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Our Daily Bread
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-01

2700 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-3894

Reviews by the General Public

Undercooked Breakfast Sausage, 7/24/2016
Reviewer: Sunny from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend is in the ER due to improperly cooked breakfast sausage served with his breakfast. He was starving and ate two of them before seeing that it was undercooked. The Daily Bread used to be so excelient when it was on Santa Barbara Street. Please improve your kitchen safety practices to prevent others from suffering severe health risks.

New Chef, repeat problems with food , 7/22/2016
Reviewer: Liann from Santa Barbara, CA
This place was so great when they first opened uptown, but things have gone downhill. I ate here frequently, but find that it is no longer worth the money. After several disappointing experiences, I will not be going back. Most prominently, the chef forgets ingredients on items ordered, slimy salad greens. Overall,the quality and taste of the food is not what it used to be. Service staff is not as apologetic as one would expect when errors are pointed out. They just fix the error, but that takes extra time for me so at least be a bit sorry for the inconvenience or throw in a cookie. The bakers still seem fine for bread though.

Below average, 6/30/2015
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
I was surprised and disappointed by the food and customer service. I had a chicken pesto sandwich. The menu says you can have it hot or cold. I asked whether the hot sandwich was just on toasted bread or heated through -- the new employee didn't know so she asked the guy who's been there a while. When I asked him to clarify he gave rather a bit of attitude, like what a dumb question, why was I not aware of how it's done? (This is the guy with dark hair, slight mustache and short beard, earrings, looks like he spends a lot of time working out). When the sandwich arrived it was smaller than I expected for $10.95, and the bread was smashed flat from the sandwich presser. The little salad on the side was ok except for the dressing, should have been a nice simple vinaigrette but tasted bottled, though I doubt it was. I hope not anyway. This place has declined from its former excellence. Wish I had gone somewhere else for lunch.

Worst breakfast Ever, 4/19/2015
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
The worst breakfast ever and I'm not exaggerating! I love the bread and other baked goodies. The staff is very friendly and quick. The kitchen however is clueless. I ordered my eggs scrambled very loose, runny. What I got was over cooked, rubbery scrambled eggs. My sister's eggs were over easy...raw. We both had anemic toast and the strangest chicken sausage... It had the oddest flavor and had a watery, mealy texture. The potatoes were tasteless and cold. Went back this morning, hoping my last visit was just an off day for the kitchen. Nope. It was consistently bad. $11.00 for two eggs, two sausages two pieces of toast...eggs overlooked again, toast not toasted and the strangest damned sausage I've ever tasted! Love the bread though!

Poor Service, 11/11/2011
Reviewer: Kenneth Anthony from Portland, OR
Staff / Management needs improvement. The staff are unaware who is next or who is cutting in line (odd). A wait in line has usually been twice as long as anticipated. I have complained to management on their customer service and have received a shrug. I only go with friends who insist on going but prefer other places around beautiful Santa Barbara to this one.

Pretty good food, order taking confusing, 4/13/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not quite sure what is up with this place. There are two cash registers, one it seems like for sandwiches and the other for coffee and pastry. I would have liked to order more but seemed silly to go to the other cashier which is what it seems like they expected me to do. The bread here is the star. Tried the highly rated Cubano, pretty good, I think you can get better across the street at Panino. The pastries were Ok, did not seem spectacular, not sure if they are after the healthier dessert people. This place is a SB institution since 1981 so they must be doing something right, they did seem popular the couple of times I went. One of the workers behind the counter really talks it up with the ladies adding I'm sure to the popularity of this place for those ladies after that kind of attention. Off the beaten State St path, more of a place for locals. Next door Cheese place that also offers sandwiches, I wonder if they get their sandwich bread here?

So Sad, Food So Bad., 9/22/2010
Reviewer: Jennifer from Santa Barbara, CA
I had been wanting to go to this cafe and finally I was downtown at the right time. I ordered a sandwich and a cookie. The sandwich and the cookie were tasteless. So sad. The guy behind the counter was really outgoing and helpful. But it didn't make the food good.

Worst Baked goods in a long time, 8/14/2010
Reviewer: John URsoleo from Santa Barbara, CA
Like another reviewer, we bought brownies and muffins and left the store with our mouths watering. It was a good thing because there was no moisture at all in anything we bought. Dry brownie that cracked when bit, horrible muffins also so dry that the squirrels did not want them. This place is not longer on our stop-list as we travel through.

Amazing vegan chocolate muffin, 8/10/2010
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm not even vegan, neither's the boyfriend, and we agree it's one of the best muffins in the world. The blueberry muffin here is so pretty too, like a supermodel in the muffin world. Raisin walnut rolls are such a bargain and to die for. Roco coffee that's NOT state street blend like everywhere else in town (blech). I wish they had donuts, but I also don't, because I always hit up ODB after the gym and that would totally defeat the purpose.

Go for the bread only!, 8/10/2010
Reviewer: gary linden from Malibu, CA
Don't waste your money on overpriced microwaved eggs ($9.00) plus another $3.00 if you want bacon. Whatever is supposed to be inside the croissants, is just a hint of it. Very stingy. Stick to the fresh bread which is quite good.

i don't get the hype, 5/14/2010
Reviewer: Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA
The bread is good. I will give them that. I just don't get the prices and the service always comes across as spacey and flustered. I went for breakfast and paid $8.50 for what turned out to be watery microwaved eggs and a small side salad. Turkey bacon was another $3. The bacon was already cooked and they just heated up like they would do at a fast food place like subway. The whole meal was fast food quality at $11.50. Actually McDonald's breakfast tastes better in this humble man's opinion.

Good Ciabatta, 3/13/2010
Reviewer: Paul L from Santa Barbara, CA
I only eat two things here and they are both some of the best I have had. Their ciabatta is the best in Santa Barbara, it is the perfect texture and the taste is amazing. The other thing I like is their vegan chocolate rich you wouldn't know it is vegan. Counter service is always efficient.

Not Worth My Money or Time, 3/12/2010
Reviewer: Amberly from Santa Barbara, CA
For the price of the food, I was expecting something magnificent. The pastries were bland, the service was slow and the coffee was not fresh. I suggest they re-evaluate the menu and come up with some creative ways to entice customers back to the bakery

TRY the CUBANO., 3/1/2010
Reviewer: Sharon from Santa Barbara, CA
I followed Kathryn's advice below and tried the Cubano. Best sandwich I've had in a good long time. Simply phenomenal. Highly recommended. Service was slightly laggy/slow when I was ordering, but the food proved to be very WELL worth the wait.

Good eats!, 1/25/2010
Reviewer: JF from Santa Barbara, CA
I come here quite often. The multi-grain cranberry rolls are an absolute delight. And when I come early enough, I get the croissants with ham and cheese, and they definitely put a smile on my face. The vegan chocolate muffin is surprisingly delicious as well. Overall I very much enjoy this bakery. I wish the prices weren't so steep!

Five Stars times TEN!, 10/28/2009
Reviewer: Kathryn from Santa Barbara, CA
I just had THE BEST sandwich I've ever had. It's called the Cubano and it was fresh, juicy, and delicious. It was recommended by the perfectly wonderful man working behind the sandwich counter and I'm so glad I took his advice. If you want a treat for your taste buds, go there, have this'll be in heaven!

My favorite morning break-fast, 10/2/2009
Reviewer: Stephenie from Santa Barbara, CA
This is my favorite place to visit early in the morning for an almond croissant and delicious coffee. I find the wait-staff warm and friendly and have yet to find one that doesn't speak/understand English. One does have to speak up however to be heard over the chatter and street traffic.

early morning muffin, 4/24/2009
Reviewer: TJ from Santa Barbara, CA
I have stopped in a couple of times on my walk to work (7 am). The early morning staff are friendly, but only one counter guy understands english, so they perpetually get my order wrong.3 out of 4 times I have found a fruit-bran muffin rather than what I ordered, which is a honey bran muffin. This is the last time I drop 3 bucks for the wrong order.

Not worth the price, 3/7/2009
Reviewer: Molly Danson from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a salmon/ goat cheese sandwich for roughly 9 bucks, and they were so stingy with all the ingredients on the sandwich. All I tasted was the bread. Poor excuse for a sandwich. I was really disappointed with the food.

best vegan chocolate muffin!, 2/21/2009
Reviewer: chee from Santa Barbara, CA
awww...bummer about the reviewer's baked goods (below), but I just happened to discover quite the delectable chocolatey muffin at ODB. it was moist, tender, and not cloyingly sweet. sometimes vegan products can taste a bit synthetic or soy-based, but this muffin was fantastic. there was a nice thin layer of chocolate frosting on top. who knew that eating "healthy" could taste so good?

Worst baked goods I found in SB, 9/26/2008
Reviewer: Veronica from Santa Barbara, CA
I was excited about trying this bakery for the first time since the reviews were decent. I bought one french baguette, one sourdough loaf, and a chocolate chip scone. Impatiently, I tried all 3 in the car on the way home. I was so sad, all 3 were bad! The scone was so dry it crumbled like sand. The two loafs had a weird texture (like cardboard) and were completely tasteless. I hate giving bad reviews, but I was really disappointed.

Ciabatta, 2/5/2008
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara
I have to say their Ciabatta is excellent. I love how you can go in and buy just one (as I do when I have a tasty soup, salad and cheese prepared for dinner.) I love the not so perfect squarish shape. The outside is a a bit crunchy, but not hard like a baguette and the inner is light airy and chewy.

dry croissant, 10/20/2007
Reviewer: Sally from SB
Well they did have croissants a-plenty today (see my previous post) but it was dry to the bone, bready (not flakey like a proper croissant) and the chocolate tasted like frosting. I will go back to Tutinnis ( i had called them but they were sold out)...cie la vie.

Good food, 6/1/2007
Reviewer: Sally from santa barbara
Had the hummus plate: very good but pretty expensive ($9.00) for hummus and a greek salad. One bit of feta. no pita. :( okay.

For anything bread, there's no better place to be!, 4/30/2007
Reviewer: Dave Medina from Santa Barbara
After months of trying to go, I finally made my first stop at "Our Daily Bread" last week. I tried a Jalepeno Roll and some cookies. The Jalepeno roll was phenomenal. The cookies weren't quite as good as other places (Jeanines and so forth) but that really isn't their forte, so it is not such a big deal. I can't wait to go back and try some other bread related delights, for example, the French roll, the rye bread, ciabatta, and focaccia. I did not catch all the pastries they had there, but perhaps I'll get a chance to sample those as well. "Our Daily Bread" has quite a good selection and always excellent service. Definitely Recommended!

Please make more pastries with chocolate on Saturday..., 4/22/2007
Reviewer: Sally from SB
went to get some pastries around 2:00pm on saturday.. nothing, all sold out: no cookies with chocolate, croissants or ruggala. As they are closed on Sunday, went to Jennines on upper state instead. Boo hoo!

Excellent pastries, 4/20/2007
Reviewer: Sally Primrose from SB
I have come probably 3 or 4 times to get a chocolate croissant and for some reason are always sold out. They must be good... wonder why they don't make more. BUT... in the absence, I have tried some lovely substitutes: the honey granola cookies with chocolate chips: hearty and sweet. And today the ruggula flakey small bites of pastry and chocolate...yum.

over rated!, 2/9/2007
Reviewer: emma from santa barbara, ca
their coffee is good & the service is very friendly and efficient, but think twice before you venture away from muffins and rolls! had poached eggs on toast-- eggs were cold, tasted strongly of vinegar, bread (whole wheat, although like no whole wheat i'd ever seen) was thin, rubbery and nearly impossible to cut through crust with a knife! 'toast' was also cold AND it cost nearly nine dollars for cold bitter eggs and rubber toast! YUCK!the baked goods are generally good though.

kosher folks beware, 9/29/2005
Reviewer: shorty from Santa Barbara
while I agree with the other reviewers about the quality and taste, I think people should be aware that only the breads items are kosher, all of the food on the menu is not.

Best Sandwiches in Town.....Sometimes, 5/10/2005
Reviewer: Tyler Blue from Santa Barbara, CA
If Beverly is working then you have a chance to enjoy one of the best sandwiches in town. Order one of the paninis to get the full experience. My favorite is the turkey-pastrami on ciabatta. It comes with fresh slaw on it which is unlike typical cole slaw. The paninis come with a nice side salad too. She treats it like art which is how a good sandwich can be. If Beverly isn´t working, I´ve found their sandwiches to be only average. I believe she is off on Monday and Wednesday.

Amazing greek piza, 2/16/2005
Reviewer: Aleksey from Los Angeles, CA
Greek piza at Our Daily Bread is simply amazing! I drive to Santa Barbara from Los Angeles and try to get the piza. The owner of the restaurant, a man named Zeev, is a really nice guy.

raisin squares like dancing on the rings of saturn, 1/14/2005
Reviewer: laurie from chico,ca
hmmm, at a loss of description here, because in actuality have yet to visit the bakery in person, i have just had bestowed upon me, without a doubt one of the BEST raisin squares. Though a stretch, from Northern California to Santa Barbara (8 hrs driving time), this bakeries raisin squares have led to many a planned trip along the coast just to visit a place that might have more gems to offer.

Amazingly Rude Owner, 8/17/2004
Reviewer: perry russell from santa barbara
My wife, young son, and myself have enjoyed many Saturday morning breakfasts at Our Daily Bread, prior to going to the Farmer´s Market. This has always been a pleasurable experience, with good food, good service, and nice atmosphere. This past weekend we accidentally mistook a "saved table", thinking that the "saved item" was merely a cleaning bucket and not an item that was saving the table. We looked around upon sitting down, after not seeing anyone in line or getting coffee, we assumed it was a cleaning bucket inadvertently left on the table. Approximately 30 minutes later, a woman very rudely informed us that we had taken her table. I aplogized, trying to explain our situation, with no understanding on her part. I was confused as to why someone would try and hold a prime outdoor table for a half hour, during prime-time on a Saturday morning, with a bucket, and then be upset and rude upon finding the table taken, only to discover that this woman was either the owner or manager (or both). I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED that a young family, a regular paying customer, could be treated like this by the owner. My wife and I both work in service oriented companies where the client always comes first. Our Daily Bread has definitely been removed from our list of fun places to enjoy on the weekend! Who needs that when there are so many choices in town!

MY Daily Bread, 5/13/2004

I always head here on Fridays for their amazing and fresh Challa. Recently, however, I discovered that they also do lunch and breakfast food! They have fantastic sandwiches to beat the band and other salads and stuff that I can´t wait to try. What a great little downtown secret. While everything is very reasonably priced, this bread is worth spending some dough on.

#1 Bakery, 2/13/2004

I love their bread, muffins, scones, calzones, cakes, and more to say. However, they are too good to be experienced by your self.

Nothing better than hot, fresh bread..., 11/20/2001
Reviewer: Barry from Palo Alto, CA
I love this bakery for its fresh bread, muffins and delightful coffee. A must for any early riser..

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