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Pacific Crepes
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-12

705 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 882-1123

  • Category: French
  • Hours: Open 7 Days 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Breakfast & Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Great little place for great little things to eat, 4/20/2013
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
We wanted something light for and early dinner and did we ever pick the right spot. Lovely french onion soup and a delicious fulsome salad topped off with a simple butter/sugar crepe. We picked some of the simplest things on the menu and each item was perfectly what we were looking for. Haunted by the simple dessert crepe so this will be a regular for our rounds around town. Very appreciative they handled our small orders with as much care as if we had had a full dinner. The advertised full dinner, several course prix fixe meal looked like one of the better deals in town for I think only $24. We will be back for that. Only drawback was the "french bread" was not what I usually think of as french bread - small, thin crouton-like slices that came with the soup. Nor were the onions caramelized for a rich brown broth, but the soup was still very tasty and oniony. Perhaps this is the Brittany version of both items - no problems because overall it was quite good.

My favorite place in SB, 3/30/2012
Reviewer: Caitlin from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I started eating at Pacific Crepes last October and try to make it there at least twice a month. The menu is divine and the atmosphere is enjoyable. We're often mooning over the maps on the tables or looking at the books around. To most, the service would seem somewhat cold but they're very French! Very effective and enjoyable to be around. We can order in French, which is an experience I've only ever had here, or in English. I recommended Pacific Crepes to everyone I know because it's a gem in downtown SB.

Food good, service a bit snobby/cold, 5/30/2011
Reviewer: sally from Santa Barbara, CA
We've been here after the farmers market on Saturday. I ordered the Salad Nicoise excellent, French onion soup okay. But I have to say with a new crepe place in town they might want to work on their attitude. It's a great location and do hope it makes it with the other Creperia in town. I don't know if the man that works there is the new owner.. is he the French's lady son? No one has to entertain me but a smile instead of a poker face would be nice.

The best piece of France in Santa Barbara, 4/21/2011
Reviewer: Melissa Knill from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here more times than I can count, and each time I feel like I have taken the red eye to Bretagne... The atmosphere is simple and calm, the people laid back yet totally professional. The food is delicious.. I start off with a salad, topped with their signature salad dressing. Then I launch into my favorite crepe, La Lyonnaise, turkey and bechamel sauce... Then for dessert I choose the St. Gervais. A yummy crepe with white chocolate, strawberries and powdered sugar, and of course their whipped cream!! So yummy!! I would recommend this restaurant to anybody!!

Ugh, forget it. , 11/25/2010
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Obviously as you can see in my reviews below I really like(d) this place… until this morning. Being that I work in a hotel and volunteered to work on Turkey day means dinner was not going to happen for me so my fiancée and I went to Pacific for lunch. The owner's wife helped us and was cordial until I pointed out that I had ordered and been charged for ham on my crepe but did not get it. I was trying to explain to her and even showed her my leftovers to prove that the ham had not been placed on the crepe and she kept trying to tell me that the cash register rings up "ham turkey". I explained to her that I understood what she was saying since she thought I was referring to the turkey my fiancee had ordered on his, but at that point she wouldn't even let me finish after repeatedly interrupting me and then she began to holler at me in French, I understand French but I do not speak but a few words so I was unable to communicate what I was trying to say and what she thought that I meant, I was so humiliated that she was hollering at me and interrupting me in front of my fiancée and the other diners and I will not go back. All I wanted was an adjustment on my bill so that I did not have to pay for food that I didn't get and I didn't get to explain what was really happening until her husband finally came over and fixed it for us, and instead of apologizing he placed all of the blame on his chef. The food is generally good however on this trip the crepes came out cold even though we ordered them cooked with meats and cheeses, very disappointing. We've since decided I will be making crepes at home from now on.

Unfriendy, 9/5/2010
Reviewer: Holly from Santa Barbara, CA
First time coming here with our baby and we loved this place before. We walked in to an empty place (only 2 other tables there) and they wouldn't give us a table that would fit us both and our car seat. Then offered us the long table only to tell us two seconds later "actually we might get a big group so I don't think you can sit there" . There were literally 4 tables that would have accommodated us , but we couldn't sit there in case a larger party came in. So basically we either put our infant on the floor of a very small place or we couldn't eat there. We left, I will never recommend this place to any of my friends. Apparently they are doing well enough that they can choose who they'd like to serve and families aren't on their list of preferred customers. Their food is great but be prepared to deal with bad attitudes.

Interesting, pretty good, cultural, 7/25/2010
Reviewer: Frederic from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with Lens. I went to Pacific Crepes for the first time a few weeks ago. I ordered the "Nordic" crepe. The food was good, not really what I'm accustomed to eating but it was fresh and well prepared. Just a bit rich for my regular diet, which I suppose is fine considering French cuisine has many rich dishes. I like the cold bottles of water and authentic decor. At first I was a bit turned off by the French only speak, then I thought it was really neat. She said just a few words but I picked up on "fini" or something like that, basically asking me if I was finished or wanted coffee or dessert. I said "fini" or whatever the word was (I forget). This went on through my lunch, so I learned a little and was able to communicate in French, and had a nice French cultural experience unlike any other restaurant in SB. Kudos to a unique little spot in a town that's losing a lot of places like this. Would you rather see a Chili's or Applebee's? I sure wouldn't! Let's strive to keep the mom 'n pop shops alive folks! They're a dying breed. The all caps "I will never return her again" from one negative experience alone is extremely distasteful and can negatively affect a business. Restaurants are not easy businesses to maintain and keep afloat, lighten up fellas. It's just food after all. Your life must be pretty cherry if complaining about restaurants in such a manner is your get up!

Authentic Positive Review, 7/23/2010
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Robin, actually I am just a local girl that has been enjoying the restaurant for awhile now and I happened to come across the review after it was posted. I work in the service industry and am on this site many times per day at work looking up information for my guests when they need reservations or recommendations. I think Pacific is a wonderful place and I am only saying that my experience with the said woman has been nothing but kind and the food has been very good, I also feel that the other diners seem to enjoy her as well as I've heard them speaking in French with her on a couple of occassions. There is nothing wrong with having a differing opinion from the negative one stated below.

those negative reviewers are NUTS, this place is AWESOME., 7/23/2010
Reviewer: Lens from Santa Barbara, CA
I *love* that that lady speaks only french to you. It makes you feel like you're not in America anymore, but a real french creperie! She's very nice and she understands everything you ask her in english, so what on earth is the problem? If you don't understand what she's asking/saying, tell her you don't understand! She'll go slower or point or bring someone to help! They have amazing crepes, great selection, good prices. When they are busy, service can get a bit slow (but then it's even more like an authentic french creperie ;)) but otherwise, they are always quick and efficient with our orders. I have never had a meal I didn't like here. Their salads are simple, fresh and delicious. The savory crepes are amazing, every single one we've had. The desert crepes are sinful! Ask for some fresh cream with your desert crepes (if they don't bring it to you already)! It's quite amazing!

what is this? positve review, right after negative review??, 7/23/2010
Reviewer: Robin Rhim from Santa Barbara, CA
This is kind of responds that I am reluctant to believe (I am referring to the review before mine). It is pretty obvious that some-one who is related to this restaurant is responding to the negative review. This is just flat out stupid. Just come out and say you’ll fix the problem or apology will do the work.

Great Food and Great Service , 7/22/2010
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
In response to Rick's review below, my fiancee and I have been going to Pacific for about a year now and I know which woman he is referring to, however she is very sweet, who cares if she speaks mostly French? She's never gotten our orders wrong and she is far from rude to the guests, does it really matter if she says "merci" instead of "thank-you"? We think it adds to the charm of eating there and I can tell many others do as well. Perhaps Rick would be better suited eating at an establishment that serves "Freedom Fries".

Decent Food If You Like Abuse , 7/22/2010
Reviewer: Rick Cipes from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the rudest possible woman in Santa Barbara. You would think she would've learned two words of English in all these years: "Thank you," but she refuses to placate you. Today, she had me sitting at a table for five minutes, after some mumbo-jumbo I didn't understand, without even giving me water or menu. I had no clue. I walked out. And, after eating there for the past six years, I will NEVER GO BACK AGAIN. Sorry, but She fits the French stereotype to the tee. And it is no longer worth my money, for a decent crepe, to be abused by this very unhappy later who is obviously too cheap to hire a real waiter or three.

This is one we always try to get to, 3/17/2010
Reviewer: Debbi Pascua from Los Osos, Ca
It's so cozy, so friendly, so DELICIOUS! I live in San Luis Obispo County, and whenever my friends and I are in town we try to hit this little place either first or last. The breakfasts are tasty, and the dessert crepes magnifique. The atmosphere is such that I instantly relax. You will too.

So good... can't wait to go back. , 1/22/2010
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I FINALLY got to try Pacific Crepes last night after wanting to go there for so long and was not disappointed. I love the French decor and music. We had two savory crepes and one sweet for dessert, everything was fresh and tasted great, we can't wait to go back.

We have a slice of France in Santa Barbara, 8/7/2009
Reviewer: Paola Gonzalez from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is a fun little getaway from all the similar restaurants we have in Santa Barbara its not to expensive and you really get a taste of france from the owner to waiters and the decor. The lemonade here was also the best i've had in a while.

Bretagne is PART OF FRANCE, 11/2/2008
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
to the person who thought bretagne is not part of france, this is not true! i m french and i can tell you that bretagne is part of france :s well there food is amazing, their crepes are in general better than the ones you get in france, i go there often and they are always so nice! i would recommend the fruit crepe it s really good!

best crepe in town, 9/19/2008
Reviewer: dalia from Santa Barbara, CA
very good crepe great environment and wonderful service love coming here time after time

Still dreaming about the desert crepe...., 9/9/2008
Reviewer: Sara N. from Santa Barbara, CA
and FRESH homemade whipped cream. It was delicious. The ambiance was also great. I would definitely recommend this place to someone else, who has the time. It is not somewhere you rush in and out to eat, though I cannot think of a good French restaurant that is! Take your time, savor the flavor and hopefully good company.

Very nice restaurant, 8/22/2008
Reviewer: David from Chicago
We went here with our three young children and they were wonderfully accomodating, never making us feel uncomfortable. Our waitress (?owner) of the restaurant was excellent in seating us and taking our orders. She even cut the crepe in half for the kids because my wife and I had our hands full. The restaurant is cozy and has nice character. The crepes were very good. I also recommend the apple cider. Will return in the future.

Just lovely..., 8/15/2008
Reviewer: Camille Mason from Santa Barbara, CA
Every time we go back to Pacific Crepes, we can't remember why its been so long since we last went! The food is delicious and the service quite good (not nearly as "european" as you might expect), and you feel like you are sitting in a creperie in France.

A fun getaway from the usual Santa Barbara fare, 2/3/2008
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara
I simply adore this place. Don't expect speedy service and knowing a little French might be good too. But the food is authentic and the charm of the cottage it's in is unique and fun. The food has consistently been simple and absolutely delicious.

Great Crepes, 1/22/2008
Reviewer: Carlos from Santa Maria,CA
I've eaten here twice after Farmer's Market and have found the crepes to be superb. So far I've ordered the Brittany, which has strawberries, blueberries, something which tastes like hazelnut ice cream and a large crepe.Addicting! Good service,but they slow up when the place gets crowded.

Totally French, 1/22/2008
Reviewer: Erin from Mission Viejo, CA
If you are going to a truely French restaurant, expect to eat like the french, very slowly. They take their time and are in no hurry to move their customers in and out of the door, it is like stepping into a different world. I love this place, and everytime I got to Santa Barbara I stop in. Their food is amazing, and the owners are so cute and so French. I have to admit it was hard to slow down and just relax as they do, but the food was totally worth the wait, and the crepes are crunchy, and I love it that way! Their whipped cream on the dessert crepes is awesome too.

Les crêpes bretonnes are not pancakes... please don't mix!, 1/13/2008
Reviewer: Dominique Laurent from Montréal, Québec
Please, don't mix pancakes and crêpes Bretonnes. They are not the same. Crêpes Bretonnes are much larger and very thin as pancakes are smaller and thicker. And please, Bretagne IS NOT in FRANCE. It's a country right next to it and don't say Breton are from France. They'll hate you for it for they don't pretty like French people and vice versa. Now you know! (lol)

Yummy!, 1/10/2008
Reviewer: Brandon from Goleta, CA
All i can say is yummy! The crepes are darn tasty, and they speak french. Simple and delicious, like a beautiful shiny crepe that an archangel cooks. I had the basque crepe for dinner; ratatouille and proscuitto with a great micro salad and a super vinaigrette made my tummy happy, and the nutella avec bannanas was scrumptious! I really want to try them all, jesus!

awesome, 1/8/2008
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
Their breakfast crepes as well as their fruit crepes are fantastic. A few weeks ago, I tried their cold sandwich (brie cheese, tomatoes and french mini pickles) and soup (french onion) combo. Only for $8! It was soooooo good :) Can't wait to go back and try their nutella crepes with fruits!

parfait de la bouche d une francaise, 12/1/2007
Reviewer: sarah from CA
this is so french... the woman ( probably the owner ) is really nice and the food is great. a creperie in france wouldnt be better. i recommand the profiteroles

Wonderful, 10/24/2007
Reviewer: C Cooper from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is really great. I love their french onion soup and their crepes are excellent. I do prefer the sweet crepes, especially strawberries with whipped cream. It is sometimes a little hard to communicate with the french woman who takes orders (I think she is the owner) but she has never gotten an order wrong. The decor is very cozy in a quaint way, and I really like how it always feels very quiet and secluded. They also have really good coffee.

Not what I expected, 10/21/2007
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to have dessert crepes with friends last night and the ambiance was very French but the food was not so good. The service was ok. I ordered a crepe with chocolate sauce and strawberries and was very dissapointed. The crepe was overcooked and very crispy. I was expecting a nice chocolate sauce but I got Hershey's syrup which has a very distinct taste. Everyone at my table tried it and we all concluded that it had to be Hershey's. My friends had Nutella and bananas which is hard to mess up, but again their crepes were crunchy and hard to cut. I think I'll be making crepes at home next time.

Fantastic food, great service - 100% French, 9/26/2007
Reviewer: John Oates-Larsen from Astoria, OR
When we walked up to Pacific Crepes, all I was expecting was crepes. This place was fantastic. Inside, the furnishing and decor are relaxed and the outdoor seating area is refreshing on a warm evening. (The ambiance was enhanced by eating in ear-shot of the local french language club.) We were pleasantly surprised to find freshly made tomato and french onion soup, and so much more. This is definitely a bistro that focuses on crepes. Service was always with a smile and very warm. Oh, what the heck, it was downright welcoming. Food was served in a timely fashion and was hot. Everything had solid flavors.

Reviewer: Kellie from sherman oaks, ca

Restaurant review, 8/11/2007
Reviewer: B. from Santa Barbara
Walked in and sat ourselves. Flies around entrance area.Took about 15 min. for server to come to table. Got our order wrong. Forgot one of our drinks. Took our dessert to another table. Not even sure if people here speak fluent English. Food was ok, but definately won't go back.

Tres agreable et delicieux!, 7/13/2007
Reviewer: Virginie from D
Authentic crepes, delicious and not excessively Americanized(and that's a good thing!).The salads are very fresh accompanied with a tasty homemade dressing. The deserts are so yummy. Overall, the selection is satisfying. With French owners, the experience could not be more French. People from all background and culture come each Wednesday to speak in French while eating. It is fun, not formal and the different levels of French makes it possible for everyone to practice this romantic language.

Good!, 6/29/2007
Reviewer: Ella from Santa Barbara, CA
I just want to point out the negative review below by Tiffany, and how amusing it is to have her say how educated we Americans are while simultaneously mis-spelling every other word. Let's face it-- if that actually happened, it was very rude. But hey, you probably deserved it. The food here is delicious. The owner was very sweet and kept the restaurant open late for the two of us because we were in at the last minute. Highly recommended!

Yes, they are "authentic"!, 6/7/2007
Reviewer: Sebastien from West Hollywood, CA
In reference to Krista and Tony's posting, I just wanted to precise that, yes, those crepes (as well as the waiter and, above all, the setting) are authentic! The waiter, who's not very talkative, that's true, comes from Lorient, a city located in a region called "Bretagne" ("Brittany" in english) where the REAL crepes actually come from (no, crepes are not from Paris, pleaaase...!). And I can't tell you how good I felt when I came in this place, it looks exactly like a Breton creperie. You'll notice the embroyderies on the door and the windows, the books, the designs and the plates (HB Henriot from Quimper) on the wall, that's authentic. OK, the crepes are pretty expensive.. but that's also the case in that region of France. At least here, you have something to eat (anyway, real crepes are not supposed to look like Fatburger's triple king burgers, it's rather flat). In Brittany, lots of creperies are very expensive, some of them are what we call "tourist traps"!. The only way to eat cheap, or free tasty crepes is to come to my house in Quimper on sundays and ask my mom to cook for you (that's why I only put 4 stars, my mom's are really the best ones!). I love Cali but I miss my food, and this dinner at Pacific Crepes was like going back home for a few hours and then come back. Well, I hope you folks will like it, at least you'll be able to say you've tasted Authentic French Regional Products. Kenavo! ("Bye" in Breton). Sebastien (West Hollywood).

You want to go Where??, 5/10/2007
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
Hmmm. Crepes. OK, What the heck. I've driven, walked and biked past Pacific Crepes hundreds of times and I must say, I never really had the urge to drop in. Primarily because I didn't really know what crepes were all about and I'd certainly never had them in a restaurant setting. Well as a fate would have it and as a birthday request, five of us ended up at Pacific crepes on a beautiful Tuesday evening. Now, I made sure to read the many reviews here carefully when I found out our dinner destination so I had a fair idea what I might be in for, and I was not disappointed. I have to say straight-away that our server, while not gushingly friendly or charming, and despite the "worn jeans and t-shirt" look gave textbook service that couldn't be faulted. I surmise they run only one wait-person/server, so if the place is packed the service might be slower. On this Tue. it was only about 1/4 full so no problems. Onto the food. I ordered the Pyrenees crepe, a simple affair of crepe, goat cheese, walnuts and prosciutto. I found it to be very tasty and kind of elegant in the mixture of these strong but simple flavors. My favorite dish at the table was a friends Mont Blanc crepe, with sauteed potatoes, onions, prosciutto and a Brie like cheese, wonderfully savory, next time I'm here I'll order that for sure. Theres a lot to choose from here and it seems like theres a crepe to suit any taste, eggs, vegetables, meats and cheeses so I cant imaging anyone not finding something they'd find palatable. Last but certainly not least was dessert. Most of my party were already pretty full from dinner but I really wanted the crepe with bananas, chocolate and flambed rum. Just wonderful (wish I could remember the name). The crepe Suzette looked really good too. To wrap up, I have no idea if the crepes we had were "authentic" and to be frank, I really don't care. We had a very good meal that was certainly different form just about anything else I've ever had in this town and I think everyone who likes to eat out in SB should eat here at least once.

Happy first time experience, 2/13/2007
Reviewer: C.S. from Goleta, CA
So this is what French crepes are all about! Stopped by here for breakfast on a weekend. I ordered the "La Complete" breakfast crepe which included eggs, ham, mozarella cheese and mushrooms. My friend ordered the "Farmer's Delight" breakfast crepe. I was excited when the food came out because I've never seen and have had crepes like this before. Since it's flat, you may wonder if it'll ever satisfy your hunger. Despite my worry, I finished my plate happy and fulfilled. Would like to come back again to try their other selections! Btw, the polite and french-speaking waiters were quite attractive :)

Savor the crepes, 2/3/2007
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
The crepes are amazing, great proscuitto, the pyrennes crepe is my personal favorite, walnuts, proscuitto, and goat cheese. It's sooo wonderful. People are always speaking french there and the waitresses would love to serve u in french. It's a little pricey but it's the best french food around.

crepes are NOT light and fluffy, 1/22/2007
Reviewer: kt cleary from santa barbara, ca
normally, i adore crepes. these remind me of provincial crepes - almost like heavy (but thin) pancakes and more dry. NOT VERY TASTY. the choices for toppings were pretty good, service was mediocre and the prices are higher than they should be.

great quality, 12/19/2006
Reviewer: SuSu from Santa Barbara
The food here is delicious! I had the monaco salad with smoked salmon and avacado. Everything was so fresh and delicious. The panache (half lemonade half beer) is so refreshing

Mi Lugar Favorito!! El Mejor en todo USA, 9/17/2006
Reviewer: De Amaya Layla from Colombia
Atension inmejorable... Servicio Unico.... Comida DELICIOSAAAA!!! Ecxelente Decoracion, Ambiente agradable... No tengo mas ke decir, ke lo recomiendo ampliamente!! Felicidades!!

A unique experience., 7/24/2006
Reviewer: Michele from Coarsegold (formerly Santa Ynez), CA
I ate at Pacific Crepes several years ago with my best friend who had just returned from living in Paris for three years. I thought the crepes were fabulous (mine had a light lemon flavor)! Everyone has their own opinion of what is authentic and what is not. Whatever your opinion of this restaurant, it's all a matter of individual taste. In other words, I have met people who think Hooters hot wings are fabulous! All I can say is GAG!!! But - that's the fickleness of the taste bud. Don't let negative reviews scare you from trying PC - it's definitely different from the norm!

The Best Crepes in California, 3/26/2006
Reviewer: Magali & Stephane BEAUREGARD from Quebec / CANADA
We discovered my spouse and I a Restaurant with a warm reception, friendly and formidable crepes. We have eat like a kings and let us have degustes some quality cider. We recommend this place has all those who desire to find a place of France in USA. Otherwise, a Breton background music would largely be appreciated next time. Thank you very much to Yvan Morin and his Waiter Toby ... Merci / In French : Nous avons découvert ma conjointe et moi un Restaurant avec un accueil chaleureux, conviviale et des crêpes formidables. Nous avons mangés comme des rois et avons degustés du cidre de qualité. Nous recommandons cet endroit a tous ceux qui désire retrouver un coin de France aux USA. Autrement, une musique d'ambiance Bretonne serait grandement appréciée la prochaine fois. Merci beaucoup à Yvan Morin et son serveur Toby Salutations & Amities Franco-Quebecoises !!

love the crepe, 3/15/2006
Reviewer: Aia from Goleta
I went here one day for breakfast with a friend. We tried the sweet crepes. One with mixed fruit and one with berries. one thing to say NYUMMM, very very good. I enjoyed it very much.

Great experience! , 2/22/2006
Reviewer: Jose from Santa Barbara, CA
I absolutely love Pacific Crepes! It's a very quaint little restaurant with a very home-like ambient. The food is great, and the owners and all the waiters I've encountered are very amiable! I recommend this place to everyone!

Beautiful Restaurant and Good Food, 2/5/2006
Reviewer: Tink and Austin from Santa Barbara
The crepes were outstanding! The atmosphere was very romantic, the decor is gorgeous, but this restaurant is very small! The waitress could definately have been dressed a little nore "french" to conserve the authenticity of the restaurant, but at least she coould speak French! The drinks are quite pricey -- watch out! An overall pleasant experience.

Half and half, 1/12/2006
Reviewer: KArine. from Simi Valley
Well, the owner is from the right region and has the right tools, is quite a bit rude though. I am French and quite appalled at the way she treats paying customers. I am from Brittany, where crepes are from, and unfortuantely, the owner of Pacific crepes has had to Americanize her menu to please American customers. Well, big mistakes, she forgets that crepes are not supposed to have hamburger on them! Yuk! It may be the USA but people go there to have a taste of Brittany! Plus prices are quite high, but so are most French restaurants...For money well spent, go to THousand Oaks' Cafe Provencal, great crew, amazing chef and great food for reasonable price.

Great food and oppurtunities!, 10/26/2005
Reviewer: Matthieu Garfinkel from Goleta, Ca
Pacific crepe is a very nice and cozy place. I went there for a French assignment with other students rather reluctantly. I thought I would have a bad time in every aspect. BOY, WAS I WRONG! The staff helped me with my french when needed, and the food was VERY good. I would reccomend this place as a restaurant to take a girlfriend, parents, to practice your french, or just to enjoy experiencing French culture without leaving the country.

Yuk!, 10/23/2005
Reviewer: annie from santa barbara, ca
I was so excited to finally eat here. I had heard of this place for some time and finally a friend and I went there for a nice Saturday afternoon lunch. Oh we left feeling nauseated. My stomach turns as I write this remembering how absolutely terrible the crepes were. Mushrooms out of a can ?! come on -what an insult to french cooking, the crepes where an enormous monstrosity, with what look like egg brushed on, and mediocre ingredients just thrown on top. Oh yea the cappucino, served with a freaking ladle of cool whip or something floating on top, now to some this may appeal, but I can't believe they serve this and, without warning, call it a cappucino. Well cudos to all you who like it.

Great variety of crepes!, 10/16/2005
Reviewer: Cindy and John from Camarillo, CA
My husband and I had the pleasure of dining at Pacific Crepes on a Sunday, Oct 2nd. Unlike the negative review of a previous diner, we had a totally different experience. We speak no French and had not been at the restaurant before but we enjoy trying new foods and adventures. Pacific Crepes was an incredibly different dining experience since we thought crepes were just thin pancakes. We learned they are much more. Our farmers breakfast and another breakfast crepe (I can't remember the name) were a hearty fare. We topped off breakfast with a lovely crepe dessert. The atmosphere was cozy and the staff was very friendly, checking to make sure we had what we needed and that everything was to our liking. This was a very enjoyable dining experience.

A jewel in Paradise, 10/12/2005
Reviewer: Wilson from Ventura, CA
I totally disagree with the previous post. (Besides, the criticism might be more palatable if there weren't so many spelling errors!)I have found the food at Pacific Crêpes to be very good and the service to be excellent and accommodating. I have eaten there on various occasions and find the salads particularly nutritious and wonderful. The French Onion soup and the tomato soups are just to die for. Some of the crêpes are just mindblowing. The atmosphere is cozy. This is a wonderful restaurant run by wonderful people.

Negative expericence at Pacific Crepes, 10/3/2005
Reviewer: Tiffany from Santa Barbara
I would like to start of by saying that the food was great. If for nothing else I will go back for the food. I was very disapointed with the service. Some friends and I walked in for Sunday brunch. (They close at 3 on sundays) we walked in @ 2:45. Our waitress was not nice to us. She really messed up our order she was making rude comments about us to another frech woman on the patio. Like "Tipical Americans. ( She didn't know that some one the people i was with spoke french.) Instead of listening to our order. After our the two other people I was with got there food. We waited some tim for mine and it never came when we asked her about it she had never evan written it down. By this time they had closed us the kitchen and I could not get what I had originally ordered. Also the just so happened to be walking by when someone I was with asked my how the food I did get was and I responded by saying it was ok and would have much rather had what I originally ordered. Our waitress her me and let out a sigh loud enough for us to hear and when we looked at her she rolled her eyes at us. My Sugestion on how to improve the restraunt is to not have that "Tipical" impression about American. I know for a fact the party I was with respect and are very nice to food service people. And NEVER assume we can't understand you some of us "Americans" are very educated. The waiters and waitresses at resturants are the face of the resteraunt and in santa barbara alot traveles by word on mouth. A bad reputation for bad service from one person can hert one business alot. We were unfotunatly so discusted about the service we left a very small tip. The people I was with are both Doctors and I have seen them tip sometimes double what the bill was because the sever was seemingly happy. Dont judge people that could be you next meal.

Quaint and Good, 9/29/2005
Reviewer: Heather from Orlando, FL
We saw it on the Santa Barbara map and decided to pop in for a bite of lunch. Cute quaint atmosphere, but at first we were a little worried as there was only 1 other person in the restaurant, but we decided to stay. I have only ever had dessert type crepes so I was excited to try the lunch ones and I was very impressed. The best part of the meal was the homemade salad dressing - wonderful! Definitely would go back, but maybe for a leisurely breakfast or brunch instead of a lunch were we had limited time.

The chips aren't on my shoulder, 8/16/2005
Reviewer: Greg from SBA
Overall good food, the salad was good, the crepes were ok, the coffee good, the service slow, but what was disappointing to me is that most dishes had little chips or cracks in them - not very comforting!

Crepes de France, 7/7/2005
Bonjour de France André Sala

Terrible Service, 6/2/2005

Mediocre Food - Dishes that we supposed to be warm turned up cold. Terrible service - We waited 35+ minutes for our crepes and before speaking to our server again. After getting out meal we ordered coffee 5 five times before getting it. How hard is it to pour a cup of coffee!!! By the time we got it we were ready to leave. Frustrating experience to say the least.... I love crepes....where am I going to get them now?

C´est Crepes!, 5/12/2005

First time going to Pacific crepes. We ordered the Santa Barbara crepe, delicious. So was the French Onion soup and the hearty mixed green salad with delicious dressing. Very nice owners with a French club chatting away in the background.

Awesome crepes..., 2/26/2005
Reviewer: Regis from Santa Barbara, CA
Very good crepes, Can get a little busy on weekends but otherwise the service is very snappy and French. Great for the price, perfect for a Sunday Brunch with friends. The corner tables are the best, cozy and comfy to watch the world go by.

C´est magnifique!, 2/15/2005

I know French food as well as anyone, and, anyone here saying PC is not authentic is simply incorrect. They may make extremely slight modifications on some dishes due to locality, but I challenge anyone to tell the difference between the cuisine here and the cuisine one would find in France. It´s that close if not dead on. And, in a word, is excellent. If you like authentic French cuisine in a typical casual Normandie bistro atmosphere, this place is it. And the owners are very happy to speak French with you if you need the practice. Plan to spend some time there as the service, which is typically French, is not designed to get you in and out in record time. You can save that for the American restaurants . . .

Best quiet breakfast joint in town!, 1/29/2005

Whenever I have out of town guests I always take them down to Pacific Crepes for brunch, just to start the visit off right. The food is wonderful (and relatively reasonably priced - for Santa Barbara) and the atmosphere is delightful. Can´t be beat!

Amazingly good food , 1/27/2005
Reviewer: Mindy from Los Angeles
I wasn´t really sure if I wanted to eat crepe for lunch, but we went anyway, just to try something different. And, I have to tell you all, it was "Delicious", we ate so much that we could barely walk to the door... Whoever doesn´t like this place, know nothing about French food, and better stick to their original food. Don´t go there and give bad reviews to that restaurant, it´s really not fair to them.

The real taste of French Crepes!, 11/12/2004
Reviewer: Annie Meyer from Santa Barbara
What do I like about the place? Everything. The crepes are delicious, the salads excellent, the house dressing is the best in town. The wines are good, the atmosphere pleasant. The service is friendly. You feel at home in that restaurant. It is simple, natural, the food is good, the price is reasonnable. What else do we want? I would easily go there every day for my meals.

yum, 11/10/2004

Like the dessert crepes

Want real French Crepes and Gallettes, don´t eat here., 10/29/2004
Reviewer: Dave Childs from Palo Alto, CA, USA
I hate to have to write a bad review, but this place left such a bad taste in my mouth that I feel it is my duty to warn others before they waste their money. I was very much looking forward to authentic galettes when I entered this restaurant. After all, the owners are French and from the right region. I have dined at many authentic Crêperies (The ones situated in Brittany, France – good ones and bad ones) and this place just didn’t cut the moutard with us – not one little bit. We ordered two “galettes completes“- they were horrible, nothing to do with French food at all. They tasted like American pancake batter and were for the most part like a morning stack of pancakes with ham, egg and cheese thrown in. We complained after being asked “ça vous plait“- it made no difference as I was totally deceived and taken by this sham of a French Crêperie. We were given an explanation why the “taste” was not the same as would be for the French palette. We were told that the local taste prefer the galettes the way Pacific Crepes prepared them – vile. To all potential diners, if you think Pacific Crepes prepares French food, the French way, then be forewarned as the ingredients and preparation are adulterated to fit the local taste. One more note, my wife is French and she spoke with the owner before we ate, asking specifically questions on the ingredients used and preparation – nothing was further from the truth when the plates arrived. Good luck to this restaurant. Thank goodness they call it Pacific Crepes to help disassociate it from France. Dave C. Palo Alto, CA

Mediocre at best!, 10/20/2004
Reviewer: Vicki Brown from Santa Barbara, Ca
The crepes themselves are ok, however the choices with which to stuff them with are extremely limited and not very exciting. The dessert crepes however are pretty tasty. But voting this restaurant better than Bouchon....Send me to Bouchon anyday.

Aaah la bonne gastronomie française!rien n´est meilleur!, 2/17/2004
Reviewer: Camille from France
I have been many times to this place with my friends and I have to say this is a great place to eat and try the french food. Crepes are one of my favorite meal, and I really enjoy going there!!Bonjour à tout les français et francophones de Santa Barbara!! bisou Camille

I hate French food, 12/5/2003
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara
If you like authentic French food and authentic French crepes, you´ll probably like this place. I do not like French food. I´m a stupid American, and I like my food hot, crisp, crunchy, and fresh - not room temperature, mushy, soggy and undercooked. That does not make the food more appealing or "truly" flavorful for me, it´s just unappetizing. Didn’t French cuisine create dishes like steak tartar (which is raw ground steak with a raw egg mixed in)? Come on, you’re disgusting if you like that for god sakes.

I hate French food continued, 12/5/2003
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara
Oh yeah, and the food is too expensive. If you like steak tartar or similar weirdo dishes, it probably means you are a crotchety, privileged, wealthy person living amongst other class elitists (like Montecito Miller) in high society.

One of my Favorite Restaurants, 11/13/2003

An intimate, charming place away from the shopping and tourists of State street. Order the dinner special- salad or soup, dinner crepe with whatever you like inside, and a dessert crepe of your choice all for about $15. The lemon creme dessert crepe is worth a trip alone! Service is on the slow side, but if you have nowhere to be, this is a wonderful, leisurely experience.

Awesome, 11/3/2003
Reviewer: stacie009 from summerland, ca
3 of us had a late breakfast this past saturday. the crepes are wonderful, great -and i mean great- coffee, and attentive service. I love this place! stacie

Fantastic place, 6/3/2003
Reviewer: Valerie from Santa Barbara
At the Pacific Crepes, the atmosphere is fantastic and great. Since we know the place, we eat at the Pacific Crepes twice a week with my husband and we never get sick of it. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of food, don´t forget to try the homemade salad dressing.The service is friendly and very attentive.We highly recommend this restaurant.

C´est Super!!!, 4/25/2003

I went here with family/friends. It was great. The food was fab! The service was good too. Some staff speak French and English while others only French! Authentic!

Pacific Crepes, c´est chouette!, 2/27/2002

Pacific Crepes is a charming restaurant with great crepes! Go with someone who speaks French, though, it helps a lot in communicating with the waitress/hostess. She is, by the way, adorable. Also, expect to spend a lot of time there, the restaurant was understaffed when i was there. But, it was worth the wait!

A secret gem of Santa Barbara, 1/14/2002

Few people know about this place, but the ones that know and love French cuisine come here often. Very few places in the U.S. serve traditional black wheat crepes like those served in Brittany, France. This places serves them and they do a very good job. This is the real, authentic French deal, it´s more than just a wonderful dining experience.

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