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Paesano's Pizzeria
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2018-08

1429 San Andres St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-2065

  • Category: Pizza
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10pm, Sun Closed
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Wow, why didn't I check this place out sooner?!?, 5/18/2013
Reviewer: Laurie from Santa Barbara, CA
After a long and busy day at work I didn't have the energy to cook or drive anywhere. And after a long stretch of counting carbs, all I could think of was pizza. Living on the Mesa, I've driven by Paesano's a million times so decided to order one for delivery. It was the bomb! Super nice delivery guy, too. True NY style pizza, absolutely delicious. I would have given it 5 stars but the sausage was a little sparse. Otherwise, fabulous. I am one exhausted and happily stuffed girl (OK, 50ish woman).

East Coast Style Pizzeria, 7/28/2012
Reviewer: Pat from Santa Barbara, CA
Love Paesano's, probably the best pizza in SB, moving from the east coast (boston) to Santa Barbara I have found that its basically an east coast pizzeria. Thin crust sweet sauce, fresh cheese. Some of their deals are great too! I found Giovanni's on the mesa is the only contender with Paesanos for pizza, however they are both very different. Love it, go every week, and will keep going as often as I can!!!

Try paesano's Pizzeria! Great food, 5/26/2012
Reviewer: Mandi from Santa Barbara, CA
Great customer service, great pizza with killer deals on lunch specials. Outside patio is great for warm SB weather. A must try if your a pizza lover!

east coast pizzeria that happens to be in Santa Barbara, 3/26/2012
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara, CA
If Paesano's was located in NY/NJ, it would hold its own with the other pizzerias, and I mean the good ones (there are bad pizza joints there too, trust me). I can't really say that about any other pizzeria I've tried in SB, and I've been to over 50% of those listed on this site. The service is always great, and it has a great local neighborhood ambience. Luckily I live close by, but even if I didn't, their pizza would be worth the trip.

maybe i was unlucky..., 1/16/2012
Reviewer: tobi dennison from Santa Barbara, CA
so many people have expressed their satisfaction with Paesano's that I finally tried it...twice. and both times, i am sad to say, the pizza reminded me more like a frozen Tombstone pizza. the crust was thin (that's ok) but cardboard-E, and the toppings were super average; not fresh at all. true, i gave it a second chance in the same week so perhaps they just had a 'really-off-week'...

Just Like New York, 12/20/2011
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
In my honest opinion this is the best pizza in town. Thin crust, sweet tomato sauce and real mozzarella cheese. Simple and delicious.

Good pizza (only if you don't do delivery), 8/30/2011
Reviewer: Leana from Santa Barbara, CA
We have ordered pizza from Paesano's for years, and we like their pizza and supporting a local establishment. The past few times it has taken up to two hours for the pizza to be delivered. The last time it took almost two hours, we asked why deliveries have taken so long, and the delivery driver said a few orders were made in the restaurant after we had called in our delivery order. Those people's orders moved ahead of our order even though we called in our order before those people made their order in the restaurant. This does not seem right at all, and orders should be fulfilled in the order they are received. If we do want Paesano's, we will eat there in the restaurant rather than get delivery. And, if we ever want delivery, we will not get Paesano's.

Boston's North End, 7/16/2011
Reviewer: Bob Moran from Santa Barbara, CA
The only other place where I found pizza this great was in the North End Italian section of Boston! I told this to Paesano's pizza chef and he was very pleased to hear it. The meatball sub is excellent too.

Going Downhill..., 7/15/2011
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I have lived in Santa Barbara for 15 years and was a weekly customer of Paesano's under the previous owners. New management has lost me forever as a customer and I have given them numerous opportunities. The last time I went I got a chicken parmasagn combo meal. The salad was plain, I thought they had forgotten the chicken, but it was under the garlic bread. That's how small the portion was. It was not breaded as most CP is but was sliced with some sauce and cheese thrown on top. The garlic bread was the only item that was acceptable. NEVER AGAIN!

The Real Deal, 7/14/2011
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I bought a groupon to use at Paesano's and so glad that I did. I had been there once before a long while ago and being back last night reminded me how much I love their pizza. I'm from the East Coast so it really is like the pizza you get there. The crust is crunchy without any greasiness or sogginess on the bottom. The tomato sauce had the right amount of spices and the toppings were generous. The medium was more than enough for two people with a big appetite. Then I ordered a cannoli to go and it was AMAZING! They filled the pastry tube with the fresh ricotta sweet filling along with chocolate chips. Yummy! BTW - It's open on Sundays from Noon-8pm and they now accept credit cards!

Yumm, 5/20/2011
Reviewer: Lillian from Santa Barbara, CA
Started dining here when I moved in a few blocks away. Their crust is phenomenal and the quality of their meat really stands out. My boyfriend and I always split a 1/2 Combo 1/2 Hawaiian with a ceasar salad. I absolutely love the authentic cesar dressing made with real anchovies and eggs. It's nice to see that the owner is almost always there making the pizzas. Also, they've always been dog friendly when we walk our pup there for lunch. Wish they made an extra large because we can't get enough!

very good simple little pizza place , 5/18/2011
Reviewer: molly bee from Santa Barbara, CA
Very good simple little pizza place that hit the spot after a day of wine tasting. Would not of found it with out the internet.

BEST PIZZA/, 4/27/2011
Reviewer: mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I have only eaten here three times ,and each time it got better.The lunch specials a good deal,the caesar salad great.Next,tho I will order a freshly made pizza ,I like my toppings cooked along with the pizza . Aside,consistentcy is the toughest part of any restaurant,pizza restaurants beware,we're watching and eating.

Pretty delicious, 1/26/2011
Reviewer: Meagan from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was friendly and quick and they did take my credit their policy must have changed. The pizza was really good the veggie toppings were nice and fresh and not over cooked. It is a rich and greasy pizza but it was a good treat.

*, 1/15/2011
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Maybe get one one night and one the other! Be aware Paesano's only takes cash last time I went unless they have changed their policy. I believe they also have only street parking so if its late at night you might possibly want to just go to Gelson's. If into grocery store pizza I believe Whole Foods does its also.

Help w/ pizza-Paesano's or Wolfgang Puck wood fire-@ Gelsons, 1/14/2011
Reviewer: carolyn from Santa Barbara, CA
Can I please get some help/opinions on which pizza is better. Love the idea of wood burning oven pizza, but heard such great things about Paesano's. Thank you!

Best Pizza in SB area!, 10/19/2010
Reviewer: Brian H from Goleta, CA
I have tried nearly every pizza place in town. This is the only one that comes close to some awesome NY style pizza and in my opinion, best pizza in town! Perfect dough, delicious sauce, fresh toppings and huge slices! Highly recommend the lunch special--salad soda and huge slice for $6 or $7 (cant remember exactly). Staff is friendly and attentive. I just wish they sold beer too!

Reviewer: Jay Browne from Santa Barbara, CA
You think the pizza is good, just wait until you try their sandwiches or salads. Their eggplant parm sandwich is amazing and their salads have real fresh greens with delicious italian dressing. Now I have to get a slice, sandwich and salad to satisfy my cravings. Their pizza is amazing too, crispy, always consistent and the sauce is sooo good! Everyone is super nice too, sure they could take credit cards and maybe have a cooler with sodas, but if that means they have to cut corners somewhere else it's not worth it. Keep up the good work! The only SB pizza that is consistent, friendly, quality, and reasonable.

If you're from back east, pizza you'll appreciate, 2/9/2010
Reviewer: Adam from Santa Barbara, CA
Look, I've tried Gino's, Giovanni's, Rusty's, Sal's, Taffy's, CPK, Costco, and Paesano's. I'm not an expert on pizza but I was born and raised in NJ (where there's a pizzeria and bagel shop every two blocks) and the only place from the list above that makes pizza like I get back home is Paesano's. That doesn't mean the others suck. In fact, Gino's I thought was quite good. But the only place that makes good (in fact excellent) NY/NJ pizza is Paesano's. Of course the price at all these places is higher and the pies are smaller than back home, but you take what you can get. Also, the people that work at Paesano's are nice (probably helped by the fact that we take out every Friday night). Last thing: It's ridiculous this place hasn't been selected for best pizza on the survey. Rusty's and Giovanni's ahead of Paesano's? Really?

Better than Rusty's, 7/30/2009
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Best Pizza in town, hands down. Second best is Giovanni's, then Rusty's. I'm tired of people claiming Rusty's is the best in town when they haven't tried Paesano's. My favorite is Pepperoni/Jalapeņo combo, but that is personal preference. Make sure you bring cash, as they don't take credit cards, which is highly annoying in the 21st century. This is really the only negative I have to say. Eet Smakelijk! Rob

Just like the North End!, 6/25/2009
Reviewer: Elena from Santa Barbara, CA
I went there for lunch today for the first time and the pizza was exactly what I would find in the North End of Boston. I'm a New Englander and finding a decent slice of pizza in this town is rough but I found it here. I got a generous slice of cheese pizza, a small soda and a very generous caeser salad for less than $7. The dressing seemed homemade to me and was delicious. I can't wait to go back!

Great People, good "New York" Pizza, no credit cards, 5/4/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
One slice here and you'll get two thin crust slices that are together that you fold over to make like a sandwich to eat(how New Yorkers eat it), pizza good. Salad was good. Negatives are sodas are behind the counter, only street parking and no credit cards! They have an atm there which you will tack on an additional $1.50 to your order if you don't got it. Small seating in/out. Really nice people.

Fantastic Pizza!!, 4/27/2009
Reviewer: Meg from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't eat pizza very often so when I do I only want the best. Paesano's is sooo good and always comes to the door piping hot. Everyone that works there is super friendly and the prices are great too!!

A little gem in SB, 1/28/2009
Reviewer: Liliana from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the $$$. The pizza is great and the chicken parmigana combo plate is delicious. Thanks Paesano's Pizza

<3, 11/20/2008
Reviewer: andy a from Santa Barbara, CA

Can't Beat It, 10/4/2008
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Great pizza and salads. People from our office go there for the terrific lunch special...just $6 for a slice of pizza, choice of salad and a drink! Couldn't ask for more from the quality of the product and the friendly staff.

Best in SB, 6/30/2008
Reviewer: Peter from Santa Barbara, CA
This pizza is excellent. I will wait a few extra minutes to have a gourmet pizza delivered from a Mom and Pop shop like Paesano's instead of opting for the convenience of speedy delivery from a chain or place with a fleet of marked cars that you know is counting every slice of pepperoni after they pour that can of sauce onto the previously frozen dough. Not to say that the delivery time is typically slow, I'm only defending Paesano's from the few negative reviews about delivery time, which I'm certain were exaggerated.

Good Pizza, 3/15/2008
Reviewer: Alexander from santa barbara
Paesanos has some bomb a** pizza i go there every friday after school with my friends thats also were i had my very first slice of pizza........ you want some good pizza go to paesanos

Do not order delivery, 2/1/2008
Reviewer: Moe from Santa Barbara, CA
DO NOT ORDER DELIVERY FROM PAESANO'S UNLESS you don't mind waiting an HOUR AND 45 MINUTES for your COLD OILY pizza. I'm not kidding, I ordered at 7:15pm and my pizza arrived at 9:00PM. The pizza came cold and drenched in oil. NEVER AGAIN!

Meats just not flavorful to me, 1/23/2008
Reviewer: steve from sb, ca
Crust ok, but not in the same league as Pizza Guru for instance. Very nice staff..but my wife and I tasted a slice and just stared at each other with that...oh, here we go again look. Just tried here maybe it was an exception....but you be the judge. Try a slice of pepperoni pizza here for lunch...then give Guru a try for the same....see what you think.

Best Pizza EVER, 1/23/2008
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara
This restaurant is so great. I always go for their veggie pizza with tomatoes added. It's fresh and delicious and there is something about that crust that blows all other pizza away. I live right down the street from there and for an evening in with my love we order delivery from Paesano's, open a bottle of wine and stuff ourselves with delicious pizza.

Best Pizza on the West Coast, 1/9/2008
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara
This place makes me wish I lived on the west side. 100% authentic NY style (I lived in Brooklyn for 4 years) pies, makes me want to go back east just to taste real food again...

lol @ todd, 11/4/2007
Reviewer: Mike from SB, CA
If you lived in a humble Westside home instead of a giant Montecito house, then you could get Paesano's delivery. :) Their pizza is worth driving for. haha. I live on the Westside, maybe I will order 1 4 dinner tomorrow, delivery stylee ;)

Never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 11/3/2007
Reviewer: Todd from Santa Barbara
Interestingly, I found this place on this site...never having heard about it but always looking for a great pizza and the reviews seemed great. Haven't found great pizza yet in S. B. So placed a phone order around 6pm on Saturday. Gave my address and placed my order. Asked the 'girl' if they needed directions. She said they'd look it up. At about 7:30 pm, the driver called and asked for directions. As soon as I said I was in Montecito and started to give directions, she said they don't go to Montecito. Are they that stupid not to ask for a little more information when I placed the order? They lost a great pizza cutomer!

Like the rest..., 9/21/2007
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara
Like all other reviews, we LOVE this place (and I'm from NY). We are locals and enjoy biking down for a great pie (and beer!).

Absolutely Awesome, 6/13/2007
Reviewer: Matt Black from SB
There is a BIG difference between greasy bread and tomato sauce covered with cheese verses REAL PIZZA. Paesano's, in my opinion, is the ONLY place in town that knows this difference! Always good, always fresh! Real NY attitudes as well! If you want employees with sunny personalities, go to Chuck E Cheese's. If you want authentic affordable pizza, the only choice is PAESANOS!

Pizza was Great! One of the standouts in SB, pizza wise, 2/17/2007
Reviewer: JB from Goleta, ca
Quality pizza, some of the tastiest I've had in SB. The pizza from here is solid. Always fresh and just overall good flavor. It is NY style and if that's your sort of thing this is your best bet. Uncle Roco's isn't bad (especially at 2am after going out), but Paesano's is tastier and definitely fresher. The sauce had good flavor and the dough/crust was some of the better I've had in SB. Service was ok. I ordered for pick up, so not much service, but the young lady working was on the unfriendly side (seemed like she really didn't want to be at work kind of thing)and she seemed bewildered by my question regarding pizza sizes, when I inquired about what sizes they offer, as a medium, large, etc really differs from place to place. Other than, solid pizza, I'll be back.

100% Perfect, just how pizza should be, 2/5/2007
Reviewer: Delilah Jones from Santa Barbara, CA
Paesanos is amazing. It is not known even by many locals because of its remote location. But boy is the pizza worth it, there is no question they have amazing authentic pizza. Plain cheese is wonderful, onions and tomato even better. The house salad is also really good, and the ranch is to die for. My husband loves ranch and pizza and this is his absolute favorite place. But don't take my word for it, go try for yourself!!!!!!

Numero Uno, 6/23/2006
Reviewer: Darryl from Santa Barbara/Brooklyn
Paesano's, they do pizza right. The only thing missing is the subway stop.

Excellent Pizza, but..., 3/15/2006
Reviewer: Alan Johnson from Glendale, AZ
Excellent NY style pizza. Easily the best I have ever had in Santa Barbara (it's also the only pizza I have had in SB!). However, there are 2 glaring problems - firstly they do not accept credit cards, they have an ATM in the restaurant, so if you need to use it, be prepared to pay extra for your pizza. (2) wine bottles line the walls, pictures of grapes everywhere, but no wine or beer!

Best in Santa Barbara, 1/2/2006
Reviewer: John from New York
As a New Yorker, I decided to try the pizzas at another of the top contenders on this site and here. This one is the closest to the real deal you're likely to find in Santa Barbara. The other place doesn't even rate. I've also been a long time resident of Santa Barbara and am familiar with the pizza places that have had a longstanding history here.

No Contest: THE BEST PIZZA IN SB!!!, 12/22/2005
Reviewer: Doug McFarling from Santa Barbara, CA
It's tragic that the usually intelligent SB dining crowd has voted Rusty's the best pizza in town. What in the world are they thinking!?! Paesano's is without question our favorite pizza in Santa Barbara and the only reason we ever get pies anywhere else is because Paesano's isn't open Sundays (BUMMER!). If you're after quality ingredients, delicious sauces, and the best cheese blend on the planet RUN, DON'T WALK TO PAESANO'S!!!

Not that this place NEEDS any more PERFECT ratings!, 12/1/2005
Reviewer: Janelle from Santa Barbara, CA
But seriously it is AMAZING pizza! I'm about to call for some delivery right now. The crust is so flavorful and is cooked to perfection. The toppings are so fresh and delightful. THe delivery service is great and the restaurant itself is cute and cozy. FIVE STARS!

This pizza is the best in town!!!, 11/20/2005
Reviewer: Travis T. from santa barbara
I love New York style pizza and this is as good as it gets. My faimly was here for my wedding and we ordered 5 different pies (not on the wedding day) and love them all!!! I will order from them any time I get a chance. I do wish they would deliver a little further.

Closest to NY Pizza, 9/6/2005
Reviewer: Lyn from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has the best pizza that you will find on the West Coast.I have missed NY pizza for the 3 years that I have lived here, so I was so excited when I found this place. Thanks guys! I especially love their pepperoni and jalapeno pizza soaked in HOT!

Amazing pizza., 6/22/2005
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten a lot of pizza in my life made by many different people. When I first came to Paesano´s Pizzeria, I knew it wouldn´t be the last. By the time I was finished with my plate of food and cup of drink, I was very satisfied with the high quality pizza and felt very comfortable with the friendly service. The people there are great. -Robert

Well kept secret for Lunch, 5/5/2005
Reviewer: Stan from Santa Barbara
For $4.50 the lunch special Slice - o pizza (HUGE) and salad with drink is the best deal in town. I have lived 20 years in town and this was my first time there. I will definitely be back.

Best pizza in town, 4/25/2005

One of the best pizzas in town. I spent a good 8 months searching after I moved to town for some decent pizza. I finally resorted to making them myself, which I still do. But when I need the quick fix, Paesano´s is the place to go. My only complaint is they could have a few more toppings (they have the standards, plus a couple of extras, but I´m a huge fan of roasted red peppers, which few places have). They have excellent crust, and its baked just right. I usually grab a pie, and some beers from the liqour store across the road, and a good time is had by all.

No contest, best pizza in SB. , 4/18/2005

I have been to everywhere on that list but nothing is better than paesanos as far as pizza goes. Their subs and salads are really good as well. Very good lunch special they have going on and the fact its free refils alone is something most places dont have. Prices are more than fair for slices (good sized slices) or pizza by the whole. Only downside is parking around there. Be careful about parking around blocks near it because they have street sweeping occur on the west side on occasion and you dont want to get a ticket while picking up your pie.

Best Pizza Ive had In Town, 3/19/2005

If I am going to get pizza Paesanos is where I will go in town. The only reason rustys and woodstock are rated so high is exposure. Paesanos is small and tucked away and I havent found a better pie in town.

Best pizza in town!!, 11/30/2004

We are from the NY/NJ area and have never had a pizza pie that tasted like home, until we discovered Paesanos! Definitely the best pie in town!!!

Some of the best food in SB, 10/3/2004
Reviewer: cBag from SB/San Francisco, CA
I´ve been going to Paesano´s for 6 years now and I have never been disappointed. I´ve had everything on the menu, minus one or two things, and for the most part, it beats out the pricey Italian places in SB. The pizza is awesome, the caesar is awesome, everything is awesome. But the best part is that it is dirt cheap. Great place to go if you dont want to deal with downtown and the mess it provides - dont let the location confuse you. Eat well.

PERFECT PIZZA!!, 12/2/2003
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I haven´t really tried anything at Paesanos other than the pizza, but they do it right there. The rest of their menu is standard Italian fare, and I expect that the quality is as good as the pizza. I´ve been eating at Paesanos every month or so for a few years now, and they are up there in my top 3 favorite pizza places. Everyone I´ve ever brought there for the first time, or gone with, agrees with me that it´s some of the best pizza they´ve ever eaten. I highly recommend this as a first choice for pizza.

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