this weekend!

Sooo not worth it !!!
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I knew what I was getting myself into so I am partially to blame for this negative, but honest, review. The only reason I went for lunch here is because my 5 year-old nephew gets a kick out of eating peanuts and being allowed to toss the shells on the floor; I think it's kinda cool too. The food really is awful: there was a mound of stale tortilla chips hiding under the lettuce in the gaucho salad and to top it off, the avocado on top was bad (brown spots and all just sitting there like it was okay or something!!!). The prices are justified by neither the food nor the service. We had two different waitresses; the second one apologized for my order missing tomato (I ordered the cheeseburger) and upon closer inspection it was indeed there. I don't suppose that's so bad,,,mistakes happen. I just expect a higher caliber of professionalism when the prices are so high. I would recommend going downstairs instead.

When I worked there....
Reviewer: Jeff ex bartenter from Santa Barbara, CA
I have always enjoyed this restaurant from my early days as a bartender to about a year ago, but for some reason, they have really let things slide. Went for my sons 8th b-day with 8 family members and you would have thought that we were at a self serve place. No attention to detail. Eventually I got up and had to get a manager who looked put out. Bus boy was great while others stood around picking their butts (tight shorts not really a negative). Food has also slipped. Chowder-cold, calamari (usually the best)-limp and over cooked.

Great view crappy food, peanut shells everywhere
Reviewer: Ken from Huntington beach ca
The view was great, location couldn't be better but the place was a mess and the food shouldn't be considered sea food. I had the harbor platter which had fake calamari that tasted more like bad fish paste in stick form. The tables were dirty and the floor was covered in peanut shells and food scraps from other guest. We had termites flying around our table and birds flying in the door to scavenge for food. We informed the issues to our servers and her reply was you should see How bad it is at night. She further stated that the floors are normally covered in shells, that the calamari is there own creation and that they only clean the floor at closing. So if your looking for bad food, illness or anaphylactic shock you come to the right place, if your looking for sea food go to McDonalds, you'll at least get real seafood.

So-So Food + Great View = Enjoyable Tourist Trap
Reviewer: Sophie from Santa Barbara, CA
The food isn't great or particularly fresh. A little overpriced and not a very creative menu. The service ranges from poor to so-so. The feature of peanuts as munchies & peanut shells on the floor is cool. Pretty kid-friendly except they don't have a changing station in the bathroom(s), we had to take our son outside to the car! The view is great. Alcoholic drinks are good. When we go back each year (we had our first date at Longboards), I always have to remember that we're there for the ambience and not the food or service.

Why are all of these people SOO dramatic?!
Reviewer: Maxy Kimki from Los Amotos, CA
Why all of these people SO DRAMATIC!? OMG LIKE CALM DOWN!! I like the bread here. hehe

Very pleased...
Reviewer: Teri from Pasadena, CA
My husband and I drove up to SB for the day and just happened to go to the Longboard Grill. Knew nothing about it before. My hubby said the Clam Chowder was the best, and the Mahi Mahi Fish and Chips. I had the Salmon and it was great. Yes, we will eat there again when we return to SB!!

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