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Cafe Int'L - Goleta
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2016-05

5664 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-2392

Reviews by the General Public

Awesome breakfast place, 2/6/2016
Reviewer: Elisa from Santa Barbara, CA
Honestly the best breakfast place in Goleta. I usually go for the Florentine scramble, which consists of a generous portion of eggs, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and cheese. The spuds are to die for, they're the most crunchy and hot potato goodness you can ask for. Just dip some in ketchup, awesome. If you haven't been, go now. You won't regret it.

Not Welcome, 1/11/2016
Reviewer: Mr.Stranger from Santa Barbara, CA
Thought about eating in at this restaurant during the recent storm, came in soaked and looking for a hot meal around 2pm Thursday evening. The greeter, who was a girl in the front told me they would be closing in 30 minutes...and that's it. Implying that the staff wanted to leave early and deny any future business. Not coming back, why not change the hours? Why send a patron out into the storm while in business? Stay away if you would like customer service when paying to eat out.

Major Organizational Problems , 12/28/2015
Reviewer: Lara from Santa Barbara, CA
Went with a party of 6 - my first visit. All but 1 of us had the wrong order. Some food came out right away, some much later and they struggled to figure out who each order coming out of the kitchen was for, both at our table and in the rest of the restaurant. Server was nice but everything in that place was falling apart and I could tell he knew it.

Love this place!, 12/3/2015
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is very good, my only complaint would be the portion sizes. The service is superb. The owner and the kid who works behind the register are both very good, very polite, I couldn't ask for better service.

Good, very wide menu, 5/20/2015
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
I had lunch there today and had the bulgogi salad. Apparently they have added some Korean dishes. The meal was good. The counter service was nice and efficient. I guess they have cleaned up their act compared to when all the negative reviews were written.

Pick somewhere else!, 11/15/2014
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to love Cafe Int'l, but for the last year the quality of food and service has gone down hill. The eggs are very greasy, although the home potatoes are still pretty good. The real issue I have is service. I went there today and was given the wrong order. Not only was it the wrong order, but it was ice cold. I expect more when I am paying for food.

try the bulgogi dishes, 11/6/2014
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried the new Korean bulgogi dishes - a sandwich and a salad - and found both very nice. The beef marinated in a sweet soy-based sauce is tender and tasty, so it works as a protein addition for an otherwise pedestrian salad, or as the star of a really tasty sandwich on crispy French roll with veg and sauce which came with a side dish. (We'll do the sandwich again.) They have other bulgogi offerings to try. Counter service was quick and friendly with food delivered to table. $8-9 and Axxess accepted.

Not worth it, 10/31/2014
Reviewer: Donna from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered a tuna stuffed avocado. So what I got was some basic romaine lettce with some faded out tasteless tomatoes, some tuna salad with a small amount of cubed avocado underneath it. What a rip off. For $9.00?? They should not advertise it as a stuffed avocado.Never again will I go there.Nope!!!

Thoughtless $$ sandwich, 1/26/2014
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Place was empty. Asked the counter person if the Reuben was toasted or grilled, she said grilled, which I told her was a must for me. For $7.95 I got a toasted "Reuben" on a Wonderbreadesque rye, 2 thin, chewy, grissley pieces of corned beef, hardly any saurkraut . I have never seen such a sad sandwich in my life and for $7.95!!! What a joke. When I told the counter person that the bread WAS toasted and not grilled and there just wasn't enough of anything in this sandwich and the quality if meat and bread was very poor. She responded with "oh, that's what it's supposed to look like". So this sandwich shop can't make one of the most classic sandwiches on Earth and they don't even know what grilled vs. toasted means! Wow!

stale bagel, 6/15/2012
Reviewer: cady from Santa Barbara, CA
i just got a lox bagel and the bagel was 100% stale. i used to work here years ago and the food was great. its obviously going downhill. the service was very good though.

Best Breakfast in Town, 4/4/2012
Reviewer: Jack from Santa Barbara, CA
There is too much hype about the Cajun Kitchen. I like this place much better than Cajun Kitchen; quieter atmosphere, nice food and attentive servers. I'd recommend this place to anyone.

Worst website ever, 8/31/2011
Reviewer: Beverly Wilkins from Santa Barbara, CA
Look at their website and you'll see why it gets my vote for worst website ever. Can't a girl just read a menu without floating s*** all over the place making the content COMPLETELY illegible? Too many other good sandwich places in town to put up with websites like this. No excuse: clean it up, Cafe Intl.

Not all changes are good , 6/26/2011
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Their potatoes are crunchy and yummy - right out of the bag, and the potatoes are always mediocre. Never great, never lousy. Just eggs. Used to be great coffee. New coffee is ordinary. Do you like dry croissants and cold coffee? They date the croissants in pen on the bottom of the plastic wrap but waitress said they will sell them up to five days old, mine still had two days to go! They never heard of "day old bread"? It's not a compliment! It was hard and dry in spite of the half a box of plastic wrap on it. I've been going there for years... I should have talked to one of the original wait staff - the new one was apologetic, but what I needed was a fresh croissant. They used to make awesome open face bagel sandwiches.... maybe I'll try one of those again one day. They have good music and I like the people. Never crowded. I do like the new "look."

horrible website , 6/23/2011
Reviewer: Jamie from Santa Barbara, CA
Wanted to order take out so I went to their website to take a look at the menu. I'm fairly computer savvy and this website is by far on my Top10 list of most annoying websites ever. You can't just read the menu, it shifts in bizarre directions making something that's suppose to be straight forward, a major pain. I know you probably wanted it to look "cool and cutting edge", but something simple truly is better. I'd be willing to go through the pain of navigating your site if the food was truly fantastic, but the food's nothing to rave about either.

good cheap breakfast, 1/2/2011
Reviewer: Lief Jacobson from Santa Barbara, CA
i went to cafe int'l for the first time today with my 2 sons and we all had a different "chicken sub" and a big side of ceasar salad for just a dollar. the total price for that and a soft drink was less than $30.00. we will definately be going back. they even take discount cards on weekdays. AWEASOME!

Expensive bad food, 12/30/2010
Reviewer: Dean from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the worst restaurant we have been to all year! They can't even make a salad right and have the nerve to charge $12 Stay away from this rip off place, even AM/PM makes better food sealed to go in a wrapper!

Good Food Friendly Service, 10/8/2010
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
I frequently eat here. I enjoy the food.. so many items to select from.. Haven't been unhappy yet. Cheerful servers enjoy talking with them when it is slow which isn't often.

Breakfast place I guess? Lunch tastes like bacon, 9/27/2010
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
$9 Chicken caesar salad - mostly dark green Romaine leaves which I appreciate. However, too much dressing and the chicken tastes like it was cooked on the same cooktop as the bacon and eggs were for breakfast! I won't be having this dish at Cafe Intl again.

Great breakfast bagel sandwich, 12/13/2009
Reviewer: Tyler C. from goleta, CA
This is a great breakfast place for us on the weekends, I've been tempted to try some of the lunch items, but haven't broken routine yet. We use to get the breakfast burritos, which were very good, but a little to big. So we downsized to the breakfast bagels, with eggs and stuff. I found it was the perfect amount to keep me going through the morning, Great employees, real friendly. This place has a great locale's feel. I've lived in Santa Barbara for 10+ and this is the only place which is a regular for my wife and I.

Excellent breakfast burrito, 10/11/2009
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
I was looking for a breakfast burrito. For some reason every Mexican place stops serving breakfast at 11 or 11:30, even though the ingredients are almost all the same. Anyway, the breakfast burrito was very good. Almost all egg and breakfast meat, along with chili peppers, as opposed to cheap fillers like rice and potato. My only suggestion is that they wrap it when it is to go in paper or foil to make it easier to hold and eat.

Used to be a regular no more, 7/9/2009
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
I dined with friends 2 weeks ago, also regulars, waited more than 45 minutes for food, asked 3 times,kept promising, no food !! Walked out without a refund.... Today I went in thinking this was a wasnt...ordered food for 2 was ready and sitting in the cooks window for 15 minutes while one of the girls was eating her own bagel at the food prep counter !! Food came and was cold. The Espresso drink had to be asked for 2 times. We requested whole milk for the oatmeal and never got it went to the counter for that too. Many people up at the counter asking for missing orange juice, hot chocolate etc etc 2 of the coffee urns were empty. Pathetic. The owner did a great job when he took over the place kept it warm and inviting now its a cafeteria with bad service. They hire only part time students and really need to rethink the staffing....2 people at Breakfast ?!? The guys in the kitchen are the same and are putting out good food, but try to get it hot, or try to get the order complete. Sad..Used to be a great place. Oh I forgot to say the girl at the cashier 2 times that I saw handled cash and then with her bare hands chose bagels and sliced them ! Ugh I hope the owner who looks like he cares takes back control of this place I would like to return

Not Impressed, 3/19/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
The bagels here are really delicious but the sandwiches are lacking, big time. I ordered a tri tip dip and tri tip sandwich with a friend. Both lacked flavor. We got a coupon off their website for a free side and got the salad. Nothing special, but it was free so I wasn't going to complain. For my tri tip dip they forgot the au jus sauce and my buddy didn't see it until he was already home so I just ended up covering it with bbq sauce and spices to try and spark some life into it. The food has gone downhill, what a shame.

Also agree - it has gone downhill, 11/29/2008
Reviewer: Gordon from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to be a regular for breakfast, but no more. The oatmeal got more and more leaden, the brown sugar got more and more like concrete, and they always run out of the more popular bagels. I'll give them a year to improve and maybe I'll visit again.

Good food and service, wait/price was worth it for me, 11/22/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Their House Burger was very good(w/o cheese). Wait a little long, not cheap, nice people. I did not see a drink menu anywhere(a trick to charge more?), so add another chalkboard.

good except for the breakfast burritos, 2/20/2008
Reviewer: Amanda from santa barbara
i got a breakfast burrito from here the other day to go. they put it in a styrefoam to box...bad choice. byt the time i got around to eating ( 5 mins after i left) my burrito was soggy and i couldnt even hold it. it was a total let down and i had to throw it away :( they really need to consider using tinfoil! other than that food is pretty good...just everyday american breakfasts and lunches nothing special. and these days its a tad bit overpriced for what it is

Really gone downhill......, 12/22/2007
Reviewer: Ken from Goleta
We have been coming here 1-2 times per week since it first opened. It has always been great. Unfortuately, things have changed. The food is now marginal at best but the service is terrible. We recently visited on a busy day and it took an hour to get an egg/bagle sandwich. When it did arrive, it was ice cold. We then returned it and waited another 20 minutes to have it arrive on the wrong bagle. Everyone dining around us was having the same experience and all agreed it would be our last visit to International Cafe. Maybe the owner will eventually figure it out.

Great lunch spot, 9/28/2007
Reviewer: Fletch from santa barbara
Not much to say,great food,great service.What more can you ask?

Average food, Average prices, Average service., 8/5/2007
Reviewer: E.M.B. from Goleta, CA
International Cafe is average, all around. Sparsely furnished and barely decorated, this cafeteria-style cafe offers decent food at affordable prices. The waitstaff are about as enthusiastic as one would expect from college or high school students who have to work in the wee hours of the morning-and about as knowledgeable. I had the Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. It was, well, o.k. If you don't expect much, then you will enjoy its simplicity. If you are looking to just take away the hunger with some food that lacks in distinguishable flavor but isn't all that bad, then try International Cafe. But if what you want is an intriguing ambience, be it diner or upscale restaurant, and an interesting and flavorful menu, then I recommend looking for another place to eat.

Best breakfast in town, 7/22/2007
Reviewer: Kumar from Goleta, CA
Tasty breakfast options and good service...

lots of variety and choices!, 4/10/2007
Reviewer: chee from santa barbara, ca
I love this place! Not only do they have fresh bakery items, such as bagels, muffins, and scones, for those who are interested in something light, but they also have more substantial items, like french toast, waffles, salads, and omelettes. They even offer mini belgian waffles (for those who aren't willing to commit to the whole thing). Plus, free coffee refills and a really nice staff. Groovy!

NOTHING BETTER! (Mimi's Cafe in Los Feliz), 11/29/2006
Reviewer: Vardan Dertsakyan from Los Angeles, CA
BEEF STEAK, CORN CHOWDER SOUP, PORK CHOPS!! (MMM! BEST THING EVER MADE). service is great, Nothing wrong with steak, for instance you want well done that's what you'll get. Highly decorated inside to remind you of the old 'JAZZY' days.Restaraunt is 50% American and 50% Italian. CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS are real good and real well made.

Mimi's Cafe and Catering vs. Mimi's Cafe, 8/30/2006
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Menu items are different in this restaurant because it is not affiliated with the Mimi's Cafe chain of restaurants. The food was still good, and the waitress I had was really nice and got our order exactly right. And the broccoli/cheese soup is good too.

Pappas Santa Barbara, 1/15/2006
Reviewer: fatman from Santa Barbara, CA
This is probably the best breakfast that I have ever had. They begin with potatoes, add chicken, tomatoes, onions, cheese, and avocado. I normally top it off with a couple of scrambled eggs and a side of salsa. I highly recommend this meal. It rocks..

Great breakfast!, 10/6/2004
Reviewer: Rob from Local
We´ve been going to Mimi´s for years - a wonderful mom/pop place. Try the "Super Spreme"

good all around, 12/30/2003

i love the food! I have dined several times at mimi´s and I have never been dissapointed. The food is exceptional, especially the strawberry and spinach salad and broccoli and cheese soup.

poor service and inconsistent food, 11/20/2003
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara
My co-worker and I have been going to Mimi´s for breakfast and lunch regularly, for around a year now. I have to say the quality of the food ranges from passable at times, to very poor (undercooked, greasy, over-loaded with mayonnaise, over-loaded with spices) and unacceptable. I would have to say my biggest complaint with Mimi´s is their apathetic staff. We have been going there at least once or more a week for about a year, are always polite customers (as I am every where), and they never remember us. They pay poor attention to detail (they almost always forget to include butter or jam, or utensils for to-go orders, or forget to give you a coffee cup, etc.), and they always seem to have problems understanding my order when I consistently order the exact same menu item almost every time. One particular younger employee never makes eye contact, or smiles, or says "thank you" to any of the customers when ordering - she just stares straight ahead of you with a dazed look. I understand food service jobs aren´t always the greatest, but if you don´t like it - get a different job! Believe me, I´ve had to work plenty of low-pay, degrading service jobs, but always did my best to be polite and helpful despite my dissatisfaction with the job, as a matter of personal pride. I am very unhappy with Mimi´s at this point, and have no plans to return.

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