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Mimosa - De la Vina
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-10

2700 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-2272

Reviews by the General Public

Old but new., 2/13/2012
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
The new location is beautiful and elegant, as is the food, which has been spiffed up from the country fare of the old location. Delicious bread, remoulades, good wines, salmon and chicken cooked and flavored to perfection, tasty desserts (nutella cheesecake and Le Vincente -- ice cream with toasted coconut between almond macaroons). And our server, Miko, was delightful.

New location, 12/5/2011
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Mimosa has moved to 714 State Street.

Didnt tell people with reservations they were closing, 10/31/2011
Reviewer: Jamie from Santa Barbara, CA
We had reservations for dinner at Mimosa and showed up and they were gone - out of business. They didn't bother to call people with reservations to tell us they were closing! And while we were there a bread company showed up to make deliveries. Apparently Mimosa did tell any of their suppliers either. Such a strange thing to do!

Excellent restaurant needs a face-lift, 8/14/2011
Reviewer: Sarah Blackmun from Santa Barbara, CA
Mimosa's food has always been excellent in the classic French style, and it still is. The service is excellent--formal, again in the French style, but pleasant and welcoming. All four of us had the French onion soup and then four different entrees; everyone enjoyed and praised his/her food; we had no complaints about anything. Except the ambience. The outside of the restaurant looks spiffy, but the interior is really tired. The walls are painted a 1950s-ish pinkish flesh color. There are no big flower arrangements or other decor that would cheer things up--just a few small, old-fashioned pictures on the walls. The diners were few on a Saturday evening; only five or six tables were occupied. Most of the diners seemed to be regulars; perhaps they love the place even though it looks tired and under-appreciated. The owners need to invest in upgrading the interior if they want this good and worthy restaurant to survive and even flourish.

Great Food at Mimosa, 6/28/2011
Reviewer: MJC from Santa Barbara, CA
Although, the decor has seen better days, the food at Mimosa is outstanding. Exceptional onion soup. Locals should support this "non-tourist" restaurant.

Fine except for noisy background, 10/15/2010
Reviewer: Wallace from Santa Barbara, CA
My wife and I went to Mimosa last night with a friend and an out-of-town visitor, with both of whom we had much of interest to discuss. The food and service were first-rate. However, the electronic piano in the background was not only distracting but made it hard to hear what others were saying. Why is it so hard these days to find a restaurant that's suitable for a quiet conversation?

A quiet Weds. eve...not crowded...very fine, 10/6/2010
Reviewer: Jerry / Audrey from Santa Barbara, CA
"Hadn't been there in a few years...a relatively slow Weds. eve.'Tried the "three course casual" offering...salmon, coq au vin...both very good...desserts included excellent..pricing fair....will return sooner.

Perfect Evening, 3/3/2010
Reviewer: Clara from Santa Barbara, CA
We had kind of forgotten about Mimosa, but wanted a nice place for a birthday celebration where we could have good food and hold a conversation. there were four people in our group.Two of us ordered the casual menu, one trout and one venison canneloni, one had a salad and steak and one the chicken en croute. Everything was delicious. No rush, we were actually dining . The salads and desserts were all delicious. We had a most enjoyable time and will definitely return and not wait so long. Can't wait to try some of the small plates.They seem like fun and a good value.Service was great.Reservations recommended.

A Great Disappointment......., 10/11/2009
Reviewer: Elisabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
As a fairly regular guest at Mimosa we wanted to have dinner with 2 out-of-town visitors. At first we were told no regular menus were available for a while because a large group in an adjoining room had taken them all. We were instead given a much reduced lunch menu. The menu was so small it was hard to find a dish we liked. After some time we were finally given the regular menus. A lot of dishes had been taken off the menu, among them our favorite dish we always order. We finally ordered 3 identical dishes from the reduced menu. After some time the waiter returned and told us he only had one order available. After a brief consultation with our guests we told the waiter that we were disappointed and surprised and that we had decided to leave. Our offer to pay for bread, butter and water was refused. No food rating as we did not eat.

Mostly Superb, 7/13/2009
Reviewer: Elizabeth from SB
We had a mostly superb dinner. Had the Chicken en Croute which was delicious & perfectly cooked. Hubby had the Roasted Duck w/ Cherries which he didn't care for much. Nicely cooked but a tad too gamy for his liking. My mom had the Casual Dinner & all the 3 courses were good. She said the soup was flavorful and the Pork scallopine was tasty. Small plates are a bargain and offer a unique selection of savory tastes. The desserts here are some of the best in town. Chocolate Mousse is divine and there's the Vacherin de Vicente which is the loveliest and finest ever. This dessert has everything possible going for it. Texture is great. It consists of 2 crunchy layers of macaroons sandwiching vanilla ice cream and rolled in toasted almonds & coconut. Sublime...

A Real Gem, 12/13/2008
Reviewer: Ron Barzso from Winfield Illinois
Simply put, this is an outstanding restaurant. The service is excellent, and the food is superb.The casual menu at $25 is a real bargain. I had the bouillibaise. I order this I ever had. Too often the seafood is overcooked and the broth is watery. Not here. Perfectly cooked and seasoned seafood with a hearty flavorful broth.

very disappointing, 8/30/2008
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
We ate at Mimosa last night from the casual menu. The pea soup was tasty and the creme brulee dessert very good; this is all that's positive. Our two entrees were very disappointing. My wife had two small tasteless portions of veal scaloppine and my very modest baked salmon was insipid at best, with a dollop of sauce. Each dish included a vegetable (4 green beans and 4 slices of carrot) and either a small ball of unflavored rice or dollop of mashed potatoes. I sat on an ancient seat of naugehyde that was so worn in the center 2 square feet the spring were ready to pop through. We had no wine and brought a coupon for $5 off one of the casual dinners. Our total bill with tip was $56. I do not fathom why anyone eats here. We had tried the Mimosa years ago (we've lived in Santa Barbara for 37 years) and must have developed amnesia about this place. $56 is not a large sum but imagine what it can purchase at other eateries. Take the Dutch Garden; their heavenly Jaegerschnitzel with potato pancakes and vegetable, plus one of their excellent soups would cost a fraction of this casual dinner. To the Mimosa, just say 'Non!'.

Reliably French, 5/26/2008
Reviewer: Michel Masson from Santa Barbara
Realizing that we had sort of forgotten about Mimosa, we ate there last week and again this week, each time having the "casual menu" at $25. The steak was superb, cooked just as we ordered in a lovely sauce, the soup delicious, and the desserts all lovely. Having eaten hundreds of meals in France, I would rate this as a genuine French experience, and well worth the price. We will return regularly!

expectations too high , 2/15/2008
Reviewer: Liz from santa barbara, ca
We had reservations for 7:30 and had to stand and wait (along with many others) for about 35 mins to be seated (lobby is not ideal for waiting). It was valentine's day, so we were very understanding, even though it was obvious they had made far too many reservations for such a small restaurant. Having read the reviews, I was ready for the poor atmosphere, (too bright, very plain) but expected way more for the service and the food. They were out of the only beef selection available, portions were very small for $27 entrees, vegetables and mashed potatoes were cold, and service took quite a long time to come, although waiter was pleasant. I was over halfway finished with my meal before anyone came to check on us. Not the worst experience I've ever had, but definitely lacking in more than one way. Overall, not what you'd expect for the price.

The Chef seats you!! Talk about service, 11/3/2007
Reviewer: sayle from new york
I had read about this restaurant on Zagat and we went on an impulse and could not have had a more pleasureable dining experience. Derrick seated us and gave us the royal treatment as well as free desert and port! He is so young to have accomplished what he has and his wife makes the pastries for the restaurant...such a sweet family. The food was clean and delicious-the service attentive and the wine (ask for the Laetitia Pinot Noir) incredible! Definitely stop in.

could be better, 10/16/2007
Reviewer: Bachan from Goleta
The $10-$20 price range given here may possibly reflect the lunch (I don't know), but does not reflect the dinner menu. The meat and desert were good, but the vegetables and mashed potatoes left much to be desired - I'd advise the chef to visit the cafeteria at the Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital for lunch one afternoon. Perhaps I should've stuck to my mantra for slightly pricier places and done just appetizer and dessert.

Best food in santa barbara, 8/6/2007
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara
Some of the best food in santa barbara. the chef is amazing and his work is more than you could ask for. the pastry chef is also a talent. she makes the best desserts in santa barbara. one of the best chefs in sb + one of the best pastry chefs in sb= absolutely delcious food. and thats what its all about, right. I didnt even mention how great the service is. some of the best in sb.

Excellent Lunch, 5/17/2007
Reviewer: Wendy from Santa Barbara, CA
My daughter and I had lunch at Mimosa today, and it was wonderful! Nice service too. Very cozy, nice bar area, could use a bit of updating in the decor, but the food more than made up for the furnishings...the Salmon Salad was just right, and the Red Snapper was perfect! Great texture and taste with a "just right" creamy tomato sauce --the veggies (carrots, broccoli, and asparagus) were also cooked to perfection (e.g. al dente). I only wish we had room for the exquisite time, they looked delicious...a romantic evening would be just to share the mango cheese cake, and cups of cappucino.

Excellent Food and service, 4/26/2007
Reviewer: Cathy from Santa Barbara
I have been going to Mimosa for many years and have always loved the food and the service is also great. After it sold two years ago I thought there goes Mimosa. I went there to see if it was the same place I had enjoyed before and I was pleasantly surprized. Not only was the food wonderful but the new owners updated the paint to something more modern. The carpet looked new and those ugly plates were no longer on the walls. Replaced by simple live plants. I noticed that they now have a happy hour on Fridays.I'll be checking that out! The food seemed better then before, seasoned just right. The dessert there was so delicious. I had the chocolate decadence cake. it was served with a small amount of vanilla bean ice cream. My friend had the Marquis. He loved it and didn't want to share. Mimosa is a hidden treasure in Santa Barbara, off the beaten path but well worth it.

You can do better for the $, 1/28/2007
Reviewer: Becky from Lompoc, CA
My husband and I had dinner at Mimosa last night, and boy were we disappointed :-( The only reason it's getting 2 stars for the food is because the appetizers were good and they had a nice wine list. The entrees were skimpy portions and nothing special - the sauce on mine tasted like it might have come out of a vacuum packed jar. And I think my mashed potatoes were the dried ones from a box. We were seated at the tiniest table for two I've ever seen, even though I'd called ahead and made reservations. There wasn't even any room for the wine bottle on the table - it was crammed against the wall next to my elbow. The ambience in the restaurant is non-existent. The lighting is too bright, and by the time we left I felt like I was eating in a cafeteria. Our waiter was pleasant and seemed attentive at first. That impression died about the time our appetizer plates sat on the table for 10 minutes in front of us after we were done. And then we waited for our entrees. And waited. And waited. And waited. No waiter checking on us, no communication. No nothing. We arrived at the restaurant at 6:30, and our entrees were finally delivered to our table at about 7:45. The information I had indicated a price range of $10-$20 - a more accurate price range is $20-$30 for the entrees. Way too much money for what we got.

Cozy Restaurant with Very Good Food and Service, 9/17/2006
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
Delicious food in a cozy atmosphere with attentive and very pleasant waiters. Recommended!


maybe some atmoshpere might help, 5/25/2006
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has no atmosphere, at all, the average age of the people in here is probably around 55 or 60, but the food for the price is nice. They have interesting things like frog legs and escargot. The people who work there are really nice and the prices are very reasonable.

Food, Excellent! Service, Poor!, 4/21/2006
Reviewer: Patricia from Oxnard, CA
A friend and I had dinner last week at Mimosa. She lives not far from the restaurant so is a regular; I have only been a few times. The food is always excellent and beautifully presented. I had the salmon and it was delicious, and the dessert was a beautiful little tart - just right. Our problem was with the server. She was absolutely the rudest server I have ever had. She was very surly and practically threw our dishes at us. She never once came back to see if we needed anything. Needless to say, we did not leave a tip. That was the first time I have not left a tip, but she did not deserve one. We will go back, but will make sure we are seated in someone else's section!

Excellent food and service, 4/15/2006
Reviewer: Burte from Goleta
I see that there are some mixed reviews from past years on this restaurant here. I went there last night and simply loved it. To start with, the onion tart and all other small appetizers they kept bringing to the table were very delicious. Bread and butter,mmmm. Kir Royal was very good too. I had filet mignon and I might say that it was one of the bests I've had, so tender and juicy, just perfect. Creme brulee was just how it should have been, the smell of the crust was sooo good. Overall, we had a really great dining experience at Mimosa. Our waitress was also very kind and attentive.

Only for appetizers, 8/5/2005
Reviewer: David L from Santa Barbara
When i first entered this restaurant, i was greeted by a very bad odor. It was like mold and mildew, very unattractive. After being seated, the service was nice and the waitresses knew grat details about everything that was being served, even the host which was a plus side. The atmosphere is quiet ... tooo quiet and there are a lot of elderly folks, didn't see many around the 18-23 age group (i did go on a tuesday however). The meals took forever .. the appetizers took about 20 minutes a lone. And the worste part, they weren't even packed, there were 8 tables filled .. EIGHT. When the appetizers finally came, all i can say was wow, the snails were great, especially the pastries it came with, and the crab on top of the crackers was also very good as well. None of the flavers were too overpowerd,f the only thing i didn't disllk was the amount of oil perhaps with the snails. The salad wasn't anything to gloat over though, it came with a light dressing with an even lighter amount of salad. After about 20 more minutes, our main meals finally came ... and boy .. for the amount i paid, they were small, over cooked, and over flavored with seasoning. The only thing good about them was the presentation. Then we got the deserts .. the ice cream cake and the custard were amazing, and you know what, it would have been even more amazing if we dind't have to wait 30 minutes for them ... thats right, i spent about 3 hours in that place. THATS JUST ABSURD. the waitress was apologetic for everything taking so long and i had a few in the party that actually wanted to just leave but sheesh. So plus = pretty presentation, good appetizers and deserts for a great price ... cons = place smelled bad, ugly decor, bad atmosphere (boring anyways)and the main course was small and not tasting too good and pricey.

The decor might be outdated, but the food is excellent, 4/1/2005

It´s not a modern hip restaurant, but the food is delicious. I´ve been there 4 times and always enjoy the foods. The service is excellent. For those of you who´s looking for Authentic French cuisine Mimosa is the place.

Great get-a-way, 3/3/2005
Reviewer: Renee from Santa Barbara, CA
We eat out at least a few times each week, and always enjoy trying a different place. Mimosa never looked like much from the outside, but we gave it a try. We were very impressed. Yes, the decor of the restaurant is not the Most "hip" or exciting, but I´m there to eat not look at the walls. We had GREAT service, the waiter chatted with us, explained things well and had great recomendations. The Salad dressing was great, the lamb was wonderful and the desert, was Amazing! I love to get away from the busy resaurants of State St. and this one was quiet enough and personal enough to make us happy. Its off the beaten path, sort of hard to sport, but well worth it, in my book!

Good... almost great., 2/26/2005
Reviewer: Regis from Santa Barbara, CA
Had a very nice meal with friendly but little jumpy\nervous waitress. The food for the most part was very good. Only a few things to improve food wise. Soup was excellant. Tempature wise, food was served on the warmer side of luke warm. A little more heat would be a lot better. The profitroles weren´t quite right. They were obviously prepared ahead of time, Profitroles can be EXCELLENT when they are made to order, with the difference in tempature between the hot melted chocolate the neutral pastry and the ice cold ice cream. These were all cold with luke warm chocolate. Still very tasty. For this quality of food I usually frown on paper place settings. Everything else was perfect,

Delicious and gracious, 1/25/2005
Reviewer: Arlene from Los Angeles, CA
We had to drive from L.A. to pick up a visitor from Japan and decided to have lunch before driving back in the rain. A long time S.B. resident recommended this place. The ambience on this cold rainy day was warm and welcoming, the tables set impecably, the bread delicious. We each ordered something different and each dish was wonderful. My husband had escargot, I had a grilled salmon salad, our visitor the turkey and.. sandwich. The portions were generous, everything was fresh. The maitre d´ came over to welcome us as it was obvious we were first timers, as everyone else seemed to know each other. We shared one dessert and it was plentiful. Perhaps those who prefer McDonalds should think again before re-visitng. We were planning to bring a small party up tomorrow to celebrate an anniversary, but as rain threatens once again, we shall wait for another time.

Only French restaurant in town!, 7/28/2004
Reviewer: Bernard from Santa Barbara
Mimosa is tired cuisine, competent but outdated. 60´s French. I do like the food, though, but it is never exciting. Atmosphere is depressingly stale. Bring your own wine. Note: None of the other restaurant listed in this category are French, and Pacific Crepes qualifies as a Crepe Stand, not a restaurant.

Not your first choice, surely..., 7/28/2004

If you looking to recreate that essential 1980´s vibe, this is your restaurant. The decor relies on peach colored walls and plenty of white trellis work - but the food is what makes this place ´special´ (although it is important to note that people clearly do not come here for the food, the biggest selling point of the place clearly being that it is hobbling distance from an adjacent senior complex). As a disclaimer, I should point out that nothing we ate was in fact the least bit French, and also that we had a great time because we are the kind of people who always have a great time. So, salmon nicoise had been around the block a few times and come back the worse for wear, with a coating so tough I kept thinking I had found bones in the fish; and trout was probably not trout at all since it was white-fleshed and looked like tillapia. Vegetables again draw on the 1980s (was that when they were cooked?) with the redeeming addition of plenty of butter, and potatoes were dehydrating from too long over heat. French fries were mcdonaldsesque - soggy and cold. Desserts seemed fine - if you have to go to this restaurant (dining with aged parents perhaps), stick with a bottle of good wine, appetizers and some dessert - and do not stray onto the entree menu.

Special to me, 8/14/2003

My best friend works there and makes me vegetables, so of course, I love it!

Wafer thin, 4/12/2003

Well. Their flavorful food is outstanding, but they need larger portions. I ate eight large prawns (whoah, Nelly!)there one evening and had to pay a visit to McDonalds for a secondary post-dinner meal.

Great swordfish, 4/15/2002
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara
Mimosa had a booth giving out delicious free food during the Fiesta celebration at the Santa Barbara Zoo. I figured I should try them someday. Last night I did. I ordered the swordfish. The swordfish was out-of-this-world fantastic. It had a tomatoe-and-other-little-stuff sauce on it that was to die for. The asparagus that came with both my meal was cooked absolutely perfectly - cooked yet crisp - with tastey butter on top. At worst I could say my portion of swordfish was too small (it was sliced very thin, Brophy´s serves portions twice this size). But it tasted so good I got past that. Our waiter was very high-end and professional. He immediately set a first-class tone for our dining experience. You don't hire people like him by accident. Only good management can attract good waiting talent. I asked our waiter about the Chef and he told me the Chef had his own restaurant in Lake Tahoe and his food is very popular. I can see why. Mimosa´s interior is *extremely* yellow and bright with little lights surrounding the doorways. I am sure this is great for lunch. For dinner, however, it seemed out of place and I found it too bright to really relax. Bottom line: I came looking for great food and got it!

Unique, 1/4/2002
Reviewer: Fernanda Leite from Brasil
We think to eat in a restaurant, then we take a shower, wear a new cloth, invite someone special,get in to the car and drive,then we spend the evenning out of our it or not an honer for this choosen restaurant to have us there? For me, beeing and eating in Mimosa was my great honer!!!! I could taste the love of the Chef cooking that dinner,making it special in each detail!!!

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