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Outback Steakhouse
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2017-11

5690 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-0599

Reviews by the General Public

Just terrible; this place has really gone downhill, 1/21/2017
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
Haven't eaten at Outback in many years, thought we would give it a try on a special occasion. The food was just terrible! The bleu cheese salad came out as brown-tinged, wilted iceberg lettuce that tasted as old as it looked, with a "meatball" of bleu cheese sitting on top. And the filet mignon was even worse. Zero tenderness or flavor, just a hard slab of tasteless beef. Also, and this is a minor point, but Outback used to try to create a nice low-light ambience. Now there's a bright LCD computer thingy at your table that replaces at least 50% of what a waiter does (order food, pay bill, etc). What's next, pick up a tray and order at the counter?

An answer to Service? I don't think so, 6/13/2016
Reviewer: Scott from Lompoc CA.
6PM. Reservation for 2 on Grad Weekend. Well fed. Great service. Out the Door, Happy& full by 6:53 PM. You shouldn't walk into a busy Popular Restaurant and expect instant service.Try calling ahead like most people; and Quit Whining!!!

Excellent as usual, 7/17/2015
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
As usual, I went to Outback on my birthday (75) and had my usual dinner (15 oz rare roast beef, baked potato with everything, French onion soup, and a frozen margarita (well, ok, two, since I had a designated driver this year). Everything was just excellent; so good in fact that I decided to do this occasionally on un-birthdays as well (which was today). It was just as good, except I think I'm going to try 12 oz. next time- I think I'm starting to slow down. But what a way to go!!

Chowder Ok, 6/30/2013
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Finally tried the Chowder, it was Ok, not better than Mac's who I think has the best in town and I would give the nod to Brophy's also over this place. Just had some extra spices in it that tried to kick it up a notch but not really traditional and not to my liking.

Another Birthday, 6/18/2013
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
Another Birthday, another 16 oz Prime Rib (rare), baked potato with everything, French onion soup, and a frozen Margarita (with salt). Another 5 stars..... I'll be back... (hopefully)... :)

Worst steak I've ever had, 2/10/2013
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Went to a Birthday party at Outback...dread! How bad can a Ribeye steak be? Well, once again they managed to serve up a disappointment. I have never seen a Ribeye cut 1/4" thick! Thin and grissley...what a joke! The Bluecheese salad dressing had hardly any flavor, the baked potato was hard and mealy, and that squishy, Wonderbreadesque Squaw bread with margarine.... Gag! The highlight of the highlight of the dinner was the Clam Chowder, the Best in S.B.? Hell no! but it was decent, good clam presence and liked the spicy kick, could have been a bit creamier though... But not bad though. The next time I get roped into going to The Outback, I will probably order just the

BEST EVER!!, 11/20/2012
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
There are A LOT of resturants in SB and I always forget about Outback...since they won SB Best Clam was back on my radar...I don't think I have ever had a bad meal there! I went there on Saturday and order the Bloomin' Onion and of course the Clam Chowder and it was the BEST EVER!!! The service was amazing, they are always friendly and fun. Oh and the bread YUMMY!!!! Go to Outback!!!

Prime Rib Again, 6/17/2012
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
Well, I did the Prime Rib (16 oz.) again for my 72nd birthday. I always have the French onion soup, baked potato with everything and a frozen Margarita with salt, and it all was just perfect. The service was great even though it was very busy (graduation weekend), and I am now home again to sleep it off, and hibernate until next year.

Salt lick!, 5/11/2012
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
My nine year old daughter and I both had the lamb chops and they were delicious but the sauce was a pre-fab Knorr salt lick powder and water "sauce" yuck! The mashed potatoes were inedible they were so salty!! My daughter agreed about the salt issue. When I complained to our waiter, he said that he had never had a complaint about the food being too salty in the 7 years of working there!! And I consider myself someone who likes salty food! But the food at Outback is fast food like salt lick! I will go back for the lamb, no sauce and baked potatoe!

A very nice evening, 4/10/2011
Reviewer: Janet from Santa Barbara, CA
Celebrated a family birthday here last night. All the food was good and not too expensive. GREAT waiter!!! Just the right amount of attentiveness and leaving us alone. No extra charge to bring a birthday cake and have them bring it out with a candle. Very nice evening.

just an ordinary burger, 4/4/2011
Reviewer: Frank from Santa Barbara, CA
They seemed to have changed their burger formula. The burger used to be heavily spiced, which I liked. Now, it's just a regular burger. But for $10 I expect more. I'm not really inspired to go back.

Prime Rib, 4/1/2011
Reviewer: Chuck Keyser from Santa Barbara, CA
Outback is one of my favorite places to eat (along with Fresco Five Points and Giovannis's Pizza), but I only restrict myself to once a year or so at Outback, usually on my birthday. But today after a week of dieting and step aerobics (no grace or dignity), I had had enough. I always get the 16 oz. prime rib rare with the french onion soup and a couple of frozen Margaritas (with salt). Prices have indeed gone up, and I was curious to see if the portion sizes had changed. Sheesh! What a magnificent piece of rare prime rib! The French onion soup and black bread were great as usual, and I really do miss the Margaritas the rest of the year. Service was great, too - everything came quickly and at just the precise moments. But enough of this; I have to go hibernate....:-)

Service? I don't think so, 3/20/2011
Reviewer: Rex Schmitz from San Jose CA
I have eaten at Outback Steakhouses from Denver to Spokane to San Diego and everywhere in between and have always been very happy with their service and their food. They have the best steaks and their potato soup is amazing. Service has always been outstanding and waiters and waitresses have gone above and beyond to assure that your meals are served quickly. All and all the Outback gets 5 stars for food and service nationwide. And then there is the Santa Barbara Outback. I was in SB on business and checked my GPS for places to eat. I was excited that there was an Outback so headed there for dinner. I was told they were very busy and there were no tables available so was seated in the bar area. While sitting there I saw 4 vacant tables in the restaurant. I sat for 27 minutes and no one approached me to take a drink or food order. As it turned out I walked out and down the street to another restaurant. If you’re looking for fast friendly service at the SB Outback don’t bother going there.

Not what I expected, 1/16/2011
Reviewer: trish from Santa Barbara, CA
I had a gift card for Outback. It's not the kind of place I normally frequent but I tried it anyway. The front desk staff was very nice and seated us quickly. We chose the bar area (in a booth) which I think was our first mistake. The service was SLOW. I'm not sure if the guy was new but during dinner my boyfriend had 3 beers throughout our stay. Each time he waited a long time, and each time the bartender had to remind the waiter to bring the beer which had been sitting at the waiter station for some time. We ordered a shrimp appetizer which was small but good - but served on some barbequed lettuce which was gross and dry. Then ordered steak from the menu, but the description didn't say anything about it being a few slices of meat, pre-sliced? It was weird. My sweet potato was all soggy and plopped and squished into a small side dish. We were going to get dessert but somehow we lost our waiter for a LONG time and we just asked for the check, got dessert on the way home. The bill was expensive. I would MUCH rather spend a tad bit more and go to Ruth Chris - the atmosphere, service and food is 20x better.

BEST FOOD IN TOWN!!!!!!, 3/24/2010
Reviewer: Jared from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to thousands of steakhouse restaurants and the Outback was by far the best!! Me and my family go every thursday and the service is always outstanding!!! There is no better place than the Outback.

love this place, 2/22/2010
Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Barbara, CA
I always get good service and the food is consistently good. Sometimes it does get busy, but I have never had to wait more than 20 minutes or so for my food. I love the bloomin onion.. sooooo goood. The one negative thing was the woman who took our names at the door last Friday at around 6pm. She was kind of rude and ignored me for a couple minutes while she helped someone who came in after us. Other than her, it was a great experience. I will continue to go here.

Terrible Service, 2/20/2010
Reviewer: Rebecca from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here many times and am ALWAYS disappointed with the service. The kitchen is always slow and seems unable to accommodate simple requests. For example if you ask for vegetables instead of rice, the plate will inevitably show up with rice. It is not unusual to order your food and wait 45 minutes for it to arrive. Despite the consistently poor service, the food is usually acceptable – not great, but passable. Went there last night and the food was awful. Ordered a steak for my child from the kid’s menu. It was so tough that she was unable to chew it. My Caesar salad was drowned in dressing and was excessively salty. The sauce on my fish was so salty that it was inedible. I sent it back and asked them to take the fish off the bill and just bring a potato instead. Despite my instructions, they sent out another fishplate. It was slightly less salty, but still did not taste good. The waiter was very apologetic and tried to accommodate us. We were not charged for the fish. Bottom line – there are so many great restaurants in SB, don’t waste your time or money here.

The food is good but the service has gone downhill, 11/25/2009
Reviewer: Eryn from Santa Barbara, CA
We live in the neighborhood and have been to the Outback dozens of times with our kids over the past decade. Everyone always loves their food, although the portion size of the Bloomin Onion has gone from large to just medium over the years. The service has been lacking on our last several visits, however. On my son's birthday, we were in the restaurant for nearly 3 hours because it took so long to order, get our food, etc. I went last night, and had to call another waitress to find our waitress, whom we had to ask twice for glasses of wine and butter. She also made a mistake on my order, and it took so long for the dinner to be remade that everyone else in my party was done eating by the time I got my food.

Good food and Service, 5/8/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton, CA
Close to a Chili's except that they have seafood available. I recommend the cocunut shrimp appetizer. Of course they have the bloomin onion which was Ok. The ribs were like from chili's. So I would recommend this place over chili's(though chili's is good!), maybe chili's good for lunches and this place for dinners as this place is not open for lunch(much quieter place to go than Chili's also). Servers bend over backwards for you, go earlier the better as it gets crowded.

outstanding service from all involved!, 3/6/2009
Reviewer: Kristopher from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to outback last night and was thrilled from the moment the door was opened for me and I was greeted with a courteous smile! I was quoted a time and sat promptly. I was greeted quickly and again with a smile! My server, Jen, was knowledgeable of the menu and helped me make an informed decision on a great meal! There was a lot of positive energy in the restaurant and I felt welcomed from the floor manager, hosts, and servers. Come to outback and bring your friends!!!

Great for cheap steak, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
Obviously this is not Ruth Chris or Jill's place but for the price you definitely can stretch your dollar the max here. The service is consistent and efficient. The bar is great too, their cocktails are strong but not overwhelming like Joe's. Their prime rib is good (again, for what you pay for it) and their sides are delicious. This is a great place because you know what you're going to get and it usually meets expectations.

Reviewer: John Wardlaw from santa Barbara CA
Outbacks is an Australian themed Cajun based Steakhouse. It is not Australian food as many may think. I discovered on a trip to Australia that I loved the Australian fish Barramundi. It is a wonderful light tasting fish. I was shocked when on a recent trip to Outbacks to hear it was on the menu. So if you want to taste a real Australian fish you gotta try it. Remember, this isn't the way the Australians would cook it, but it is still good. On the menu until the end of November 07 they tell me. Give it a try.

Good all round!, 8/26/2007
Reviewer: Gavin from Goleta, CA
Despite the fact that this Steakhouse is as Australian as an English Muffin, People should not come here just because the place is themed. I've been here on a few occasions and the food is always good. The tables are not always clean but as long as you let the staff know this they will rectify the problem straight away. Waiters and Waitresses are very friendly which saves the service from being a 3 star.

Pretty Good mates, 8/20/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
We took the kids here and had a good time. My prime rib was tasty and the kids meals were well received. My wife had the "Moms home cooking meal"? It essentially was cubed steak with mashed potatos etc. She didn't care for it, too much pepper and too much salt. Anyway, the best part of our meal was our server Eric. He was very helpfull, funny and available when we needed him. The margaritas were mediocre (too sweet) but I dont think Aussies drink margaritas.. We would go back.

Disapointing Steaks, 8/11/2007
Reviewer: Bob Bert from Santa Barbara
We have been going to Outbacks for many years, and were always satisfied, and so the four of us decided to return to the SB(Goleta) Outback for our usual favorite steak-The Outback Special. The first thing we noticed is they now offer three different sizes of Outback Specials(largest 12 oz. at &17.25). Well, we all ordered the Special Steaks in various sizes. The first thing we noticed was the salads were much smaller than we remembered, (but crisp and good). Then came the steaks. All came exactly as ordered(rare to medium rare). However, all of us were very disappointed in the extremely tough, probably much lower grade, beef. It was almost impossible to completely chew before swallowing. We decided we would return to this Outback only once more before we completely crossed it off our list. I will report this next visit results when it occurs.

Reviewer: Catherine from Montecito, ca
I have been to many outbacks before but none have every stuck out like the santa barbara outback. It was a very busy night and the staff seemed to be working very hard but as soon as we sat down our waitress greeted us with a wonderful smile and eased our hunger with that wonderful bread. She anticipated all of our needs and the steaks were cooked to perfection. All I have to say is try the crusted filet mingnon and ask for Brittany as your waitress.

Very Pleasantly Surprised, 5/7/2007
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
I normally don't write reviews of chain restaurants (because I usually don't eat at them) but since I found myself at the Outback in Goleta last week I figured I owed it a review. I have t say straightaway that I was pretty impressed with my (our) whole experience. We went on a Friday night and the place was packed with a long wait list (I'd recommend phoning ahead) Food wise I figured I'd go with the flow and get a steak, the Victorias Center cut Filet. With that I got a choice of two side dishes and plenty of bread. The steak was lightly seasoned and very good (B+) not cheap but at $20 a fair price for a good peice of meat. We also ordered a fish dish and ribs , all of which were well prepared and tasty. Basically this is not overly complicated fare and theyre not trying to be too sophisticated, its simple, good food done up pretty well. Service was fantastic, I think our servers name was Dave and he was fabulous, answered a lot of quesions and helped make a few substitutions to suit a particular palate, all with a great attitude and a smile. This may be a chain restaurant but in this case it really felt like a hometown family restaurant, and a good one a that. T

love chicken, 1/12/2007
Reviewer: cynthia langlo from goleta ca
I always get the samething and it is always good but i dont go to often because it is a bit expensive and sometimes the service they have neglected us a few times.

Great Experience, 9/24/2006
Reviewer: Svetlana from Goleta
When we dined at the Outback it was very busy, but the staff was very friendly and after we ordered, before we had to wait for too long, the manager came out and let us know that ours will take extra and was very friendly and apologetic. The food really did take a long time, but we were checked up on regularly and offered more bread and free drinks while we waited. The manager brought out the food himself and was very apologetic about how long it took. The food was excellent. I like things medium-rare and a lot of the time it gets overcooked. Outback got it right on the nose. The lamb was excellent. I can't wait to go there again.

Outback Steaks-Only House, 8/27/2006
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
Service was a little slow, but we were a big party so they don't lose too many stars there. But it's too expensive for what it is, and the food is lousy. Granted it is a steak house, but that doesn't mean that every non-steak item should be bad. My mom ordered a salad and it was completely white and clear lettuce...not a hint of green. My vegetarian friends got overly salty, and pretty slimy-looking pasta dishes. I got salmon that was so salty and burnt that I could hardly eat it (looks like I ordered what Terry describes below). It was tragic. The steak and mashed potatos were perfectly fine...I ordered an 8 or 10 ounce sirloin, it was on par with similar sized sirloins I've gotten for half that price at other places in the SB and LA areas. Finally, they need to turn up the lights so you can actually read the damn menu. Though I guess if they did, you'd be able to see the prices, realize you're spending 50 or 75% more than you would at Elephant Bar, and just go there instead! Or to Chili's, which is in the same genre, but is more consistently good.

Best Steak & Service in Santa Barbara, 7/28/2006
Reviewer: Barbara Yaffee from CA
Great friendly staff, quick service, the best steaks in town, always cooked to perfection. Definitely worth the drive! The only drawback is that they don't take reservations. Sad to say, a CHAIN beats out all the steakhouses in SB, its consistent!

Reviewer: KELLEY from GOLETA

Chris and Jordy: Thanks for the great smiles!, 5/29/2006
Reviewer: sherri from goleta
those two guys are the best servers in the place. i am 40something years old and love their winning smiles and friendly service, i always come back to outback! they know my drink of choice and meal. diet coke and Kookaburra Chicken Fingers!!! behave mister! mufasta says hello too! thanks for the hot buns!

It was like eating Out in the Back, 4/3/2006
Reviewer: Terry from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten at nearly all of the restaurants in SB, especially the so-called steak houses. This Outback is like Sizzler in the dark and cold. We asked the server to adjust the fan so we could take off our jackets to eat, it was then reasonable for about 5 minutes, then someone turned the A/C up to freezing. I think we would have had a better experience eating out back in the parking lot, service was slow and slower, the wait staff was dumb and dumber they didn't even know their own menu. The food left a lot to be desired, overcooked steak and burnt, dry salmon. The up sell on the salad was deceptive like ordering from McDonald’s; the staff should mention the additional costs. With a meal this generic the salad should be included. Like a true optimist we tried it again and it was even worst the second time. This is by far the worst Outback I have even been to. We will never go here again or recommend it to anyone we know.

Wonderful Surprise For A Chain Restaurant!!, 3/20/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Goleta
Only two things to say: get leslie as your server and the food is outrageously good for a chain restaurant. I will be back!!!

Good stuff, 8/5/2005
Reviewer: David L from santa barbara
Well the food here is pretty darn good. My dad ordered the rack of lamb and it was so tender, and the sauce they gave was awesome, by far one of the best lamb ribs i have had. The steaks are okay, nothing too special but hey, better than your average place like sizzlers. The mushroom burgers are great too ... lots of mushrooms that come on the side which is even better. The hostess was also very nice, never had an empty glass and was always checking up on us ... overall a FIVE!

Worth the Drive!, 7/9/2005
Reviewer: Bill U from Santa Maria, CA
About twice a week, my family makes the 65-mile drive south so we can enjoy our favorites. Usually we arrive shortly before the doors open on Saturday evening and my wife stares through the glass hoping they will let us in early. After a Blooming Onion for an appetizer, we have our

FOOD IS O.K....BUT, 7/1/2005
Reviewer: KEN from SANT BARBARA

Super Food & Service!, 1/20/2005
Reviewer: Al & Jackie Allison from San Luis Obispo County, CA
January 3, parched, we stopped off at the Outback Steakhouse in Goleta and enjoyed their "Bloomin Onion" appetizer and a round of Margaritas. Due to an allergy to yellow # 5, which is contained in most commercial Sweet& Sour mixes, we requested a special margarita blend, not on the menu. Our server and bartender met our request with smiles and speed! Wish we would have thought to get those servers names. On our return trip, January 19, we stopped at the Goleta Outback again, due to the fine food and service we had first received. The restaurant was filled with customers and the servers and bartenders were very busy, yet not too busy to mix our special Margarita with smiles and speed! We enjoyed the patio, food and delicious drink! Our thanks to the management for our server, Ryan H. and bartender Jen T.

Fun Atmosphere and Great Food., 11/28/2004

I love the friendliness of the wait staff and the great quality of the food.

satisfied customer, 11/1/2004

great service. nice & responsive bartenders. Their brown bread is the best - reminds me of home. medium rare is really medium rare and not well done as in many other restaurants.

Outstanding As Always, 10/3/2004
Reviewer: Sherryl from Sacramento, CA
I´ve eaten at a number of Outback Steakhouses throughout California as I travel for business quite frequently. I was a bit worried about the one in Santa Barbara after reading some of the reviews on this website. I´m here to tell you either those people were having a bad day, or their standards are skewed dramatically. The service was great, the food was great, as always. It´s a $14 steak place, people not some $100 a plate French restaurant. If you want good tasting, stick to your ribs food, this is THE PLACE to go! Good job guys and gals!

Nick was Wonderful, 8/16/2004
Reviewer: Angelina from Goleta, CA
Our waiter was a young man named Nick. One of the best waiters I have ever had and I eat out a lot. He waited on us hand and foot and did it with a smile and grace. The ribs are the best in town. Thanks Outback!

GREAT SERVICE!, 8/11/2004

I have never been to an Outback Steakhouse before this past weekend. I was expeciting an average chain restaurant expierence, decent food & service, I was wrong. As soon as we were seated we were greated by a very happy and energetic young waitress. Because I had never been their before, she gladly helped me decide on a meal. WONDERFUL FOOD, SERVICE, AND ATMOSPHERE!!! Try it for yourself!

No Service, 7/13/2004

We were seated but a waiter never showed up. I told the person that seated us that we needed a waiter. Still nobody showed, so we left. I don´t think that we will go back.

Excellent Service and Food, 5/11/2004
Reviewer: Eli from Santa Barbara, CA USA
The service was very good, and the food was delicious. Thanks Kim

Ugh, 5/10/2004

For someplace with so much hype, I thought Outback sucked. The service was good, but that´s about it. I have been about 5 times, and on every occassion the steak was so overcooked I wouldn´t feed it to my dog. I tried a pasta dish, and it was bland. At first glance, the price is right for a steakhouse but now I see why.

In response to the poor service comment , 3/26/2004

in response to the other college studen who has eaten there..i think you were probably drunk off your ****...and oooh 100$ at a restaurant..dont break the bank with that one. Im sure the only reason you were treated poorly is because you were an **** sincerely blah

Reviewer: Daniel from Lompoc
Sunny you are the BEST. I love your personal service you gave me 9/17/03 1:00 pm

Very nice resturaunt, 9/11/2003
Reviewer: D. Nelson from Lompoc, CA
Of the franchise resturaunts, this is one of the best. The salads have some of the freshest vegetables (the tomatoes seem to be right off the vine most of the time), excellent steaks and seafood, and very nice service. We have eaten at this particular resturaunt twice, and at Outback steakhouses in various other locations on numerous occasions, and every experience was wonderful.

Shark bite, 8/1/2003
Reviewer: Chris from Louisiana
Dont drink Shark bite .Not good

food mediocre, 5/25/2003
Reviewer: mimi from santa barbara
the food is mediocre, salads wilted, soup tasteless. The onion and drinks are okay

Excellent Service & Great Steaks!!, 1/28/2003

We loved it! Thanks Outback!!! Spent the weekend in Santa Barbara. Had a Great time!

Horrible Service, 12/28/2002

This steakhouse presented our group of friends with the worst service possible in Goleta. First off, when ordering a margarita from the bar, after viewing my ID, the bartender flicked my Id back at me. Then to top if off, we proceeded to complain to the manager that we were being treated poorly, the also quite young manager told us that it was "our problem." Being a collge student, I could not believe the nerve that they had to address us this way. Our bill ended up being over $100 so it was not like we weren´t spending any money. I could not believe the way that they had treated us. I say that Outback Steakhouse provided the most rude service ever.

Wonderful Food, 4/15/2002
Reviewer: Michael Edwards from San Francisco
I really enjoy the atmosphere here. The service is unforgetable. The food id great and on time. Great place to bring a family or a big party.

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